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sdidinner time02:18
niklasweit´s coffee time for me here =)02:27
fakerootHere too.02:30
niklaswefakeroot: =) nice02:34
niklaswewhere do you live?02:34
fakerootWell, to be honest, I must say there is always a time for a good cup of coffee.02:37
rauzor a good cup of tee02:41
niklaswefakeroot: hehe well thats true. :)02:41
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mike_k_nick mike_k07:26
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mike_kRomster: please have a look at:  I think cgit port could be left as is (just fix the source url as in
mike_kmmm, checking the installed git version seems redundant though07:29
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niklaswemmm beer :D08:10
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dougmenckenacrux: ping!14:20
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dougmenckenwho can talk about crux on powerpc except acrux ?17:15
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joe9what is the equivalent of cdrecord for crux?19:16
joe9prt-get search cdrecord -- says no matches found.19:16
joe9ok, thanks.19:16
joe9which is better? wodim or cdrkit? I am trying to recard a livecd to cd?19:17
jaegerwodim is part of cdrkit19:17
joe9thanks, found it.19:17
jaegerburning CDs is nothing special, though, any program that can do it should be fine19:17
dougmenckenlosing a cd is a pain19:36
entewho burns CDs? it's 2012... :p19:49
entelast time I burned a CD, it was because I didn't know PXE19:50
dougmenckenente: hey, say that you don't listen vinyl19:51
dougmenckendo you have a turntable?19:52
enteI was kidding :P19:52
entethere are legitimate use cases for cds..19:52
enteand yeah, I have a turntable19:52
joe9ente, what is pxe?19:52
entejoe9: netboot19:53
dougmenckenintel-only  stuff for hackers to make you boot your machine with their os19:53
joe9oh, ok. I was trying to upgrade a m/c from debian to ubuntu. some issue grub, does not even recognise the disks.19:53
entewell, other architectures support netboot too19:53
entelike MOP on a VAX19:53
joe9burning a livecd to install grub19:54
dougmenckenbut not the sadistic one, like PXE19:54
entePXE isn't that bad19:54
dougmenckenopenfirmware does a cool netboot support; and it can't be done *without* user acceptance19:54
enteof course, there's BIOS involved, so yes, it's bad19:54
dougmenckenunlike PXE, which doesn't ask for user's ack19:54
entebut it kind of works.. and saves me from burning a new CD every time they release a new $distro19:54
entedougmencken: PXE also only happens if the user configured it in the bios boot order?19:55
dougmenckenente: depends on BIOS; some of them do prefer PXE over everything other, and this can't be changed19:56
dougmenckenthis is common for corporate workstations, for example19:56
dougmenckenonly hardware firewall can save you19:56
dougmenckenthe problem is to bring it over all these checking systems19:57
dougmenckenbut you must know your rights: nobody can *force* you to use windows, and to be logged on active directory19:57
dougmenckenit's violation of constitution19:58
dougmenckenjust say it for boss; he wouldn't like to give you million of bucks, so he will accept it19:58
dougmenckenoops, sorry, I'm not on #windows19:59
entegood to know, anyway20:04
entenetbooting is useful; PXE security concerns aside20:04
dougmenckenwith the confirmation of user - yes20:05
dougmenckenyou can't boot other one's machine, even it's a corporate hardware20:05
dougmencken(without his acceptance)20:05
dougmenckendata is the most important thing, not software; software is just a tool to make data20:06
dougmenckenand the same data can be made using a lot of different sftware20:07
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