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frinnstwhy the FUCK is packages like libvobis installed on a simple rhel system?01:24
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aonfor consistency? :)01:24
aon heh01:24
niklaswegood morning!01:55
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frinnstMORE COWBELL!02:58
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frinnsthah @ latest xkcd05:25
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niklasweello folks!14:15
niklaswehow are you aarch ?14:15
aontired from writing a report in word14:16
aonif i were any less lazy i'd convert the document style to latex14:16
aonso i could actually focus on the writing14:16
niklaswehehe :) whats kind of report is it?14:17
aonsome boring elementary physics stuff14:17
aonfriction measurements14:17
niklasweah okey, sounds boring ^^14:20
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v33the sun is out, and its raining here O.o15:13
niklaswev33: it´s snowing here :P15:18
v33man, i miss the snow. the only way i'll ever see snow is if i drive about an hour and a half away from here :(15:23
niklaswe:/ I want summer..15:40
niklasweor spring :)15:40
teK_I'm satisfied with the current weather and season15:42
teK_it's ought to snow like hell in winter and it's ought to be winter in the northern hemnisphere15:43
v33the worst we get here in LA is rain. :?15:44
niklaswelol :P15:45
niklaswefor a few weeks ago we had -42 C in north sweden...15:46
teK_for us it's been -2015:46
teK_some thousand kilometers south of sweden *g*15:46
niklaswewhere I live we had "highest" this winter -15 (I think..)15:50
niklaswebut now time for bed cya!15:52
v33i guess i should move to sweden or norway. :P15:57
v33though i still maintain, russia was the coldest place i've ever been to15:57
v33bye niklaswe15:57
v33why is it when i open flash settings on a youtube video to disable hardware acceleration, it just locks up on the settings menu?16:09
rmullv33: Because flash is a maggot gnawing at the bowels of humanity16:23
v33rmull its freaking ridiculous. still wont do anything :P16:31
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v33has nvidia actually supported the "optimus" side of things, or, did they leave linux users to come up with their own thing?17:22
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JsanchezHello everyone18:40
JsanchezI'm about to install Crux on a mac as single OS, I'm wondering how to install on EFI on 2.7.1, any tips appreciated18:41
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jaegeryou'll probably have to boot it in BIOS compatible mode or install from another bootable image that supports EFI18:50
jaegerthere's currently no EFI support in the CRUX ISOs18:50
JsanchezI'll have to destroy FPT then18:52
Jsanchezjaeger: do you know if parted is in the iso?18:52
jaegerIt's not currently. It's on the list to be added, though, along with EFI support18:57
jaegerI've not had any success getting a bootloader to work properly with EFI on the ISO yet18:58
JsanchezOk, off to work then, thank you.19:02
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Romstereighty4, i do ride walk alot but i agree alot are so lazy they take the car everywhere.23:34
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v33sup everyone23:55

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