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Romsterjoe9, i said earlier i jsut use rm.00:54
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Romsteri'm eating rabbit01:21
Romsterjaeger, and some customers are good, got some apple cinnamon muffins :D01:22
Ovim-Obscurum<- Playing around with GIT01:23
Romsteri do that pretty much everyday Ovim-Obscurum01:23
Ovim-ObscurumIt's completely new to me - looking forward to manage all my software projects with it soon.01:24
Romsteryou used subversion mercedeal monotone before it's similar.01:24
Romsterthough with git you only need the porcelain commands most of the time01:26
Ovim-ObscurumYeah seems to be very user-friendly and simple01:27
Romsternever used to be when it was more perl than c and lacking documentation and useful hints.01:28
Ovim-ObscurumThe last time I tried to use it with GITOSIS I misconfigured something :D Let's see how it will be this time :D01:28
Ovim-ObscurumOh, I thought the guys love documentation :D01:28
Romsterjaeger, has gitosis, i would recomwend gitolite thats what i got setup01:29
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Ovim-ObscurumAh okay01:30
Ovim-ObscurumIs it also working in combination with gitweb?01:30
Ovim-ObscurumBecause that's what I'd really like to offer.01:30
Romsterwell last few years they have been doing documentation and cleanups.01:31
Romsterat first it was all about using the thing so docs got neglected at first.01:31
Ovim-ObscurumAh okay01:31
Ovim-ObscurumAlways the same :D01:31
Romsteri haven't got gitweb to work on it yet or cgit.01:32
Romsterthat's my next step01:32
Romster very handy doc.01:32
Ovim-ObscurumOkay :)01:33
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Ovim-ObscurumBookmarked, thanks :D01:33
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Romsterhi jue01:36
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Romstercomputers all day i just wanna veg out now.01:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.4-rc2 -> 1.4-rc402:45
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rmullI'm getting xawtv package failures due to inability to find some headers (which exist in my kernel sources, but they don't seem to be on my system)06:42
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jaegerNo idea on gitolite but gitweb does work fine with gitosis07:48
jaegerNever used that07:51
frinnstgitosis sounds like a disease08:13
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joe9my crux system was working fine, till the latest prt-get update and I now have this message in my startx.log: su: Cannot drop the controlling terminal11:05
joe9x:2:once:/usr/bin/su --login joe --shell /bin/zsh --command='/usr/bin/startx -- -nolisten tcp' >>/var/log/startx.log 2>&111:05
joe9is what I always had in /etc/inittab11:05
joe9I am not sure what would have changed for su to error out with that message.11:05
joe9just wanted to check if anyone is noticing the same.11:07
jaegerIt's probably due to the changes to su itself, I'd guess11:07
jaegerI don't know the details but someone was talking about it a couple days ago11:07
joe9oh, really.11:07
niklaswejaeger: do you mean this..
jaegerwas related to shadow/su11:07
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niklasweoh then i paste wrong link.. looking in my logs :P11:08
joe9jaeger: or, should I just change my inittab to do this:
jaegerthat would be an option, I guess... though it seems overcomplicated to me11:09
joe9or, should I just install autologin?11:09
jaegerone of the gettys has an autologin feature that you could use, I do something like it for my XBMC machine11:09
joe9oh, really. can you please give me more details on how I can do that?11:10
jaegerlooks like the default agetty has autologin11:10
jaegercheck the agetty manpage, it's the -a option11:10
jaegerso you could tell agetty to login your user automatically on tty1, for example11:10
niklaswemingetty has autologin function11:11
jaegerthen in your user's bash dot files, you do something like "If I'm on the console, start X"11:11
joe9the /etc/inittab seems to use agetty.11:11
joe9I have agetty in mine.11:11
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.11:11
jaegeryeah, that's why I said "the default", it's the crux default in this case11:11
jaegerrunning the "tty" command will tell you what tty you're on11:11
jaegerif you're logged in locally it'll probably be /dev/tty1 or the like11:11
jaegerif you're sshed in it'll be something like /dev/pts/511:11
jaegersame for X11:11
jaegerso in .bashrc or .bash_profile or whatever, you could do something like:11:12
jaeger[ "`tty`" = "/dev/tty1" ] && startx11:13
joe9oh, ok, then everything in X will be a child of agetty, instead of init.11:14
jaegernot sure on that... I've only used that setup on my XBMC box, which is off most of the time11:14
joe9c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux11:14
joe9is what I have in my inittab.11:15
joe9does it help to increase the baudrate oslt?11:15
jaegerdoesn't make a lot of difference on the console11:15
joe9jaeger: what do you normally use with linux if you do not autologin? do you not use X on your working desktop machine?11:20
joe9just curious about your workflow when you start your desktop (if you use linux, I mean).11:21
jaegerI log in with my username and password and then run 'startx'11:21
jaegerThere's nothing about X that requires autologin, after all11:22
joe9ok, thanks. let me try the changes11:25
joe9will see you on the other side.11:25
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joe9jaeger: thanks, it worked. cannot believe that it is not used much more.11:29
jaegerWell, you might imagine in public workplaces autologin is not always desired11:30
jaegerAt home, though, it's of course whatever11:30
jaegerThere are of course other options; you could use slim or xdm or something similar11:30
jaegerThough I'm not sure if they support autologin, they do start X right off the bat11:30
joe9jaeger: they seem to be adding another layer of complexity and confusing things.11:31
joe9I wanted something simple that I could know what was going on.11:31
jaegerThe beauty of it is you can do it whatever way you want, pretty much. :)11:32
niklasweI think gdm has support for autologin.11:32
joe9and agetty -a is right up what I was looking for. I have the terminals started up anyway. why bother with another su -- in inittab11:32
joe9when I can use the getty.11:32
joe9is there any way to reuse the agetty for a terminal instead of using rxvt? or, is that a bad idea?11:34
joe9I mean other getty's.11:34
joe9agetty seem to be doing the same things as rxvt, atlest to my newbs' perspective.11:35
jaegerI doubt that's possible with how X works but I'm no X or tty expert11:35
joe9ok, thanks.11:35
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joe9I have this in my /etc/rc.conf: HOSTNAME=main, but, echo $HOSTNAME is blank and I also get hostname: Unknown host11:58
joe9in my startx.log11:58
joe9"c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty --host mymachine --8bits --keep-baud 38400 tty1 linux" .. also tried this in /etc/inittab11:58
joe9still the same message11:58
joe9but, "hostname" in the terminal gives me what was setup in /etc/rc.conf12:02
joe9got it, wrong shell script was causing it.12:04
joe9sorry for the bother.12:04
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jaegerhrm... thinking about buying another SSD today, tempting12:20
jaegerI guess I should wait for it to go on sale12:20
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joe9from amazon?12:53
jaegernewegg, though amazon undoubtedly has it as well12:54
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Romsterjoe9, see the crux ML jue said to pkgmk -kw util-linux-ng then use copy that su version to replace the system one until a new shadow version is out.15:57
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joe9romster, that's ok. I am not using that anymore. I think it is simpler to use agetty.17:23
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Romsterrmull, for xawtv i would sugest trying there git tree
Romsteror actually 3.102 version.19:50
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rmullRomster: I ended up not using it. Was gonna make sure my webcam was working but it turned out to be working anyway20:06
rmullthank you though20:06
Romsterwonder what happened to the attach file to flyspray20:06
Romsterwell sepen should fix it though.20:07
Romsterback to work later20:07
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