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vaddimoin pitillo01:33
pitilloyo vaddi01:43
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v33sup guys03:12
frinnstsup bitches03:16
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Jessica_Lilyso how are we all :P07:16
Jessica_Lilyi haven't spoken in here in ages07:17
frinnsti know, its been so peaceful :)07:19
Jessica_Lilyhaha :P07:20
Jessica_Lilythat is mean :P07:20
* Jessica_Lily yawns07:21
Jessica_Lilyi have yet to upload my packages07:22
Romsterreally i never noticed i've been pre-occupied07:22
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Lilystupid interwebs07:24
Romster<Jessica_Lily> xD07:25
Romster<Romster> really i never noticed i've been pre-occupied07:25
RomsterLily, your connection has always been flakey07:25
Lilysince i joined this community not since like … ever07:25
Lilyi use to have a dead stable static ip 100megabit cable connection07:26
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Romsteri'm on dsl and it's mostly stable.07:31
Romstercan't see why yours is any different.07:31
Jessica_Lilyim in the uk07:43
Jessica_Lilywhere internet sucks07:43
Jessica_Lilytrains also suck07:43
Jessica_Lilyjust incase anyone cares07:43
Jessica_Lilyover croweded and expensive07:43
enteso... you need hosting?07:54
enteor a shell account?07:54
enteJessica_Lily: ^07:54
Jessica_Lilyerrm sure07:55
entewell, in that case07:55
aonheh, i'm supposed to take a train in the uk in a few weeks07:56
aonfrom london to edinburgh :p07:56
Romstera DNC wouldn't hurt Jessica_Lily either07:56
Romsteroh gawd i meant to type ZNC07:57
Jessica_Lilyaon: that'll be fun :P07:57
enteRomster: or just run irssi in screen07:57
enteon a shell account07:57
entebouncers suck07:57
aonheh, well i once went from glasgow to edi and back and that wasn't too bad07:57
frinnstirssi ftw07:57
entethere is no bouncer protocol and using irc as the bouncer protocol is error prone07:58
enteespecially wrt backlog07:58
entes/no/no standardised/07:58
aongranted, it's a lot shorter journey07:58
frinnsti was offered this a while back: 16:51 <utauu> psyBNC for Windows!!!
frinnstlooks legit, no?07:58
Romsterbet it's subseven :P07:59
aonanyway, time to go visit the dpd depot07:59
aontotally ruined my day to have a package delivered by them07:59
Romsterwas very popular with psybnc07:59
Jessica_Lilyom nom nom i want more cheese on toast08:00
entespam, eggs, bacon and spam08:01
entespam, spam, spam, baked beans, sausages, spam spam and spam08:01
aoni just watched that episode a while ago :)08:01
entespam, cheese on toast, spam08:01
enteI liked the very end08:02
entewhere the names scroll by08:02
enteI think they substituted parts of them by "spam"08:02
Jessica_Lilygreen eggs and ham!08:02
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aonente: yeah08:04
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rmullMan, python always fails the footprint check with a file09:00
thrice`on 64-bit?09:01
thrice`and a missing tk file, right?09:02
rmullI have package tk installed09:03
frinnstaye, tk is a bit troublesome09:20
frinnstrmull: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" <- is pretty useful09:21
rmullYeah, I've already just ignored it, but I remember having to do that last time I updated it as well09:28
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juermull: adding tk as an dep to python isn't a real option, so we have to live with the footprint error ;)09:31
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rmulljue: Hm, okay.09:32
rmullBut if I have tk installed, wouldn't my footprint be satisfied anyway?09:33
frinnstouch, long url09:34
frinnstanyways, python in x86_64 shipped with added to the footprint for a long time due to me sucking :)09:35
frinnstrecently fixed it thanks to jue09:35
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] sudo: update to 1.8.3p209:44
rmullfrinnst: Okay, thanks for the info09:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] samba: update to 3.6.309:45
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frinnstCANNOT BE UNSEEN12:58
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frinnstthrice`: depends on your job :D13:20
frinnstprobably not, though13:20
frinnstppl will think you're wierd13:20
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Mihaylovis RTL8187L supported on crux?13:25
niklasweMihaylov:look in the kernel..13:38
MihaylovNever heard of Crux before13:46
MihaylovLooks awesome13:46
niklasweit´s awesome :)13:49
MihaylovYes, im going to replace my tiny core13:55
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v33chromium update.... *shivers*16:29
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horrorStruckany idea on a software to handle "timeline type" production schedules? like one line per machine and a serie of jobs on this line. a delayed job would delay the whole production for this line. gantt is not an option, it would work for one job, not the whole schedule. help me to save the world, #crux. TIA23:19
horrorStruckthis for example -> but OSS23:24
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