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pitillomorning :)01:13
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frinnstjaeger: pics or gtfo! :)01:43
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niklaswegood morning guys03:29
frinnstfucking snow06:04
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frinnst awesome weather09:22
horrorSt1uck30+C all year long is sometimes boring, i miss seasons, cold weather and snow (sometimes)09:32
frinnstscrew you :)09:33
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v33hi all13:39
rmullhi v3313:53
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v33how are ya?14:13
rmullOkay, and you?14:13
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v33im doing well...14:27
rmullwhat's on the menu for tonight14:27
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v33watching a movie, eating tons of food...the usual14:42
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rmullmmm food14:57
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v33food is delicious15:06
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v33hm...what linux battery management/ cpu managment do you guys use to save some battery life?19:05
Romsteri run desktops so nothing more than turn off monitor after x amount of idle time19:37
v33well, once the school starts, im ordering another laptop, and this one will have crux on it19:38
v33but i've been reading how battery life isn't too great on liux O.o19:38
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jaegerA friend just linked me these, says he saw them at the local web devs meetings:
jaegerI've never heard of them until now but they look decent and linux-focused22:28
v33they look cool, but, the video cards :/22:52
v33gotta hop around to the 1400 price range to get a dedicated video card22:53
jaegerthe intel hd3000 is great if you're not gaming22:55
jaegerand even some games it runs22:55
jaegerbut if you want a gaming laptop that doesn't suck you have to spend some money22:55
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v33been looking at those sager laptops, and for oh, 900, you can get a decent rig :)23:06

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