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Romsterok i'm biting i'm building lightspark00:22
nogagplzarethusa beat you to it00:30
nogagplzbut you go ahead too00:30
nogagplzI think it wanted llvm00:30
Romsteryeah installing llvm right now00:32
Romsteryeah but arethusa canm't add it to crux where i can.00:32
Romsterit'll be good to get rid of that binary flash, it does some freezing from time to time to the entire xorg.00:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.4-rc4 -> 1.4-rc500:41
Romstercrap man it needs pulseaudio00:50
nogagplzah forget it then00:52
Romsterunless i can trick it to not use that.00:54
nogagplzI couldn't see a switch in bsnes to disable pulseaudio, but uprooting it by hand sorted that01:00
Romsteryeah that's what i mena it probably looks for it but i'm hoping it'll jsut work with alsa without that wart.01:00
nogagplztoo bad bsnes wants gcc 4.6, too much pain01:01
nogagplzssnes uses the bsnes brains anyway, so no big loss01:01
Romsterah not really you can install gcc46 alongside system one but if it uses boost then that will not be fun. i can't bump mkvtools until we go to gcc 4.6.x either.01:02
nogagplzwhat happened with gcc4201:07
Romsternow that new glibc is out hopefully planning for new crux 2.8 may get underway.01:07
Romsterthat's around somewhere...01:07
Romsterin my romster repo01:07
nogagplzdid you finish it or still need to tidy it up01:08
Romstershould be right as is though it's not setup todo multilib no idea what it'll do.01:09
Romstermay compile for 32bit only.01:09
Romsteror actually it may just compile for 64bit only since it's not specified to do multilib.01:09
Romsterdo you need gcc42 multilib?01:10
nogagplzjust for an old wine for warcraft 301:10
nogagplzso 32bit would be fine01:10
Romsterwhich means you need 32bit i'll make a multilib of it.01:10
Romsterit'll take some effort i'll do it later.01:23
Romsterseems to not want to compile.01:23
nogagplzyeah not in any rush01:26
Romsterno config.log even to look at.01:26
Romsterhmm so far lightspark crashes no suprise there.01:57
nogagplzI think it can fall back to gnash if it's available01:58
Romsterhmm i don't have gnash installed.01:58
Romsteri'm still nto sure about xulrunner if it need the standalone one or it can use the one provided with firefox.01:59
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niklaswehmm have someone built perl DBI-module?07:10
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pitilloniklaswe: I have one at version 1.615 which should be bumped to 1.617. You can check at portdb if there are more08:12
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rmullHey, quick question. By which mechanism do the files in /user/include/linux get updated?09:21
rmullI have differences between the ones in my kernel sources and the ones on my system, obviously becuase all I do is copy out the bzImage when it's done building09:22
frinnstglibc owns those09:31
frinnstRotwang1: loool09:39
Rotwang1peanut butter jelly time!09:40
niklaswepitillo: yeah i saw that :)09:55
niklasweand I using it too :)09:55
joe9when will the next glibc release be?10:21
joe9I find that the latest mdadm release errors out with a c library issue.10:21
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.2110:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] dropbear: update to 2012.5510:43
juejoe9: IMO your mdadm issue has nothing to do with glibc10:45
joe9jue: what do you think it might be?10:46
joe9I have tried all the other options. The stack trace was from strdup oslt.10:46
juedunno, but as I've already written in my mail to you I'd suggest to report the error to upstream10:47
joe9ok, doing that now. thanks.10:50
juenp, I've reported another issue to Neil Brown in the past, he was very helpful and the bug was fixed soon after10:53
joe9jue: when you mean "upstream", do you mean "Neil Brown"?10:53
joe9 is the only website I get for his name and mdadm, and it is not connecting.10:57
jueyou can found the email address in the sources, neilb at suse.de11:08
joe9jue, thanks a lot.11:14
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v33sup guys16:28
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v33dont lie to me!18:14
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Romstertemperature 30C in my room20:12
nogagplzidiots next door smoking some shit20:18
nogagplzso it's flooding the houise with a nice breeze20:18
Romsterdamn that sucks20:18
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v33newegg is having a sale on ssd drives O.o23:56

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