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Romsterevening nogagplz /morning pitillo01:28
pitilloyo Romster :)01:31
Romsteranother day another dollar, sometimes i wish i had something more interesting.01:33
pitilloless to be on friday :)01:44
niklaswegood morning01:44
nogagplzoh no it's niklaswe, pretend you're busy!01:45
niklaswehow are you nogagplz ?01:47
nogagplzwhat's happening01:47
tilmanwhaaat's happening?01:48
tilmanoff to work to drink some coffee01:48
niklaswe=) cya tilman01:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sox: 14.3.2 -> 14.4.003:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.7.11 -> 0.1003:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: netpbm: 10.56.00 -> 10.57.0006:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: 20120107 -> 2012021007:12
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frinnsthaha tilman, nice reference07:55
frinnsti bet you held a cup of coffee when you said it07:55
frinnstand leaning against a cubicle07:55
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rmulljaeger: md5sum mismatch on opt-x86_64/flash-player-plugin08:44
jaegertell the maintainer :)08:44
rmullSorry, can never decide which party to inform08:46
jaegerIt's always the maintainer08:46
jaegerthey maintain the port :)08:46
rmullI don't know his IRC nick08:46
rmullFS it is08:46
jaegerNot all maintainers use IRC but that's why we have FS, yeah08:46
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jaegerwith that said, have you removed the file and downloaded it again?08:47
frinnstits me08:47
jaegerthe flash upstream likes to replace the file without renaming it sometimez08:47
frinnstbut its not a md5sum error08:47
frinnstyou have the old tarball in your cache08:47
rmullI do08:47
frinnstremove it and try again08:47
rmullWhy is that required?08:47
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frinnstbecause the tarball has the same name between versions08:47
frinnstblame adobe08:48
jaegerbecause the ports tools can't tell when the upstream file has changed unless its name changes08:48
jaeger(well, unless the name in the Pkgfile gets changed by the maintainer)08:48
rmullOkay. Sorry for the noise :)08:48
rmullI blame flash!08:48
jaegerI blame adobe for lots of things, heh08:48
frinnstjust do a pkgmk -c08:48
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tilmanfrinnst: "what would you do if you had a million dollars?" "i'll tell you what i'd do. two chicks at the same time" :D11:38
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Guest61403Anyone on?11:46
thrice`does your client not show a list of people?11:47
Guest61403It does. Although this the first time I've used mIRC. I wasn't sure if people were active.11:48
Guest61403I came here to ask a few questions about Crux :P11:49
jaegerLots of IRC users leave their clients connected even when they're not around so sometimes you won't get any response because people are away11:50
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jaegerIf you're patient, though, you can say something and people who are away will see it later11:50
Guest61403I'm minecraft administrator for a server and I'm running MineOS crux.11:51
Guest61403Here's an example on having problems with11:53
Guest61403root:~/ $ cd /usr/games/minecraft/addons11:53
Guest61403root:addons/ $ ./mbstring.sh11:53
Guest61403-su: ./ Permission denied11:53
Guest61403I'm not even sure where to begin to troubleshoot this issue.11:53
thrice`not really CRUX specific, but scripts need to be +x, or to be run directly from a shell11:53
jaegerstart with ls -l mbstring.sh11:53
jaegerit's probably not executable as thrice` says11:54
Guest61403So I have to be local not through ssh?11:54
jaegerssh is fine11:54
thrice`by shell, I mean "/bin/bash"  or so11:55
Guest61403 so I need to move the scripts to /bin/bash? Then try to execute the script.11:56
jaegercheck the chmod manpage for more info ("man chmod") but you like need to either run "chmod +x" and then you can use "./", or "bash" instead11:56
jaegerno, he means you would run the bash shell with as its argument11:56
jseGuest61403: NO, don't.11:56
jaegerthe simplest thing if you're not familiar with shells and permissions would be to run "chmod +x"11:57
thrice`just that if you expect to execute something directly, it needs to be permissioned as such.  if you don't want to make it executable, and it's a shell script, you'll have to use bash as a binary to call it11:57
jaegerafter that your "./" command should work11:57
Guest61403mk i will try that.11:58
Guest61403Thank you guys. I'm still fresh to Linux. No time to learn like the present :)12:02
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jaegernp. lots to learn if you're interested in linux, though if it's just for a game server it could be overwhelming12:03
Guest61403I'm just new to the command line instead of a GUI. I use Linux distribution for computer repair but that's pretty much straightforward :P12:05
jaegerfair enough12:05
jseNo time like the present to get acquainted with the fine command line.12:06
jseGUIs come and go, but the shell is an institution onto itself. :)12:06
tilmanthe shell is forever12:07
Guest61403Basically the reason I chose Linux crux is because it can be slimmed down to a really small RAM footprint close to 35 MB. Plus the port system.12:11
enteGuest61403: if you're looking for small RAM footprint, try musl rather than glibc12:13
enteI wonder how much it helps12:13
enteI also wonder if it's packaged at all12:14
thrice`doesn't sound like a very good recommendation, then :>12:14
enteswitching libc on a live system seems hairy though :-)12:14
jseente: it might but it's too early to mention that. Gotta learn to walk before you can run.12:14
entethrice`: it's new.12:14
entejse: true12:14
thrice`'try this thing out to replace the most important package on the system, but i'm not sure if it works, or is even available"12:15
enteit works12:15
entethrice`: there are many things that work but aren't packaged in crux12:15
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jaegermight be a good thing to play with if I can manage to get a raspberry pi12:15
entejaeger: I'd guess you'd need to make an ARM port first :-P12:15
jaegerI would imagine it's already been done or at least is underway12:16
jaegerGenerally if I have an idea, someone else has thought of it first12:16
enteI don't have any arm-hardware, but it can't be too hard... musl is fairly portable, and doesn't contain too much assembly12:16
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Guest61403Well, yeah I'm still crawling here :P this part of the MC server I run mysql database. So long as it has a port or package for that, I'll consider it for the future.12:17
jseraspberry pi is definitely getting hyped recently.12:18
jaegerI plan to get one once they're more available12:18
entejse: raspberrypi seems to be good, affordable hardware12:18
jaegerthe initial release has been pretty shaky12:18
entebut yeah, it seems like many clueless people get one12:18
entemaybe it can popularise arm, which still seems to have some toolchain problems...12:19
enteI heard rumours about gcc miscompiling on ARM12:19
jseSimply said it's getting hyped and a lot of press, never said anything about whether it works or not. :P12:19
entebut they are rumours12:19
enteplease don't yell at me for hearing about them12:19
jsegossip and rumors ftw...12:19
jaegerThey do work quite well, plenty of articles and videos out there if you're curious12:19
jseSurely more and more tutorials and guides will show up the longer the raspberry pi is out and being used.12:25
jaegerente: lists an ARM port already,for what that's worth12:26
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entejaeger: ah, nice12:48
enteI remember something12:48
enteI should stop talking12:48
entesorry folks12:48
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Romsterhmm since when do computer repairs not get there hands dirty in command line, have i been missing something with the newer generation?15:47
Romsteroff to work layer guys15:50
nogagplzyeah you have15:56
nogagplzit's called a gui15:56
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dougmenckenhi :)17:00
dougmenckenI'm not deciding where to move from sinking debian vessel - to something like T2 or to CRUX17:00
jaegerI'd recommend trying it in a VM if you can, easy way to find out if you'll like it17:03
dougmenckenjaeger: can you call any VM for my arch?17:04
jaegerI don't understand the question17:04
dougmenckenI suppose even maconmac has been died a lot ago17:04
dougmenckenjaeger: I'm not on x8617:04
jaegernot sure there, sorry17:04
nogagplzI have crux going on my G3, haven't touched it in a bit though17:05
jaegercruxppc has recently been discontinued, I believe17:05
jaegerlast month17:05
dougmenckenI heard about CRUX from yaboot mail list; and that CRUX does well support powerpc machines17:06
dougmenckenjaeger: oh17:06
dougmenckencan I read about it somewhere? and... why?17:06
sepenyou could try crux from a chroot too17:07
dougmenckenchroot is just tty, maximum ncurses17:07
sepenyep but you will get a first impression about how it is17:08
dougmenckenwow, found it, , first link in google17:09
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dougmenckenDue a lack of active developers, modern hardware and resources after nearly ten years i'm sadly going to suspend the CRUX PPC GNU/Linux project. It's not a full switch off but future updates 'll be discontinued and, anyway, not ensured.17:10
dougmenckenThu, 16 Feb 201217:10
dougmenckenI can give you an ssh login to mine dual core 2.3 GHz 970MP with 16 GiB DDR2 RAM and a lot of storage 2x1TiB SATA2 drives17:11
dougmenckenI can share my knowledge, I'm building my own distro ,
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dougmenckenlack of active developers, modern hardware and resources... so?17:15
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dougmenckengmp-5.x: ABI=mode32 is broken  << what does it mean? I'm using gmp 5.0.2 w/o any problems17:19
dougmenckeninside 32-bit restricted chroot, yes17:20
dougmenckenbuild commands -
dougmenckenhmmm, my package management system says: available version of package 'gmp': v5.0.417:22
dougmenckenlet re-check it17:22
dougmenckenwho is the main powerpc guys on your side?17:26
dougmenckenacrux ?17:27
dougmenckenping, acrux17:27
dougmenckengmp: all tests passed, 32-bit ABI17:30
dougmenckenI think that's why debian curve is now going up: , cause, for ex., CRUX ditched it17:38
dougmenckenuploaded the full build log >>
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jaegerdougmencken: sorry, was driving home... but there was an email on 2/15 about it to the ML18:05
Romsterif i had any PPC hardware i'd pitch in too.19:22
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