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v33hi everyone00:29
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Romstermorning pitillo v3301:24
pitilloyo Romster :)01:24
v33sup romster01:27
Romsterliking my new second hand car that's older than my other buz box of a car.01:28
Romsterthough still getting used to turning as the thing is full sized.01:29
v33oh? what car did you get, and, congrats!01:31
Romstercommodore vn wagon.01:31
Romsteralways wanted a wagon01:32
Romsterpretty old though 199001:32
Romsterbut this one has been looked after, got the complete service history to it.01:32
Romsteron gas so is cheap to run.01:33
Romsterdrove like 800km to get the car though that was a hell of a day in traffic01:33
Romsterand i haven't looked at crux ports for awhile again too. i'm sure some stuff needs bumping again.01:34
v33man, i miss not having school. now i go from 7 am to 6-630, and i come home half dead01:35
Romsterhehe got it easy at school.01:36
v33and its so much god.01:37
nogagplzwhat the hell 800km01:40
nogagplzit's like 839km from my house to melbourne01:40
v33well, off to bed. goodnight everyone01:46
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Romsternogagplz, both ways added up.02:28
Romsterand done in one day and dodgeing cars left right and center02:28
niklaswehow are you Romster ?02:30
Romstermostly recovered02:30
Romstergot a visitor bbl02:31
aonnice how gm does their naming :)02:49
aonholden commodore is similar to opel omega and opel commodore is totally different02:49
aoni'd kind of want an omega, there's a really nice one occasionally parked near my house02:49
aonah, apparently the european commodore came before the omega so not entirely that confusing02:51
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teK_it's funny how open is supposed to make wins but is not allowed to market outside europe03:35
teK_besides german cars > * ;>03:35
Romsteraon, yeah they seem to have similar naming convention.03:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 10.0.203:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nss: updated to 3.13.203:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nspr: updated to 4.903:59
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nss: updated to 3.13.204:00
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nspr: updated to 4.904:00
frinnstoh right, i had firefox queued04:00
Romsteroh for gods sake not another firefox update.04:14
Romsterit never ends.04:14
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: garcon: updated to 0.1.1006:00
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-session: updated to 4.8.306:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dialog: updated to 2012021506:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxklavier: updated to 5.2.106:05
niklaswewho will accept the request i did to get my ports on ?06:25
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juehello #crux06:32
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] shadow: update to 4.1.506:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] apr: update to 1.4.606:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p12506:48
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Romsterhi jue07:11
Romsterenjoy your week away vacation?07:12
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jueRomster: yeah07:20
Romsteri got sick of my car breaking so i got another and now i have to figure out if i can sell mine as is or i'll have to strip it and sell the new parts i've replaced and the better working parts for a decent amount of money. so much effort though.07:23
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Romstermight rip the smartlock out of the old car since that's new and i got the wiring diagram still for that.07:26
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frinnstRomster: what did you buy?08:39
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jaeger01:33 < Romster> commodore vn wagon.08:55
prologicanyone interested in a crux openvz cached template if I created one?09:05
prologicbased on 2.7.1 ofc09:05
jaegerI don't use openvz myself but I imagine it would be useful to someone09:07
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prologicwell it's going to become useful to me at least :)09:09
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rmullI use openvz, but with debian host and guests09:13
prologicah k09:22
rmullGetting major ruby footprint mismatch...09:22
rmullanyone else?09:23
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rmullAlso md5sum mismatch on flash-player-plugin, x86_6409:25
rmulljue: Is my ruby footprint mismatch pebkac?09:26
rmulljaeger: can you double check md5sum for flash-player-plugin, x86_64?09:26
frinnstrmull: no09:38
frinnstyou probably have the old tarball locally09:38
juermull: which error, probably tk installed?10:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p12510:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 295.2010:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1710:18
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rmulljue: No - there are dozens of NEW entries. I'll sprunge it.11:19
rmullfrinnst: I did, thanks11:21
frinnstno footprint issues with ruby here11:49
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jaegerrmull: I'm not the maintainer, for reference :)11:59
frinnstheh, a bit familiar? :)12:18
aoni guess :)12:21
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rmulljaeger: Apologies12:29
jaegerRotwang: there are a couple newer versions of thunderbird available12:40
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rmulljue: Lots of the ruby errors were the addition of tk-releated jankiness. I'm just gonna ignore and proceed.12:44
juermull: lots or all? I'm interested to see the error12:45
rmullerr, I've already logged out and lost the scrollback buffer12:45
rmullHold on, I'll force a rebuild12:45
Rotwang10.0.1 was released 12th this month12:45
jaegerRotwang: I think 10.0.2 was available as well but I didn't check the release date12:46
Rotwang10.0.2 was released 16th this month12:46
Rotwangrelease early release often12:46
jaegerheh, figures12:46
Rotwangand I've bumped thunderbirf at 12th february12:48
Rotwangbad luck [;12:48
jaegerooh, nice, got my work calendar bullshit working with thunderbird13:09
jaegerthunderbird+lightning talking to outlook through davmail13:09
Rotwangtrully corporate stuff [;13:12
jaegerI'm not going to actually TELL anyone that I can see the calendar now13:12
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rmulljaeger: Wow, tbird works with outlook calendar?13:13
jaegerNot by itself13:13
jaegerwith and the Lightning addon it will, though13:14
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Rotwangmy friend from place my workplace uses thunderbird and it works quite well I've heard13:14
rmullThat's very cool. Thanks for pointing that out.13:14
Rotwangbut he has some problem with sending invites13:15
Rotwangs/from place//13:16
rmullThis is the transcript of the ruby update with failing footprint13:31
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thrice`rmull, as jue mentioned, it's because you have tk installed13:38
juermull: thanks13:42
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v33hi everyone13:43
juermull: the 'NEW' files are caused by tk, but the 'MISSING' ones are because I had libffi installed, that's a bug I'll fix13:45
juev33: hi13:45
v33hwo is everyone13:48
rmulljue: Cool, thanks for that.13:55
rmullv33: Well, thanks, you?13:56
v33rmull: just woke up, and made up all the lack of sleep i had throughout the week. feeling good :P13:57
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v33probably going to ping out soon lol14:04
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v33i always wonder, how different are crux and gentoo?16:50
jaegerBest way to find out would be to run both and compare... they're pretty different16:52
v33from what i've gathered from google, gentoo is a bit more complicated....16:55
v33crux is bad enough for me as it is lol16:55
v33though i've really wanted to try...i just dont want to spend a day compiling and have it fail16:56
jaegerunless you're making ebuilds yourself, chances are you just start the build and wait16:57
jaegerit's not particularly difficult16:57
v33the way they set up the kernel seems similar to the way crux does it17:01
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Romsterprologic, yes i wouldn't mind a opnevs crux template i could use one on my host. so i got more control.18:24
Romsterprologic, don't forget mythtv in contrib too.18:24
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prologicmythtv for me has been working out quite well18:57
prologicI've even integrated hulu into my media box18:57
prologicI'll need to gain contrib access and start re-contributing :)18:57
* nogagplz contributes Romsters haircut to the crux project18:59
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v33man...what ever happened to music? most of it is crap now :/21:23
prologicI agree21:24
prologicthere's no much new and exciting these days21:24 going back to the oldies and finding myself enjoying electro swing21:33
v33new egg is having a sale on 2 4gb sticks of ram if anyone is interested21:42
joacimwatched parts of the norwegian finale of norwegian eurovision21:43
v33the gathering of sings and what not?21:43
joacimi could swear the top contestants were sampled from older popular works21:43
v33old music>new music21:45
joacimone sounded like some irish drinkign/football song21:45
v33is it up on youtube?21:46
joacimthe last one is winner21:47
joacimfirst one was a semi finalist21:47
v33who won?21:48
joacimthe tooji kid21:48
v33thats cool21:49
joacimpeople are angry because he was born in iranian21:49
v33what country is he representing, azerbejian?21:50
joacimi really dont care where people come from21:50
joacimdont htink nationality matters that much anymore21:51
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v33matter in which way?21:51
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joacimthe ocmments on those videos are filled with people who complain because the winner wasnt born in norway to norwegian parents21:53
joacimi dont think they should deny anyone with a foreign heritage from entering competitions21:54
joacimmeh. i shouldnt get worked up over comments from nationalists and racists21:56
v33i dont mind people who have pride in their culture, but extremists annoy me21:57
v33fighting over youtube doesn't do much :P21:57
joacimi just want to punch them in the face =)21:58
v33keyboard commandos lol21:59
joacim <- tooji sounds a little like this21:59
v33personally, i dont like hip hop/trance unless im at a club or something22:01
v33<3 ancient instruments22:01
joacimi quite like video game music tbh :p22:01
v33oh? like what?22:02
v33best video game music ever.
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jaeger <-- this one's my favorite from a game, probably22:18
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himynameisphilHaving trouble upgrading ruby in opt.23:21
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