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Romsterwhowver is on jaeger 's multilib may want to try some emulators there about complete but need a little more tidying up.
Romstermost of the work is nogagplz's on the emulation stuff.02:05
juegood morning02:53
juepedja: you've missed my commit 7 hours earlier02:56
niklaswegood morning jue03:00
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pedjajue: "Note: release 1.5p7 contains another bug related to the fix for this vulnerability and has been pulled. The current recommended release is 1.5p8." <---I was refering to this :)07:19
juepedja: yeah, I know that as well cause I'm subscribed to the mailing list, update is on the way. Anyway, thanks for the hint07:36
frinnstjoy, snowing again08:30
frinnsti blame pedja: you should install bigass fans to blow the cold air away from sweden.. give it to asia instead!08:31
pedjafrinnst: -14 here.oh joy indeed :)08:32
* pedja plays with openwrt08:50
pedjamy dir300 seems to work a bit better with it.08:51
pedjabtw, I installed {pol,console} was relatively straigthforward.08:53
pedja$deity, I can't spell today...08:54
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teK__zlib failing for anyone else?09:37
teK__CFLAGS are export CFLAGS="-O3 -march=native -mtune=native "09:42
teK__< afk (5+ days :()09:45
frinnstno, not here09:59
frinnstwierd, gcc is called here, not cc10:08
juetssss, the cups people going crazy, too10:30
juethere's a new minor release 1.5.1, everyone would expect bug-fixes and probably some minor changes10:32
juebut they removed a lot of stuff and a new package 'OpenPrinting CUPS Filters' is required10:32
juethat's a package maintained by and available as a beta version10:33
jueI don't get it why such massive changes can't wait until 1.610:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mathopd: update to 1.5p811:00
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v33hi all12:17
v33how do you do, sir12:22
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joacimi dont know12:27
joacimi suppose i'm fine12:27
v33better than being horrible, eh?12:28
joacimtrue =)12:28
v33i mean take me for example...i just ran out of cookies. life is looking bleak. :P12:28
joacimi have to eat a really sour pineapple12:30
v33pineapples are delicious though O.o12:32
joacimnot when they're as sour as this one =)12:34
v33why so sour?12:36
joacimi have no idea12:36
joacimseen those videos of babies tasting a lemon?12:37
joacimi make that face12:37
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v33oh man, you should try those mexican sour candy things13:05
joacimdoubt i ever will =)13:19
v33they're really good xD13:27
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Romster Systems Administrator Reacts to Windows 819:21
Romster"give me back my real pc", classic shame i have to help them clients when it's out :(19:22
joacimi envy those who get win819:31
joacimcompanies around here still uses winxp or win2k3 for their client pcs19:31
Rotwangjoacim: I'm stil using winxp at my workplace, and  I'm very happy with it19:32
joacimi wasnt ;)19:33
Rotwangit doesn't get in the way19:33
joacimit has more to do with the attitude of the administrators than the computer itself19:33
Rotwangbut for everything else i hate windows19:34
joacimxp is more than ten years old too, so i think it is about time to upgrade =)19:34
Rotwangyeah, I think so19:35
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joacimg'night =)19:36
Romsteryeah last year i upgraded my work pc form xp to win719:43
Romsteri wont touch win819:43
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joacimi i dont know what i'll do yet. i'll install it if i can get it for free i guess19:46
Romsteri'll wait for win9 to see if they improve, seems every second release is crap.19:47
Romster95 me vista19:48
Romster98se wasn't too bad they broke dos stuff in xp though. but there is dosbox for that.19:48
joacimseems like i'm the only one who liked 95 and vista19:51
joacimnever used me, so i have no opinion on that one19:51
Romsterme sucked terribly.20:12
Romsterok that wasn't a good sentience..20:12
v33windows 8 looks hideous21:29
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