IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-01-25

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Romsterevening :D01:19
Romstermorning pitillo01:19
pitilloyo Romster :)01:23
Romsteroff work for the day while you lot will be starting or have started work.01:38
pitillothis happens when we are in opposite sides of world :)01:39
pitilloone starting his rest, and the other one starting the job day....01:40
Romsterbit of a shame as chatting time isn't that long.01:41
pitillotwo tasks todo unrelated to my work... and both quite hard... I think I won't finish anyone01:41
Romstereven if you concentrate on one of the two tasks?01:42
pitilloboth are hard and I'm a bit lost... I need to talk with sepen to check one of them, the other one... is getting me a bit crazy01:42
pitillokernel patch to add support for a unsupported function in current one and let udev175 run with that version01:43
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pitilloand the harder one, build sdlmame... where I'm quite lost01:43
Romsterhmm sdlmame nogagplz may be able to help with that one.01:46
nogagplzsdlmame and plain mame are together now in the same lump01:47
pitilloummm I would like to get help really... but I don't know if he could help in this case... I'm getting a cc1 killed error with 2.5GB swap in the toy01:47
pitilloyesterday I deeped a bit into sources and saw that I can add NOASM OPTIMIZATION and DEBUG... which may be can help in this case01:48
Romsteri686 or x86_64?01:50
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pitilloarm Romster, I think both archs (x86 and 64b) has their asm implementation01:50
Romsteroh arm different kettle again.01:50
Romsternoasm might be enough to get it to compile maybe.01:51
pitilloyes, it helps in one sense, but the cc1 killed made reference to a memory problem. I made a bigger swap and same errors (they recomend 2GB in a native build) A fast way to get it build should be use cross instead of native... but it isn't the nice way atm01:53
pitillolet's see if I can get more info with the debug option... some hours ahead01:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ipset: 6.10 -> 6.1102:09
Romsterdoens't ccache work in arm?that would save some time on constant recompiles.02:10
pitilloyes it does, but atm I haven't it enabled (neither distcc which save quite more time distributing builds in 2 equal devices)02:12
Romsteryeah but i've been questioning distcc for quite some time too it seems to sometimes introduce bugs.02:17
Romsteroh that's smart...02:18
pitilloI haven't enought experience with both. If I notice any "strange" problems at build time using distcc, I give another try without it (but I think I got this scenario only once and I don't remember which port was the problem)02:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jack: 1.9.7 -> 1.9.802:21
Romsteri haven't ever had a failure with ccache.02:21
Romsterbut distcc can be problematic though it may have been because some nodes had different versions of some libs.02:22
pitilloyes, that's right, but here when I tested it both nodes were synced at that level. Atm for sdlmame, ccache has no sense, it won't be usefull if I'm right02:26
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Romsteronly on more than 1 compile. it's still useful between version bumps as often not all source files change.02:46
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pitillowell, kernel patched and this smells better. Debian guys did the work and seems right :)03:17
pitilloI'll check ccache when this build finishes03:17
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niklaswehello guys :)04:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: schroedinger: initial import05:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libquicktime: new dep schroedinger and cleaned up dependencies05:23
Romsterhi niklaswe05:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdivx: contrib -> romster05:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdivx-legacy: contrib -> romster05:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: avifile: contrib -> romster05:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-bad: clean up dependencies and also add libvdpau06:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdv: make gtk1 optional for playdv06:25
Romsterso tired think that'll do before i start to make mistakes from being tired.06:38
Romsterquiet night in here.06:38
Romsteror day to the majority of others in here.06:39
Romsteraustralia day tomorrow, it'll be a OMGWTFBBQ time.06:39
Romsterpublic holiday.06:39
thrice`lol@austrailia day07:02
thrice`'shrimp on the barbie' or something07:02
Romsterabout sums it up07:06
Romsteri prefer snags meatballs and streak07:06
aon2nd round of presidential elections here07:08
aontime to go shop for groceries and vote i guess07:08
Romstercompulsory to vote?07:12
Romsterhere it is.07:13
Romstersleep time g'night07:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgphoto2: update to 2.4.1209:45
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] curl: update to 7.24.009:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 18.0.1017.310:33
niklaswegood evening11:08
rinesniklaswe, hey!11:10
rineser.. sorry! "hej"11:10
niklaswehow are you rines ?11:11
rinesthanks, I'm fine!11:12
rineshave to do a lot of work this week :/11:12
niklaswehehe okey :) still at work or.?11:12
rinesyes :D11:12
niklaswehehe :) what are you working with?11:13
rineshave to create some graphics and 3d animations for our inhouse project presentation11:15
niklasweoh :)11:16
niklasweIm really sucks on graphics..11:16
niklaswerines: do you have Logitec USB Headset? :11:21
rineswhy do you ask?11:21
niklaswewondering which driver it will use :P11:21
niklasweLogitech Clear Chat Comfort USB headset :)11:22
niklasweto be more specific ^^11:22
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niklaswehmm how should i to to tell my ports build.. to use LDFLAGS=/usr/lib64/ ? I trying to install wine.12:23
deus_exniklaswe: 32bit wine on 64bit system?12:29
niklasweyeah 32bit12:30
niklaswei have 64-bit here..12:30
niklaswedeus_ex: I have already build my wine-64bit ports.. but spotify doesnt have any 64-bit version :(12:31
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pedjaOh, you have Wine64, and you want WineOn64Bit.That should be fun (on a pure 64bit system) :).12:40
niklaswepedja: the problem I have is I couldnt complie the wine package from ports beacause I using 64bit.. then i build my own packages wine64.. but the program i will not work :P12:41
pedjaCheck, taht should give you some idea on amount of work required.12:42
niklasweyeah I will fix it someday.. :P12:44
pedjaSome native-ish Spotify clients for Linux12:45
jaegerThe architecture of the windows executables is important, too... if you want to run 64-bit executables on 64-bit wine on 64-bit linux that should be fine12:45
niklaswejaeger: the problem is that spotify doesnt work with wine 64bit :)12:46
jaegerthen you need 32-bit wine12:47
niklaswepedja: yeah I have forgot depsotify ^^12:47
niklaswejaeger: yupp12:47
niklaswebut I got some problem to complie it.. I and dont have any pleasure to fix the problem now :P12:47
niklasweI will go and see boardwalk empire instead :P lol12:48
frinnstniklaswe: yes it does12:52
* frinnst runs spotify in 64bit crux12:52
jaegerI thought spotify was a web app, myself, heh12:52
jaegerI don't use it, obviously12:52
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thrice`I think I went to sign up, and it asked for my facebook login or something?  made me sad13:32
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niklaswehmm can I give any flag in pkgfile so the downloaded file will get an new name.?15:27
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teK_jue had a port where he did that, IIRC15:45
niklasweoh :)15:46
niklaswewhen the file is downloaded i got the name ?view-.tar :P15:46
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Romsterniklaswe, jaegers multilib works fine with wine.16:17
Romsteri'm also on it and nogagplz too.16:17
Romsterniklaswe, i've been contempating on a patch to do specify what output file name to use or use the one in the metatag header.16:20
Romstercurrently just rename it manually in the build() and extract it.16:20
frinnstthrice`: you dont need facebook16:24
frinnstyou can integrate them though, and share playlists etc16:24
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thrice`frinnst, one can sign up without it?  didn't seem like it here :(17:42
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Romstersomething must be wrong with my new kernel config on kernel 3.3.0-rc1 i can't get dsl to connect Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery19:35
Romsterbut it works fine on 3.1.519:35
Romsteri did make oldconfig19:35
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Romsternope no matter what i do it wont connect :/20:03
RomsterhorrorSt1uck, any ideas kernel 3.3-rc1 Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery20:03
Romsterback to 3.1.5 and all is good.20:03
RomsterTimeout waiting for PADO packets20:04
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Romsterwith freakazoid :P22:34
v33i actually remember that cartoon... xD22:36
Romsterit's awesome22:36
v33pinky and the brain!22:37
Romsteri totally forgot about it until nogagplz reminded me of that one.22:37
v33man, it was always about the dragon ball z22:38
Romsteri got that series on dvd -_-22:40
Romsterwhat over 9000 memie was born from vegita22:41
v33oh man, then you'll love22:42
v33watch the episodes... xD22:42
Romstermakes me want to watch the series again...22:45
v33the voice overs are pretty awesome22:45
Romstershould of herd the was it jap version of goku powering up with there ball less male voices it was just horrid...22:46
v33oh yea22:47
v33they sound like women22:47
Romsteryeah really22:48
Romsterthe australian actors did a damn good job of the voice over.22:48
v33i think almost everyone did22:50
v33except, the newer anime stuff, the japanese pull of pretty well22:50
Romsteryeah true22:51
v33remember sailor moon?22:52
Romstergot boring after a few episodes though22:53
v33when i was a child, one of the girls in my building dressed up as one of the w/e they were, hit me with a wand22:53
v33scarred for life22:53
Romsterguess you were too young to see the other side of women then.22:54
v33i dont think, regardless of how old or wise one get, that the idea of "understanding women" will ever be close in our grasp22:56
v33i want those damn rasperry pi's23:03
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Romsterhehe you have a point there v3323:32

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