IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-01-21

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veeugh keep getting kicked off...this modem has been acting up lately00:42
Romsteri can't focus on anything long enough to get anything done.01:05
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horrorStrucki know what y01:24
veecare to tell?02:06
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niklasweguys.. any idé
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niklasweI have done exactly from the wiki.. what have i miss..02:41
Jessica_Lilywhat gives with crux's glibc xD its got like no locales02:42
Rotwanggenerate them02:45
Rotwanglook into handbook02:45
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veeonly in america does that pass for music02:51
* Jessica_Lily swears handbook said nothing of the sort02:51
Jessica_Lilybut shall look!02:51
Jessica_Lilyo it totally does02:52
aon"look and you shall see"02:54
Jessica_Lily:P i got it xD03:02
Jessica_Lilythat LC_CTYPE thingy didn't work though03:02
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niklasweaon: do you know what  I hav miss here..
aondoes /usr/ports/niklaswe exist?03:12
niklasweaon: yupp03:14
niklaswehmm.. 2012/01/21 10:13:37 [27970] rsync: chdir /var/www/htdocs/crux/ports/   # base path for ports failed03:15
Jessica_Lilyim drinking tea today03:15
niklasweI just see that in my log too.. but it strange because the directory exist.03:15
aonpermission problems?03:15
niklasweJessica_Lily: me too :)03:15
aoni'm having coffee atm03:15
niklasweaon: no, I have 755 so.03:18
veeim having hot coco O.o03:20
aonniklaswe: i'm at a loss then, haven't had rsyncd running anywhere for ages :/03:20
niklasweaon: okey :/ no problem i wil tell if I found the poblem .)03:21
aonok :)03:23
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rinesjoe9, inkscape works?04:21
rineshello @all, btw :)04:23
niklaswehello rines04:27
niklaswesweet 9.7M/s :)04:27
Jessica_Lilyhey you two04:27
niklaswebrb shower04:27
rinesbrb, too - shopping :)04:30
* rines is away: Only fools leave away messages04:30
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* rines is back (gone 00:34:46)05:05
rineshorrible much snow here in muc05:07
rinesRomster, snow:
Romsterlots of snow plows to clear that up too.05:16
Jessica_LilyI want it to snow one day a year so I get nice desktop backgrounds :)05:16
Romsterso do you guys get angry bosses at work when you show up late from being bogged in snow?05:17
teK_never managed to be THAT late05:17
Romsterif i want a desktop background it'll be in the tropics05:17
teK_+ flexible working hours == fine05:17
Romsternot everyone has flexible hours though05:18
teK_which sucks.05:18
Romstervery clear pic05:18
teK_for office jobs it's rather common or even standard I'd say05:18
rinesJessica_Lily, get one
rinesRomster, no, I have no "real" boss05:26 But I never had snow-problems in the past. If was late (too much snow) it was okay05:28
rinesIf *I was[...]05:28
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niklasweso.. what happening in here ppl?07:39
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niklaswewb Jessica_Lily07:44
Jessica_Lilysorry, my internet is a bit dodgy08:13
niklaswehehe np :)08:16
Jessica_LilyI think I need to contact my ISP.08:17
Jessica_LilyTime to test my package I think.08:18
niklasweJessica_Lily: what have you done for package?08:20
Jessica_Lilyerrm, I have flash i have re-packaged (for 11), subtle (needs testing) and im packaging apples iSight-firmware-tools at the moment.08:21
rines3dsmax I ment ^^08:21
rines... is out!08:21
rinesBlender rox:
niklasweah I see08:21
rinesGPU RealTime rendering08:22
enterender blox08:22
* niklaswe building openvz-kernel package :p08:22
enterines: you should watch more demos :)08:22
rinesente, which demos?08:22
enteGPU RT demos08:23
Jessica_Lilyniklaswe: I plan to package a lot more also.08:24
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rinesJessica_Lily, you've got your own public repo?08:26
enteah, right, I wanted to send that email08:27
Jessica_Lilygoing to make it public soon but yes, thats the plan.08:27
Jessica_LilyThis internet speed is pissing me off, its messuring in bytes per second =/08:33
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enteif you need hosting, just let me know08:39
ente(for your ports and stuff)08:39
Jessica_LilyYeh i gathered :P08:39
enteI may not have a crux machine anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm no longer interested in CRUX08:39
*** deus_ex is now known as pedja08:39
Jessica_Lilyhmm ... one of these packages miss a dep i think08:41
Jessica_Lilyo damn08:44
tilmanrines: new xkeyboard-config is already in crux, so np08:51
Jessica_LilyI am getting a failed build but well... i know its not failing, it executes everything in the build function, i don't see why it'd fail08:52
NecrosporusA girl using CRUX? That's cool, I guess08:54
enteyou mean, a person with a girly nick? :P08:57
entewe're all fat, bearded men on the internet08:57
enteseems I still have to wake up08:57
NecrosporusI'm not fat09:01
rinesNecrosporus, "fat" is relative :)09:02
enteneither am I09:02
entebut neither of us can prove it09:02
Jessica_LilyI could prove im a girl, take a picture of my uni ID or something :P09:02
NecrosporusI'm fat, relative to Osvencim' prisoners09:03
Jessica_Lilynot going to :P09:03
Jessica_Lilybut i could09:03
enteyou don't need to :P09:03
entealso, taking a picture of some ID card still doesn't prove anything, I'm sorry :)09:03
Jessica_Lilywith a piece of paper saying "Hello #crux , its jessica_lily ;)"09:04
Jessica_Lilynext to it09:04
NecrosporusJessica_Lily, there would be a better prove if you take a photo of yourself with a paper, containing a cryptographic hash of something spoken on the channel09:04
entewhy does the internet always demand pictures? :P09:05
Jessica_LilyI'm not sure, im not supplying them09:05
nogagplzwhere's a picture of Necrosporus09:06
Jessica_LilyI still don't know why this refuses to work :P09:15
Jessica_Lily"bsdtar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory" is the error.09:18
NecrosporusThat's because09:19
NecrosporusWhat's the whole command09:19
NecrosporusAnd why would you use BSD tar instead of GNU?09:19
Jessica_Lilywhy does that matter? :P09:19
thrice`pkgmk uses bsdtar :>09:19
tilmanJessica_Lily: is this a port?09:20
tilmanJessica_Lily: ie pkgmk failing like that?09:20
tilmanJessica_Lily: then you probably didnt copy stuff to $PKG09:20
tilmanin your build() function09:20
Jessica_Lilyright, i just put in the build function what I do to compile it manually09:20
NecrosporusWhat's the difference making it use bsd tar instead of GNU?09:21
Jessica_Lilytilman: so i run the config, make and then run the make install09:22
tilmanmake DESTDIR=$PKG install09:22
tilmanusually works09:22
Jessica_Lilyit worked09:23
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joe9rines: yes, inkscape installed fine.09:30
rinesHappy converting :)09:30
joe9rines: thanks.09:30
Jessica_Lilyread it, sounds good09:30
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Jessica_1ilyhumph, im having to deal with rake (Ruby make file thing)10:02
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joe9rines, want to check if you have any thoughts on this? I am trying to convert a graph paper in .svg to a printout without changing the measurements. Firefox resizes the image to fit the page.10:16
joe9I tried inkscape to convert the .svg to .pdf and it seems to do the same.10:16
joe9any thoughts on a good tool that can do that?10:16
rinesjoe9, tell me what you've done10:24
joe9this is my .svg file:
rinesdid you create a simple pdf via inkscape --without-gui --export-pdf=my.pdf myfile.svg | lpr?10:24
joe9I am trying to print it on a sticky paper that I want to attach to my cutting surface (ala cutting pad)10:25
joe9rines, that created a pdf file but it stretched the svg to fit the page width and height, I think.10:25
rinesah okay, so you need an exact original output10:26
joe9preserveAspectRatio is probably what i need.10:26
joe9let me check that.10:26
joe9rines, yes, I need the exact output. no scaling.10:26
rinesI've got no printer here atm but you can set the printer options before printing10:27
joe9let me try that.10:28
Jessica_1ilyHas anyone had any experiance with rake (the ruby make thingy)10:32
tilmanJessica_1ily: yes10:34
Jessica_1ilytilman: i've checked the rake file and it does a ENV["DESTDIR"] || ""10:38
Jessica_1ilyso i figure, i set DESTDIR to $PKG and everything is fine10:38
tilmanthat expression means:10:38
Jessica_1ilybut i do export DESTDIR=$PKG in the build function...10:38
Jessica_1ilydoesn't work10:38
tilmanuse ENV['DESTDIR'] if it exists, and use "" otherwise10:38
Jessica_1ilymm i know10:38
Jessica_1ilyi gathered10:38
tilmancan you paste the rakefile?10:39
joe9rines: no luck, inkscape seems to extend the image to the full page.10:40
rineshmm... but it's very interesting!10:41
Jessica_1ilytilman: sure,
rinesPerhaps we need something like a poster print tool10:41
rinesthere tools will split the graphics instead of scaling (if they're too big)10:41
rines*these tools[..]10:42
niklaswemmmm beeer :)10:43
tilmanJessica_1ily: can't see an obvious reason why that would fial10:44
Jessica_1ilyhold on a sec :P10:45
joe9rines: i just printed it from firefox with preserveaspectratio = none, and it seems to have printed it exactly.10:46
rinesreally? Prints well?10:46
rinesIt's in your printer settings, isn't it?10:46
joe9rines, yes, just double checked it with a scale10:47
joe9and it is correct.10:47
rinesthat's fantastic!10:47
rinesGreat work :)10:47
Jessica_1ilyYeh, im not sure why this doesn't work10:51
Jessica_1ilytilman: is there something incorect about the export DISTDIR=$PKG10:54
Jessica_1ilymaybe you can't do it in a function or something?10:54
tilmanexcept the typo? ;D10:54
Jessica_1ily* export DESTDIR=$PKG10:55
tilmanshould be fine :|10:55
tilmanyou could apply a patch that adds10:55
tilman  puts ENV['DESTDIR']10:55
tilmanto the rakefile10:55
tilmanyou could put that at the very top10:55
tilmanand see what it prints when you build the port10:56
Jessica_1ily is my Pkgfile10:56
tilmanokay, some notes10:56
tilmanrake comes with ruby these days10:56
tilmani'd remove the gem install stuff10:57
Jessica_1ilyoo and put it as a dep?10:57
tilmanit's included in the ruby port10:57
tilmannext, move the export up one line10:57
tilmanso the first rake call gets to use it as well10:57
Jessica_1ilychanged it10:57
Jessica_1ilyo okay10:57
tilmanmight help10:57
Jessica_1ilyokayyy thats two things packaged and tested11:01
Jessica_1ilyhaha okay, i think my ISP really needs contacting when i get an ETA of 86 days11:02
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Jessica_1ilyI'd love to go to every country11:35
Jessica_1ilyLiterally, every country.11:35
* nogagplz bans Jessica_1ily from australia11:37
jseOuch. Talk about shooting first.11:38
tilmangerman news: "american abducted in somalia"11:39
tilmanJessica_1ily: i think i could do without countries that are mentioned in news like that every other week :>11:39
Jessica_1ilytilman: i'll do them last ;)11:40
frinnst <- wtf?11:40
jseThat's gotta depend heavily where in Somalia you go.11:40
jseThe northern tip has some quasi government and order going. Everything around Mogadishu and the south is a perpetual war zone.11:41
jseNo, I have not been there.11:41
nogagplzwell, lets go now then11:41
nogagplzgear up, the chopper leaves soon11:42
Jessica_1ilymaybe i should restart my router, im getting sick at pre-broadband speeds11:43
Jessica_1ilyhave you guys ever been arrested? (just curious)11:53
Jessica_1ilyI don't actually know how common that is :s11:54
nogagplznot me11:54
nogagplzRomster has done time though11:54
Jessica_1ilyfrinnst: too persona?11:54
Jessica_1ilyim just curious and decided to ask11:54
frinnstno, just very surprised of the question11:55
tilmanarnuld-esque question ;>11:55
frinnstheh, yes11:56
RotwangI was once held in police station11:56
frinnsti once got a parking ticket from a cop11:57
Jessica_1ilyI nearly got arrested but haven't as of yet11:57
tilmani once gave a statement at a police station11:57
frinnstalso, been stopped at those drunk-driving checkpoint thingys where you get to blow their test ting11:57
frinnstmy life is boring?11:57
aoni once got chased by the police to my home11:57
tilmani was stopped at a traffic control thingy once11:57
nogagplzfix that by speeding through the checkpoint in future11:58
tilmanluckily the guys didnt notice my windshield was dirty as fuck11:58
aonhe thought i was trying to run from him when i made a sudden turn when entering his line of sight11:58
tilmanmmh, not sure i should admit that11:58
aonturns out that's where i lived11:58
tilmanyou really shouldn't drive with a messed up windshield ._.11:58
aonthey've also busted my place twice but that was a misunderstanding11:59
aondidn't even let them in the second time11:59
enteaon: where do you live again?12:01
frinnstfuck finland:
aonfinland indeed :)12:02
entethey busted your place?12:03
Jessica_1ilythe cop show say you're 30% more likely to die on a motorbike, im screwed then :P12:03
aonbusted as in just marched in whilst we were sleeping12:04
aonthen apologized and left when it turned out that i don't grow hemp12:05
entebut you own a computer12:07
entewhich made you suspicious, so they came back the second time :P12:07
aonapparently they forgot to write a report of the first visit so there was a new one a week after12:08
entehow did they get the idea in the first place?12:09
entedon't they have anything better to do than to arrest stoners?12:09
aoni don't know, they didn't tell me and i was too perplexed to ask12:10
aonor well, they said that someone had complained of a smell but 1) student housing, 2) there was no smell12:10
aonmaybe they mistook me for someone else, who knows12:10
aonand no, they don't have anything better to do :)12:10
niklaswefinally my openvz-packages are done :)12:35
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niklaswety :)12:46
* Jessica_1ily yawns13:03
Jessica_1ilyI'm tired13:03
Jessica_1ilyI'm making a package for thc-hydra13:08
niklaswehmm thc-hydra?? whats that?13:21
Jessica_1ilyerrr its like a brute force type tool thingy13:21
niklasweoh okey.13:22
Jessica_1ilyokay thats three things packaged :P13:28
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Jessica_1ilyforgot what things i packaged now :P13:28
Jessica_1ilyi think Subtle, hydra and isight thingy13:28
niklaswehehe :)13:29
Jessica_1ilynow, what else to package :P13:31
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rinesdamn! "That's amore"-earworm :/13:41
Jessica_1ilyTime to package scala.13:45
Jessica_1ily10h remaining ... 4K/s thats stupid =/13:46
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Jessica_Lilylol I'm literally just thinking of random stuff and checking the repo to see if it exists and packaging if it doesn't14:16
Jessica_Lilygnu-smalltalk packaged14:22
Jessica_Lilywho was it who offered hosting?14:25
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Jessica_Lilythis program is all upsettingness :(15:11
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niklaswegood evening17:12
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Romstermorning all :D17:19
Romsterevening niklaswe17:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro -> allegro4 4.4.218:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: new branch 5.0.518:30
Jessica_LilyI might write an RPN calculator18:45
treachxcalc already does it, unless you're looking for an exercise.18:46
Jessica_Lilydoes xcalc have a cli interface? :S18:47
Jessica_Lily(is unsure)18:47
treachnot afair, but if you start it with -rpn it will emulate one of the early hp's, iirc.18:48
Jessica_Lilyi want a cli one18:48
treachgood luck. I prefer the real deal anyway. :>18:49
Jessica_Lilyreal deal = infix?18:49
treachno, my 35s18:50
Jessica_Lilyooo haha :P18:50
Jessica_Lilyas in a real calc18:50
Jessica_Lilymaybe i should do it in scheme or something ... not learn scheme could be an interesting way to do so18:51
treachif the 35 isn't quick enough, droid48 is pretty cool, if a bit fiddly. It beat my 50G handily on a 10x10 matrix. :D18:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atanks: 4.7 -> 5.218:55
Jessica_LilyI think im going to bed now18:55
Romsterbc is CLI18:57
Jessica_Lilynn folks x18:57
Jessica_LilyRomster: i'll check it out in the morn18:57
Romsterg'night Jessica_Lily18:57
*** Jessica_Lily has quit IRC18:58
Romsterdidn't we use dot have one other female cruxer that used to hang out in here?18:58
Romstercan't remember the name18:59
treachor what was her name, I think she was an archer18:59
RomsterChristie or something seems to be stuck in my mind.18:59
treachoriginally at lest. Damn that was *ages* ago.18:59
Romstereons ago19:00
treachyep, makes you feel old. :/19:01
Romsteri don't want to celebrate too soon but i haven't had coffee since yesterday, and i only got a mild headache that didn't last to long. unlike last time it felt like i was hit by a sledgehammer19:02
Romstercoffee was making me feel too drowsy19:03
Romsteri havne't been drinking tea either, i may go make some herbal tea though19:04
Romsterno caffeine in herbal tea19:04
treachI can't say I'm a particulary heavy caffeine addict, I usually manage to moderate those headaches by just making sure I get enough water.19:05
Romsterheaps of water didn't help last time. i did however drink more milo to replace the hot coffee drink that seemed to take the edge off not having a hot drink.19:07
Romstermalted barley, the added sugar perhaps did something since caffeine does release sugar into the blood supply too.19:08
Romstermost alarming part is caffeine reduces oxygen int he blood by upto 30%19:08
treachthat's nice.19:08
Romsterincluding the brain19:08
Romsterthat can not be helping.19:09
treachwell, you know everything should be done in the cloud these days.19:09
Romsteri do have a high lung capacity so that's probably migrated that effect somewhat.19:09
treach30% less oxygen should certainly assist with some "cloudy thinking TM#19:09
Romsterfunny enough i was cloudly thinking.19:10
Romsteri think caffeine is worse than alcohol19:10
treachyou know, there have been people thinking that before. :>19:10
Romsterheh most likely19:11
treachit's been banned in many european countries in the past, and considered a fatal poison by some monarchs.19:12
Romsteri'm going to go enjoy some vitamin D from the sun this afternoon later.19:12
treachRomster: not sure if you're already gone, but here it is. :p
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v33sup everyone19:38
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niklaswetime to sleep20:45
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v33this whole illuminati thing is starting to get annoying23:57

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