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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.4-rc5 -> 1.4-rc600:21
Romsterjoe9, ghc done and a few others i've moved it to gitolite now should be easier than my older method to git push than what i was doing before.00:33
Romsterneed to setup gitweb yet00:35
prologicRomster, I am00:45
prologicstill in progress00:45
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Romsteri'll be keen on it on a new host i'm sick of my current one going down so much00:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libelf: initial import03:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: prelink: initial import03:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: include prelink for base address of core dlls to be set correctly, you do not need to run prelink manually03:39
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spaceninjaHi, I'm trying to run crux 2.7.1 in virtualbox, but I can't get the eth0 interface to work, it's the tg3 module. If I use the same kernel config doing a hard drive installation, the interface works, but not under virtualbox. I tried to virtualize crunchbang and it got the network working. So there must be something missing about virtualization maybe, I got virtualization compiled. What else might04:54
spaceninjait be?04:54
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Romsterhi spaceninja isnt' there the piix module?04:58
Romsterthe installer cd work on the net? modprobe the module lspci -k04:59
frinnsttg3 isnt a "default nic" in vbox05:00
frinnste1000 is probably more common05:00
Romsterah yeah or e100005:00
Romsterpiix i think was the old default.05:00
frinnstpiix is a ide-controller chip?05:01
Romsteroh it might be that.... nevermind..05:02
Romsteri don't touch virtual machines enough to remember05:02
frinnsti cant even select tg3 as a nic in virtualbox05:03
frinnstversion 4.1.805:03
spaceninjaIf I do lspci under virtualbox I get Ethernet Controller: Intel Corporation 8254OEM Gigabit05:06
frinnstyeah, so no tg305:07
frinnstbuild with e100005:07
spaceninjaYes, I have a eth0 interface now, thank you frinnst and Romster05:15
Romstereven though frinnst was more helpful in this case.05:17
spaceninjateamwork :p05:18
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BitPuffinwould the i686 work well on fairly modern x86 processors?05:23
frinnstfrom a pentium up05:23
BitPuffincore 2?05:23
frinnsterr, pentium pro05:23
frinnstuh, yes05:24
frinnstthere's also a 64bit build05:24
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BitPuffinI was gonna go with multilib but starting out it might be hard to use for a newcomer05:26
Romsternah not much different...05:26
Romsterjaeger, has an idea to fix that preferhigher issue too.05:27
BitPuffinnot that hard to avoid probably :)05:27
BitPuffinmy desktop doesn't let me boot off of usb pendrive :(05:28
Romsterstrange, sure your boot order in bios is set to look at a usb device before hdd05:29
BitPuffinI usually press f12 and select what I wanna boot on05:30
BitPuffingives me options like usb-cd usb-hdd etc05:30
BitPuffinnone seem to work05:30
Romsterusb-hdd should work05:32
Romstereven on flash usb05:32
Romsterunless your doing it wrong.05:32
Romsteror the mobo has a issues05:32
BitPuffinI'll try to figure it out05:32
Romsterelse use a cd05:32
BitPuffinjust getting tired of burning disks when I can just dd on to a pendrive05:32
Romstercd-rw :D05:33
Romsterbut yeah flash drives rule05:33
BitPuffindon't think I have any haha05:33
BitPuffinDo I have to install grub manually with crux?05:33
Romsterbut you can prt-get depinst grub, or is it on the iso to select in opt05:34
Romstermaybe on the iso05:34
Romsteri'm still using lilo :D05:34
BitPuffinlilo is kind of cool :D05:35
BitPuffinGuess I'm gonna try to compile 3.2.9 when installing crux05:37
Romster3.3-rc6 man how much longer is that going to be05:39
BitPuffinprobably not very long05:39
BitPuffinsince it's rc-605:39
Romsteryeah true05:46
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BitPuffinDefault crux is linux 2.6 isn'ti t?07:10
frinnstwell, i think some 2.6 version ships with the 2.7.1 iso, but you are free to use whatever you want07:35
frinnstthere is no "default" version07:35
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Romsteronly the version shipped on the iso but you don't have to use that one.07:55
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frinnstbtrfs is awesomely flexible08:31
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rineshi everybody! I've got a problem with current boost and blender08:34
rinesblender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:34
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rinesI think there's any dep I have to rebuild...08:49
rinesgot it :)09:02
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niklaswejoe there?13:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 2.1 -> 2.1.114:24
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BitPuffinis there a nice way to get the handbook in a printable format?15:50
teK_I printed it 'to file' with my browser, result was the pdf15:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libelf: commit the 32bit libelf footprint not the 64bit one15:52
jaegerThere's also a copy in text format in the ISO15:54
teK_which I still did not get around to test :\15:54
BitPuffinWould be nice to have it sort of like a book layout15:55
BitPuffinour own little handbook to support crux :)15:55
teK_thanks to our great sponsor there seems to be little need of financial goods to run CRUX15:56
BitPuffinCrux has a sponsor?15:57
teK_ runs our server15:58
BitPuffinswedish dudes15:59
teK_charlie is a quite nice guy15:59
BitPuffinWell it would still be nice to have a handbook15:59
niklaswehmm how should I fix this.. when I starting my macmini my sound it mute, and I must use rexima and change pcm2 to 100%. but I cant find pcm2 in alsamixer. :P16:02
teK_BitPuffin: hm dunno :)16:04
teK_niklaswe: are you running the alsa 'service' via rc.conf?16:05
teK_you should give it a try16:05
BitPuffinteK_, or at least a properly formatted text for printing16:05
niklaswe teK_ doh :P nope I will give it a try =)16:06
teK_you may have to start it before rebooting ;)16:06
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Romstersomeone inform rines that he is on a old boost version19:11
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jaegeruploading a new 2.7.1-updated ISO tonight, ETA 10 minutes21:57
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