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nogagplzafetrnoon pitillo01:12
pitilloyo nogagplz :)01:13
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Romstermorning pitillo evening nogagplz01:16
pitillohey Romster :)01:18
Romsterlong day again01:19
pitillobut less ahead to be on friday and smell the weekend :)01:20
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Romsteryeah weekend approaching \o/01:21
pitillomorroning sepen01:22
Romstermorning sepen01:22
pitillosure Romster, needed :)01:22
Romstersepen, still need help on xmltv or how ever it's spelled?01:23
Romsteri tried to patch it but found a newer version01:24
Romsterbut i dind't enable all the features as some caused asm errors01:24
Romsteron 64bit01:24
Romsterxawtv thats it01:28
nogagplznever been able to make xawtv work01:28
Romsteri should of rm-ed the patches before the diff01:29
Romsteri got that newer version to compile work is another question01:29
pitilloI got it working really well some time ago (32b and old crux version at home), better (perfoance) than mythtv those days01:31
eintopfI use a vdr backend for a pc01:31
eintopfyou can stream this on others pc. The different between mythtv and vdr is that vdr is livetv01:32
eintopfmythtv make some video processing and caching...01:32
pitilloRomster: if you have the error log paste it to take a look to it (may be I can make an idea about asm errors... I ate some in arm)01:32
eintopfyou can't zap01:32
sepenRomster: thanks but I've all the stuff ready at home, now I'm at office01:32
sepenRomster: anyways, I saw that those patches have around 6 yo01:33
sepenand compilation worked without them01:33
Romsteryeah i tried to patch the old version then i found a new url to a newer version01:33
sepencan't see the reason for why we need patches, any particular?01:33
Romsternope not on the newer one, i couldn't get the one in contrib to compile01:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpng: updated to
Romsteri'm not using that port but afer someone else said it wot compile i took a look at it01:37
sepenhey guys, which is the tool you should used to rotate logs? just I see that we have logrotate in contrib :P01:46
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frinnstoh.. the joy of windows errors04:44
frinnst"unknown error" asdf04:44
frinnstso helpful04:44
Romsterthat's what i deal with every day04:45
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Romster this is so weird some type of pardoly06:19
niklasweello, Is someone good on munin here? :)07:16
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tideiwohie all10:43
tideiwoam new to crux, and it's a nice distro10:43
jaegerGlad you like it10:44
tideiwoSpent the last 3 weeks copying Pkgfile scripts by hand; ports -u not getting through10:45
tideiwoShould have read the manual: httpup via a proxy working well now10:46
tideiwoNot behind a firewall10:46
jaegeroops, heh10:46
tideiwoConnecting from SA and every machine I'm using from here is timing out while atempting to connect10:47
tideiwoAny other workarounds I can try, apart from using proxies?10:48
tideiwoSouth Africa10:51
tideiwoSwaziland, to be more precise, but ISP based in SA10:51
jaegerPerhaps the ISP is blocking the traffic... if it works through a proxy but not directly there's got to be something10:52
tideiwoVisited the ISP; they are dumber than  I am10:54
tideiwoTheir official explanation is that 'Since you are trying to connect to a linux machine, our Windows machines are getting confused'10:54
tideiwohttpup works fine, so that will have to do, I guess10:55
jaegerCould they at least watch the traffic and see if it was blocked at their equipment?10:55
tideiwobeats having to copy files by hand10:55
tideiwoHighly unlikely10:56
tideiwoMonitoring by them, that is10:56
tideiwoRed tape10:56
tideiwotoo much red tape10:56
tideiwoApart from that, crux runs well10:57
tideiwotakes a bit getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, is simple enough10:57
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spaceninjaI've added Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false inside ServerLayout in xorg.conf. But it doesn't work, what have I missed?12:07
spaceninjaI'll try removing input-keyboard and input-mouse and install evdev12:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.1.2 -> 9.1.314:31
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-session: fixed deps14:58
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niklaswejaeger: there?15:56
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himynameisphilAnyone know what is up with crshd's httpup repository?22:38

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