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Romstermorning sepen pitillo01:22
pitilloyo Romster :)01:23
Romsterhmm cruxbot is missing just bumped webkit and midori01:26
sepenok, I'm going to see what happened01:27
sepenand thanks Danny I'll review those ports01:28
Romsterones in flyspray?01:28
sepenRomster: did you see that gst base requires ocr to compile? and you list orc as a dep01:29
Romsteryeah i'm pretty sure i've done all that already01:29
sepenRomster: yep, and your mail to contrib-admin, sorry Im gonna register the repos too01:29
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Romsteri've even managed to get a prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base-32 to work in multilib too.01:30
Romsterno rush01:30
Romsteri've just been pacing myself and doing what i can01:30
sepenRomster: yep, in those cases I'd like to announce it with a mail01:30
sepenit would be fine, no?01:30
Romsterthe changes to gstreamer?01:30
sepenwell, just new dep added, always I wonder that it would be fine01:31
Romsteractually how does all thht work you jsut add [foo] before the rest of the commit message and some hook sends out a mail?01:31
Romsterhmm if that's the case should send one out for wine too new dep prelink01:32
sepenyep, it will do for [notify] on core,opt01:32
Romsteri removed liboil and added orc to gstreamer01:32
sepenRomster: it is not a rule but imho it would be fine01:32
Romsteryou want to send a mail to the ML or you want me to post one?01:32
sepenteK_: what do you think about?01:33
Romsteri would imagine they would prt-get deptree once in a while and see missing deps.01:33
sepenyap, but prt-get sysup will fail01:33
sepenand that is an horror when more ports depends on01:33
Romsternot always that depends if the port fails with misisng dep or it jsut spits out a warning.01:33
Romsterand continues01:34
Romsteri'm pretty careful on what i list in ports and i test in a chroot.01:34
Romsterbut a mail wont go astray01:34
teK_I created a TODO for me to try to add an option to prt-get to check for new deps during an UPDATE and if configured accordingly install it automatically01:35
Romsterorc is more of a optimizer it'll compile without but being a single port and no other deps i added it.01:36
Romsteras for prelink on wine it'll compile without but it'll not work correctly with all programs. which is why i included it01:36
Romstera warning saying port has new deps if you want to install these for you use force?01:37
sepenRomster: both are ok to me01:37
Romsterelse install them manually with prt-get depinst foo?01:37
sepenteK_: yeah, or at least a wrapper for pkgmk01:37
Romsteri wouldn't force install without force option, since some may be removed for a reason01:38
Romstereg drop in replacment port of another name, that whole alias file for prt-get needs a alias directory in /etc/prt-get.d or something for ports to drop in an alias like all the mail ports.01:39
Romsteras i did start to echo lines to that file to do that but i got told for doing that in the past.01:40
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sepenRomster, like /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases ?01:41
Romsterprt-get.aliases.d/ ?01:42
Romstersomething like that for alias ports, then as a bonus the prtverify can be updated to read those and not spit out file conflicts for them such ports.01:43
Romsterso it has a few uses.01:43
teK_the config option scales :-)01:43
Romsterbut back to the original issue of new deps, on a sysup warn that there is new deps and yes/no to continue ignoring them or install them?01:44
teK_prt-get never asks questions01:45
Romsterwith a command line option/config option on there preferred preference01:45
Romsteror jsut spit out a warning: .... and continue01:46
Romsterusually user will see warning and scroll up to read it, then realize there needs some action taken.01:46
Romsteri dunno your the expert on the crux stuff i'm just a packager.01:46
Romsteri have far too many ideas for my own good.01:47
teK_better this than the other way round01:52
Romstermail sent01:55
Romsteri guess but it bugs most people.01:55
teK_screw most people02:00
Romsterso 24 hours from now for them for them two repos in portsdb to show up sepen?02:03
sepenjust read your mail this morning at 08:00, when I started to work02:50
sepen1:50h has passed02:50
sepenRomster: and just I got your mail marked as spam, x-spam said: "2.5 FREEMAIL_REPLY From and body contain different freemails"02:58
sepenneed a cup of tea, bbl02:58
Romsterspam damn that false positive.03:09
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frinnsti need to gather strength before I start messing with lotus domino03:18
frinnstfucking worst piece of shit software i've ever encountered i think03:18
frinnstrandom bugs with our backup software -> ibm support solution? use tsm03:19
teK_you mean $t$s$m?03:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mrtg: Updated version 2.16.0 -> 2.17.405:25
Romster SFW06:30
frinnstRomster: lol06:35
sepenhi jue06:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.1306:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3606:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: mlocate: update to 0.2506:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: btrfs-progs: update to version from git as of 2011-12-0106:52
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frinnstI can feel how my brain loses mass when i use Lotus10:03
sepenlol, cars or watches?10:07
teK_lotus notes10:09
sepenlotus 1 2 3 was worst10:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 3.0.1510:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libwnck: updated to 2.31.010:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: 'vlc: 1.1.13 -> 2.0.0'11:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: skipfish: 2.03b -> 2.04b11:10
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jaegerhrm... I am unable to get ffmpeg to record my system sound13:21
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v33hi everyone14:05
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frinnstbtw, anybody had any stability-problems with kernel 3.2.9?14:57
frinnstworks great on my desktop, but freezes up my hp microserver14:57
jaegerI haven't yet but only been using it for a day14:57
frinnstwonder if it has anything to do with the fpu fix they pushed in 3.2.814:58
frinnstoh well14:58
thrice`seems OK on my lappy :(14:59
jaegerno idea there, sorry14:59
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BitPuffinShould I add the boot to fstab?15:00
frinnstseparate /boot ?15:00
BitPuffinBoot has its own partition15:01
frinnstyeah, probably.. less typing when installing a new kernel15:01
jaegerIt isn't required but will make things easier for you15:01
frinnstyou could *not* automount it if you like15:01
frinnstnoauto or whatever the option is called15:01
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BitPuffinnot sure what to put on dump and pass15:02
BitPuffin(I'm kind of new to this)15:02
jaegerdepends on the filesystem15:02
jaegerif it's ext2/3/4, 0 and 1/215:02
frinnst0 and 2 probably15:02
jaegeranything else, 0 015:02
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jaeger1 for /, 2 for anything else in the pass field, pretty much15:02
BitPuffinWhat does that stuff even mean haha15:03
frinnstheh, debian installer added 0 1 on my btrfs root-fs on my laptop15:03
frinnstdidnt go very well :>15:03
jaegerthe dump field is used by dump(8), pass is used by fsck(8)15:03
jaegerfrinnst: oops, heh15:03
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jaegerIf you're not sure about dump, you don't need it and can set that to 0 for every FS15:04
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BitPuffinwhat about pass?15:05
jaegerWhen fsck checks filesystems it uses pass to determine the order15:05
jaegershould be checked before /boot, for example15:05
jaegerer, /15:05
BitPuffinwell then I probably did it wrong >.<15:06
BitPuffinswap has 0 pass / has 1 pass /home has 2 pass /boot has 2 pass15:06
jaegershort version: use 0 1 for / and 0 2 for /home15:06
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jaegeruse 0 0 for anything that's not ext2/3/415:06
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BitPuffinwhat about /boot ?15:08
frinnst0 215:08
jaegersorry, I meant /boot, typed /home15:08
BitPuffinokay, so home should be 0 2 too?15:08
jaegeryou can extrapolate from there15:08
frinnstjust as well15:08
BitPuffinSo basically my setup was allready well and good?15:08
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jaegercheck the man page for fstab as well, it has a section about those two fields specifically15:09
jaegeryeah, seems ok15:09
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BitPuffinNewb question alert: Is DAEMON=() Arch specific or should I use it in rc.conf in crux too for kdm?15:10
frinnstarch specific15:11
BitPuffinI see15:11
frinnstno idea how they do their scripts15:11
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BitPuffinDoes kdm go under services then maybe?15:11
frinnstyes, if you want it to start on boot15:11
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BitPuffinWell allright15:12
frinnstand assuming there's a script called "kdm" in /etc/rc.d/15:12
BitPuffinLove how the manual set rc.conf up to use  swedish layout so I didn't have to check how to :)15:12
BitPuffinYeah of course15:12
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frinnstyou also need to set the keymap for xorg15:14
frinnstbut i assume you run kde? should be tools for that15:14
BitPuffinNot running anything yet15:14
BitPuffincurrently termining around15:15
BitPuffin(chrooted because I'm installing)15:15
frinnstok.. well if you just want a simple displaymanager i suggest you take a look at slim15:15
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BitPuffinisn't slim a login manager15:17
frinnstwell, yes15:17
BitPuffinment to say something else?15:18
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BitPuffingrub-install command not found? w000t0t0g15:28
BitPuffinNow this is weird :(15:29
BitPuffinIf I reboot now I won't be able to entery my system, right? and there is no /usr/share/grub/ dir15:30
frinnstdont use grub.. you could use lilo temporarily15:31
prologicby default I think we ship with lilo still15:31
prologicyou'd have to install grub first if you wanted to use that15:31
BitPuffinokay so I have a boot manager allready if I reboot?15:31
frinnstand on the x86_64 iso only lilo is available on the cd15:31
BitPuffinusing multilib15:31
prologicvim /etc/lilo.conf15:31
jaegergrub isn't on the multilib ISO either15:32
BitPuffinAll I have to change is root= right? do I have to add the ones for home and all?15:33
jaegerboot= and root= need to be set properly15:33
BitPuffinand to add other stuff to the list? another image= ?15:34
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to
prologiconly one stanza is required15:34
BitPuffinI mean if I'd want to add the Windows installation too15:34
BitPuffinor a BSD15:35
prologicyou'd need to add another whole set - yeah15:35
prologicman lilo.conf15:35
prologicshould be an example of that int he man page15:35
frinnstmy win7 entry15:35
jaegeryou'd likely use other= for windows but yes15:35
frinnstchainloads the windows bootloader15:35
frinnstdunno if the boot-as entry is required with my setup these days15:36
BitPuffinI see15:36
BitPuffinsimple enough15:36
BitPuffinlol hex ):15:36
BitPuffinHmm is this file indentation sensitive?15:39
BitPuffinFatal: open /boot/vmlinux: No such file or directory, darn!15:42
BitPuffinI thought the installer installed the kernel though didn't it?15:43
jaegerno, it only copies the source to the installation location, you need to compile and install the kernel yourself15:46
BitPuffinoh, well damn15:46
BitPuffinthat's rough15:46
BitPuffinit's not even the newest so I guess I might as well get the newest stable15:47
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BitPuffinI guess that'd be wget ?15:47
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BitPuffinWell okay no that won't work since I don't have internet on the "chroot"15:50
jaegeryou can download outside the chroot and copy it in15:50
BitPuffinwell I odn't have internet there either15:50
BitPuffinguess I'm compiling this one and then compiling the other one15:50
BitPuffinNow how do I "Go to /usr/src/linux-2.6.35.x, configure and compile a new kernel." like the manual happily tells me to do lol15:51
BitPuffinwell going there is easy15:52
BitPuffinAlso just a quick newbie question, how do I scroll up and down from a CLI like this? I've never been able to figure it out when sitting in a terminal like this.. Since up/down arrows just show me earlier commands15:53
jaegerIf you've never done it before it's a matter of learning what modules you need based on your hardware15:54
jaeger might be a good place to start15:54
BitPuffinoh, well that was simple15:54
BitPuffinThanks jaeger!15:54
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v33can anyone recommend a simple audio player for crux?15:57
jaegermplayer, perhaps?15:58
BitPuffincli audio player??15:58
jaegerIt's more than just audio but you didn't specify15:58
jaegermpd/mpc might also interest you15:59
v33hm. ill check them out, thanks fellas16:02
BitPuffinI should move the kernel as /boot/vmlinuz right?16:05
jaegerthat's up to you. you can name it something else if you want, just make sure lilo knows where to find it16:06
BitPuffina-ha. Odd that it's not usually called linux16:06
tilmanBitPuffin: z as in compressed16:09
BitPuffinOkay so now it seems like lilo finishes, but it gave me two errors in the process16:13
BitPuffinpartition 3 on dev/sda is not marked active, partition type 0x82 on device 0x0803 is a dangerous place for a boot sector16:14
BitPuffinpartition 3 is my swap16:14
BitPuffinshould I worry?16:15
BitPuffinwell what should I do?16:17
tilmandouble-check your lilo.conf16:17
BitPuffinset the swap as boot >.<16:18
tilmankinda explains the error huh ;)16:18
BitPuffinNo errors, yay16:18
BitPuffinHaha yeah definitely16:18
BitPuffinNow it should be safe to reboot16:18
BitPuffinOr not16:19
BitPuffinFor some reason it tried to load GRUB when I don't even have that install anymore..16:19
BitPuffin( so it failed)16:21
BitPuffinguess lilo didn't write itself to the boot record16:21
BitPuffinwell shit..16:22
BitPuffinAny suggestions? :(16:32
BitPuffinGuess I reboot and start the installation cd and chroot in there again16:40
jaegeryeah, that's a good way... don't need to run setup again, just the chroot part16:40
BitPuffindo I need to mount things again?16:40
BitPuffinMust have been that I forgot System.map16:48
BitPuffinstill Grub error16:48
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BitPuffinI guess I need to do lili -M something?16:53
BitPuffinor wait, maybe lilo -A /dev/sda16:56
BitPuffinthat returned /dev/sda1 which I guess means that I have to do lilo -M /dev/sda116:57
BitPuffinWell okay.. That did remove grub. but it didn't add lilo >.< It just booted windows haha what the hell17:00
BitPuffinbrb carry some dirt around. Sorry for spamming like a maniac17:01
jaegerwhat are your root= and boot= ?17:01
v33how does one get magnetic links working with chromium?17:44
v33everything i read requires xdg-open or something17:44
BitPuffinjaeger, boot=/dev/sda6, root=/dev/sda717:53
BitPuffinI'm thinking it could be I have to run lilo after runnin glilo -M17:54
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BitPuffinNope that wasn't it17:58
BitPuffin jaeger Here's the whole file, not sure what I'm doing wrong :(18:03
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BitPuffinWell I guess I'm gonna have to fix that tomorrow, it's getting pretty late! Goodnight all18:19
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jaegersounds like BitPuffin needs to set boot=/dev/sda, putting that here for the logs18:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: scorched3d: 43.3 -> 43.3d19:15
Romsterlike jaeger said above.19:36
Romstershame about aufsbeing unstable.19:37
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