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joe9exherbo vs crux: aon which do you like?09:49
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aonjoe9: well i'm installing crux right now on the same machine :)10:00
joe9aon: keep me posted. the #exherbo has a lot of nicks and it is certainly interesting. but, I have never tried gentoo, so, am not sure how big a deal it is.10:01
joe9aon: if you do not mind.10:01
aonyeah, it is interesting10:01
aonbut guess i'm too lazy to learn new tricks :)10:01
aonthe amount of complexity doesn't seem justifiable for my uses10:02
joe9aon: crux is simple and was easy for me to get my head around. now, I love source based distros (generalizing from my crux experience).10:04
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joe9aon: exherbo's packages management system seems to be complicated than crux's. I think crux's is better. any words of wisdom?10:22
thrice`try it, if you are interested :)10:23
joe9thrice`: i can see the next week of my life passing me by.. haha..10:23
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aonjoe9: well i only played with it for a small while so i don't really know how it would be in daily use10:35
aonbut it was quite a bit more complicated, yes10:35
joe9is your crux installation complete?10:35
aonwell not yet10:35
aonbut rest assured that i've had a few complete installations of crux :)10:36
joe9oh, so, you know crux, then.10:37
joe9do you know why exherbo has that complexity? is it doing anything more than what crux does?10:37
aonwell at least there seems to be a lot more dependency checking going on10:37
aonand it's compatible with portage ebuilds, so... :)10:38
joe9yeah, that seems to be crux's weakness, imho.10:38
joe9I find missing dependencies all the time and dependencies are not removed/cleaned, imho.10:38
joe9have never used portage ebuilds. let me read about it.10:40
jaegerThere's a tradeoff for complexity10:40
joe9jaeger: yes, I agree.10:40
jaegerI use gentoo still sometimes and I like portage, but I also like crux10:41
joe9it appears that crux users need to be more aware10:46
jaegerhow so?10:48
aondunno, i didn't even use prt-get for the first three years or so and i'm not very aware :)10:50
aonit's not that i didn't like exherbo, pretty much all the stuff makes sense i guess10:52
joe9when I meant "more aware", I mean more aware of the packages that they are trying to install and also how debian does most of the stuff for you.10:53
frinnstjaeger: cool, anything he found interesting that you know of?11:06
jaegerI'll ask him when he gets back from vacation in a week11:08
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ente/foreach window /test Hi there11:30
enteand sorry here too11:31
entemaybe /foreach window sorry11:31
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v33hi all13:39
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himynameisphilI keep getting an error at boot that /sys could not be unmounted because the device is busy.14:01
himynameisphilA forum post from a year and a half ago seems to indicate that it might be due to a then-recent upgrade to udev.14:03
himynameisphilIs there any more recent information?14:03
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jseIt should not be a problem if the system boots and runs well otherwise.14:20
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frinnsthimynameisphil: its an expected "error" with our current udev14:36
v33so i hear the 3.3 kernel will have far better battery consumption stuff14:43
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teK_Quality Control, n.: The process of testing one out of every 1,000 units coming off a production line to make sure that at least one out of 100 works.15:13
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v33is it worth waiting ont he ivy bridge cpu's?18:13
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jaegerSandy Bridge ones will probably be quite a bit cheaper at that point19:08
v33im not sure if i should wait or not :P19:32
jaegerWell, if you NEED features in ivy bridge or want cheaper sandy bridge, then wait... otherwise whatever19:32
v33aside from performance, there really isn't anything i'd'd just be interesting to see how much the price would drop...19:35
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joe9anyone using thunar file manager?21:35
v33i am21:49
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Romsterjoe9, you'll be hard pressed to find missing deps on my ports unless some recent change broke it.23:43
joe9romster, cool thanks.23:43
joe9v33, better than nautilus?23:43
joe9i do miss a file manager once in a while. but, I do not want to install the whole of gnome for nautilus.23:44
Romstersince i do test for that in the chroot.23:46
Romsteri also report other maintaner ports that are broken due to missing dep.23:46
Romsteras i find them23:47
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