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Romstermorning pitillo01:37
pitilloyo Romster :)01:39
* Romster highfives pitillo 01:39
* nogagplz high fives the back of Romsters head01:43
* Romster falls over *_* 01:43
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frinnstwhy are they making a *new* spiderman?07:36
Romsterbeats me07:37
Romster taco truck07:38
niklaswedoes someone know which lirc dirver I should use to get apple remote control to work..07:42
frinnstsomeone's brewed coffe \o/07:43
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rmulllol Romster.08:24
rmullGood morning all.08:24
Romstermorning rmull08:26
joe9romster, thank you so much for that link.08:38
Romsterwhich link i've posted several.08:39
Romsterplotting a course in melbourne on a map is like navigating a maze.08:40
joe9romster, this " joe9, #diycnc may interest you"08:41
Romsterah that's a channel not a url as i was thinking.08:41
Romsterforgive WillieNL that guy is hard to understand but is a good person.08:43
niklaswehmm stupid question.. how shoould i specify lircd to use /dev/usb/hiddev0  ?08:54
joe9romster, I have this file that uses a git repo:
joe9to update the package, I do: rm -f /var/pkgmk/packages/geda-git\#git-1.pkg.tar.gz && prt-get update geda-git08:56
joe9I wish there was some way to get the git version into the package name oslt.08:56
Romsteryeah had that way too but found that a bit ugly.08:56
joe9Romster: do you have a better way than that?08:57
joe9oh, thanks.08:57
Romsteronly a tiny bit better it'll go to the commit sversion08:57
Romsterbut you have to edit the sversion off gitweb to update to a later commit though.08:58
joe9yes, that is true.08:58
Romsterbut it does it for you no matter where in the git checkout you are currently.08:58
joe9i agree it is better. but, I prefer the approach that I have for geda and pcb packages, as I just update them to the latest available version.08:59
Romsteri plan to edit all ports so i got foo.git foo.svn foo.hg foo.cvs directories in distfiles/ at least then it seems to make some sense.08:59
joe9Romster: what does foo.git have?09:00
joe9for example, I mean.09:00
Romsterto be honest it's better to roll a shell script to tarball the latest version then use that snapshot tarball in source=09:00
joe9Romster: I think the version also confuses "prt-get diff --prefer-higher"09:01
joe9as the commits might not be in increasing numerical order?09:01
Romsterwell it's just the git tree for said foo project checked out at sversion commit with the extension of .git on the directory so if i was browsing distfiles i know what SCM each directory is using.09:02
Romsterthat might be so, so with say x264 i include the date-hash in the tarball.09:02
Romsterthough if you can extract the version out of some file for said project you can use that version-hash09:03
Romsteror just version it's up to you09:03
joe9Romster: that would work.09:03
Romsteri just keep experimenting as i see fit09:05
joe9Romster: but, the date hash will not work with prt-get diff --prefer-higher. Does it?09:05
joe9Romster: i am looking at the Pkgfile of x26409:06
joe9and notice that the version = commit09:06
Romsterthat logic in prt-get is honesty experiential and only works with basic stuff.09:06
joe9oh, ok. good to know.09:06
Romsterthat's another aspect of the version sort i'm working on i'm making rules to sort better. but it can't sort git sha1 sums though.09:07
Romstergrep all files, sort them by version, not a simple task.09:08
Romsterperhaps one day when it's more mature, i could get something into prt-get for sorting versions better.09:08
Romsterbe a long time though09:10
joe9good to know that you are thinking of it.09:11
joe9that is a step ahead.09:11
Romsterwin miss all the toll roads in Melbourne and still get a short route.09:11
Romsterwell i'm also thinking about auto bumping Pkgfile verisons in chroot and building them, semi-automatic system, so i can review the new ports and see if they are ok for committing.09:12
Romsteror if they need extra work or to blacklist that version and wait for new version to test again.09:13
Romsterand the version sort will allow me to make a distfiles of delta's for the extremely large tarballs. and some way to download them incrementally if a solder source file is present that's useable.09:14
joe9yes, that would be cool.09:14
Romsterprobably wont see that in crux but that's a project i'm working on slowly.09:14
Romstercorrection wont see it in official crux but in my add on other ports.09:15
Romsterhmm midori works better on google maps than firefox does.09:18
joe9romster, u use midori? have u tried uzbl?09:28
Romsteryes i have09:28
joe9romster: any particular reason why you chose midori?09:28
RomsterGUI ish like firefox i guess09:28
Romstercan't kill off firefox yet but i'm hoping to one day09:29
joe9i use links, uzbl and firefox. firefox for hotmail, links for all other fast browsing. uzbl when fast+better rendering.09:35
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Romsteri use lynx a bit too.09:38
Romsteri should think about bed, 2:38am09:38
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jaegerhrmm... freebsd 9 root raid1 installation is easier than I expected it would be09:40
joe9lilo or grub?09:41
jaegerneither, it uses its own boot loader09:42
frinnstjoe9: have you gotten anywhere with your mdadm segfaults?09:42
joe9frinnst: nope. I tried with gdb and I had the stack trace. but, I did not know what else to do after that.09:43
frinnstcould you pastebin it?09:44
joe9sure, give me one sec while I find it. thanks for the interest.09:45
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rmullRomster: Maybe you could use this to help cut your addiction:
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joe9frinnst: any thoughts on the mdadm stack trace?14:52
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rmully3llow: Damn, guy, stop autojoining.15:33
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rmullente: hi15:33
enteI'm working on pkgsrc-bulk-builds for linux15:33
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entejust in case someone wants to give pkgsrc on top of crux a shot :-)15:33
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entein general, not necessarily right now15:35
jaegerWhat does that give you vs. ports? I have only barely touched pkgsrc in bsd in the past15:35
entepossibly, there's more software packaged on pkgsrc than on crux's ports15:36
enteplus, ports can be reused by other systems15:36
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entei.e. packaging work doesn't have to be done twice15:36
entein theory, it's possible to create other package formats with pkgsrc15:36
enteI think partial(?) support for rpm is already committed15:37
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entepkgsrc is in fact very similar to crux's ports15:37
entedunno, it's just an idea15:38
enteI think people don't cooperate enough and reinvent the wheel all the time15:38
entethat's all15:38
ente(not saying that crux's package management is a reinvention of the wheel. I like it. really..)15:39
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ente(actually, it is a reinvention of the wheel, but a nice one)15:39
ente(gah, I should stop spamming)15:39
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v33hi all15:42
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v33i really hate call of duty19:27
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niklasweprauge here I come ^^23:30
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