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Romsterv33, and no start menu.01:04
Romsterdesigned for tablets.01:04
Romsterwhat's next touch screens for home pc's01:05
Romsterno more mouse on screen keyboard?01:05
nogagplza kinect with every PC01:06
nogagplzat least then when you make a rude gesture at it it can react appropriately01:07
Romsterrofl I can see it now.01:07
v33sorry, wasn't here...01:38
v33win8 just flat out looks hideous01:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] imagemagick: update to 6.7.5-103:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: automake: update to 1.11.303:52
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joacimi dont mind metro at all, but i think they should've made metro its own product instead of making windows everywhere06:54
aoni wonder if it's acceptable to have food delivered when it's -15C and my outdoor clothes are in the wash06:59
joacimsure. why not07:13
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v33hello all12:31
rmullhello v3312:34
v33how do you do?12:37
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v33ugh. why is libre office asking for java when its installed -___-12:56
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rinesv33, cause it's a binary and not compiled from source12:59
rinesonly shows some error msg's after first start12:59
rines(you can deactivate java in options->jre)13:00
v33well, i tried launching swriter from the terimal, and its saying it failed ot read path from javaldx13:01
Rotwangv33: bu it will work13:01
Rotwangso it is not a problem as long as you don't need java support13:01
rinesyes, it will work; you only have to click on "okay" around.. er.. 8 times? :)13:01
v33lol lets try it13:02
Rotwangand I've never seen java support necessary13:02
v33:P it worked13:02
v33i recall last time it "somehow" worked, i didn't know it was because of my rage on the okay button13:02
rinesRotwang, doc wizards and media player, for example, as well as latex export13:03
v33i forgot which company say it, but, the basically just wanted to get rid of java all together13:04
v33i think it was f-secure, the antivirus company13:04
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himynameisphil_If I want conky to be compiled with options that are different than in the default Pkgfile, what is the best way to do this? I have tried editing the Pkgfile directly, but my changes seem to be overwritten when I do a 'ports -u'.17:23
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Romsterhimynameisphil_, mkdir /usr/ports/<>your own repo name> ; cd /usr/ports/<>your own repo name> ; cp -r /usr/ports/opt/conky . ; cd conky do your edits there be sure to include that new path in /etc/prt-get.conf near the top above opt.19:15
Romsteryou could also ask if the conky maintainer will include the option your after.19:16
Romsterno problem19:19
himynameisphil_How would the first option not repeat the problem of ports -u overwriting the Pkgfile?19:20
Romsterbecause said new /usr/ports/foo has no /etc/ports/foo.{rsync,httpup} file19:20
Romsteryou cna even use a directory in your home if you like your choice.19:21
himynameisphil_Of course. That makes sense. So I would have to keep it up to date manually?19:21
jaegeryes, but it won't get overwritten when you update ports19:22
himynameisphil_Coo'. Thanks all. Just switched from Arch and I think I like the 'CRUX way'. :-)19:23
jaegerwell, enjoy. :)19:25
jaegeralways welcome19:25
Romsterjaeger, would you be keen letting me have commit access and commiting 32bitlibs there? minus the emulator ports, that'll go in there own repo soon.19:27
jaegerI'm not against that, though I'd recommend cleaning up the vim backup files and swap files before committing :)19:30
Romsteryes it'll get a better clean up it's still work in progress.19:32
Romsterthis may even encourage more users to crux too.19:32
Romsterand adding a arch maintiner line so we know whos ports are maintianed by who like 64bit ports have,19:33
jaegerI admit I've been lazy about that with mine so far19:34
jaegerSince I was the only person committing19:34
Romstera few of them ports in multilib don't belong in there for woraround ot not working with -flto currently they'll be moved to a separate repo of mine.19:34
Romsterwell another option is we could share the update/commit workload as a group?19:34
Romsteri'm still working on my version sort stuff and i can track changes on that too.19:35
jaegerI wouldn't worry about it too much right now, since there's no decision yet on what will end up being official19:35
Romsterbeen a bit lazy with some stuff but i'm slowly cleaning up junk i don't use in my personal repo lately.19:35
Romsterwell what ever the decision is i don't think i'll move from multilib.19:36
jaegerThough it would be important to keep in mind that the official whatever ends up being official wouldn't be built with -flto19:36
jaegerI don't intend to move from multilib either, I'm just thinking that commit access would probably end up changing since the repo would probably move to crux.nu19:36
Romsteryes i'm aware of that i'll implement that outside on my own system.19:36
jaegerfair enough19:37
Romsterno major issues from it though, just some ports i haven't looked at fixing why they brak with -flto19:37
Romsteroh btw will bump opt wine to the rc after work, you'll want to bump wine in 32bit too.19:39
jaegerI'm building it on the laptop now, actually19:39
Romsteri'm not in a rush to get all this done though just doing a bit every day or two.19:41
Romsterbbl work19:51
joacimrelated to yesterdays moan20:01
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