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Romstermorning/evening all.00:50
Romsterbusy day at work00:56
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frinnstgood morning :)01:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_03 (synced version with jre)02:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: subversion: updated to 1.7.302:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: subversion-bashcompletion: updated to 1.7.302:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: updated to 18.0.1025.3905:38
rinesanyone using postfix cyrus-sasl for smtp auth?06:41
frinnsti used to.. long long long ago06:45
frinnsti guess im not helpful? :)06:45
rinesfrinnst, it's an auth-problem. I absolutely cannot authenticate via PLAIN, LOGIN or whatever..06:51
rinesI tried it via telnet localhost 25 and plain but it fails (postfix 535)06:52
frinnstno clue, sorry06:52
rinesnp, thanks :)06:53
rineswill try it until it works!06:53
frinnstthats the spirit! :)06:53
* frinnst is upgrading production servers06:53
frinnsti anticipate breakage :)06:54
Romsterthey never upgrade without something breaking.06:56
frinnsti've done about 10 debian lenny upgrades to squeeze.. all in all, pretty painless06:56
frinnstfuuuuuuuuuuuu debian firmware crap06:59
Romsterspoke too soon <D07:06
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rinesfrinnst, no way to use cyrus-sasl; I'm using dovecot for auth now - works fine.07:48
frinnstyeah, thats what i use too07:49
rinesah, okay ;)07:50
rinesexim or postfix as MTA?07:50
rinesthat was my old setup :)07:51
jaegerrines: I use postfix and sasl auth for submission on one of my servers, yes08:32
jaegerIt's a debian box but it's postfix linked against cyrus sasl 2.108:39
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rinesjaeger, yes - I used cyrus sasl&imap + postfix on debian, too08:48
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rinesbut today I tried in on a crux machine...08:48
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jaegerWhat are considered junk files in perl modules these days? .packlist and perllocal.pod?08:58
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v33so apperently, flash will only be for chrome, on linux13:41
jaegerAll that means is that mozilla and whoever else will come up with a pepper implementation13:42
rmullugh, flash13:44
v33why not just use html5?13:44
v33im starting to hate flash lately. it keeps doing its own thing13:45
jaegerbecause browser makers have never agreed on anything in the past, why start now? :)13:45
v33because flash is being an a-hole13:46
v33rather adobe13:46
v33i read some article that flash stores some kind of cookie that you cant delete, and, its able to put your old cookies back and what not...13:46
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rmullv33: That would be Flash LSOs14:16
rmullYou can delete it - but not usually through your browser14:16
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v33rmull: yea, those little buggers. damn you flash14:32
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frinnstthe current netscape api is what, 20 years old?15:44
frinnstim sure they can come up with a better one15:45
frinnstalso, i bet it will be pretty open and "easy" to implement by mozilla15:45
frinnstthough i do share the "flash is crap" sentiments15:45
frinnstalso, google is crap15:45
v33except ubzl15:50
v33that one is cool15:50
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rmullI like xxxterm16:22
rmullbut it's really all just webkit and libsoup16:22
rmullfor all of those minibrowsers16:22
rmullnetsurf needs to get traction.16:22
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v33sup guys17:22
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rmull_Is the "xorg mouse/keyboard problems" clause in the //topic still relevant to anyone? I propose removal18:22
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jaegerIt still applies if you don't use evdev22:56
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