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Romsterthen why was it listed under lucas on orphoned ports... makes  no sense01:10
Romsterand i never implied you picked it up jaeger i was implying why was it listed on the orphoned page when alan has it.01:11
v33group hug?01:12
juegood morning01:27
jueRomster: probably because Alan picked it up he but forgot to remove the entry from OrphanedPages?01:30
Romsterprobably so i did it for him01:33
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frinnstwow, 4ppl voted on my poll in the CRUX linkedin group!04:24
frinnstmassive activity04:25
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Romsternever used linkedin05:06
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frinnstyou're not missing much. but i need it for work06:32
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Romsterdidn't think i would be.07:00
Romsterbe like twitter can live without it.07:00
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Rotwangit would be interesting to have libreoffice port from source12:33
jaegeris it as painful to compile as openoffice was/is?12:36
RotwangI guess so12:37
Rotwangso maybe it is not such a great idea12:38
jaegerDon't let me stop you, I was just curious :)12:39
RotwangI'll think about it some more12:40
Rotwanganyway, I HATE MONDAYS!12:41
Rotwangusualy my mondays look like:12:41
Rotwanggo to work, smoke a cigarette, stand up, smoke, eat a breakfast, smoke, space out for about an hour, smoke, do some actual work12:42
Rotwangand then smoke12:42
tilmanlooks like somebody had a case of the mooooondays!12:42
jaegerthat's a lot of smoke12:43
tilmanRotwang: sounds like you're upper management material12:43
Rotwangdamn right!12:43
tilmani promised my coworkers to lend them my office space dvd for weeks12:43
tilmanand i constantly forget :/12:43
Rotwangoffice space rocks12:43
Rotwangbut you can't understand it fully if you never worked for a big corporation12:44
tilmanmmmmmh yeeeeaaaah?12:45
Rotwangwhy it says paper jamed, while there is no paper jam?12:47
Rotwanganyway, opera hires, some of my friends are already thinking about switching jobs12:52
Rotwangmaybe it is not such a bad idea12:52
Rotwangor ophera (not sure how it is spelled)12:53
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frinnsthaha, i love how michael bolton (awesome name) blasts hiphop in his car and when the traffic comes to a stop he turns it down as a black guy approaches13:46
tilmanfrinnst: PCLOADLETTR? what the fuck does *that* mean?13:48
frinnstyeah i need to bring office space to work. we usually spend about an hour in the morning drinking coffee.. this morning we watched nokias thingy from spain13:48
rmullThat sounds like a nice start to the day13:49
frinnstyeah, its epic13:49
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Rotwangcrap, LO links with different version of libpng that the one in the ports14:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libreoffice: 3.4.4 -> 3.4.516:41
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v33sup guys22:29
v33how are ya?22:35
jaegerWell enough. You?22:36
v33really sore. attempting to "get back" into shape22:39
v33eating healthy and all that jazz22:39
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