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Romsterv33, if you haven't already
v33Romster: what exactly is this?01:46
v33the new chromium?01:46
Romsteryes the new chromium in opt.01:47
Romsterpkgadd -u filename01:47
v33i already did the system update....would this be necessary?02:06
Romsternot if you already built this version of chromium02:07
Romstersaw you complain about chromium update so i made a biarny for i686 i haven't done the x86_64 one yet.02:08
v33im at 18.0.1017.302:08
v33oh i was updating chromium, thats wh i was bitching. xD02:08
v33on this old machine, it takes a while02:08
Romsterthat's why i'm offering the built package <<02:09
Romstertakes like an hour or less for me to build.02:09
v33i already built it though but thank you very, very much :D02:09
v33the first time i built it, it took well over 4 hours.02:10
Romsteri'll be automating it so look there next time you need a update.02:10
Romsterthough it'll lag behind opt a day or so.02:10
v33bookmarked. thanks!02:11
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v33so, how are you doing today, Romster?02:11
Romsterbetter than yesterday02:11
v33well thats good :)02:12
Romsterwas so tired from the heat i didn't sleep well then i slept as soon as i got home last night, then woke up at 11pm cooked dinner back to bed at 2am felt better. but i'm a bit tired now even.02:12
Romstercan safely say i've broken my caffeine addiction and i don't get any headaches anymore. \o/02:13
Romsterfrom lack of caffeine.02:13
v33its usually a 2 week hump....02:15
v33i quit soda and nail biting pretty much together02:15
v33cold turkey....02:15
Romsterfirst time i did cold turky i only lasted 3 weeks of pure headaches from hell.02:17
Romstersoda why quit that?02:17
v33it has a ton of caffeine, and i pretty much became addicted to it...i was drinking oh, a good 2 liters a day02:18
v33and no, im not a fat american. xD02:18
Romsterjust go with soda that has no caffeine in it02:18
v33i did one better02:19
v33i went for a healthy soda lol02:19
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Romsterheck soda water with juice mixed it or something.02:19
v33there is this one drink02:20
v33let me search for it02:20
Romsteri can now get up of a morning and not feel like i got a 1 ton weight on my head.02:20
v33they say an apple helps...not sure how much validity it has to that02:21
Romsternever tried that.02:22
v33i cant find a link to the drink, but, its a tarragon soda imported from armenia02:22
v33freaking delicious02:22
Romsteri prefer bananas as they area good energy boost.02:22
Romsterare not area..02:22
Romsterstupid brain is still messed up though.02:22
v33its called gazoz, if you ever come by it, give it a try02:23
v33oh, and this!02:23
RomsterMountain Dew has caffeine, most stay clear of that one.02:27
juegood morning02:27
Romstereven 7-up02:27
Romstermorning jue02:28
v33a lot of things have caffeine, but, a little bit cant be too bad02:29
Romsternot the quantities i was consuming.02:30
v33how much did you use to drink?02:31
Romsterwell at first about 16 cups a day.02:32
Romsterthen i cut back to under 10 for a long time.02:32
v33holy jesus!02:32
Romsterthen i've been gradually cutting back over many years.02:33
v33thats good...02:33
Romsterwent downt o 2 cups a day then i did 1 then now i'm not dependent on it.02:33
v33well, its all will power02:33
Romsteri may have a cup there and there of coffee or coke or as i did now a little bit of chocolate but i'm not addicted to it anymore.02:34
Romsterwell major headaches of cold turkey sucks. i was literally in a dark quiet room sleeping most of the time. for 3 weeks even the bright computer screen was too much for me.02:34
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v33well, my new bad habbit im trying to break is..i hate reading.02:35
Romsterno concentration at all either, after 3 weeks i caved in and went back on coffee.02:35
Romsteri love to read02:35
Romsterjust find something interesting.02:35
v33im trying to read the shack02:35
Romsteri'm into sci-fi/fantasy02:36
v33any books you recommend?02:36
Romsternot off the top of my head02:37
v33its hard to find a comfortable position to read...its pretty weird02:38
Romsteri do have a really good one by david jennings i think it was i'll have to dig it up it's a trilogy and the books take quite some time to read. but i couldn't stop reading it.02:38
Romsteri find laying in bed pillows under back sitting up is the best cosey spot to be reading.02:39
v33i tried that, doesn't work for me...02:40
v33hey romster, whats "boost" on that website you gave me?02:41
Romsterthe same one in contrib/boost02:41
v33oh i see02:43
Romsteri just pushed firefox on that directory too though i am not automating this process yet.02:44
v33man, i need a new clutch02:49
frinnstdear god, windows update never stops02:50
v33service packs?02:50
joacimmine likes to hang on 0%02:50
frinnstfresh win7 install -> download ~100 updates -> reboot -> download ~10 updates -> reboot -> download sp1 -> reboot -> download 16 updates -> reboot -> ??????02:51
v33probably have like 25 more to go02:51
v33put the service packs in there, and save yourself the headache02:52
frinnstim gonna save this install for further deployments02:52
v33you can always image it and build on from that...02:53
v33it all depends on how lazy you are lol02:53
frinnstits all virtual02:53
v33virtual box and vmware both have the imaging thing, no?02:54
frinnstyeah.. but i've been moving around a lot02:55
frinnstkvm was nice, but windows guests crashed vmware infra client02:56
frinnstvmware player just gave me a white window when i brought up a vmware console02:56
frinnstcompletely fucked02:56
v33out of curiosity, what are you going to do with windows?02:58
frinnsttesting and stuff02:58
frinnstneed it for work02:58
v33well, if you get really desperate, you can make a bootable windows xp  on a usb03:00
frinnstwhat would that solve?03:00
v33you'd have a working windows if you continue to have vmware issues03:02
v33i want that clock03:05
v33well goodnight everyone03:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] libxml2: apply several security fixes05:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxml2-python: apply several security fixes, remove useless .la and .a files05:35
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.5.105:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 10.010:35
frinnstenjoy the rebuild10:35
thrice`finally, firefox 10.  i've been waiting10:54
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rmullI've been happy with xxxterm11:03
jaegeryay, I'm compiling the firefox update on 3 machines as well as installing a bunch of freebsd ports for samba/zfs/ad integration11:13
jaegerso much scrolling11:13
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deus_exffs, how much ram does FF need to build?3Gb tmpfs and still 'no space left on device'.grrr12:39
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ente_you need the new firefoxmemoryd to measure it12:54
ente_you can control it via dbus12:54
ente_scnr :P12:54
ente_actually, there is colord which is controlled via dbus12:55
ente_and installed on dbusian12:55
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pedjaheh. Let's see if it builds with 3.3Gb.This is 'fun'...13:31
rauzhi how is the chance to convice skype on crux x86_64 to run13:33
pedjaI have a Windows VM just for it.I rarely use it, though (Skype, I mean).13:35
pedjaIs there a native 64bit skype client now?13:35
pedjawith MS buying it and all that.13:36
rauzi use it to skype with my girlfriend and some other friends and on my latop cruxi686 it runs nice13:36
rauzpedja: nope there is no 64bit version from skype13:36
pedjaon my netbbok running Mint10 it crashes sometimes, but it generally works :)13:37
pedjarauz: then you'll need something like wineon64.13:38
rauzi think skype in wine is not the best idea :D13:38
pedjaI prefer VM, it is cleaner.13:38
pedjabut running VM just for it is overkill :)13:39
pedjapersuade them to move to Ekiga, perhaps :) ?13:42
rauzbut the rest runs very nice under crux x86_6413:42
pedjaI haven't had problems yet :)13:43
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rauzi can't convice them to use other videochat software the wont skype13:44
ente_yeah, that's unfortunate13:52
ente_how about installing i686-crux?13:52
ente_do they even have more than 4G of RAM?13:52
ente_or wait, you're the one on crux13:52
ente_nvm then13:52
rauzente_: yes i have 16gb ram, nvm ?13:53
rmullCould try multilib ;)13:54
ente_or if multilib doesn't work for you, installing 32-bit crux in a chroot13:54
ente_or 32-bit debian13:54
ente_or whatever13:54
rauzmh.. i think i give multilib a shot13:55
ente_have fun13:55
ente_actually, chrooting is not even required13:56
ente_maybe - in theory - you could just set LD_LIBRARY_PATH13:56
ente_(i.e. if multilib is undesired or doesn't work)13:56
ente_I'm procrastinating13:56
jaegerAnyone using a linux or bsd machine with active directory authentication (using samba+winbind, NOT centrify/likewise)14:02
rauzwe have solaris 10 fileservers windows domain joined14:04
ente_we have ubuntu with ldap auth at uni14:04
ente_not quite the same :P14:04
jaegerI'm trying to get my FreeBSD 8.2-stable ZFS testbed to share SMB/CIFS while honoring windows permissions and ACLs14:07
jaegernot working so far, chown and chgrp and setfacl and getfacl don't like my users/groups14:07
jaegereven though wbinfo reports them properly and smb.conf accepts them14:07
j^2jaeger: gross14:21
j^2at that rate i'd probably sync up AD at that rate...or something to that effect14:22
jaegerwhat do you mean by sync up AD?14:22
j^2i need to learn to read before typing :P14:22
j^2<-- nevermind completely out of the loop14:22
jaegerheh, ok14:23
Romsterjaeger, could you apply them patches to libxml2 to libxml2-3214:54
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Romsterman firefox in 64bit failed as i had like 300MB used out of a 4GB tmpfs.after removing other stuff firefox built fine on 64bit in 4GB tmpfs. what a hog.19:54
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