IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-01-23

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Romstergood evening00:41
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frinnstsup bitches?01:12
pitillomorronday and a week ahead...01:20
v33nothing much...just ate a delicious cake01:21
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niklasweGood morning =)01:44
juegood morning02:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxklavier: updated to 5.202:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libsdl: updated to 1.2.1502:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libsdl: removed patch no longer used02:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-glib: updated to 1.25002:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-gtk2: updated to 1.24202:04
pitilloteK_: xD02:06
teK_this talk is SO awesome02:06
niklaswe how are you folks?02:07
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pitillocurious reports and a good showman explaining them... all people laughting at that presentation02:08
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frinnstteK_: lol02:46
v33olivia is hot02:46
v33except, when they get that weird angle and it makes her forehead look huge02:46
frinnstfor extra fun: run both virtualbox and kvm at the same time02:54
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sepenteK_: lol, wat!! I like when he uses '-' instead of '+' for non-concantenate strings, lol03:58
Romsterwho the heck is scared of a ostrich there not scary.03:58
Romsterseriously though there is no up or down on a planet just everyone thinks north is up.04:00
frinnstRomster: i bet that picture looked ok to you!04:00
sepennice way to waste your time >
Romstergeez i think i'll post that url in ##electronics04:05
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niklasweis this correct? ?07:34
niklasweforgot it :)07:36
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niklaswejaeger: there? :)08:41
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rineshey everybody!!08:51
rinesniklaswe, how are you today? :D08:52
niklaswerines: hehe its much better today :)  right now im sitting on work and fixing some nagios checks :P08:58
niklaswerines: can you help me with 1 things? :)08:58
rinesniklaswe, if I can, I will ;)08:59
niklaswe=) can you try to "download" my port collection..08:59
niklaswe ..09:00
rinesniklaswe, done09:02
niklaswedid it work?09:02
rines4 packages09:02
rinesopenssh, openvz, vzctl and vzquota09:02
niklaswesweet :) I had problem with it before thats why I wondering.. I didn't change anything and now it works :)09:02
niklasweyupp thats correct :)09:02
niklasweso what are you doing then rines ?09:03
rinesuh, meeting; back in around 30 mins09:03
* rines is away: Only fools leave away messages09:03
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rmullHi #crux09:17
* rines is back (gone 00:34:55)09:38
rineshi rmull09:38
rinesniklaswe, I'm setting up a new blender render server right now09:38
rines(sounds nice - "blender render")09:39
sepenrines: do you know about blender/aqsis?09:47
rinesyes, I saw the renderer some time ago but I really love cycles now :D09:48
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frinnstrines: :)09:49
rinesfrinnst, okay ;)09:50
* rines will test the new settings..09:50
rinessepen, lux is fantastic as well09:51
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sepenrines: I never played with blender but I ported some stuff because my brother had the intention of using it10:03
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rinesah, I've got the current 2.61 in my repo10:03
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sepenhmmm, I had in mind to remove my blender's stuff from contrib, you could send me your patches if you want or I could wait to you to become contrib member10:07
sepencoffee time10:08
rinessepen, there are some new deps like openimageio or python310:17
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sepenrines: hmmm I see , so I think I could remove blender and aqsis for now10:30
sepenrines: blender depends on some ports that are only dependent for it, like contrib/ftgl, contrib/fmod, contrib/ode
sepenrines: I'd like to remove those ports but that could affect to people having ports in private collections which list those deps, like your blender port I supposse10:40
rineshmm.. I think these packages are not used in 2.5/2.6x any longer10:42
rinesmany things have changed; the rebuild the whole UI + py interface10:42
rinesit was a very big jump from 2.49 to 2.510:42
rinesI haven't got any of these packages installed10:43
sepenok, so do you think I could remove them safely?10:47
sepenat least I could remove blender, aqsis and write an email to our ML to announce that I'll remove the rest of ports if nobody require them10:48
rinesI think thats a good idea!10:48
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sepenrines: ok, noted, blablabla > ~/my-todo-file10:48
sepen*err >> ~/my-todo-file10:49
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teK_sepen: what's the quaility of our ARM port?10:56
sepenteK_: about?10:59
sepenteK_: 2.7 (eabi) is just our current stable, and its working really fine on efikamx but udev issues on his last version, but that was fixed with port overlays11:02
sepenteK_: and 2.7 hardfp is still in development status but its working fine on efikamx11:03
sepenteK_: but the best is to try it yourself if you have any ARM device supported by linux kernel, or try it under qemu-arm11:04
sepensorry I should go back to home11:05
sepensee ya'11:05
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pitilloteK_: do you have an ARM device?11:14
teK_maybe I'm going to do my bachelor thesis with it (implementing some wireless box with autonomous + secure operation in mind)11:16
teK_and as I love crux.. :>11:16
pitillosounds really interesting11:16
pitilloas sepen said, the hard point is always kernel support for socs and in some cases, bootloaders too (there isn't anything strange reported yet) but we'll see with rasperry11:18
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* niklaswe make dinner11:22
niklasweI hope that i dont get any errors now...11:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libnl: initial release of version 1.x11:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] wpa_supplicant: added support for nl80211 configuration interface, new dependency libnl11:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tmux: update to 1.611:51
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Rotwangit would be grand if someone informed me of adopting libnl to opt12:00
jueRotwang: I've put version 1 of libnl into opt ;)12:04
jueif you want/need a newer version of it, I'd suggest to use v3 and rename the port to libnl312:06
juev1 and v3 can be installed togther without file conflicts12:07
Rotwangjue: yep, that is what I'll do probably12:08
jueok, thanks12:10
niklaswejue: are you still here?12:50
niklaswehow has ppl done with IndexIgnore for .git ?13:16
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v33hi all14:44
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joe9anyone working on integrating git repo's into ports/19:58
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nomiusAnyone saw sepen?21:08
nomiusI'm looking for Jose V Beneyto or Tadeusz Sosnierz21:09
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