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Romstermorning pitillo vaddi Jessica_Lily v3301:14
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* Jessica_Lily yawns01:15
Jessica_Lilyi wanna go back to bed01:15
Romstershower will wake you up01:15
Romsterdidn't get much sleep Jessica_Lily ?01:19
Jessica_Lilyerr I got about 5 hours01:20
frinnst6hrs here.. sucks01:20
frinnststarting to become an old fart too, not built for this anymore01:21
Romsterhave to be older than me frinnst ? i'm 34 and i sleep and work at all different hours. but day work last 3 years has limited me somewhat.01:21
Romsterbut you do see me on late at night still01:22
frinnstyeah but you're an aussie01:22
Romsteras stupid as i am instead of sleeping.01:22
frinnstin 3101:22
Romsterso what difference does that make01:22
frinnstyou guys are made of grit!01:22
Romsterif i can do it cant you <<01:22
Romster6-7 hours every night01:23
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Romstersometimes i only get 4 hours01:23
Romsteri do feel it the next night though01:23
Romsterjust need to train yourself to handle it by toughening up.01:24
Jessica_LilyAwhh mann >.< fecking phone won't open the authenticator01:24
Romsterwhich authenticator? some bank account one?01:25
Jessica_Lilygoogle account one01:26
Jessica_Lilyi still got in to my accounts but i had to get some texts and put some other stuff in and stuff xD01:28
Romsterand more stuff :D01:44
Romsteri gto food colouring dye for a ink jet printer all over my hands, my hands look like rainbows :D01:44
RomsterCISS priming is a messy task01:44
Romsteri'm getting tired now but i've had a long day.02:04
Jessica_Lilyi don't wanna go to uni02:09
aoni just left school early02:26
aondidn't feel like hearing the math teachers voice :)02:27
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v33sup guys02:27
Romsterthe sun well not for much longer02:32
v33theres no sun out here...02:32
v33though today was wonderful. a nice 76 degrees :D02:33
RomsterJessica_Lily, ah uni eh boring is it?02:33
Romster76F in my room currently and it's comfortable.02:33
v33so whats going on, romster?02:35
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v33over 9000?02:40
Romsterwith a hot milo. managed to break my coffee addiction and i feel better.02:41
v33more power to ya!02:41
v33i broke my soda addiction...and then, slowly found myself drinking soda again lol02:41
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Romsterbeen drinking coffee for years last attempt failed after 3 weeks this time i do it in a week and a half. i don't know how i managed to but it's great to wake up not feeling like someone has smacked you in the head.02:42
Romsterwell soda isn't so bad. though the sugar of it all.02:42
Romsterjsut keep away from them energy drinks there bad news.02:43
Romsteri don't touch those the other IT tech at work is a red bull energy drink dinker every day02:43
v33well, everything in moderation should be fine. i mean, once every few months ill pop a red bull for the hell of it...but as a constant drinker, hell no!02:44
Romster frinnst more on that bug02:46
Romsterwith a video example but boy that fan is noisy.02:46
Romsteryeah maybe once every few months but then i'd prefer beer, vodka or some nice scotch.02:47
v33i use to love the thing, but since i stopped drinking (after i turned 21...believe it or not), i cant handle it anymore lol02:49
aonit is quite characterless02:50
v33not drinking anymore?02:50
aonnot much, no02:52
aondidn't really like vodka even when i did, tho :)02:53
v33well...i like straight shots because it gets to the point. and after 2-3 shots, there really is no point. thats when my buzz hits02:54
frinnststop talking about alcohol. im getting thirsty :)02:54
Romsteroh vodka is nicer when you mix it with like citrus juice.02:55
v33coconut rum with oj02:56
Romsterwhat sort of rum?02:56
Romster :P02:57
v33though your method might taste better02:57
Romsterah that malibu02:59
v33ther ewas this one drink that mixed vanilla with either whiskey or cognac...that was delicious03:01
Romsterlove anything with vanilla in it.03:03
Romsterbut don't add vanilla to soda it's a instant fizz killer.03:03
v33it tastes kinda weird03:04
Romsteri'm tempted to try that coconut instructable.03:06
Romsterbookmarked it for another day.03:07
v33let me know how it goes03:07
Romsterwill do if i make it one day.03:10
Romster funky03:10
v33thats pretty damn cool03:11
Romsteryeah makes me wanna get some UV lights.03:16
Romsterugh so tired trying to work on linuxy stuff but it's effort.03:16
Romsternoticed i get tired far sooner now without coffee.03:16
Romsterprobably take quite a few weeks/months before my body readjusts.03:17
v33it takes a while....lol03:20
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entethrice`: that actually makes sense03:32
entethrice`: except if they also store the package database in /var03:32
entethrice`: then it breaks everything horribly03:32
aonyeah, rum is good :)03:33
RomsterSkittles Vodka heh03:33
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Jessica_Lilyim back06:23
Jessica_LilyRomster: nah its not that06:23
Jessica_Lilyjust i don't like labs much06:23
Jessica_Lilymuch prefer theory06:27
Romsterweird i much prefer practical i didn't like alot of theory06:28
Romstermuch more hands on type.06:28
nogagplzremember the last time you were being hands on06:29
nogagplzand you got 5 years with no parole06:29
Romsternot funny and i have absolutely nothing on my record06:30
Romsterit's so clean you can eat off of it.06:30
Romstermy record that is so that someone here can't use it out of context.06:31
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joe9romster, would you mind doing something about this, please? it holds up the ports --update process for some time:
frinnstwhat can he do? invest in more carrier pidgeons?07:29
frinnstthrow another shrimp on the barby?07:30
joe9i think it does not exist. maybe remove the package from his repo? or, just add a dummy file07:30
frinnstsince its http it should return a 404 if that were the case?07:36
frinnstno, they seem to exist07:37
frinnst2012-01-27 14:39:13 (13.7 KB/s) - "patch-2.6.33-pf4" saved [1650734/1650734]07:39
Romsterjoe9, removed it it's pretty old and i'm not using that version anymore.07:45
joe9Romster: any suggestions on how I can get rid of the message?07:46
Romsteryeah ports -u again07:46
Romsteri've removed the files already07:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freetype: updated to
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niklaswe haha :)11:29
Romsterconcerned that's fibreglass insulation <<11:45
nogagplzwhat happened to you're going to bed soon, 3 hours ago ._.11:48
Romsteri went to bed slept woke up can't sleep anymore so i'm here again.11:49
nogagplzgood, lets ssnes11:49
Romsterhad to dim my monitor too it was burning my retinas.11:49
nogagplzhow does killer instinct sound11:50
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Romsterlove that game, but i feel to crap to game right now.11:50
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nogagplzpfft, always dodging a good beating11:53
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joe9Romster:  thanks. was away, hence the late reply.15:16
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niklaswehow can i "turn down" the fan speed?16:41
jaegerFor what, the fans in your case?16:42
niklaswefor my cpu.. so idont going on max all the time16:43
niklasweyeah, but from linux then :P16:44
jaegerYou probably can't control that from the OS unless there's some special software for it that works with your motherboard16:44
jaegerthough you can slow down the CPU16:45
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Romsteri let my bios control the temp of my cpu fan plus i got a 120mm fan so it's pretty quiet to begin with.17:37
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Romsterryuo was in here since when..17:41
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nogagplzno jokes about anything escaping from anybodies pants19:12
v33line of cocain19:19
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frinnstRomster: your back yard? :D19:36
Romstercould be but it isn't mine19:36
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joe9that sean connery letter is awesome.21:16
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v33sup fellas23:41
Romsternot alot relaxing again after setting up the DJ rig and23:42
Romstermade a bit of noise.23:42
v33not too shabby23:42
v33i should be a dj23:47
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* nogagplz gouges v33's vinyl23:49
v33nogagplz I WILL DESTROY YOU if you touch my vinyl xD23:51

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