IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-01-20

v33so...the ivy bridge cpu's...00:46
*** vaddi has joined #crux00:49
Romstergood evening and pizza00:59
Romster50GB dual layer blu-day discs and burner does look enticing to buy.00:59
joacimi prefer LD CD's01:00
Romsterhaven't looked up the true useable capacity yet01:00
RomsterLD is not compact though01:00
v33newegg has a 50 pack 25gb bluray for 32 dollars01:00
Romsterthat is cheap01:01
joacimi rarely use my optical drive anymore01:01
joacimlast time i used it was when i installed crux01:01
joacimtwo or three years ago01:01
v33i started using usb's for linux01:01
v33flash drives *01:01
joacimactually that was a lie. i installed deus ex six months ago01:01
Romsteri watch movies off dvd mostly and rip the ocasional audio cd to my hdd so i don't have to find cd everytime i want to play it01:02
Romstermorning pitillo01:02
v33meh. i stopped downloading music. just youtube it now :/01:04
pitilloyo Romster :)01:06
pitillosince long time ago, I use to play vlc radio (lua support to get the list) Tons of different styles (when I want to change from copyleft spanish groups) No more money for those who wants to get more and more01:08
Romsterstreamtuner2 isn't bad for radio lists01:09
pitilloI don't know about it. Let's see. But I'm really confortable with vlc atm... (not powerfull laptop here and it just do the work... I used mplayer streaming and then moved to vlc with lua support, easier)01:10
pitilloseems similar to vlc's freecasts01:11
Romsterit's a lister only for net radio streams01:12
pitilloyes, as vlc's radio streams lists :)01:13
Romsterfigures never looked at vlc's list01:13
pitillohave you seen them in vlc? in the internet section/menu?01:13
Romsterhaven't ran vlc in years01:13
pitilloah, it's ok. By default vlc isn't built with lua support. I saw it in windows and liked it here at work. I have vlc overlapped with lua support at home01:14
Romsterso it only shows up with lua support?01:15
pitilloyes Romster01:17
Romsterthat be why i have ever seen it01:20
v33this is odd...a brand new 1tb external hard drive wont mount01:20
v33to any computer...01:20
Romsterof course not it's not formatted yet P01:21
v33probably xD01:22
v33though gparted couldn't read it either01:23
pitilloRomster: yeah, that happened to me, I readed about and finished enabling it (lua is a e17 dep, in my case, enabling it is enought)01:24
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux01:25
v33windows isn't even reading this...not even in the device manager01:26
Romstersmartctl -a /dev/sdx01:27
Jessica_Lilyey folk01:27
Jessica_Lily*Hey folks01:27
Romsterhi Jessica_Lily01:27
pitillov33: on linux/unix does it dmesg show anything?01:27
Jessica_Lilyhow is everyone?01:27
Romstergreat work is over for the week01:27
pitilloyo Jessica_Lily01:27
v33hm...let me check something out real quick, and ill get back to the linux machine01:28
Romsterv33, you should of called yourself v34 then you can be a modem protocol :D01:28
v33but htat would be a bit wrong, since i have NO clue what that is... xD01:29
Jessica_Lilyugh i have labs today but i really don't want to go :(01:29
Romsterv.34 in dialup modems01:30
v3356k modems, FTW01:30
Romster+MS=V34 limits them to 33,000bps :D01:31
* Jessica_Lily is going to try and package flash :P01:31
v3333,000bps modems, FTW01:32
Jessica_Lilywhy is it the police describe the act of breaking the law, its obviously going to be something negative and the people doing it clearly don't care01:35
v33i genuinely hate cops. i got pulled over today for no reason what so ever01:37
Jessica_Lilywoah, megaupload got shutdown?01:37
v33yep :/01:37
Jessica_Lilystupid folk01:37
Jessica_LilyUS shutty down people im referring to by the way01:38
v33what will we do without megaporn now  xD01:39
Romsterthey'll be back under a new name no doubt01:40
v33one of the head people is in jail01:40
v33the head dude of megaupload i think01:41
Jessica_Lilywhat i don't get is, they weren't in america or anything, this had nothing to do with their country01:41
v33america has been sticking its nose in everyones business01:42
v33they extradited some kid from the uk for posting pirated links01:43
v33america, fuck yea!01:43
Jessica_LilyI dislike america01:43
Jessica_Lilyand my country for being its "bitch"01:43
Jessica_Lilyits just like the iraq war, the entire country pretty much said "yeh, we don't want to"... bush was like "come on, do it!" so we did it >.<01:44
v33this should be our national anthem01:45
Romsterhong kong and new zealand.01:45
Jessica_Lilythe BBC article on it said they have executed 20 warrents in over 9 different countries01:46
v33i wanna visit new zeland!01:46
Jessica_Lilysince when have their warrents had any power in other countries01:46
v33some billionaire offered to pay01:47
v33the guys legal expenses though01:47
v33so, at least he'll have some top notch lawyer01:47
joacimnorway kinda does that01:47
Jessica_Lilyv33: thats awesome01:48
joacimthere is a law that allows our government to punish norwegian tourists who choose to buy sexual favours abroad01:48
Jessica_Lilykudos to the billionair01:48
pitilloworld ruled by thieves and selfish people... they want more and more money/power01:48
joacimi dont think the government should care what its citizens do when in another country01:49
v33he who is not satisfied with with little, will never be satisfied with a lot.01:51
v33its a lose translation...01:51
joacimi never believed i'd get to correct lose to loose01:51
v33its nearly 12...give me a break01:52
joacimi'm not perfect either01:52
* Jessica_Lily yawns 01:52
v33the cops here are assholes, but smart assholes. they nag the crap out of you, get a rise, and then arrest you01:53
v33its hilarious to watch01:53
Jessica_Lilywhere is this?01:53
v33where else?01:54
Jessica_LilyI heard in the US most are scared of the police, then again angry bigoted people with guns... pretty sure i'd be scared01:54
v33the sad part, here, in the city where i live, the cops LOVE to pick on our ethnicity01:54
v33well, i got tackled down once, and held at gun point with dogs a food away from my face once01:55
v33its a pretty scary feeling xD01:55
v33yep. gotta love our cops01:55
Jessica_Lilyours can actually be okay01:55
v33i was peeping through the window of my friends house, and some neighbor called the cops claiming i was some kind of theif01:55
v33the can imagine01:55
Jessica_Lilythere are some douchebags but there are some decent ones01:55
v33i'd say 90% of them are douche bags here01:56
Jessica_Lilysome i've even had a laugh and a joke with :P which is a bit random but you know :P01:56
v33any time i drive my car, i get followed by a cop...they WAIT for you to do sometehing illegal01:56
joacimbeen years since i've seen a police officer in this city01:57
v33what city?01:57
joacimi see ambulances and fire trucks, but no police volvos01:58
v33i should move there01:58
v33you cant go a block without seeing a cop here01:58 much would a house in norway cost? somewhere like here02:00
joacima million NOK maybe02:00
joacimmaybe less02:00
v33thats not that bad, actually...02:01
v33my goal in life is to own a house in an area like that.02:01
v33deep dark secret...dont tell anyone02:01
joacimi've seen a house being sold for 80k NOK once02:02
joacimit needed some TLC, so the actual cost may have been quite a bit higher02:02
v33thats still not that bad...02:02
v33around LA, a decent sized house will cost you no less than 900k02:03
v33dollars, of course02:03
v33though, due to the economic recession, its lower now.02:03
joacimcan get a nice place for anything from 1-5 million NOK02:04
v33roughly 250,000 dollars ey?02:06
v33dont really care about the house, just want that kind of setting lol02:06
v33^would kill for a place there02:07
Romsterhmm doens't seem that x264 is ready to decode H264ax_V10102.exe codec of fa surveillance system correctly.02:07
Romsteri get the start of it then mplayer goes spastic and loses picture.02:07
Romsterffmpeg -vf "hflip,vflip" doens't flip video by 180 degrees any ideas?02:17
Romsterit's supposed too.02:17
v33vlc? lol jk, i know you hate vlc02:19
*** c0x has quit IRC02:21
v33why do you prefer mplayer, if i may ask?02:22
Jessica_Lilyi love mplayer02:22
Jessica_Lilygoing to uni02:22
Jessica_Lilybye x02:22
Romstersee ya02:25
*** c0x has joined #crux02:27
*** rines has joined #crux02:34
v33i recall when i tried to launch mplayer with x11 or something, the video that it played was tiny02:35
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*** horrorStruck has joined #crux02:49
horrorStruckRomster you're everywhere on irc :P02:57
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teK_der Spassti /c03:12
teK_hi people =)03:12
niklaswehi teK_ =)03:26
frinnstsup bitches?03:27
niklasweit´s okey.. and you frinnst ?03:28
frinnstjust had half a litre of coffee.. so im fine03:29
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: switch source URL back to kernel.org03:56
Romsteralso doh when i played back the file i didn't do ../foo for the output file i was playing the source still...04:03
RomsterhorrorStruck, yes pretty much you looked at my whois?04:03
horrorStruckRomster: no, just saw you on netfiler04:06
*** tnut has quit IRC04:07
Romsterbeen in there for ages i mess with firewall tc stuff04:07
Romsterand i maintain xtables-addons that's made by the dev in that channel too.04:07
horrorStrucki just looked at your whois (never used that before), so you're on 3 channels right now or i missed something?04:09
frinnst <- diplomatic as usual.. old post but still fun :)04:12
Romster@#diycnc #luv @##stagecraft #crux #crux-devel ##electronics ##socialites #linuxhelp @#hvlinux @#hvlinux-social #winehq #winehq-social #winehackers #linux-raid @#lvm @#device-mapper #Netfilter +#defocus #defocus-uncensored #git04:32
horrorStruckthis whois stuff is not working properly or most likely i just fail at irc04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sakura: fix url04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: x264: 20110528 -> 2012012004:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.7.9 -> 0.7.1104:45
frinnstmaybe the chans are +s ?04:46
Romsteroh a few are.04:46
frinnsti only see you in two chans Romster, #crux and #crux-devel04:46
Romsternope none are s04:46
frinnstsome other supersecret flag then :)04:47
* Romster shrugs04:47
Romstercould be a freenode thing.04:47
pitillothe server only shows the channels you are both, not all04:47
frinnstthere you go04:47
Romsterit should show all unless it's +s04:47
frinnstprobably a freenode thing then04:47
Romsteri never knew it didn't show other channels.04:47
Romsterwhat to do now, maybe a movie or something.04:51
rinesRomster, some fresh air ;)04:52
Romsterit's dark outside and getting cold i'd only get a runny nose if i went out in that cold air.04:52
Romsteri'll go out saturday.04:53
teK_living in mordor? :>04:53
Romsteri may do some more updates soon04:53
frinnstsummer starting to come to an end?04:53
Romstershouldn't be but it's cooled off again.04:53
Romstergot 37C temp day then it went back to 22C04:54
Romsterstupid weather04:54
frinnstsouthern hemisphere crazieness04:54
rineshaha! Romster, this week I'm in munich, germany and here it's around.. er.. -2C?04:57
teK_jawoll! In Muenchen steht ein Hofbraeuhaus04:59
frinnstknowledge of germany depleted..04:59
teK_nevern been there05:00
rinesteK_, at the oktoberfest?05:00
rines(or called "wiesn")05:00
teK_I'm satisfied with our "Herbstdult" and "Maidult" which is pretty the same but a) cheaper (CHEAPER) b) smaller05:01
rinesI never drank there a beer, too!05:01
rinesah, okay05:01
rinesIs it in regensburg?05:02
rines(yes, I googled it) :D05:02
teK_hehe no05:02
teK_but close ;)05:03
rinesoh, there are multiple "herbstdult"s?05:03
teK_it's a bavarian thing05:07
teK_just like a "Kirmes"05:07
teK_basically it should be the same05:07
rinesI see.. :)05:11
Jessica_LilyI'm back from labs06:23
*** ente is now known as Theodora_Mariann06:23
Jessica_Lilyhow is everyone?06:25
Theodora_Mariannhow are you?06:29
Jessica_Lilyfeeling a tad sick06:30
Jessica_Lilyreaction gave off just tons of ammonia06:30
*** mike_k has joined #crux06:42
Jessica_Lilyguys, is there anyway you can actually supply the md5 sum for a package?06:48
pitillothat should be for package maintainers... CRUX is source oriented (md5 provided by maintainers for sources)06:50
Jessica_Lilyno i mean when i writing a pkgfile06:51
pitillohas it sense to provide a md5sum for packages built in different machines?06:51
pitillosorry I don't understand06:51
Jessica_Lilywell i haven't mentioned md5 but it seems to fail at the md5 check and it seems to be checking it against some other weird md506:52
Jessica_Lilywhich i have no idea where its finding it06:52
pitilloif you are building a port, then the md5sum mistmatch is for sources06:52
pitillothe maintainer should provide the .md5sum for the source/s06:52
rinesyes, delete the md5sum-file (new one will be created) or ignore it via -im06:53
RomsterJessica_Lily, make the sum with pkgmk -um06:58
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*** acrux has joined #crux07:07
Jessica_Lilybloody hell this computer is hot07:09
frinnstask it out07:10
nogagplzget married and spend the rest of your days with it07:10
nogagplzlol ._.07:11
rinescoffee warmer07:11
rinesfrinnst, nice :)07:11
frinnst <- to put the above link in context07:11
Romsterhaha nice one07:20
Jessica_Lilybrb rebooting07:25
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC07:25
horrorStruckKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)07:29
frinnstnew kernel config?07:31
horrorStruckjust a joke wrt previous message :P07:32
frinnstah :)07:32
* frinnst is a bit thick sometimes07:32
horrorStruckmaybe that wasnt funny, dont worry :P07:32
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux07:36
Jessica_Lilymy macs runningat 85C07:37
aonyou sure the readout is correct?07:37
teK_quality hardware!07:37
teK_and superior design :>07:37
Jessica_Lilyaon: read out from sensors and it detected the sensors correctly07:38
pitilloJessica_Lily: does the cpu support freq scaling? temp always will depend in current jobs... don't spec to run a cool laptop compiling on it (quite obvious)07:39
Romsteryou got AHCI on if not you could risk burnout.07:43
Romsteri even heard of some video driver that didn't watch the GPU temp and the GPU caught on fire.07:43
nogagplzthat's because you were resting your beard on it07:44
nogagplzwhat did you think would happen07:44
* Romster facepalms07:45
frinnstand im quite sure Romster meant acpi :)07:55
frinnstmaybe the mac hardware depends on some software crap to control the fans?07:55
thrice`alot of people run linux on them, sounds weird07:57
Romstersorry ACPI....08:03
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:04
*** acrux|G4 has quit IRC08:14
Jessica_Lilythe temp dropped 10 degrees08:21
jaegerJessica_Lily: lm_sensors are known not to read SMC correctly on the macs08:21
*** jdolan has joined #crux08:23
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:23
jaegerWell, maybe "are known" is too much of a blanket statement, I'll rephrase to say I've seen that noted on quite a few "linux on macs" pages08:23
Jessica_Lilyi brunt my tongue08:37
*** Theodora_Mariann is now known as ente08:39
entenickchange attack08:40
Jessica_Lilyi feel ill :(08:55
*** rines has quit IRC08:57
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*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux09:28
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC09:31
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck09:45
Jessica_LilyTime to do some chemistry revision i think09:58
teK_Jessica_Lily is on teh interwebz10:00
teK_weren't you supposed to learn? :>10:00
Jessica_Lilybrb rebooting10:12
Jessica_Lilyhopefully alsa will work this time10:12
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC10:16
horrorStruckKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)10:27
frinnstsee, i got it!10:59
*** c0x has quit IRC11:06
*** c0x has joined #crux11:08
*** Jessica_Lily has joined #crux11:28
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:31
Jessica_Lilyi want to make curry but11:33
Jessica_Lilyi got no meat11:33
Rotwangmake: *** No rule to make target `curry'.  Stop.11:34
Rotwangmake: *** No rule to make target `meat', needed by `curry'.  Stop.11:34
niklaswehmm hm would be nice if i could use spotify wiht xbmc :)11:35
Jessica_Lilyany non-ascii chars are turning up as question marks in vim11:39
Jessica_Lilyim using urxvt what the hell :S11:39
horrorStruckniklaswe: you've seen this ?11:44
niklasweyeah, but didnt see the link below the video :P11:45
niklaswewill check out it and see if i can get it to work..11:45
Jessica_Lilyfeck it, im going to make bangers and mash :P11:46
Jessica_Lilybe a proper brit ;)11:46
horrorStrucki have this impression that you are always eating/drinking /something/11:47
horrorStruckdon't know, you write a lot about food, tea and coffee11:49
Jessica_Lilyi drink coffee pretty much all the time11:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xf86-video-intel: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 2.5.11:50
tilman^^^ should fix the screensaver security issue that was revealed today11:50
Jessica_Lily"why don't they speak english?" ... "because they're spanish"11:50
horrorStrucki found this bug quite convenient in fact11:51
horrorStruckfaster than an password and yet kids resistant11:52
tilman/dev/mapper/sdc1: 177/30531584 files (46.9% non-contiguous), 115817667/122095871 blocks11:54
tilmanoh, nevermind11:55
tilmanthat fs was nearly full recently11:55
tilmanmistook it for another nearly empty fs11:55
Jessica_Lilyanyone know why in urxvt non-ascii is showing up as question marks12:07
*** Jessica_1ily has joined #crux12:10
entemaybe your fallback font is wrong12:11
enteJessica_Lily: ^12:11
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC12:12
Jessica_1ilyente: hmm maybe12:12
Jessica_1ilyi don't know what font to use12:18
tilmanJessica_1ily: try setting LC_CTYPE=en_GB.utf812:20
tilman(the .utf8 being the important bit)12:20
teK_Jessica_1ily: you're the reason I'm trying to keep down my coffee consume to 0 :p12:25
Rotwangso, how are you doing people?12:28
frinnst2gb is not enough diskspace to build firefox12:28
teK_fine, thanks. You, Rotwang?12:28
Rotwangme too12:29
frinnstwtf, whats with all the civility in this channel lately?12:29
frinnstinsult each other damnit!12:29
Rotwanglast weekend, and no more school for this semester \:D/12:30
teK_frinnst: we're gonna eat your skin while you're alive!!111 and the be gentle again.12:33
Rotwangwe are going to suck juice from the tractor12:33
teK_what's that again12:34
teK_thank god sepen is not here12:35
teK_otherwhise we'd have to click those smoking ace-type links. again.12:35
*** acrux|xp has joined #crux12:35
*** mike_k_ has joined #crux12:36
*** mike_k has quit IRC12:40
frinnst <- the road home from work is a lonely one12:41
* Rotwang wonders why does frinnst work in caves12:42
frinnstoffice pet:
*** rines has joined #crux12:53
rineshi everybody12:54
rmullhi rines12:57
teK_is it only me finding hilarious?13:00
rinesniklaswe, hejsan ^^13:01
niklaswerines: ^^13:05
frinnstteK_: no13:06
frinnsttry the original meme and try not to laugh13:06
frinnstimpossible :D13:06
*** c0x` has joined #crux13:14
*** c0x has quit IRC13:15
*** acrux|xp has quit IRC13:22
teK_what's the original meme?13:33
tilmanfrinnst knows his memes :D13:43
*** treach has joined #crux13:47
*** Jessica_1ily has quit IRC15:00
teK_yeah I love that meme, too ;)15:00
frinnstright.. i just created a debian vm for a reason15:04
frinnsttoo bad i cant remember why that was15:04
teK_I couldn't think of one either ;>15:06
frinnsti think i was supposed to test something15:06
treachgrowing mold15:06
frinnstill just have a beer instead15:07
*** y3llow_ has joined #crux15:32
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*** y3llow has joined #crux15:35
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*** y3llow has joined #crux15:37
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*** y3llow has joined #crux15:40
*** mike_k_ has quit IRC15:42
*** v33 has joined #crux15:52
joe9does anyone have inkscape working on crux?16:25
joe9the meta package does not install. wondering if it is just my system.16:25
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:29
rinesjoe9, yes, working with inkscape right now :)16:29
joe9pyxml install errors:
joe9rines, thanks.16:30
joe9it appears that pyxml was built with python 2.6 and I have python 2.7.16:31
joe9It complains of a bunch of missing/new files.16:32
niklaswebuilding... and building.. building... =)16:32
v33sup everyone :)16:32
niklasweit´s okey with me and you ? :)16:33
v33its going well, i gess lol16:33
joe9inkscape install fail: full log:
niklaswev33: lol16:34
v33i think i need a new keyboard...some of the keys are acting up lately16:34
niklaswehmm what is inkscape? python library?16:35
jaegersvg creator16:35
joe9rines, any thoughts, please?16:35
rinesjoe9, you can get my binary :))16:36
rineser.. okay, let's have a look16:36
joe9rines, what version are you on?16:36
joe9/var/pkgmk/packages/inkscape#0.46-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed. is what is failing16:36
joe9ImageMagick Magick++:     no16:36
joe9not sure if this has something to do with the failure.16:36
rinesnope, 0.4816:37
joe9which port?16:37
joe9let me check the crux db16:37
joe9from contrib or rho?16:38
joe9ok, thanks.16:38
joe9is contrib > meta?16:38
joe9the port exists in both contrib and opt on my system.16:39
rinesjue fixed a inkscape related problem some days before16:39
joe9mpup.lst:httpup sync inkscape16:40
rines(special thanks to Romster of course!) :)16:40
joe9is my problem i think16:40
rinesyes, that's a horrible old version16:40
rinesand you don't need pyxml for inkscape 0.48 :)16:41
rines(that's why I couldn't find this package on my system)16:41
joe9ok, thanks.16:41
niklaswejaeger: ok thanks.16:42
joe9i cannot seem to find a meta repo in the crux db repositories.16:42
joe9is that a valid collection?16:42
joe9or, is it created by the mpup utility?16:43
rineswow; cat is nice!16:44
joe9mpup stuff.16:44
frinnstyeah, mpup populates meta/ from the ports you list in mpup.list or whatever the file is16:44
joe9frinnst: thanks.16:50
joe9rines: much better now. it is installing 0.4816:50
joe9 Building '/var/pkgmk/packages/inkscape#0.48.2-1.pkg.tar.gz'.16:51
rinesgreat; what you're going to create with inkscape?16:51
joe9i am trying to convert a .svg file to a .pdf16:51
rinesah, all right16:52
joe9this is my .svg file:
frinnstcant imagemagick do that?16:52
joe9and when I print it with firefox, it does not have the correct dimensions.16:52
joe9frinnst: it does?16:52
frinnstwell, dunno.. but it can save to pdf16:53
joe9rines:  I am hoping that if I can convert it to .ps/.pdf, I am hoping that it will preserve the dimensions.16:53
frinnsttry "convert whatever.svg whatever.png"16:53
rines.svg to png works fine with imagemagick16:53
rinesjoe9, yes, I think it will!16:54
joe9frinnst: tried that. it gave me a blank pdf.16:54
joe9convert x.svg x.pdf16:54
joe9haven't tried the .png option.16:54
joe9will probably have the same dimensions issue with it too.16:54
frinnstwell.. "png" was a brainfart16:55
joe9frinnst: why do you say that? it seems to be pretty well regarded.16:55
frinnstnono.. by me16:55
frinnsti meant to say pdf16:55
rinesjoe9, try to add -density if you create a pdf with im16:55
rines(and -page)16:55
joe9rines, thanks. will try that.16:55
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Romster victory18:01
v33flawless victory!18:03
v33man, now i feel like playing the game. xD18:04
Romsterjoe9, you using alan pyxml what uses that?18:09
Romsterif yu update poppler you can build inkscape with pdf support thanks to jue for enabling headers and rines for reporting the issue18:14
Romsterjoe9, if your gonna keep using some metaport thing your going to have to see that your tracking the latest versions.18:15
RomsterPyXML is no longer maintained.18:18
*** v33 has quit IRC18:20
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*** SiFuh has joined #crux18:28
rinesso I'm fine! :D18:50
*** vee has joined #crux19:00
ente<- not a quitter19:06
enteI could sleep all day long19:07
rinesente, that's okay; you only have to sleep once a day19:08
Romsteri don't seem to be so tired since i've cut back on coffee19:08
entecoffee doesn't help19:08
enteI'm off to bed19:08
entenight folks19:08
Romsterg'night ente19:09
enteI'll leave this here :)19:09
Romstertilman, xorg-libxrandr needs a bump among a few others. or is there a reason they haven't been bumped?19:15
veewhy are girl scout cookies so good19:40
jaegerThey are made with real girl scouts19:42
veehm...this could be it19:42
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veeanyone want one?22:30
crshdvee: hell yeah. i'm tired of using pencils all the time...22:32
veeugh. tell me about it. it gets so annoying after a while22:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: iptstate: romster -> contrib23:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bmp: contrib -> romster23:26
Romstervery pointless but you probably know that already23:28

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