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frinnstfirefox 11b2 :D01:42
frinnstatlast they're not slacking off01:42
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v33my luck. i went to buy a new modem, and the only unopened one is the one that doesn't work. FML02:08
Romsterwhat no firefox 11 yet? :P02:12
Romsterv33, so how the heck are you on the net i the modem don't work.02:13
v33went back to the old one :P02:13
Romsters/i the/if the02:13
Romsterso old one works but drops out alot?02:13
v33this old little bugger cant handle the upgraded interwebs...its capped at i think 20, im moving on to 6002:14
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v33yup yup...apperently, this new modem/router combo has far better range as well02:18
Romsterif it worked -_-02:18
v33yea xD02:19
v33well, im going to go get it replaced tomorrow...02:20
v33apperently, this has a good 150 ft of rage before the quality begins to start to drop...02:20
v33oh, and hi romster lol02:20
Romsteri wernt though 4 different same model DSL modems that never worked well and then i went to a more expensive different brand and i still got it now.02:21
Romsterhi :D02:21
v33well, the one i got is about a 130 bucks. not sure if that counts as expensive....02:21
Romsternot really.02:21
v33oh :P02:22
v33i thought it was a decent priced modem02:22
Romsterbut more expensive isn't always better either.02:22
Romsterdepends if your being ripped off or not.02:22
v33yep yep02:22
v33but, we have a saying that goes something like this: there is nothing cheaper than the expensive one...poorly translated, but you get it02:23
Romsteri see it this way pay more now save more later in not dealing with crappy parts, replacements, warranty repairs02:24
Romsterel cheapo's will fall over if too hot and the cpus in them are so under powered.02:25
v33you know what i hate the most though? the people who dont wanna dish out an extra few dollars to have someone provide that extra bit of service...02:27
Romsteryeah i hate that too.02:27
v33some dude decided it wasn't worth paying me an extra 10 bucks to replace his thermal paste, emptied an entire tube of it and wondered why shit hit the fan02:28
Romsteroh gawd02:28
Romsterthey never know you only need a tiny amount02:29
v33i told him a pea size02:29
* nogagplz gets thermal paste in Romsters hair02:29
v33maybe he was thinking about urine or something...i dont know02:29
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v33speaking of crap in hair, i just remembered, when i was a kid, i put glue on some girls hair02:33
Romsteroh gawd02:33
nogagplzthat doesn't come across very well any way you look at it you know02:33
Romsterhow did you get that close and why02:33
Romsteryou can't talk nogagplz since when have you been with a girl.02:34
nogagplzI idle in your channel all the time02:34
v33this was back in kindergarden02:34
Romsteryou don't idle all the time you chat too.02:35
nogagplzI was calling you a girl :/02:35
Romsterhaha i've been called worse.02:35
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Romsteri'm unphased.02:35
Romsterwb joe9  vaddi02:35
nogagplzwasn't meant to phase you, retort if anything02:36
v33why cant we all just get alone :?02:37
Romsteryou mean along.02:37
Romsteralone = apart lol02:37
v33its nearly 1 am02:38
v33forgive me :P02:38
v33i got 80% of it right02:38
Romsteryou know i can be here when it's 3am for me <<02:38
v33its a pass02:38
v33why are you up so late?02:39
Romsterbecause i'm stupid *shrugs*02:39
v33i guess im pretty stupid too then02:40
Romsterespecially when i got work during the week too.02:40
v33oh god.02:40
v33how do you get up?02:40
v33i get up at 8 and i find that dreadful02:41
Romsterpure luck02:41
Romsterwell i get up very close to work time.02:42
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Romsterdamn irc is falling apart02:43
v33damn net split02:43
RomsterDoS attack :/02:43
Romstersays christel02:43
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v33by whom?02:45
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Romsterno idea that's all i know so far.02:45
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v33oh boi02:52
v33well, in any case, im off to bed. good night everyone :)02:53
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