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frinnstThis time the reason for the delay is that we spent several days02:49
frinnstchasing down a nasty floating point state corruption that happens on02:49
frinnst32-bit x86 - but only if you have a modern CPU (why are you using02:49
frinnst32-bit kernels?)02:49
frinnstheh, 3.3-rc4 changelog :p02:50
Romsterwas wondering why the release was taking so long.02:52
v33oh god, cops are circling my block02:54
nogagplzthey're onto you02:54
frinnstquick! delete your porn!02:54
v33lmao hirens boot n nuke time!02:56
v33forget the porn, what about all the movies!02:56
v33well, im off to bed. good night guys02:58
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nogagplzsay they're personal projects you've been filming02:58
nogagplzcurse him02:58
frinnstcomeon, they will never believe v33 had sex02:58
frinnstholy fuck, i almost pissed my pants03:48
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Romsterfuck man that's hair raising.04:08
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Romsterthe truck driver would of been all oh shiiiiiiiii.... oh phew that was close.04:09
frinnstcan you imagine the pulserate you would have just after?04:31
aonthere's a video on youtube where some log of wood falls of a trailer and flies thru someone's windshield04:34
aonjust next to the drivers head04:34
aonthat ought to be quite thrilling as well04:34
Romsteryeah heart attack racing.04:36
Romsteri've had a few close shaves but that is really close.04:36
Romsteri bet the guy wasn't paying attention to the road and veered off the right too far and over corrected.04:37
frinnstyeah, looks like a snow-n00b04:50
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Ovim-Obscurum1Hello everyone.05:12
Ovim-Obscurum1Have you got problems with updating keyutils too? Seems like the md5sum has changed.05:13
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entebest put it in the bugtracker08:42
enteOvim-Obscurum1: ^08:43
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Ovim-Obscurum1I thought maybe one of you already opened a bug :)08:47
jaegerever since I updated to kernel 3.2.x on my workstation here at work, my keyboard sometimes doesn't work after a boot08:53
frinnstwireless logitech? :)08:54
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, it's one that uses the unifying receiver08:55
frinnsti had issues with that.. there's a new driver for unifying in the kernel and i couldnt get it to work at first08:56
frinnsti was missing something simple in my setup, cant remember what it was08:56
jaegerI can usually get it to work after swapping it to a different USB port08:56
jueOvim-Obscurum1: thanks for the report, I've compared the old and the new tarball, the old was the same but not bz2 compressed08:57
jaegerIt's not that I'm missing kernel options, it's that it sometimes doesn't register as a keyboard08:57
rmullMorning #crux08:57
jaegerIt worked perfectly with 3.1.5, something with the new separation of the dj driver in 3.2.x08:57
jaegermorning, rmull08:57
frinnsti think it was because i didnt have "/dev/hiddev raw HID device support"08:59
frinnstbut im not sure, can check in about an hour when i get home08:59
jaegerno worries, I know I have all the required options because I'm using it right now :)09:00
rmullSomebody was shot and killed in the park outside my apartment last night :\09:00
jaegerI just had to move it to a different port for some reason09:00
frinnstoh, strange09:00
frinnstrmull: ouch, where do you live?09:00
jaegersame thing happened friday, I moved it from the one it's in now to the one it was in this morning, heh09:00
jaegerstrange but not insurmountable09:00
jaegerIt's the Logitech K750, for reference, which is an awesome keyboard09:00
frinnstsomething with the usb-hub startup?09:01
frinnstinitialization crap etc09:01
jaegerperhaps, I don't know enough about USB to say, really09:01
jaegerI can say that the difference between when it works and doesn't is this line in the logs:09:02
jaegerlogitech-djdevice 0003:046D:C52B.0011: input,hidraw5: USB HID v1.11 Keyboard [Logitech Unifying Device. Wireless PID:4002] on usb-0000:00:1d.2-2:109:02
frinnstjaeger: nice, i use a illuminated keyboard, its awesome too09:02
jaegerIt prints all the other usb announce stuff every time but without the keyboard line it doesn't work09:02
rmullfrinnst: Boston09:02
jaegerI have the wired illuminated one at home :D love that one, too09:02
frinnstbut you prefer the k750? :)09:02
frinnst(please say no, or else i'll want one)09:03
jaegerI like the illuminated better, slightly, but I like both09:03
frinnstah, phew09:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: keyutils: new md5sum because of silent tarball update09:03
jaegerThe K750 is great because I never have to charge it and there are no batteries to replace09:03
frinnsti really dislike this wireless trend for input devices09:04
jaegerI don't use any of them at home but I admit I like the K750 keyboard at work :)09:04
frinnstits impossible to find a good corded mouse09:04
jaegerI wouldn't even mind if they were all wireless if they all worked like the K75009:05
jaegerI never want to mess with batteries or chargers09:05
frinnsti have a performance mouse mx at home, its awesome because the batteries can be charged with a micro-usb cable09:06
frinnstjust plug it in into the front of the mouse09:06
jaegerNot bad, though no cable would be better :D09:06
frinnstyeah, but at worst it turns into a corded mouse :D09:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jre: update to 1.7.0_0309:07
Ovim-Obscurum1"...because of silent tarball update"09:17
Ovim-Obscurum1jue: No problem - I'm glad that I'm not the only one who had that issue09:18
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entehmm... something cool about mailman is that you can get inside it easily12:59
enteand open a python shell in it's guts, and manage it from inside12:59
entethat's neat12:59
nogagplzeww, a stomach ulcer13:00
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joe9rmull, can you please take a little update to geda-git, pcb-git and gerbv-git. Also added gparts-git to the repo:
rmulljoe9: I'm not hosting any -git ports18:35
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Romsterrmull, i have gitolite setup if you want hosting, send me your rsa key if you want. then you can edit stuff yourself like nogagplz does now.19:07
rmullRomster: That's okay. I have git servers. I just don't feel that great about hosting a port that is susceptible to frequent breakage.19:10
Romsterdo it like this that way it'll stay on the commit you specify.19:14
rmullAre there any ports in crux proper that use "live" Pkgfiles?19:16
rmulljust out of curiosity19:16
Romstermake a snapshot tarball then host that somewhere.19:17
Romsteris the proper way19:17
Romsteroh and i was meant that git hosting rsa key to joe9 -_-19:19
Romsterracing back and forth between customers all morning...19:19
Romsterbecause they can't tell me what is not working. i test everything it's all fine then they ring up later and tell me what the actual problem is... when i ask them they have no idea.19:20
rmullCustomers are the worst19:21
Romsterdoes my head in19:21
jaegerThe worst part of anything is the people, usually19:24
Romsteri just want to work out the back away from customers.19:25
joe9is there something to remove all the old package files?19:36
joe9or clean up the /var/pkgmk directories19:36
Romsterprt-utils probably has a cleanup tool.19:36
Romsterthough i just use rm.19:37
Romsterthat's it i forgot the name of it.19:37
joe9prtsweep still leaves all the packages in the /var/pkgmk/distfiles and packages directories. Is there anything to remove the old package files?19:45
jaegerprtwash, perhaps?19:46
jaegercheck out the -p and -s options19:46
joe9cool, thanks.19:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bftpd: 3.6 -> 3.719:54
Romsterwell i'm back to work later.19:56
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joe9 prtwash -p -s /usr/ports/*/* did not remove the files in /var/pkgmk/packages or distfiles20:11
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jaegerMaybe it doesn't know about those vars in pkgmk.conf? I've never used it20:22
jaegeryou could submit a patch to the author/maintainer20:26
joe9is any other smart way of deleting the old packages/files in the directories of pkgmk.conf?20:26
joe9i think the files in these directories should go.20:27
joe9how do you do it?20:27
jaegerI run rm /usr/ports/packages/* :D20:27
joe9just nuke all the files in those directories?20:27
joe9good to know, thanks. will do that.20:27
joe9was not sure if that could cause any issues.20:27
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rmullI have an interesting one for you guys... well, two, actually22:22
rmullThe first is when I quit X. It might happen without starting X, but I haven't tested. After I'm done using X, I quit my window manager and return to the command line. At this point, if I walk away, eventually my screen will turn off. However, it gets to a state where everything is black but the tilde in my shell prompt.22:23
rmullThe second thing is when I exit from a terminal and get to my system login screen (no X). I can use the arrow keys to move the username cursor all over the screen! when I do this, typing in my username won't work22:24
rmullanyway, strange stuff, not at all harmful22:24
rmullgoing to bed, I'll check responses in the morning :)\22:24
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