IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2012-02-03

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Romsterwell evening and pizza in australia01:03
niklasweRomster: =)01:06
* niklaswe sitting on train to work..01:06
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niklaswebut the internet onboard is really bad :(01:06
niklasweI have latency off hell..01:07
Romsteryeah and probably cold too?01:23
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* horrorStruck puts aircon at 24C01:52
frinnstsnowing like hell01:56
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Romsterfrinnst, cool, quite literally.02:03
niklasweRomster: yupp - 14 Celsius02:03
Romster-14C brr that's nearly as cold as a freezer.02:03
niklasweRomster: we had cold record with -42 Celsius in the north.02:04
Romsteryou so don't need a freezer there.02:05
aononly -23 here :)02:13
Romstergeez it's a lovely 20 something here.02:17
Romsterand no not minus either.02:17
niklaswesounds nice :)02:19
* horrorStruck grabs the remote [bip] 23.5C02:25
frinnstRomster: serious, stfu!02:44
frinnstgot stuck with the car02:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] mathopd: update to 1.5p705:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] php: update to 5.3.1005:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fcgi: update to 5.3.1005:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-mysql: update to 5.3.1005:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_php: update to 5.3.1005:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] unbound: update to 1.4.1605:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.5.305:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: hdparm: update to 9.3905:03
Romsterunbound is getting a ton of version bumps.05:08
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joe9are there any notes to upgrade from lilo to grub (when raid-1 is being used) for crux?09:38
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jaegerI don't know of any that are crux-specific but there are plenty of sites out there on which people have already documented such10:06
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v33morning everyone13:02
v33or after or night, depending on where you are13:03
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rinesv33, <313:13
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v33haha hi rines <313:17
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jkramerHas anyone tried to get cyrillic fonts working in X?15:15
jkramerIt works fine in urxvt (with terminus font), but in $BROWSER I just get squares instead of cyrillic letters15:16
jkramerI already did "prt-cache search xorg-font | sudo xargs prt-cache depinst", and there were a couple of fonts with "cyrillic" in the name, but it didn't help15:17
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v33is 16 gb of memory really necessary ?16:25
jaegerdepends on what you do16:27
jkramerWhy bother, RAM is so cheap these days16:28
jaegerI can use 16 without too much trouble if I'm running several VMs but for most usage, no need for that much16:28
jaegereven firefox can't piss away 16GB without leaving it open for a week :D16:29
v33i mean, as a casual user...i wouldn't think it would be necessary16:29
v338gb should be fine...i hope. lol16:29
jaegereven 8GB is overkill for most usage16:29
v33going to be purchasing a laptop, with a new, far better budget of yea...16:29
v33my main concern is the ssd drive :D16:30
jkramerI like to play the latest games with maxed settings on my desktop, so the 16G come in handy :)16:30
jkramerOn the other hand, I can do everything but gaming on my netbook with 1G :)16:30
v33well, its going to be a laptop, so, games wont really be played16:30
jaegerIt's rather unlikely that any games make full use of that 16G16:30
v33did you know they have a 4gb video card for laptops O.O16:30
joacimthey make 64 bit binaries for video games now?16:31
jaegersome of them16:31
jaegernot many16:31
joacimi see chess for my mac has a 64 bit binary16:32
nogagplzthe hib games provide 64bit binaries from what I can gather also16:32
nogagplz16GB of ram should be enough for super meat boy ;P16:33
v33how much ram can 64 bit handle?16:33
v3316 gb of ram plays mine sweeper16:33
jkramerAbout 2^64/1024^3 GB I'd guess :)16:34
jaegertechnically 16EiB but there are OS limitations as well16:34
joacimnow that i think about it. minecraft should be run with 64-bit java.16:34
joacimsolves some issues with the highest rendering setting16:35
jaegerdifferent editions of windows 7 and server, for example, have arbitrary limits16:35
jaegerwell, not entirely arbitrary but based on licensing, not hardware support :)16:35
v33wait. joacim, you play minecraft?16:36
jaegerworld of warcraft only NOW has a 64-bit binary after 7 years16:37
jaegeravailable this week, heh16:37
v33joacim well then, i will send you an invite once i get my server back up xD16:37
joacimit took software companies long enough to support 32-bit cpus too16:38
v33rather if*16:38
joacimheh. thanks =)16:38
joacimit is a survival server?16:38
v33its just a do w/e you want type of server. haha16:39
jkramerI like potato soup16:40
jkramerThat's good too16:40
v33no borsch, the russian soup16:40
joacimi might try your server one day =)16:40
jaegerthe one made with beets16:40
jkramerborschtsch actually16:41
joacimi dont know if my ocd will allow tho16:41
v33i typed it in google, and it auto correcte dme to borsch...16:41
jaegerbunch of names in that article16:41
v33haha yep.16:41
v33though the greatest food ever invented is dolma16:42
joacimmy dictionary says both are correct16:42
v33im sure there are many names for it...especially translated ones16:42
jkramerIn russian it's борщ, which is they pronounce somewhat like "borsh"16:43
jkramerBut the sh is more soft, like g in (german) garage :)16:43
v33well, my family makes it all the time, and they call it borsh, but google said no to that...haha16:44
jkramerI've got a glas of borsh here, from a russian supermarket :)16:45
v33where do you live, jkramer?16:45
jkramerDon't wanna eat it though, it has a expiration date sometime in 2015, and that stuff usually doesn't taste that good :)16:46
jkramerv33: Berlin16:46
v33home made soup is where the money is at...lol16:46
jkramerBTW, does anyone know how to make Opera or Chrome display cyrillic characters?16:46
jaegerNot I, haven't tried16:48
jaegerThough chrome does occasionally display boxes and I should fix that sometime16:48
jkramerYup, got that problem in Chrome and Opera. Firefox displays cyrillic characters, but uses only terminus font, which looks ugly in the browser16:49
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v33lol, linux ricers...18:02
jkramerWhat's a ricer?18:04
v33i read the same page about gentoo users being ricers...18:09
jkramerSome of those quotes remind me of myself when I was about 13-14 y/o :D18:14
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v33xD i use gentoo because i'm a seed freak18:17
Romsteri use crux because i'm a speed freak :P18:20
joacimpeople would always try to troll me with that site back when i used gentoo18:21
joacimusually people who thought they were better than me because they used debian18:21
v33im sure the "speed" difference between crux and gentoo isn't that great anyway...gentoo is too main stream for me.18:21
v33STOP. hippster time.  lol18:21
jkramerActually I haven't heard of any gentoo users in some time now. It was quite popular back then, but it seems by now everyone's back to debian :)18:25
Romsterexcept the majority of us18:28
jkramerYeah, I mean in real life18:30
Romstersafe for work18:38
jaegerNext you're gonna say you used gentoo before it was popular! :P18:40
nogagplzand used -O99 before it was cool ;P19:01
Romsterdamn car had to put the spare on damn shits of screw gone into it.19:12
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v33ugh, dont talk about tires...20:55
v33800 bucks for my set20:55
nogagplzyou must tire of such expenditures20:56
v33i see what you did there20:58
v33potenza re11's ^____^20:58
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Romsterv33, ouch21:41
Romster4wd or what v33 expensive tyers21:42
v33awd, yea, and they're performance tires so...21:44
Romsterthey do last a long time though so you pay for that.21:45
v33not the way i drive xD21:46
v33usually performance tires dont last as long...i think 3000 miles or so21:46
v33i think my isp is trolling me23:06
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Romsterhow do you know23:19
v33it cant resolve youtube. xD23:31
Romsterchange your nameservers then23:49
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Romsterbah that goes to google even though it's out of host youtube.com23:53
v33lol it got back up, but yea, it kept redirecting me to my isp's god knows what23:55

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