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Romstermorning all00:56
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Romsterhi niklaswe02:33
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frinnsti haaaaaaaaate lotus domino03:23
frinnstonly in australia..03:30
Romsteryep we are so awesome.03:34
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Romsterpretty freaky but the spiders need to escape the floods too.03:42
Romster work safe04:07
frinnstholy fuck04:11
Romsteryeah an ad but a really good done one04:11
Romsterhad me fooled04:11
frinnstheh, me too04:11
Romsteryeah i was jsut looking at a sweet ass motherboard...04:14
Romsterif only i had the monies for that04:16
Romsterman wish i could get net at these prices and speeds
frinnstlooks expensive04:30
frinnstmy isp offers 100/100 in pretty much all cities except in mine04:30
frinnstonly 100/1004:30
frinnstwe also had to wait for the 10->100mbit upgrade04:30
Romster i'm confused about this.04:31
frinnstprice translates to 44.636826 AUD04:31
Romsteri'm paying 79.95aud for 1500/258 kbps speeds04:32
Romsteralthough now i see a $%0 plan on adsl2+unlimited i'll move to that soon04:32
frinnstconfused how?04:32
Romster"Under the proposed settlement order, Toshiba will receive all of the productive assets needed to replicate Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' position in the desktop hard disk drive market.04:33
Romster$50 plan on adsl2+ seems i hold my shit key too much there.04:34
frinnstI assumed toshiba bought the hitachi hdd manufacturing thingy and the ftc will not allow wd to retain anything from it?04:34
Romsterbeats me that's why i'm confused.04:35
Romsterso why is wd buying it?04:36
frinnstwell hitachi does do other storage than hdd's04:36
RomsterThe FTC requires WD to sell off the parts of *Hitachi* that make desktop drives to a competitor (Toshiba) before completing the acquisition of Hitachi.04:39
Romsterbbl some work in winblows to do04:48
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teK_ /205:09
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niklaswegaaah i really hate rsyslog right now..07:35
Romsterfunny enough i'm debating to try nxlog07:35
niklaswe:) oj07:36
Romsterbut then again if we wait long enough for Lennart Poettering and Kay Sievers to make a binary syslog replacment ;P07:37
niklaswethe problem I have is.. when i Drop package on one of our rsyslogs server it stop too logging on the other one two..07:38
Romsterthat's odd07:38
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Romsteri liked how i had socklog but i think that will only work with the init i was using before i went back to stock crux.07:42
niklasweI have local0.* @@<remote logserver1>07:42
Romsteryou had everything in messages but then auth and other files had the filtered logs for them specific things.07:42
niklaswelocal0.* @@<remote logserver2>07:43
Romsteroh you have a circular loop?07:43
niklasweand it logs to both server, execpt when i drop packge on one of the servers..07:44
Romsterif that is even possible i haven't tried remote logging.07:44
Romsterwhich package are you dropping?07:44
niklasweIf I drop every package from client1 on rsyslog-server1 it stop logging on server2.07:44
Romsteri have a hunch your talking about packets07:45
niklasweoh yeah I mean packets :)07:45
niklaswesorry dude07:45
* niklaswe slaps himself07:45
Romsterso it's not falling back to the second log.07:45
Romsterdon't be so hard on yourself <<07:46
niklasweAnd if I remove the iptables rule it start to logging on both machine again.07:46
Romsterwhat rule is it exactly?07:46
Romsteryou dropping by port or by ip?07:47
niklasweiptables -A INPUT -s <client ip> -j DROP07:47
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Romsterok by ip then07:47
Romstershoulnd't affect second log i wouldn't think07:48
Romsterisnt' iot 1 @ not two on local0.* @@<remote logserver2>07:49
niklaswe@ = udp @@ = tcp07:49
Romsteroh wasn't aware of that since i've not used that feature i just saw the common syntax to use udp.07:50
Romsterhave you tried with UDP?07:51
niklasweRomster: yes I have, but then I got problem with losing logs instead :P07:52
Romsterbut does it block both when you drop one of them IPs?07:52
niklasweyou mean when i used udp ?07:53
Romsterthat would at lest narrow it down to there tcp or rsyslogd configuration/bug07:53
niklasweI thinks it more that i have configure something wrong..07:53
Romsterignoring the missing messages lost packets does it do the same behavior as tcp does?07:54
Romsterall i see is adding multiple lines to point it to the both locations.07:54
Romsterdropping one host your sending the log too shouldn't block it to send to the other.07:54
niklasweI have try to copy the whole configuration and paste in again so i got two blocks, but I got the same issues.07:55
Romsterall i can suggest is reading over this
niklasweI have already look at that site :)08:02
niklaswethe problem is that I cant understand _why_ it blocks on both for me... even when I have make two blocks..08:03
Romsterni other ideas other than misconfigured or a bug.08:03
Romsteri could understand one level having higher priority than another rule and not send out both. as the first match wins.08:04
Romsterif it works that way it'll go out the first and the second one wont get a thing.08:04
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Romsterniklaswe, why are you not using the newer rsyslog-ng ? or you are? fi you are using the one in core then you might find this interesting
niklasweRomster: this machines doesnt running crux :P08:10
Romsteroh ok...08:10
Romstergood luck to them, i find renting is cheaper :D08:15
frinnsti perfer to rip my own...08:16
Romsterwell ones i own i do that too08:16
Romsteri only buy dvds that i really enjoy.08:17
Romsterhalf the stuff i watch is a letdown disappointment08:17
niklasweRomster: If you will have a look on the configuration (client)
Romsterbut some i think are gonna be average turn out to be good08:18
Romstersorry niklaswe doens't look obvious and i'm very tired now and should get to bed, you could try setting up a local one in a chroot or VM to test.08:22
niklasweRomster: hehe okey np :)08:23
frinnstniklaswe: should work.. thats pretty much how our confs look08:24
frinnstwhat are you forwarding to? within the lan?08:25
niklaswefrinnst: server1 in 192.168.1.x server2 192.168.2.x and the net can speak with each other..08:27
frinnstbut you lose packages with UDP?08:27
frinnsti smell coffee08:27
jaegerIt doesn't sound like a networking issue08:28
jaegerIt sounds like the syslog software is designed that way08:28
niklaswefrinnst: nope, I lose logs with udp.08:29
frinnsti should probably read the backlog08:29
jaegerIf I understand the scenario, machine a and b are logging to c, then machine a is blocked via iptables from c, and machine b's logging gets dropped as well08:30
jaegeror machine a is logging to b and c, then a is blocked from c and b fails08:31
jaegerwasn't quite clear on that08:31
niklaswejaeger: yeah08:31
frinnstand even with udp?08:31
frinnstnevermind randomly losing log entries08:31
niklaswewe dont use udp, because then we lost logs08:32
frinnstyeah but to debug?08:32
jaegerIt might be worth figuring out why UDP didn't work properly08:33
frinnstwhat distribution is that? i dont see any $ModLoad in the config you posted08:35
niklaswefrinnst: thats because i missed that when i copy it.08:35
frinnstah, ok08:35
niklasweI missed they two first line.08:36
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niklaswewhen i have local0.* @@<ip> it doesnt want to connecto to rsyslog-server..08:54
niklaswemaybe it´s time to go home instead..08:54
frinnstwell are all firewalls open for udp traffic?09:23
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.3.510:36
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v33moring everyone11:16
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Rotwangwhat happened to vlc gui?14:17
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