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Romstermorning pitillo00:42
Romstermorning aon thought i'd get in first this time, just got home from work00:43
aonhehe, i just got up00:44
aonleaving to britain today00:44
Romsterbe sure to rug up it'll be cold00:45
pitilloyo Romster :)01:05
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aonRomster: well not as cold as finland :)02:01
Romsterah not so bad then02:01
niklasweguys.. I cant found why Xorg dont want to start..
niklasweany idé?03:15
pitilloniklaswe: lspci to verify your graphics card? if it's right (intel), do you have the right kernel module (static) support?03:16
niklaswepitillo: yeah I have a intel 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)03:17
niklasweand module i915 is loaded03:17
pitillostrange then, it isn't detected by xorg (which seems right specified in your conf file) Did you get it working right or is it a fresh install?03:19
niklaswepitillo: it´s a fresh install03:20
pitilloniklaswe: up to date? or just a fresh install?03:21
niklaswepitillo: refresh xorg-error03:21
frinnstmay be some quirk with the driver? since its, i guess, "an odd piece of hardware"?03:21
niklasweyupp it´s up to date03:21
niklaswefrinnst: it´s an intel macmini03:21
frinnstand the dri driver loads without errors during boot/insmod ?03:22
niklaswefrinnst: yoo03:22
pitilloniklaswe: which kernel version?03:22
niklaswepitillo: Linux multi 3.2.003:22
niklasweI have try with the last 2.6.X kernel to03:22
niklaswewith same result03:22
pitillofb support?03:23
pitillomodsetting support in kernel?03:24
niklaswepitillo: yeah I have fb support in kernel03:25
niklasweand i dont have modesetting supported enabled in the kernel.03:25
pitillojust add it, I think it can be related then03:26
frinnstmodesetting might be related03:26
frinnstyou could alaways try to use the git version of the driver03:26
niklasweshould i disabled fb support?03:26
frinnsti would03:27
frinnstcan only cause trouble with kms03:27
niklasweokey, I will try to build new kernel then03:28
Romsteri think you need kvm for it to work kernel mode setting04:11
niklaswehmm why must I have kvm, isn't that virtualization?..04:26
Romsterkernel video mode i'm pretty sure the intel driver depends on that.04:29
pitilloRomster: as frinnst said, it's kms, kernel mode setting, you are mixing concepts if I'm right :P04:31
pitilloand that's why I asked about fb, if you enable kms, disable fb as frinnst said, I think that caould be your problem niklaswe, worth a try04:32
Romsteroh sorry kms kvm and the other terms i get mixed up in my head and to top it all off all the work stuff in my head as well, try not to confuse all that04:33
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frinnstniklaswe: progress?06:47
niklaswefrinnst: same as before :/06:51
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mike_kwhy don't we have SYS_GID_MIN/SYS_GID_MAX in /etc/login.defs? seems handy to use with groupadd/useradd in pre/post-install scripts09:20
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niklaswesweet :) now can I start X, but I dont have ny OpenGL support :(12:09
niklasweAnd i need that to run xbmc :P12:09
jaegerThat's progress, at least12:13
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niklaswejaeger: yeah, I wondering if I should install driver from intel instead of xorg-driver..12:17
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jaegerI would use the xorg-xf86-video-intel driver if possible but I don't know for sure12:36
niklasweyeah and it was the latest in ports to..12:36
niklasweI got this messages now.12:37
niklaswethats the last problem i got :P12:38
niklaswethen everything will work.12:38
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sepenRomster: Danny I need your help about FS#805 (xawtv)12:47
sepenhey niklaswe, your repo is it ok now?12:47
niklasweyupp :)12:49
niklaswety alot sepen ;)12:49
sepenRomster: well, patches are hard to see in your report, they don't have raw format, so do you have a link to the original place? and as a sidenote, you could just do $ git diff . > foo.gitdiff, and this file could be attached for better visualization in flyspray12:52
thrice`jaeger, have irc logs moved, by chance?13:02
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niklaswehmm I dont understand why it doesnt load  /usr/lib/
thrice`can you try just to start a window manager instead?  Or, do you get anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log  ?  could be kernel support missing13:09
thrice`eg. intel driver requires KMS to be in the kernel13:09
niklaswethrice`: when I starting and and running glxinfo |grep OpenGL I got this..13:26
niklasweand openGL support are enabled..13:26
niklaswebut I cant understand why xbmc saying it doesnt enabled..13:26
thrice`the X log will show, probably13:28
niklaswethrice`: I only found libglx loading (with gl in the name)..13:30
thrice`paste it?13:31
thrice`[  2898.616] (II) intel(0): [DRI2] Setup complete13:34
thrice`looks pretty fine :(13:34
niklasweyeah, but I stil dont understand why xbmc whining about openGL13:35
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frinnsttry another mesa3d?13:39
frinnstthe xorg-driver has nothing to do with 3d13:39
frinnsti use a git version of mesa3d since the one in xorg is broken with my card13:40
jaegerthrice`: technically they have not moved, just the URL was out of date.
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jaegerniklaswe: don't know if you sorted it already or not but from the xorg log it looks like GL was fine, as thrice` says14:04
jaegerthe "cannot open display" error looked more important to me14:05
jaegerlike the app couldn't find an X display, not GL14:05
niklaswejaeger: i have got it to work now..14:11
niklasweI rebuild xbmc and install xorg-xdpyinfo14:11
niklaswebut after I reinstalled xbmc it works..14:11
niklaswejaeger: so what are you doing then?14:32
jaegerI'm at work14:33
thrice`jaeger, ah, ok - sorry :)14:41
jaegerno worries14:43
Romstersepen, patches were from gentoo i can't find the attach file option in flyspray i could of swarn there was one before...16:06
Romsteri'm out of time getting ready for work16:07
niklaswehmm maybe time for bed..16:23
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v33sup guys18:27
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jaegerhrmm.... I wonder how much work it would be for me to install CRUX into a file on my NTFS drive and boot it via initramfs :P18:51
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jaegerProbably not worth the effort when a VM would do19:04
nogagplzdo it anyway19:05
nogagplzthen later on you can look back and be all like what was I thinking19:05
nogagplzand end up in a heavy depression, with alcohol making it worse19:06
jaegerI rarely drink, for what that's worth19:08
nogagplzdon't let that get in the way of a good hypothetical ;P19:15
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