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Romsterthat's got to hurt00:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 11.60 -> 11.6102:22
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frinnstv33 haha04:03
v33i dont know why, i pictured her doing the same thing in a house fire04:05
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niklaswegaah Im tired04:24
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RomsterUnable to complete PPPoE Discovery06:30
Romsterwhat the heck i cant' even jump from kernel 3.1.5 to 3.2.206:31
frinnstoh, they released .2?06:32
Romsterbut i can't get 3.2.2. or 3.3-rc1 to connect on my DSL06:32
frinnstppp :(06:35
frinnstaustralia day today?06:49
Romsteryeah 6 minutes left of it in my time zone06:54
frinnstday off i guess?06:55
Romsteris that a keyboard key on the house roof?06:59
Romsteroh dear/07:01
Romstergeez so much crap on the net to wade though07:08
enteand all of it during work :P07:10
Romsteri'm not at work until ~9 hours from now07:16
frinnstmaybe get some sleep? :)07:19
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frinnst"systemd needs a large blunt object be stuck into its eye."09:53
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rmullHi all.13:44
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tnutbon c'est bien x15:06
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jaegerooh, think I found the problem with my ubuntu servers setting their clocks wrong at boot16:01
jaegerntpdate's ifup script doesn't know how to handle openntpd being installed instead of ntp16:01
enteoh my god16:17
entemy head is full of fuck16:17
frinnsthehe yeah16:17
frinnstwas shot down though16:17
frinnstpretty quick16:17
frinnststill.. shows the silly ideas they are throwing around16:18
ente.d is stupid anyway16:37
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ente <- nice, linus is against systemd becoming an operating system16:42
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thrice`I think fedora successfully did the /usr thing today, which is rather interesting17:12
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ente <- related18:13
ente <- also related :P18:13
entethrice`: "the /usr thing"?18:13
thrice`yeah, they killed /bin, /sbin, /lib*, etc18:21
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entenow everything is in /usr?18:50
entehow does that help?18:51
entewhy not move /usr to /?18:51
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thrice`ente, I guess so /usr could be r/o, or upgraded via. a snapshot or something19:25
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