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v33morning :)01:50
Romster;a=commitdiff;h=12cbe97bcbcbca445e4e414422944b57e52b431d what the heck rines --mandir=/usr/man if only he was here to say that.01:53
* Romster starts to question intelligence01:54
Romsterhi v3301:54
RomsterI just thought of the V3 rocket -_-01:55
Romsterrm -r $PKG/usr/lib/python3.2/{ctypes/macholib/README.ctypes,distutils/README,idlelib/{ChangeLog,NEWS.txt,README.txt,TODO.txt},site-packages/README}01:56
* Romster facepalms01:56
Romstersuch long winded ones is better to use find.01:56
v33hey romster, would you happen to own a nook/kindle?01:58
Romsternah only desktops01:58
Romsterso far.01:59
Romsterthe toshiba tablet don't look bad though01:59
Romsterand it would double up as a ebook reader nicely.01:59
Romsterthough i don't fancy typing on it, but can get a bluetooth keyboard for it.01:59
v33hm...i was thinking about grabbing one since apperently, i like reading now :P02:00
nogagplzreading on the toilet is great, such a peaceful experience etc etc02:00
v33you should read the shack, its a pretty interesting twist on religion02:00
v33ey man...the toilet is the happiest place on earth, regardless of what disney says02:01
* Romster drools02:02
Romsterhdd rack02:02
Romsteri want02:02
Romstereh better to read in a cosy bed or armchair near a fire in winter.02:02
nogagplzyou're a traitor to your species, you know that02:02
v332900 mb / sec of transfer speed...02:02
Romsteryet they never show that :(02:03
Romsterprobably some stupid long raid0 that'll blow up if you even look at it wrong.02:03
Romster oh gawd this will drive yo crazy02:07
v33dear god.02:10
Romsterworse than nyan.cat02:11
v33omg, you gotta watcht his02:16
v33though dont watch all of it02:18
Romsteryou have got to be kidden me 10 hours O_O02:26
nogagplz like this one better02:33
Romsternot bad02:39
Romster Phantom of the Floppera02:39
nogagplznulldc guy showed me that one a while ago02:41
Romsteri actually have some of them 5 1/4 disk drives here.02:41
Romstershame i never got my hands on a 8" one.02:42
nogagplzthe 5.25" drive I have with the c64 still works fine, but none of the shitty ones from my 386 or pentium 9002:45
Romsteroh i gout about 5 1541 disk drives too.02:46
nogagplzonly have one02:46
nogagplzcan't use that magical fast hackem drive to drive copy thing ;P02:47
Romsteri never did try the parallel hack02:47
Romsteri did wire a 1541 and a datacassete to my older pc's LPT port though to save my C64 stuff.02:48
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nogagplzhmm that SD card modification would be nice, got a spare card02:50
Romsteryeah that would be good.02:52
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Romster WTF03:01
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frinnstlooks legit03:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ghostscript: update to 9.05, enable build of libijs10:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scrotwm: update to 0.11.010:46
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v33can something like this be done on crux?
joacimuh. i see now why some peopel have this hate for glossy displays16:43
nogagplzyes, glossy screens are awful16:43
joacimi use one myself, and it is nothing like that16:43
joacimno theyre not16:43
joacimtheyre fine16:43
joacimjust fine16:43
nogagplzmy laptop has one and in any sort of light it's impossible to use without having the backlight maxed out16:43
nogagplzit's not cool16:43
joacimshould have bought a better one then16:43
joacimmy glossy screen isnt anything like that16:44
nogagplzthere weren't any better ones16:44
v33oh god...16:44
nogagplzor don't you think I would have16:44
v33here we go16:44
nogagplzthis is all your fault v33 \16:44
joacimi use mine everywhere, i might notice the odd light source (if i have one right behind my back)16:44
joacimbut on most couches that i have used my laptop on, the glossyness of it isnt noticable16:45
v33i apologize, nogagplz16:45
v33 oh america...16:46
joacimcant exactly say all glossy displays sucks when only a large amount of them do =)16:47
v33rmull, how woul done go about doing that? it seems like you have to pull all the dependencies one by one, just to make sure you dont get anything you need...seems really tedious16:48
joacimthink it has more to do with the materials they use rather than the fact that the screen is glossy16:50
joacima diffuse reflection (which i had on my old desktop lcd) is just as annoying16:51
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rmullv33: My system boots to 50M RAM used, according to free -m20:51
rmullthat's with sshd, ntpd, crond20:52
rmullI'll try starting X20:53
rmullWith X running it's 114M20:56
rmullMany programs measure RAM usage differently, you should figure out what his conky config is doing20:56
rmullFWIW my system also has 2G of memory20:56
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joacimi assume it would be possible with a very minimal setup21:33
joacimmy old old setup with scrotwm could possibly do it if i replaced firefox21:35
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