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jaegerfighting with grub and EFI again00:00
jaegerwithout any particular success00:00
v33not sure what efi is, but grub....i know grub. lol00:01
v33assuming from Jsanchez's post, its mac related?00:01
jaegerTo grossly oversimplify the matter, EFI is BIOS' replacement00:01
jaegerIt's not specific to macs but macs currently use it00:01
v33oh, jaeger, have you played with bumblebeed/ironhide?00:03
jaegernever heard of either00:04
v33basically, its a nvidia optimus you your video card power when you need it, cuts out and and enabled the on board video card when you dont, and lets you combine the two00:05
v33in other words...battery saver! lol00:05
jaegerNot something I'd need, then, since my x220 only has one GPU... glad someone's working on it, though00:05
v33im hoping ill be able to get it on my sure the 2gb video card will be a power hog00:07
jaegerblah, I give up for now, going to bed00:13
v33night night00:15
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niklaswegood morning01:19
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frinnst*GOOD* morning01:27
pitillooh no frinnst, are you ill? I can't belive you told the "good" word at this hours...01:29
frinnstacrux: sorry to hear the news re. ppc01:29
pprkutow crap, and I just switched :/02:02
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Romsterwhat news what am i missing?02:11
Romsteroh on ML02:12
nogagplzwhat happened where what huh02:18
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frinnstyeah, shame.. though perhaps unavoidable02:21
Romsteri wasn't aware of how many used ppc.02:21
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niklasweWhen i delete a user from ldap the user got removed, but the user are still member in some groups... how should I do so it also remove the user from the groups..06:51
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jaegerholy shit, I got grub2 EFI to find its config file for once09:38
rmullCongrats jaeger09:45
jaegerthanks :D09:46
jaegerHad to specify the prefix 2 different ways when making the image, it's kind of ridiculous09:47
jaeger../grub-mkimage -d . -p '(cd0)/boot/grub/x86_64-efi' -o bootx64.efi -O x86_64-efi '--prefix=(cd0)/boot/grub/x86_64-efi' $(find *.mod | xargs | sed 's/.mod//g')09:47
jaegerThat second prefix setting is undocumented09:47
frinnstlooks simple09:54
jaegergrub *still* says some shit like "warning: prefix is not set!" when it boots, but it does boot the menu now, which it didn't before09:56
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jaegeras far as I can tell EFI and isohybrid are not compatible, sadly09:58
jaegerat least not currently09:58
jaegerunrelated to the grub stuff but it seems kernel 3.2.5 doesn't like my efifb setup10:39
jaeger3.1.5 works great, 3.2.5 goes blank when booting, though it does boot all the way10:40
jaegerjust can't see it booting10:40
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to
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teK_< 3.2.6 an no problems with efifb14:18
teK_[tek@basra][~]% < /proc/cmdline14:18
teK_BOOT_IMAGE=dev001:\EFI\efi\CRUX-new root=/dev/sdb1  quiet raid=noautodetect video=efifb ro14:18
teK_[tek@basra][~]% zgrep FB_EFI /proc/config.gz14:18
jaegerI can't figure out what the problem is... it's specific to that kernel build... when I boot from the new EFI CD image I'm testing, it works with 3.2.514:19
jaegerI'll just scrap that tree and build again later14:19
jaegerbootstrapping packages for it now but hopefully I've got it set up to work properly this time14:20
jaegergonna test on my x220 and macbook pro14:20
teK_ zomg14:22
teK_no idea, sry14:22
jaegerIt's not a problem, I always keep a fallback when I build a new kernel14:31
Rotwangthere is "tsubasa" collection in portdb, lulz14:43
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v33hi everyone15:09
v33did you figure out the EFI thing that was bugging you yesterday?15:12
jaegerI think so; I'm making a new ISO to test it now15:13
v33hope it all works out :P15:15
jaegerMe too, thanks15:15
jaegerIf it does work I'll need to add gnu-efi, efibootmgr, and parted to the ISO15:15
jaegerwhich is fine15:15
v33i see you've updated your iso to 2.7.1....did you keep the same kernel as well?15:16
jaegerI don't remember, to be honest15:16
v33i guess if i ever reinstall crux, ill let you know15:17
v33hey jaeger, may i ask you one last question?15:17
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jaegerfeel free15:18
jaegerno guarantees I can answer :)15:18
v33i was wondering, if i were to install crux on one hard drive, would there be an easy way to copy all the stuff and put it on another hard drive, so i can use that? sort of like imaging...i dont know if acronis can handle linux os'15:19
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jaegeracronis should handle it fine, or clonezilla15:20
v33hm. im thinking of just getting crux up and running and clone it when my ssd arrives...15:20
v33thanks :D15:20
jaegerJust keep in mind you'll have to edit the fstab and boot loader, etc., if you want to have both bootable at the same time15:21
jaegerif it's just a backup or a drive swap you don't need to worry about it15:21
v33yea, im just going to swap it out, and use my ssd. i just want to have crux ready so i dont have to redo everything15:21
v33anyways, back to class..been here since 7 am, cant leave till 630. fml15:21
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v33thanks again :D15:21
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jaegerIf he comes back when I'm not around someone tell him to research if acronis aligns cloned images properly for SSDs :P15:24
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Romsteri was just about to mention about TRIM FS alignment and what FS type is he gonna use?15:42
Romsterfsarchive may be the best option to backup and then restore it as OCFS2?15:42
* nogagplz trims Romsters beard15:42
Romsterbeat you to it i took about 2 centimeters off it the other day15:43
jaegerIt's either ext4 or nilfs currently15:43
RomsterOCFS2 no good?15:44
Romsternot familiar with nilfs will look that one up.15:44
RotwangI hate that you need to run userspace daemon15:45
Rotwangwhen using nilfs15:45
Romsterhmm what if the odd chance a OOM kills that, FS integrity?15:45
jaegerwoot, booted and have access to EFI vars15:46
jaegerit may be fine, though it's clustered and I've never looked into clustered FS for desktop use15:46
Romsterah probably the equivalent to the clvmd for lvm i guess. i'm off to work later. oh btw jaeger i'd report back to the grub and whoever about the undocumented config var, looks to me the entire EFI thing is half baked.15:51
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jaegerI've already tried to contact several people involved with grub2 efi stuff, never received any responses16:14
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Romsterjaeger, how long ago now? might take a few days if they are busy.19:30
jaegeroldest was a couple weeks19:31
nogagplzdamnit Romster get back to work, the customers are queueing out the door19:39
Romsterit's relatively quiet today19:45
Romsterunless more stuff shows up this arvo.19:45
* nogagplz brings in a failing cyrix machine19:48
Romster2 weeks is a long time to wait for a reply.19:55
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Romsterback to work later.20:15
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