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niklaswegood morning02:28
niklaswehow are you folks?02:33
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fakerootIs there a way to install CRUX from usbstick?03:04
fakerootOr usb cd drive?03:06
teK_the new iso (2.7) should be hypbrid but I don't know for sure03:07
fakerootDd, w32-image-writer and unetbootin installation ends with non-possible mount in /.tmp/.media.03:08
frinnstdd should work03:15
niklaswefakeroot: yes, I have done it and it works.. just dd if=crux-image of=/dev/usbdisk03:15
fakerootBut it doesn't. Well, it does if we would like to put iso on usb.03:15
fakerootThe end-effect is, that kernel doesn't see any usb devices and cannot mount this usbstick.03:16
frinnstwhat hardware are you trying to install on?03:16
fakerootSamsung NP-N150 netbook.03:17
fakerootUsbstick is standard A-Data 16GB USB 2.0 stuff.03:17
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frinnstwhats up Jessica_Lily, given up coffee?09:23
frinnstso quiet these days09:23
Jessica_Lilyim getting angry at technology :P don't mind me09:26
frinnstgod im bored.. watching a progressbar09:44
rauzme too, i think it's time to go home09:47
frinnstoooooo, almost completed10:01
frinnsthow exciting!10:01
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rmullfrinnst: You lead a wild life10:11
frinnstscrew it, im going home10:13
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entegood idea10:56
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tilmanfrinnst: nah, i wanted a svenska apan11:23
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frinnst"svensk apa"11:52
frinnstclose though :)11:52
tilmanfrinnst: fucking indefinite(?) article12:06
* tilman hides in shame12:11
frinnstget lost12:11
eighty4frinnst: what's a svensk apa?12:13
frinnsta swedish monkey12:14
eighty4except there's no swedish monkeys...12:14
frinnstyou're chatting with one12:14
tilmaneighty4: "monkey" isn't to be taken literally12:14
tilmaneighty4: beings who descended from monkeys count as well12:14
frinnst insane12:15
eighty4one of those maybe?12:16
eighty4in that case I guess I'm one as well12:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: psycopg2: update to 2.4.412:21
frinnsteighty4: hah, nice tune12:25
eighty4frinnst: he's the best tech quy musichina (who the fuck do you spell that? musiker) I know of12:26
eighty4*how the12:27
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eighty4evening Rotwang12:34
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jaegerRotwang: one of the vehicles you can get in Saints Row 3 is a VTOL jet, I love parking it in the middle of the street :)13:18
Rotwangjaeger: is it based on gta?13:21
jaegerNot based on but it's a similar style13:24
RotwangI could say by looking at gameplay videos13:24
Rotwangvery similar, it is like someone made gta sa 213:26
Rotwangwhich is cool13:26
RotwangIf I had better pc, I'd probably play13:26
nogagplzsr3 is pretty short though13:39
nogagplzsad when it ended so abruptly13:39
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Rotwangbtw. what happened to vlc gui?13:53
jaegeryou're gonna have to be more specific, heh13:56
Rotwangjaeger: before update vlc had a gui13:56
Rotwangnow it doesn't13:56
jaegerIt does for me13:56
jaegerperhaps you're missing a lib13:56
Rotwangwill see13:57
Rotwangthere is qvlc executable14:03
jaegerboth vlc and qvlc bring up the gui for me14:04
Rotwangfor me just qvlc14:06
niklaswegood evening14:18
niklaswehow are you jaeger ?14:20
jaegerreasonable, too14:21
niklaswenice :)14:27
niklasweI really hate all msn program for mac... they sucks14:27
jaegerNever used one, myself14:29
niklaswehehe okey :P14:31
niklasweso are you work or home?14:31
niklasweokey :) doing something fun or just usually stuff?14:38
jaegersome of both14:39
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