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pitilloyo Romster :)01:33
pitillohow is it going?01:34
Romsterother IT guy tooka  short notice to say having a week off, and so it got busy today and i got backlogged with repair jobs.01:34
pitilloummm hard week ahead then01:35
Romstercrazy though it was reasonably quiet when he was at work.01:36
Romstermay nto stay busy all week doubtfully.01:36
pitillowell, hope this week will be as quiet as the one he was there01:36
Romsteri don't mind it's the customers that have to learn they have to wait longer.01:37
pitillohere, as we are only two working/managing this enterprise... we only have hard work when me or my boss are on holidays (usually summer)01:37
Romsternagging most of them are.01:37
pitilloyep, I understand, but when there are less resources, it should be understood01:38
nogagplzwhen will you be done fixing my toaster oven Romster, I need it now01:38
Romsteryou would think.01:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: update to 6.7.5-206:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xaw3d: update to 1.606:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gv: fix build with xaw3d 1.606:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.5.406:12
niklaswehey folks06:43
rineshej niklaswe!06:48
rines(perhaps I could learn another word soon...!)06:48
frinnst"tjenare" works06:51
frinnstheh, had a few bottles of mineralwater in the car.. frozen straight through06:55
niklaswefrinnst: usch!07:08
niklaswerines: how are  ?: )07:08
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rinesniklaswe, fine, thanks :)07:27
rineslittle bit busy right now07:27
rinesfrinnst, thx :)07:27
niklaswerines: nice to hear :)07:33
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Romstergo to bed when you get home after work wake up at 1am ftw08:18
frinnsthhahaha oh man that sucks08:18
* frinnst does that too08:18
rmullblargghhhh monday08:20
Romsteri had my Monday got Tuesday now.08:21
rmullRomster: How are things going with you08:21
Romsterthis week the other IT guy is taking this week off and it was quiet every other week but monday i got a ton of jobs in.08:22
Romstermight go quiet for the rest of the week though.08:22
Romsterother than my odd sleeping hours due to less caffeine in my system, i'm fine.08:23
rmullcutting back on coffee?08:23
Romsteri stopped, now i just have a cup every few days or so. went a week without a cup after i started having some.08:24
frinnstdude, that *cant* be healthy08:24
Romsternot addicted to it anymore or get any nasty withdraw symptom's.08:24
Romsterwhat cut back on caffeine intake?08:24
rmullThat's good. How much were you drinking at your peak?08:24
Romsterat my peak which was years ago over 10 easily a day08:25
Romsteri drank it practically like drinking water.08:25
frinnstget an espressomachine instead. you will cut back on the amount08:25
rmullAlways a good feeling to remove a dependency08:26
frinnstbut still get that sweet sweet coffee08:26
Romsterfrinnst, i'm pretty sur emy body is still adjusting with sleep less caffeine not keeping my stimulated when my mind should be recuperating08:26
frinnsti cant sleep unless i've had coffee08:26
Romsteri was like that frinnst08:27
Romstersee if you can stop for over 3 weeks then see how you sleep more solidly.08:27
Romsterif you crave coffee and get headaches you know your addicted.08:27
frinnstyeah, and loving every second of it!08:27
Romsterat least i don't smoke, was just coffee and alcohol from time to time.08:28
Romsteri don't intend to stop just cut back on caffeine for some occasions.08:28
Romsterlast coffee made me feel jittery when it usually has no effect.08:29
Romsterdrinking coffee all the time = 30% less oxygen to your entire body including your brain.08:29
Romsterrestricts blood vessels08:30
frinnstoxygen is overrated08:30
Romsterhow are you rmull i don't see you on here that often08:30
rmullRomster: I'm always on, I am just quiet08:40
Romsteryeah you don't talk much is what i meant.08:40
rmullWork can be crazy some times08:41
rmullAlways some deadline or another that we have to bust ass for, and then it turns out not being a big deal08:41
Romsteroh i hate those.08:42
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Romsterneed it asap then i ring up computer done. oh i'll pick it up next week....08:42
Romsterand i mentally go you fuckhead why not tell me you wont need it until next week so i can do more important need it asap jobs.08:43
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rmullYeah, it's annoying as hell08:53
rmullBut I guess that's why they pay us08:53
Romsteri guess09:02
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frinnsti made an aussie-joke in the ml \o/10:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-lib: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.110:46
nogagplzdon't you have work today10:48
Romsterisn't it great10:48
Romsteri alreay slept when i got home till 1am nogagplz10:48
Romsterbut i'll probably take a nap before work to tie my over until tonight.10:49
nogagplzlol I slept from 6 until 3:30 and I still feel tired -_-10:49
Romsterman we have some fucked up sleeping patterns.10:50
nogagplzshower time10:51
Romsterat this hour10:51
Romsterwell i guess you can streak to the shower and back to your room with little risk of being seen.10:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.2.3 -> 1.4-rc211:24
Romsterback to bed for a nap later11:38
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rinesRomster, thanks for your mail! Where I can find "prtverify"?11:53
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juerines: it's part of opt/prt-utils, see here ->
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v33sup everyone12:49
rmullsup v3312:58
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acrux|xpsup : A term that cool people use because they are too damn lazy to say What's up.13:01
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v33i wear cool pants, so that must mean im cool. ujelly?13:11
jaegerargh, fuck the internet for making people talk like this13:12
v33talk like what?13:13
jaegershit like "ujelly" or "u mad bro?", fucking idiotic13:15
v33its troll speak...thats what happens when you spend too much time on 4chan13:16
v33if you're angry over troll speak, i can only begin to imagine how much anger you feel when people wr1t3 l1k3 tH1S13:18
rmullWhat I don't like are the bronies13:19
v33you know, 10 years ago, if a male was caught watching anything like my little would be embarrassing13:21
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jaegerI don't actually respond to people who send me text messages or emails like that13:30
jaegerI'm talking about it here to make a point but I need to just shut up because I know in my heart that 99% of the world doesn't give a rat's ass about pride in speech or writing13:31
v33personally, i believe there is a time and place for it all. i probably hate illerate morons as much as you do, but not every instance requires formal speaking13:33
thrice`i believe there is no place at all for 'ujelly'13:36
v33perhaps, but then again, there shouldn't be a place for lol, lmao, and all its counterparts13:38
v33you guys would enjoy this video, especially you jaeger13:40
frinnst"sup bitches" <- cooler13:56
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Rotwanghow can I play old pc game on crux64?14:13
Rotwangwill wine work?14:13
frinnstmultilib? probably14:14
Rotwangnich nich14:14
Rotwangpure 6414:14
RotwangI want to play!!14:14
frinnstif you build wine on a pure64bit env you will only be able to run 64bit win-binaries14:14
Rotwangit is 3d game14:15
Rotwangmeh, I'll have to install on my job laptop14:15
Rotwangdon't know how you say that in english14:15
frinnst32bit chroot?14:15
frinnstshould do it, if it works in wine at all14:15
Rotwanghow do I call stuff that my employeer gave me for work?14:16
frinnst <- insane14:16
frinnst"job laptop", "laptop from work"?14:16
Rotwangbut laptop from work doesn't sound very good14:17
* Rotwang looks into google translate14:17
frinnstjust say "laptop" then :)14:17
Rotwangcompany laptop14:18
Rotwangor google translate says: business laptop14:18
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rmullI usually just say "work laptop" as a native english speaker14:27
aonportable enterprise computing solution14:27
rmullHeh, that's more like it14:28
rmullwireless cloud-enabled enterprise computation paradigm14:29
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v33there are linuxs that boot in 5 seconds O.O16:14
joe9v33, which are?16:15
v33though it doesn't really show the bios load out16:16
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rmullMy eeepc is crazy fast boot too16:21
rmullThe BIOS screen is really quick16:21
rmulland the SSD is small and shitty, but works well enough16:22
rmullI boot to CLI though16:22
v33im limiting myself to a 10 second boot for crux on my new laptop16:22
rmullwhat init system are you going to use?16:24
v33i have no clue. :P what would you suggest?16:24
rmullI would just start with the default and worry about it if it's too slow :P16:25
v33hm. maybe i should play with fgetty or agetty16:26
v33wait, agetty is the default i think haha16:28
joacimi wish they had shown it really going from "Naught to Sixty"16:35
v33shame they didn't :/16:35
joacimthink my motherboards second sata controller adds about 15 seconds to the boot16:38
joacimbooting time16:38
v33hoping the ssd still helps me through the 10 second hump16:41
joe9wondering if there are any articles that can guide/help me in migrating from lilo to grub with initrd.16:41
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v33any particular reason you're moving away from lilo?16:45
joe9i am stuck with using metadata of 0.90 with lilo.16:46
joe9I use raid-1 and have it compiled in the kernel.16:46
joe9v33: it appears that lilo is the past and that grub is the future, from what I could garner from this irc.16:46
v33i like lilo's simplicity, but yes, more people are starting to swap to grub16:47
joe9I like lilo too. no problems and I have the workflow ironed out.16:47
joe9but, I am afraid that I will not be able to get things working sometime soon.16:48
joe9if I install the latest mdadm, system does not even boot up.16:48
joe9some issue with an invalid C library.16:48
v33sorry i cant be of help :/16:48
joe9with grub + crux, initrd or initramfs?16:51
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joe9anyone using initramfs on crux?17:10
jaegerthe install ISO does17:11
joe9jaeger, I am moving from lilo to grub with initramfs for a root file system on raid-1. Any words of advice?17:17
joe9I am reading up on initramfs here17:17
jaegerI haven't done it myself but I imagine it won't be too complicated17:17
joe9is there a mkinitramfs for crux?17:17
jaegerthe initramfs needs to be able to load the appropriate modules for your hardware and mdadm and do the mdadm assembly, then pass control to the system, basically17:17
jaegermaybe in the portdb, not sure17:18
joe9should I first get initramfs working and then migrate from lilo to grub. is that a good idea?17:18
joe9jaeger: thanks, found it.17:18
joe9I mean the mkinitramfs package in the portsdb17:18
joe9romster has it in his collection.17:19
jaegerpersonally I'd get the initramfs working first, yeah17:22
jaegerone thing at a time is easier to troubleshoot17:22
joe9jaeger, thanks.17:22
joe9jaeger: is the initial ram disk file with initramfs named initrd... too? Isn't it better to name it something else, such as, initramfs.., oslt?17:34
jaegerthe name doesn't particularly matter17:36
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joe9anyone got mkinitramfs working?
joe9it complains about missing udevcontrol, which supposedly has been replaced with "udevadm --reload-rules"..18:31
jaegeris mkinitramfs kept current?18:38
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joe9It does not appear so. I think the package is good, but, the mkinitramfas itself is not being updated, imho..18:44
joe9there does not seem to be a port for busybox in portsdb. anyone noticed/using this?18:52
joe9I found this link to make an initramfs image manually. but, the busybox in there is outdated. crux does not have a busybox port.19:01
jaegersorry, was on the phone... have you looked at the source for the CRUX ISO? It could be helpful, though it's a more manual process than mkinitrd/mkinitramfs19:08
jaegerIt uses busybox but it's all built in the Makefile, no port used for that19:09
joe9jaeger: thanks, will check the crux iso.19:17
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Romsterwork safe but they may think your gay watching this19:54
Romsterjoe9, i have a busybox package in hvl i just updated it and added it to my romster repo.19:56
Romsterjaeger, mkinitramfs seems dead upstream, probably a better tool out there i don't know about.19:57
Romsteror do it manually.19:58
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joe9the latest release of mdadm, 3.2.3, segfaults on my machine with this message: [    4.992551] mdadm[206]: segfault at 0 ip b76197a1 sp bff0e364 error 4 in[b75a6000+155000]19:58
joe9wondering if anyone noticed it.19:58
joe9not sure if this was posted or not. Hence, posting it again.19:59
joe9the latest release of mdadm, 3.2.3, segfaults on my machine (crux distro) with this message: [    4.992551] mdadm[206]: segfault at 0 ip b76197a1 sp bff0e364 error 4 in[b75a6000+155000]19:59
joe9wondering if anyone noticed it.19:59
Romsterjoe9, i have a busybox package in hvl i just updated it and added it to my romster repo.19:59
joe9cool, will take it.20:00
Romstermdadm 3.2.3-1 is working fine for me.20:00
Romstercustom CFLAGS?20:00
joe9but, the whole manual process with the mkinitramfs is scary'ish.20:00
joe9atleast to me.20:00
joe9romster, good one. will check the CFLAGS20:00
Romstermkinitramfs is pretty old i wouldn't use that method anymore.20:00
Romsterit's not alot too it.20:01
joe9so, do you use initrd or initramfs?20:01
Romsterdid in the past not currently.20:01
joe9cool, do you use lilo or grub?20:02
Romstermay help20:04
joe9romster, can you please check if this is the same build log you had with mdadm? if you do not mind:
joe9romster, thanks will check that stuff on initramfs.20:05
Romsterbasicly you need busybox static mdadm binary kernel with initramfs support and a /sbin/init file that will assemble the raid etc.20:05
Romster for a example /sbin/init file.20:06
Romsteri gotta get back to work later.20:08
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joe9Romster: thanks. will try it.20:13
joe9+ make 'CXFLAGS=-O2 -march=i686 -pipe' all mdadm.static20:14
joe9is the make command for mdadm.20:15
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