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tnuthello hello01:32
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frinnstTwo congressmen talking to each other about #SOPA and #PIPA
Romsterrmull, i got some version sort script i haven't published it yet it's far com complete but you can see the output of it at
Romster interesting keyboard02:37
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v33indeed it is, romster03:18
frinnstcheap, too03:18
frinnstv33: go to bed! :)03:19
v33frinnst: its too early. its 1:20 am. remind me in 2 hours03:21
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Romsteryou sound like me v3303:26
nogagplzparanoid, hairy, and delerious03:28
v33paranoia? only around cops, when im driving my car...hairy? no, im manly. delirious? WHO SAID THAT03:31
Romsteri think nogagplz was referring to me...03:37
Romsterlol that reminds me nogagplz i was walking home one night and some woman shouted out of a car jesus O_O03:38
Romstersince when do i look like jesus...03:38
nogagplzhow doi you not03:38
* Romster shrugs03:38
nogagplzI don't have your original most recent picture03:38
nogagplzbut look for yourself03:38
Romsternot since you photoshoped it.03:38
* Romster looks in mirror....03:38
Romstermirror shatters03:39
nogagplzsee, you're even mentioned in the bible: "on the third day he rose again from the bed;    he ascended into his wheely chair,    and is seated in front of tux the almighty"03:41
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v33*on on the 6th day, he finally got his vbox to boot.03:42
nogagplzdeviates too much from the source material like that03:42
v33he rested on the 7th?03:42
nogagplzno rest for jesus03:43
Romstervbox it boots but it's immune to internet.03:43
Romsteri haven't really tired since though03:43
v33oh wait, no thats god xD03:43
v33but then again, god, the holy spirit and jesus are all one and seperate03:43
v33so it still counts03:44
nogagplzdon't get technical, it's just Romster remember03:44
nogagplzneed to keep the jokes short and sweet03:44
v33why did the chicken cross the road?03:44
v33actually, you know, it took me a while to actually figure out what the joke was03:45
nogagplzto get skittled by a car and give the player a low score, eternally shaming him in front of his friends03:47
v33something like that...03:47
v33the whole answer about it going to the "other side", is a reference to the afterlife...03:47
nogagplzlike to think mine is a bit more upbeat than that03:48
Romsternot relaly god is jehova jesus is his son, jesus is not a god but jehova is, so many get that wrong.03:53
Romsteri'm not sure about spirit.03:53
v33isn't that the whole holy trinity thing? god=son=holy spirit?03:54
v33 ? forgive my knowledge on religion03:55
v33well, off for a run....catch you guys later :D04:18
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Romsterso that's why they called kde3 trinity04:52
rinescreated bti command line twitter client...05:06
rinesbefore you can tweet you have to set up a twitter app to create auth keys :/05:07
rinesbut it works :D05:08
frinnstwhat to eat?05:20
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0g05:21
rinesfrinnst, pizza!05:21
Romsterman openssl is a moving target.05:53
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teK_I just tested (again) openssl from CVS.. it's AES-NI support accelerates aes-256-cbc operations by factor six05:56
teK_compared to 1.0.0g05:56
teK_thank god the kernel aes-ni support (for e.g. dmcrypt targets)05:56
Romsterwarp factor 605:57
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* rines is away: Only fools leave away messages06:26
frinnstteK_: yeah, and supported cpu's :)06:28
Jessica_Lilyhow is everyone on this fine thursday? :)06:34
Romsterpretty good and yourself?06:35
frinnstanyone tried glusterfs?06:35
Romsternot yet06:36
* rines is back (gone 00:10:02)06:36
Jessica_LilyRomster: I'm okay thanks, only just got up really xD06:37
Jessica_Lilyme and two friends had a film night :)06:37
rinesfrinnst, nope; but I tried nilfs2 on monday...06:37
rineswill never use it again :)06:37
* Jessica_Lily yawns06:38
Jessica_Lilyi think i'll make a brew :P06:38
frinnsti thought all brits just drank tea?06:39
rinestea with milk?06:39
rinesah, no; I think only scots do this06:40
Jessica_LilyxD no brits do it too06:41
Jessica_Lilyand a brew is tea or coffee06:41
rinestea WITH coffee; never tried this!06:42
* rines went to the company kitchen06:43
Jessica_LilyI got a lovely coffee06:43
rinescup 1/4006:43
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rines:/ always forget to add user and group before installing mysql...06:46
frinnst--install-scripts or whatever the flag is called06:46
rinesnever do this.. I always set things up manually06:47
Jessica_1ilystupid network -.-06:47
Jessica_1ilyif its not stable by saturday we're complaining06:47
frinnstget redundant connections like me06:48
frinnstcablemodem + 100/10mbit ethernet06:48
Jessica_1ilywe use to have fiberotic until we moved house06:48
Jessica_1ilynow we're on adsl06:48
Jessica_1ilywhich was 100/10mbit06:48
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frinnstmy coffee hardware at home:
frinnstcheap and awesome06:50
frinnstwell, cheap for an espressomachine06:50
Jessica_Lilymines a kettle and some instent coffee06:51
frinnst <- my grinder06:51
Jessica_LilyI can't see any of these :P I don't have a graphical browser yet06:51
Jessica_Lilyat the moment im just dealing with elinks06:52
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frinnstwait, wtf? rhev3 requires windows as the administrator console?07:16
teK_frinnst: sure without that your 'lost'07:18
teK_I did notice (at least I guess) some latency due to dmcrypt for /home which went away with the new i7 CPU I have07:19
teK_before it was a quad core 9xxx maybe the load was too heavy for one core07:19
Jessica_Lilyhey teK_ ^_^07:19
frinnstdmcrypt for your /home? i have a tinfoil hat in my office if you need one07:20
teK_hey Jessica (or Lily?)07:20
teK_frinnst: blaaaa :p07:20
Jessica_LilyLily is my middle name07:20
Jessica_Lilypick ether07:20
teK_I have a bad conscience for not using full disk encryption07:20
frinnstfor a laptop - sure.. but a stationary box in your home?07:21
Jessica_Lilyif you tell us you're address you could make the threat to your lovely I7 more real07:21
teK_well it comes at no cost (entering two passwords instead of one, yeah ...)07:21
frinnstor maybe you live in a high crime neighbourhood?07:21
Jessica_Lilythen you have more justification for it07:21
teK_Jessica_Lily: Bavaria! Not Britain! :>07:21
teK_I don't07:21
teK_I'd say it's a  "good" neighbourhood07:21
teK_hey, the group of 4-5 houses arround us even has a  street + a gate of its own :P07:22
teK_quite classy, eh07:22
Jessica_Lilyrich D:07:22
Jessica_Lilygimmi some cash07:22
frinnstsounds like the intro from weeds :)07:22
teK_not rich. Student just like you.07:22
Jessica_LilyI'm using a different wm btw07:23
Jessica_Lilycrux doesn't have a porty thingy ma bob for it though07:23
Jessica_Lilyso i might make one07:23
teK_fluxbox fluxbox fluxbox07:23
teK_oh well we don't have waterfalls07:24
teK_but honey and milk are flowing EVERYWHERE07:24
Jessica_LilyteK_: how are you?07:33
Jessica_Lilymah friends still sleepin07:34
teK_"fine". Started learning for my (final) math exam D: D:07:34
teK_I've been awake since 7am ;>07:34
Jessica_Lilyi've been up since quarter to 1207:34
frinnst^ tip for your exam07:34
frinnstyoure welcome btw07:35
teK_thanks frinnst but we won't do calculations with numbers I guess :p07:35
teK_thanks a lot man!07:35
teK_so you're just fine Jessica_Lily I guess07:35
Jessica_Lilyi really ought to set up wpa_supplicant or w/e07:36
Jessica_Lilyim still sat here next to the router with ethernet cables07:36
teK_I use wicd on my (unencrpyted!!) laptop07:36
teK_there's no important data on the disk07:37
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teK_hi there08:39
jaegermorning, all08:44
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rmullDoes anyone use ccache with crux?08:53
jaegerI used to but haven't recently.08:55
teK_me too08:56
frinnsti also did a few years back08:56
frinnstno need anymore :D08:56
rmullIf I keep the cache on an NFS share, would performance suffer?08:56
frinnstdoubt it, depends on network i guess08:56
rmullAlso, does distcc have any caching built in?08:56
jaegerProbably somewhat, compared to local disk, but I doubt it would be enough to be a problem08:57
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rmullthanks al.08:58
jaegerI don't think distcc has any builtin caching, I believe it's meant to be used in conjunction with ccache for that08:58
rmullah okay09:00
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jaegeryeah, that goes right through xscreensaver here10:38
jaegernot cool10:38
enteuse vlock :)10:38
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teK_it kills the whole xorg. so what11:08
teK_* for me11:08
jaegerIt only kills xscreensaver for me11:11
jaegerunlocks my screen11:11
teK_i  use xlock11:12
teK_it kills the whole xorg-server for me11:12
frinnstlook forward to testing it tomorrow morning :)11:22
entegreat picture, that11:30
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Jessica_LilyHey :P12:51
Jessica_Lilyyou know when you are writing pkgmk files12:51
Jessica_Lilyis there a function i can write to unpack it as well as build it? :S12:52
jaegerI wouldn't recommend it but you can override the unpack_source function12:54
Jessica_Lilywell... i assume it only handles tarballs? :P12:55
jaegerTake a look at the function in pkgmk, you can see there how it works12:56
Jessica_Lilygood plan12:56
Jessica_Lilywhy didn't i think of that :P12:56
frinnsteasier to ask?12:59
jaegerfor an overridden example, see contrib/nwn-diamond13:00
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Jessica_Lilyjaeger: how are you?13:06
jaegerdoing reasonably well, you?13:06
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Jessica_Lilyjaeger: im okay thanks too :P13:17
Jessica_Lilyjaeger: im thinking of putting nexius in my repo :P13:17
nogagplznexuiz? or something else13:18
nogagplzwhat about xonotic, wasn't that supposed to be a more alive and up to par incarnation of nexuiz13:20
Jessica_Lilyhence why im thinking of overwriting the unpack thing because they supply .zip13:21
jaegerno need for .zip13:21
jaegerpkgmk supports it13:21
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Jessica_Lilyi really like crux ^_^13:22
niklasweJessica_Lily: =)13:24
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rmullI used to play a ton of nexuiz13:43
rmullunder the nick "boom"13:43
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v33hello all :)14:33
rineshi v33 :)14:33
v33whats up?14:45
rinessetting up new server...14:51
v33oh? what for?14:54
rinesit's a simple storage server..14:55
rinesfor old trashy files only :)14:55
rinesand I'm eating some chocolate and a kiwi ^^14:57
v33swiss chocolate <314:57
rineshow are you?14:57
v33im doing well...14:57
v33trying to figure out why my time is all screwy14:57
v33changed it to utc14:58
v33give me one sec, ill brb14:58
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v33meh. damn bios time was wrong...15:00
v33time seems to be normal now15:01
v33i successfully changed the time in linux, am i a 1337 h4x0rz now? xD15:01
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Jessica_2ilyHey :P15:03
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rinesv33, wb!15:05
rines(yes, you're loved!) :D15:06
v33now we need some15:06
v33bromance music15:06
v33DO IT.15:07
* rines is sick15:11
rinescould be the music or the chocolate-kiwi-mix15:11
v33took the gay out of the song xD15:12
rinesmuch better! Now it sounds fine!15:13
v33its the only way15:15
v33men can listen to this song15:15
v33without looking...yea....15:15
v33what os are you using for your distro?15:17
rineswhat do you mean?15:21
v33well, is it windows server 2008, or bsd or a linux distro15:27
rinesah; linux of course!15:28
rinesI only use linux15:28
rines(crux, btw)15:28
rinesOnly for my mobile phone I use debian15:31
rinesHave to test crux-arm soon15:31
rinesWhat do you use on your workstations/private machines?15:32
v33i have one windows computer15:32
v33thats basically used to play rome total war15:32
v33other than that, all linux15:32
v33ones arch15:32
v33the one that i use is crux15:32
v33though im going to swap out the arch linux one...its too sluggish for me for some reason15:33
rinesI'll create 0ad for crux on staturday15:33
rinesyes, so you can replace your win-machine ;)15:33
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v33saturday i shall be out smoking them hookah's, but when i get back....15:35
v33its on!15:35
v33though, we might have to team up for a bit while i learn wtf i should be doing xD15:35
v33looks a lot like age of empires15:36
rinesnever played AoE15:39
v33its pretty much the same game style.15:40
rinesah okay.. what's the difference between AoE and rome total war?15:41
v33its hard to explain...15:41
v33but in rome total war15:41
v33you command troops the way you would in war15:42
v33watch some game plays and you'll see...its very fun15:42
rineswill check some videos on yt15:42
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v33its a pretty fun game15:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: truecrypt: Fix compliation in recent kernels17:23
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v33any conky users here?17:51
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v33have you made it all fancy and stuff?17:59
rineshehe, yes ;)18:00
v33post up a screen shot!18:00
rinesyes, will do this if I'm at home18:00
v33i really like the lua one, but, the 15 times i tried to get it to work, i get a black box xD18:01
rineshere I only use a simple design to control my mpd and check server processes18:01
rinesah; the lua one18:01
v33but my god, that thing wont work for me xD18:02
rineswow; this looks great!18:02
rinespost your .conkyrc18:02
v33lmao believe it or not, i rage quit on it xD18:03
rinesare there any conky-error-msg's?18:03
v33to be honest, i dont remember...18:03
v33ahh, screw it, im going to try it again18:04
rinesthats the spirit!18:04
rineshave to do some ugly work now; 'll catch you later18:09
v33alrighty :D18:09
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v33does anyone really use bluray cd's?22:25
jaegerDon't know what a bluray CD is but I watch blu-ray movies :)23:18
v33its a really big cd. 25 gb i think23:51
jaeger31 if fully used23:52
jaegertechnically CD isn't correct, for what that's worth23:52
jaegerblu-ray disc23:52
v33^that. haha23:54
v33its on sale here...23:54

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