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entefucking hell >.<00:40
entenow I'm done, but it doesn't work, because I can't get exim to execute mailman in the jail, which would require me being root, which exim refuses to do00:40
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Romsterjaeger, am i doing it right
ente any ideas?01:02
jaegerlooks like the post-update hook failed, probably because the directory is missing01:03
Romsteri'll let you fix that.01:03
Romsteris this managed by gitolite? that's what i'm using now.01:04
jaegerI just created it, should work next time, I think01:04
jaegerthat push I'm not sure about01:04
Romsterwill know soon.01:04
jaegergitweb shows a 2.7 branch now01:05
jaegerit's gitosis01:05
Romsterah the earlier one gitolite replaces gitosis01:05
Romsterlooks good now.01:05
jaegerente: sorry, don't have a simple answer... the wrapper sounds pretty complicated, I think some lmtp transport would be ideal if you can find one, though I don't know of one specific to mailman01:06
entejust a generic lmtp wrapper01:07
enteneeds to listen on a socket (preferably unix domain socket) and pipe everything it gets into mailman01:07
Romstersorry i'd be no good t that ente01:07
Romsteror i'd help.01:07
jaegercan you do it via a domain socket?01:07
jaegerI solved that once in mysql a LONG time ago01:07
jaegerI changed the system mysql to use /path/to/chroot/jail/whatever.sock01:07
enteI already do that with syslogd01:08
jaegeroutside the jail it was the odd path, inside the jail it looked standard01:08
jaegerok, so you're already familiar01:08
jaegeralright, it's past 01:00 here, I need to go to sleep. back later01:10
enteit's 8:10 here ;)01:10
entefuck this01:17
entebefore I start writing my own lmtp wrapper, I'll go to bed...01:18
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Romsterjaeger, i don't know how you got freeglut-32 to compile i have a patch here that fixes it's compile.01:46
Romsternever mind it's been sorted.02:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: upadte to 2.0.1804:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: update to 0.18.404:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.18.404:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.18.404:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 3.0.204:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: upate to 1.8.404:42
niklaswegod morning05:01
* Romster buys niklaswe a vowel05:12
* nogagplz bankrupts Romster 05:13
niklasweRomster: hehe  :P05:28
niklaswegod morgon = good morning05:28
niklaswewazup Romster?05:28
Romsternot alot just some git trees and keeping out of the chemicals that leaked near here.05:30
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Romsterthat's gonna be a messy cleanup05:35
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Romsterniklaswe, yeah fun week i've had.06:03
Romstergot car in melbourne very next day they dig up my nature strip to fit a gas pipe under the road. now this.06:03
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jdolanlol jaeger :)06:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tcsh: update to 6.18.0106:52
Rotwangfrinnst: it seems that firefox port doesn't use custom MAKEFLAGS07:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scrotwm: renamed to spectrwm07:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: spectrwm: update to 1.0.007:05
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jaegerRotwang: if you're interested, I have a patch for the thunderbird port at
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Rotwangjaeger: thanks, will update today09:22
jaegernp :)09:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: thunderbird: 10.0 -> 10.0.210:44
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Rotwangdoes prt-get update ports in certain order?11:30
Rotwangwhen you do prt-get sysup11:30
Rotwangor it just going in random order?11:30
Rotwangok I just found it in the man page11:32
frinnstRotwang: how do you figure? seems to work for me11:33
RotwangI'm thinking how to easily implement sources downloading in parallel with builds11:35
mike_k_Rotwang: I run one instance of prt-get with '--margs="-do"', and another with 'sysup'11:46
mike_k_works if downloading speed is good enough or hardware is slow enough )11:47
Rotwanghmm, interesting11:56
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Rotwangit seems that there is no way to just download source with prt-get without failing13:06
frinnstRotwang: whats wrong with the firefox port?13:20
RotwangI think, but I might be mistaken, that it doesn't use MAKEFLAGS13:21
Rotwangfrinnst: in mozconfig there is #MAKEFLAGS# string but you dont replace it in Pkgfile13:21
frinnsthow do you figure? i have a -j 10 in my pkgmk.conf and i see 10 buildthreads when building13:21
frinnstyeah, there used to be a $MAKEFLAGS in mozconf from an old maintainer, i commented it out since most ppl have their own settings13:22
Rotwangi see only one gcc process13:26
frinnstbut you have defined makeflags in your pkgmk.conf ?13:26
Rotwangnow I see three13:26
Rotwangok, so it seems to work13:26
frinnstthe port should honour that13:26
Rotwangfrinnst: makeflags in mozconf is a bit missleading, but anyway it works13:27
frinnstyeah, i should probably remove it completely13:27
RotwangI use that in thunderbird port13:27
Rotwangto add -s to MAKEFLAGS13:28
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v33hello everyone13:29
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frinnstRotwang: does thunderbird build against external xulrunner these days?14:30
frinnsti was told it does14:30
Rotwangfrinnst: but I've been not following it's developement recently so now I'm not really sure14:32
Rotwangso it is still not possible14:38
Rotwangwould be cool if it did though14:41
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frinnstso xulrunner is pointless..16:38
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v33gunna attempt my first gentoo install soon, wish me luck18:20
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v33would it be possible to download the linux iso, take out the old kernel, put in a new one, and have binary packages of chromium put in so i wont have to compile it?19:07
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