IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2012-01-22

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Jessica_Lilywhy have i still not resolved my alsa problem04:46
nogagplzbeen lazy, disinterested, doing other stuff, don't know how04:47
* Jessica_Lily yawns04:50
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Jessica_Lilydamn it alsa-driver is failing05:35
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Romsteralsa is your friend.07:14
RomsterJessica_Lily really need to fix her wifi or what ever it is that keeps dropping out.07:14
Romsteri could help later i've dug into alsa.07:14
* rines woke up! Hello everybody :)07:28
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frinnstanyone having problem with poppler/epdfview displaying distorted colours?08:19
rinesfrinnst, yes08:22
rinesred is blue08:22
rineswas so funny; I got a business plan last week and our (red) logo was blue... And in the meeting I sayed "I like the new blue business design" :D08:24
frinnstanyone know what broke it?08:26
rinesIt's epdfview related08:27
frinnstah, poppler 0.1708:28
rinesyes, you can fix it with the link above08:29
* frinnst slaps tilman 08:31
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niklasweurk... my head :(08:56
frinnstoh, sry jue is the maintainer08:59
* frinnst slaps jue 08:59
rinesfrinnst, haha :)09:00
rinesniklaswe, what you'd done?09:01
frinnstjue: fs #79609:01
niklaswerines: hangover :P09:18
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juefrinnst: we are at poppler 0.18.3?10:14
juefrinnst: ... and I'm not the epdfview maintainer ;)10:20
* frinnst slaps tilman 10:22
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juefrinnst: ever tried mupdf?10:59
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: enable rule generator11:06
frinnstyeah, but its *very* basic11:07
juewhat are you missing?11:07
frinnstepdfview has some nice features.. zoom-stuff, "save a copy" etc11:08
jueok, save/printing etc. is not possible, but zoom/searching/navigation works quite well11:09
frinnstzoom to fit/width ?11:10
jueyeah, it's the w key11:11
jueFWIW, latest version from git is in my repo11:13
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v33hahaha xD17:11
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