IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-02-18

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Romsteri'm listening to best of roxette atm00:58
nogagplzsuch a wuss00:59
Romsteroh shut it00:59
Romsterhimynameisphil, prt-get update ruby -uf && prt-get update ruby00:59
Romsteror just use prt-get update ruby -if01:00
Romsterlibffi is missing. jue will fix that soon.01:00
Romsterall you listen too is tim fin anyways, what's wrong with roxette?01:01
nogagplzman if you saw my collection of music you'd cream your pants01:01
Romsterwqhat else you got prince?01:01
Romstermc hammer?01:02
Romsterfine young cannonballs, david bowie01:02
nogagplzdon't forget slade01:02
Romsteror you go more for u2 and jony farmham01:02
nogagplzjohn farnham is good, can't stand U201:02
nogagplzgot the beatles stuff but don't like them01:02
Romstermidnight oil01:02
nogagplzchrome dome is a turnoff01:03
Romsterthe politician01:03
Romsterdeep purple, jimmy hendrix01:03
Romsteroh i got the best of the cars there cd too.01:03
Romstermight play that next01:03
Romsterthat's more funk01:06
nogagplzprogressive rock01:06
nogagplzelo has some decent stuff01:06
RomsterELO sort of has the harmony of the beach boys01:09
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nogagplzthey do get compared to the beatles and such a fair bit01:10
Romsterah sweet i think i just find th perfet way to get repo html working with gitolite.01:17
Romsternogagplz, if you push your changes it'll now generate the REPO and index.html file. I'm going to now figure out multibranch git trees.01:33
Romsteri made a path mistake so next commit will fix it.01:33
Romsternot sure what else to commit atm.01:33
Romsterjaeger, you about? care to give me write access to opt contrib xorg for adding in the ports that the emulators.git tree needs? i'll send you a rsa key over which ever chosen medium.01:39
nogagplzwhy not just keep them in multilib-romster01:59
Romsteror in emulators.git01:59
nogagplzlots of objects and things in that emulators repo02:01
Romsterworking on this post-receive hook still have an issue.02:02
v33man, i'd kill for some chocolate right now02:08
* nogagplz pre-emptively kills v33 02:10
niklaswegod morning guys02:10
* nogagplz pre-emptively kills niklaswe 02:10
Romsterfind $TMP_GIT_CLONE -type d -exec cp -r {} $PUBLIC_WWW +02:12
Romsterremote: find: missing argument to `-exec'02:12
Romsterhow the heck is that a missing argument.02:12
v33its a dumb blonde?02:13
nogagplzsilly people should use more thongs and build a raft for the powerboard02:14
Romsternogagplz, finally it's working as expected.02:29
Romsternogagplz, you may as well commit the other ports that them emulators depend on in emulators.git for the time being, will move them later if jaeger gives me access.02:33
nogagplzmake my life easy then and remove what is in emulators from multilib-romster02:33
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Romsterjsut leave the crud ports out that onyl dealw ith the -flto stuff i'll either shove them in there own git repo or figure how to adjust speffic ports flags in pkgmk.conf02:38
Romsterprobably the later would be better.02:38
Romsterless effort for me to track versions then.02:38
Romster\o/ less effort to auto generate stuff than to manually do every darn command all the time.02:38
Romsteri guess mumble and stuff can go in emulators until contrib/opt gets sorted.02:39
Romsteri'll add a blurb later on that this is a multilib repo.02:40
Romsterdunno if it's worth makign a non-multilib branch of this for others to use that arn't on multilib.02:42
Romsteroh for god sake stupid REPO file references .git directory02:43
juegood morning02:44
Romstermorning jue02:45
nogagplzforce them to change to multilib02:45
nogagplzand laugh evilly02:45
Romsterwell i686 is obsolete though yeah.02:45
Romsternext git push will fix that REPO referencing .git02:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby: removed libffi wrapper02:51
nogagplzhmm ok02:55
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Romsternot work safe swearng05:56
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Romster only a couple of killometeres away from me...06:14
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frinnstanyone started seeing errors like these after the latest skadow version? "pwck: nscd exited with status 1pwck: Failed to flush the nscd cache."08:06
niklaswehmm guys.. how can i see if my cpu has support for kvm?08:24
niklasweI found it :)08:36
frinnsti've had strange issues with kvm08:37
frinnstwindows guest apps freezing up and crashing08:37
frinnston multiple machines08:38
frinnstthough, running on centos08:38
frinnsteasier to install centos than to build libvirt with all the &!/#4213 dependencies it requires08:38
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jaegerRomster: there's no contrib repo currently09:19
juefrinnst: yep, same here. Works after running nscd09:26
juefrinnst: looks like the fix is already there ->
jaegerRomster: send me your pub key whenever, I need to rearrange the repos on-disk09:34
jueanother issue with new shadow are the changes they made to the -c option of su09:47
jueas a result the start-script for php-fcgi no longer works when run via rc09:48
jueideas welcome, the script is here ->
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: shadow: remove faulty error message of pwck in case nscd is not running09:52
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: shadow: add patches11:03
himynameisphilTrouble updating shadow. pkgmk complains that shadow-4.1.5-copydir.patch is not found.11:10
himynameisphilOh, just saw the thing about adding patches; lemme try again...11:14
jaegerall in the timing, heh11:17
himynameisphilHurray! Successfully updated. I am smart. S,M,R,T: that spells 'smart'.11:19
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Romsterlovely so what happens do i even go to work tomorrow or what -_-17:00
nogagplztoold you to not run that truck off the road17:06
nogagplzbut no17:06
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Romsterwhere the hexk is the login link on gone18:28
Romsterah ta, but why do i not see it on the home page anywhere18:32
nogagplzbecause I had to pick a project go to follow and then get the login screen18:32
nogagplzin short who knows18:32
Romsterso bored.18:39
Romstercan't go outside here shits me...18:40
nogagplzget starcraft then18:41
prologicor minecraft :)18:51
Romsterwhat is so great about minecraft? and i've never played it just seen it on youtube.18:51
prologicI don't play games really18:52
prologicthe kind of games I'm interested in are things like Travian - played in a web browser as your liesure18:52
prologicor chess on gameknot.com18:53
Romsterto me minecraft is just one of them big fads.18:53
Romsteri'm into puzzle/strategy18:53
prologichence chess/travian :)18:54
prologicI played travian for 2 years a while back all the way through an end game18:54
prologicbut I'm a bit bored of it now :)18:54
prologictakes too much time/effort to play well18:54
Romsteri don't mind atanks should give that a go18:54
nogagplzscorched3d is pretty lol18:59
jaegerscorched3d is fun19:06
nogagplzlove those huge bombs just decimating everything19:09
Romsterthat too19:13
Romsterdoes no one check there ports gimp is missing xorg-libxdamage19:27
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Romstercruxbot is missing20:19
nogagplzI rubbed him out20:20
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ryuojaeger, romster tells me you were having trouble booting EFI?22:45
* Romster swats ryuo :D22:46
Romsterdunno if he is around atm.22:46
Romstermight be a bit later.22:46
jaegerI did get it working22:46
Romsterah you are around.22:46
* ryuo mumbles.22:46
jaegerMy Lenovo X220 works great with EFI, it was grub2 on an ISO that was giving me trouble22:46
ryuoI've been messing with UEFI to add support for it to frugalware.22:47
jaegerI finally sorted that out just this week22:47
jaegerHappy to answer any questions if I can22:47
Romsterah after 10pm for jaeger he isn't in the time zones like pitillo etc that will say good morning in about ~2 hours22:47
ryuoi don't have questions. haha. i thought you might.22:48
Romsterryuo, ex crux user hangs around with nogagplz myself and a few others.22:48
ryuoRomster's home for the social illiterate (#hvlinux) ;)22:48
jaegerryuo: fair enough :) I appreciate the offer22:48
jaegerI would have questions but really just sorted it this week... like thursday22:48
ryuoif you just want a simple bootloader, try elilo. haha22:49
Romsteri just thought ryuo might be able to learn what jaeger got working. may prove helpful.22:49
Romsteri have no EFI boards yet.22:49
ryuonot really. I was using elilo to boot my desktop.22:49
ryuountil I could finalize the FW transition to grub222:49
jaegerI mainly stuck with grub2 because I'd be damned if it was gonna beat me :D22:50
jaegerAt first I was thinking elilo wouldn't work from CD but since it's just an EFI executable, I assume, it should work just as well22:50
ryuoprobably better off compiling your own copy of elilo.22:50
jaegerI've learned a lot about EFI in the last few weeks, didn't understand it well at first22:50
ryuothe official binary doesn't have everything compiled in22:51
jaegerI would have built my own if I'd used it, that's the crux way mostly :)22:51
ryuofor example, the ext2 code for reading the kernel from an ext2 partition22:51
ryuoi assume you also read about efibootmgr and GPT?22:52
ryuogptfdisk is the best overall GPT partitioner.22:52
jaegeryeah. Just made a test CRUX multilib ISO with parted, gnu-efi, and efibootmgr on it22:52
ryuoit makes it easy to align GPT labels on the new fangled hard drives.22:52
jaegernever used gptfdisk, is it different from gdisk?22:52
ryuogdisk IS gptfdisk.22:53
ryuogptfdisk is the full name.22:53
jaegerI don't like gdisk since it converts mbr to gpt automatically22:53
jaegerah, gotcha22:53
ryuowell, it makes it easy to setup compared to parted.22:53
jaegerI assume it doesn't do that in all circumstances but I haven't spent a lot of time on it22:53
ryuoi'd only use parted for exotic disk formatting.22:53
jaegerNot that parted is difficult, heh22:53
ryuodoes parted make it easy to align on 4096 byte sectors now?22:54
ryuoif not, your hard drive may be in for a serious performance hit.22:54
entefucking mailman22:54
jaegerI haven't tried, honestly, my X220 has a platter drive currently22:55
* nogagplz makes a cheap reference to Spaceballs at entes expense22:55
jaegerI'll test that when I replace my desktop's SSD and shuffle my Intel SSD into the laptop :)22:55
jaegerI *think* I read that making parted align properly was as simple as turning off the "align to cylinders" option but don't quote me on that22:56
ryuojaeger, if you use SSD, i assume you know to use ext4 and turn on its TRIM?22:58
jaegerI guess you still most likely have to tell it whether you want 1024, 2048, 4096, etc.22:58
jaegeror nilfs for the comedy option, but I use ext422:58
ryuothe only other choice we have is btrfs, if that ever reaches "stable"22:59
* ryuo uses a SSD.22:59
ryuokingston 96 GB22:59
ryuotwice the speed of my old platter drive.22:59
ryuoand so much RAM... ugh lol22:59
jaegerI have an Intel 120GB and an OCZ Vertex 2 120GB22:59
jaegerand a broken OCZ Vertex 60GB that's a glorified USB stick now :D23:00
ryuo8 GB of physical RAM23:00
jaegerThe next one I'll buy is likely the Samsung 830 256GB for my main desktop23:00
ryuosamsung... really a good idea?23:01
jaegerThey're getting good reviews so far23:01
jaegerFortunately I'm not in any rush so I can watch them for a while23:01
Romsterhmm i was aboutto comment samsung never had good runs with that at work but that was spindle disks.23:01
ryuoah. quadcores are nice.23:01
ryuomakes development work a lot easier.23:02
Romsteri can drop a 6 core in this but dunno if it's worth it.23:02
jaegerThey're using they're own controller so I'm pretty interested to see how it compares to the sandforce ones currently23:02
Romsterwhen are the 12 cores for AMD coming out.23:02
jaegerer, I mean their23:02
jaegerbrain and fingers aren't cooperating23:02
ryuoi can compile our entire distro kernel in 20 minutes.23:03
ryuoit used to take 70 on single thread.23:03
v3312 cores....god, what would one need that for?23:03
jaeger12? pshah23:04
v33i could understand the scientific side of it...but the consumer end? 12 cores? dear god.23:04
Romsterjaeger, you got my email for the pub key? anything special i should be doing or just the general stuff. and the ports i maintian i can maintain in multilib too? and others add a # Arch Maintainer like frinnst has to pure 64bit?23:04
jaegerRomster: haven't checked my mail in a while, will look23:04
Romsterv33, as you could imagine i compile a ton of stuff.23:04
v33Romster: 12 cores for compiling? :P23:04
Romsterbut jaeger has the sweet 32core system at work though.23:05
ryuoi guess you could say frugalware is crux's grandson. we use a forked version of ARCH's tools from a few years ago.23:05
jaegerIt's "only" 16 cores :P23:05
Romsterv33, i only wish, well i do transcoding video too.23:05
Romsteroh only 1623:05
Romstercan't you upgrade taht to 32 jsut by changing the 2 cpu's?23:05
jaegerIf there are compatible ones, no idea23:06
jaegerIt would have to fit in the same socket as a Xeon 552023:06
v33jesus...all this talk about 12 cores, and here i am, on an old pentium 423:06
ryuov33, you wouldn't be the only one.23:06
ryuov33, one of our devs still uses pentium4.23:06
v33ryou: dear god....23:06
jaegerI've got a 50MHz Sparc in my closet if you want me to pull that out23:07
jaegerTo make you feel better :)23:07
ryuohe's a french user.23:07
v33hehe no...i have an old 300 mhz computer somewhere around here too...23:07
ryuowe only have two English only devs.23:07
v33imagine compiling chromium on that O.O23:07
jaeger <-- bottom right in that pile23:07
ryuothe others are mostly French or Hungarian23:07
ryuobeen with FW since mid 2008.23:08
v33man, i have to order another laptop -____-23:08
nogagplzI could get out my 7.1MHz amiga to make it even more depressing23:09
jaegerRomster: I'm fine with you taking over whatever ports in multilib are copies of your x86 ports; I'd just request not adding features or changing much from the default crux ports, the idea is to keep multilib the same in development, experimental stuff can go in personal repos23:09
ryuov33, :D23:09
jaegerI know one of the guys who works at genesi, he complains about freescale a LOT23:09
ryuomanufacturer of ARM and PPC processors23:10
jaegerFreescale Semuconductor23:10
joacimgenesi are the guys behind those pegasus-something morphos computers?23:10
entegod, seriously, fuck mailman ~.~23:10
ryuoyes, but they were discontinued23:11
v33seems like a nice, cheap computer....but i want something with a little more...zing23:11
Romsterjaeger, is that a quad cpu mobo 4 4core cpus? i think that's maxed out currently.23:11
v33though i will admit, these are kinda nice23:11
entedoes someone here have experience with moving mailman to another machine?23:11
entebercause I'm rather clueless23:11
jaegerRomster: it's a 2-socket MB23:12
ryuov33, i know of two main manufacturers of ARM netbooks.23:12
ryuov33, both preloaded with ubuntu.23:12
jaeger2 socket quad core with HT for 16 "logical" cores23:12
Romsterjaeger, yes i only intent to keep them tracking the same feature sets as in the official crux repos.23:12
ryuov33, does it have to be x86?23:12
ryuoand i know of 3 desktop like ARM systems.23:13
ryuoraspberry pi, genesi one, and trimslice.23:13
jaegerI'm really looking forward to the rapsberry pi23:13
jaegerrasp, god damn... come on, fingers23:13
Romster i don't even see 8 core cpus oh i know it's a 4 core with hypterthreading to make it look like 823:13
ryuotrimslice is the biggest performer. 1 GB of RAM.23:13
ryuothat's a LOT for ARM23:13
ryuoi've only found three powerpc systems to date still on the market that aren't from apple.23:15
ryuothe sam boards, the new amigaone x1000 desktop, and efika23:15
ryuobut holy shit are they expensive.23:15
RomsterXeon W5590 would boost the speed though jaeger to 3.33 GHz23:15
jaegerIt's my work workstation, though, I'm not able to upgrade it23:16
joacimryuo: does games consoles count?23:16
jaegerWell, I could, but I don't see the point since it's not a machine I own :)23:16
ryuojoacim, i was counting ones you can reprogram probably without much trouble.23:16
jaegerMy home machine is a core i7-2600k, which is plenty fast with 8 cores, so I'm happy23:16
jaegerRomster: alright, your key is added. I also created a contrib repo today but I haven't pushed anything to it... so if you do push to it, create the 2.7 branch first23:18
jaegerremotes are${repo}.git23:18
jaegerente: sorry, I've only done that once or twice, like 10 years ago23:20
entelucky you23:20
enteit fucking sucks23:21
enteI've been at work all night, trying to get this finally done23:21
jaegerryuo: what am I looking for there?23:21
entenow it's 6AM and the only thing that's of course far away from working is mailman23:21
ryuojaeger, was just trying to show you some of my current emails to dev :o23:22
entefrom our great python overlords, aka the people who make everything easy23:22
jaegerente: that sucks :( I assume you've already looked around via google searches23:22
ryuothis is one23:22
entejaeger: yeah, and nobody is mad enough to have mailman running in it's own jail ;)23:22
enteeven without that, it's still complicated and messy enough23:23
jaegerI still run mailman, just haven't moved it in a long time23:23
enteI wonder why it's the "standard"(TM) mailinglist implementation23:23
ryuojaeger, be warned! there's a chance of it going...23:23
Romsterjaeger, cool will do.23:23
nogagplzI propose that ryuo be k-lined23:23
* ryuo throws nogagplz into /dev/null.23:24
nogagplzthat works too23:24
jaegerryuo: :P23:24
jaegerente: it's very easy to set up :) just don't touch it after that!  hehe23:24
ryuojaeger, we use build servers on frugalware.23:25
entejaeger: it's sponsored by canonical. seems typical ;P23:25
jaegerheh, nice. I didn't know that23:25
ryuowe're a binary distro primarily.23:25
enteisn't frugalware on systemd?23:25
jaegerbuild servers for what?23:25
jaegerDoesn't every distro pretty much use their own distro to build their own packages?23:26
enteI know an ex-fw-user who switched away for some reason :-)23:26
ryuosystemd? yes.23:26
entekooda... maybe you know him?23:26
ryuoit's where everyone is headed in linux land23:26
ryuoexcept maybe ubuntu. ugh23:26
ente... which is why I'm heading out of the linux land23:26
ryuoto where? BSD?23:27
entealso debian, which will stay with sysv-init for all the wrong reasons23:27
enteyeah, BSD23:27
ryuowhy do you hate systemd?23:27
entethere's no poettering on BSD23:27
* ryuo boggles.23:27
Romsteryeah ryuo went to sourcemage then back to frugalware23:27
entenot systemd, just it's author23:27
ryuouh... okay...23:27
enteI've seen him hijack a talk and attacking the lecturer ad hominem23:28
Romsterthe whole systemd pulseaudio.... kmod and stuff is getting the kitchen sink too.23:28
entethe famous "do you hate disabled people?" in response to the question why gdm needs to run half of gnome23:28
jaegerI think he's the best troll the linux "community" has to offer23:29
Romsterwhat was that other troll that blogged alot?23:29
entealso, his code blows23:29
Romsterthat sued to come in here23:29
jaegerThat's a joke, though, before someone gets annoyed :) I don't follow him, really23:29
v33ryou: sorry, went away. does what have x86?23:29
ryuov33, does the laptop you need have to have x86? if not, there's more affordable options in ARM ones.23:30
entealso, someone needs to prevent BSD from dying, because once poettering hoses linux, we'll need a real operating system that's still useful23:30
entescnr :P23:30
enteanyway, back to the joy of getting raped by mailman23:30
ryuowhat are you guys ranting about? I don't follow the politics of this stuff.23:31
v33i'm really digging the i7's. but if you could tlak me out of it... :P23:31
enteI think the only reason why canonical isn't on the systemd train is that they had their own thing prior to it23:31
jaegerI think the short version is that they hate how complicated all of his software makes tasks23:31
jaegerCorrect me if I'm wrong23:31
* ryuo mumbles.23:31
ryuoI still miss sysvinit.23:32
entejaeger: yeah, that sums it up quite well23:32
enteBSD's init doesn't have runlevels23:32
entesysv-init is rather retarded, but at least it's simple and I can deal with it...23:32
entenot that I tried systemd23:32
ryuowasn't even my idea to switch to systemd.23:32
enteit also uses some advanced linux features I actually like (i.e. cgroups etc)23:32
jaegerI don't generally care which I use as long as it stays out of my way23:32
enteyou always have to deal with configuration at some point23:33
jaegerI do wonder if systemd is really necessary but on the other hand it isn't causing me problems daily23:33
ryuonot to mention, systemd is obsoleting consolekit. how many more fucking HAL replacements are we going to go through?23:33
enteah, another proof the systemd author is totally mad is his binary syslog "invention"23:33
ryuobinary? you mean you can't read it with less/grep/cat/etc anymore?23:34
v33its sad, i have no idea what you guys are talking about... :P23:34
enteryuo: yes23:34
* ryuo mumbles.23:34
ryuowell, we've already switched off sysvinit.23:34
entenice, apparently systemd ships it automatically since january23:34
nogagplzand the best feature is that all the information gets passed back to him23:34
enteit's called "The Journal"23:35
entebut I'm too busy to google more details for you23:35
ryuooh that.23:35
ryuoimho, isn't a binary log more likely to become corrupted?23:36
entelet's face it, plain text is bad. unless it's XML, then it's good23:36
nogagplzparity checking will keep it safe23:36
enteeven better, xml with inlined base64d binary data23:36
ryuoI don't care for systemd, but we're stuck with it.23:37
entenow if you send that over dbus//23:37
ryuoon frugalware we are.23:37
enteI want my fucking slackware 1.023:37
ryuohow do you feel about the grub1 vs grub2?23:38
ryuomeh. we use dracut, kmod, systemd...23:39
jaeger@seen rotwang23:42
clbjaeger: rotwang was last seen in #crux 1 day, 10 hours, 26 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <Rotwang> s/from place//23:42
ryuo@seen jaeger23:43
clbryuo: jaeger was last seen in #crux 20 seconds ago: <jaeger> @seen rotwang23:43
Romsteroh fun break all the log parser programs23:54
jaegerjdolan: I just found an old email you signed "Jaygenheimerschnitzel Dolanshleigen"23:55
v33that is a very, very interesting name23:55
jaegerhard to fit on a business card23:56
ente# Dear future sysadmin, I pity you.23:56
Romsterschnitzel and i thought of chicken23:56
enteI think that's appropriate23:56
Romster@seen cptn23:57
clbRomster: cptn was last seen in #crux 37 weeks, 3 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <cptn> will it include C++0x?23:57

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