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Romstermorning pitillo01:15
pitilloyo Romster :)01:26
Romsterwhats happening this fine morning?01:30
nogagplzlots of heat01:30
frinnst <- look at these sunny pictures01:31
Romsterhot there nogagplz ? it's int he cool 20's C here01:31
nogagplz32 down from 3601:32
nogagplzand the humidity01:32
frinnstoh boohoo01:32
nogagplzthat's it frinnst, lets take it outside01:32
frinnstno, its too cold01:33
nogagplzoh boohoo01:33
Romsterwell you can still get a tan in the bright snow01:33
Romsterseems everyone got rain but me in this country01:34
nogagplzyou never notice it because your hair always catches it01:35
Romsteryeah but it drips off my beard01:39
Romsterman you should see my brother then you'll think twice. about my facial hair01:40
nogagplzI can see him any time I want01:42
Romsterreally now01:43
nogagplzyeah really01:44
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Romsterwas so hungry i cooked dinner the moment i got home, now i'm relaxing01:53
niklasweurk time for work :p01:57
Romsterhehe while i relax :D02:00
niklasweRomster: haha yeah :)02:02
Romster lucky person02:09
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entegood morning02:42
niklaswegood morning ente02:45
frinnstente ente ente02:46
Romsterguess it's work safe but crazy02:48
nogagplzthat punch02:50
Romsterand i thought the fans on the servers at work were loud
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niklaswehey guys.. a stupid questions.. how can i lock this packages.. contrib      cacti          0.8.7i-1  0.8.7i-PIA-3.1-1  , I have built my own cacti-packages and now when i running ports -d after ports -u it´s diff between versions... so my question is.. will it install the cacti-packages from contrib or leave my package alone =) ?03:08
Romsterlist your prtdir /usr/ports/niklaswe above all the others and don't enable preferhigher option.03:09
Romsterin prt-get.conf03:10
niklasweRomster: oh thanks alot =)03:10
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teK_prt-get lock cacti would do it, too05:02
frinnstRomster: sounds like the room next to mine06:27
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frinnstcitrix webinar \o/09:00
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