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niklaswehmm should setup xen or not..03:28
platif you know how to do read one more blog and hands to work :P03:32
platwhy not03:32
platis sunday !!!03:32
platits sunday !!03:32
platmy kernel is compiling atm03:32
platwhat is your kernel version niklaswe03:33
niklasweI using kernel 3.3.0-rc2 :)03:34
niklasweand you ?03:34
platthat the version of crux i download03:34
niklasweplat: why thats wired..03:34
platshould have the most recent kernel compiled03:34
plator not03:34
niklaswethat´s default kernel on crux install-image03:35
niklasweso thats not wired.03:35
plati have to upgrade one of this das03:35
platwhere you from niklaswe03:35
niklaswe.se03:36 here03:36
platnice meeting you ^^03:36
platwich bootloader do you use03:37
niklasweIm using lilo03:37
plator text03:38
platlilo boots faster03:38
niklasweI using prompt (default color)03:38
platcan  you paste me your lilo.conf03:38
platin pastebin please03:38
niklasweplat: my lilo.conf look the same as default in crux03:39
platbut your is prompt03:40
platdo you mind i take a look at it03:40
niklaswepthen i must reboot :P03:41
niklasweI using windows right now:P03:41
niklaswebut just add prompt03:41
niklasweand timeout=5003:41
platokie tks03:42
plati wait03:42
platright ?03:48
Romsteryes that's right03:49
Romsteryou need the right disk controller FS and partiton type compiled into your kernel as well03:50
niklaswegood morning Romster03:50
Romsterhi niklaswe it's evening but morning niklaswe03:50
niklaswehehe okej :) it´s morning here in .se :)03:51
platappend="quiet", "vga=791"03:51
platis this well declared ?03:51
RomsterPIC is really bugging me on some ports, can't link some stuff atm trying to find the offending port but so far no luck03:52
platis it ?03:53
Romsterso tempted to add -fPIC to my CFLAGS about now.03:53
Romsterplat, look at a example03:53
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Romstersomethingi said?03:56
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plati had to reboot04:15
platbefora i reboot04:28
plathow can i see if the lilo.conf is working proprelly04:28
plati got a output saying Added cruz *04:28
plati got a output saying Added crux *04:28
platIs it enough ?04:28
platis boot=/dev/sda04:29
plator boot=/dev/sda104:30
niklasweplat: boot = /dev/sda04:33
niklaswegaah I cant find where to enable xen in the kernel...04:38
niklaswethis is fucking annoying..04:38
plathow do i clean grub from mbr04:42
plati just did a try installed with lilo and grub says error 2704:43
niklaswenow I found it :)04:43
plathehe gz04:43
niklaswewhen you have complie your kernel, and fix your lilo.conf then just run lilo04:44
Romster boot=/dev/sda root=/dev/sda<partition number>04:47
Romsterniklaswe, type / then xen or something to search for.04:47
niklasweRomster: I did that, but I couldnt find XEN_DOM0 (boolean) :P04:48
niklaswebut I have found it now so.04:48
Romsterplat, this may sound stupid but make sure you got the boot flag on your root partition set too.04:49
plataye its up04:49
niklaswegz :)04:51
platis it needed to enable reiserfs support in the kernel05:02
plati dont find it05:04
platit was enable by default05:07
platin the manual says05:14
plat# Copy sample file05:14
plat# cp /boot/grub/menu.lst.sample /boot/grub/menu.lst05:14
platbut there is no such thing05:14
platas menu.lst.sample05:14
Romsterit's even in the hand book hmm05:16
Romstersample config05:17
Romsterjyst make a new file for menu.lst05:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: 1.4-rc6 -> 1.405:40
platgive me a link of a crux example grub.conf05:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cgit: remove git version check05:47
Romsteri don't run it sorry i can only show you some random site i've found with a search engine.05:47
Romsterto lazy to move to grub when lilo works fine for me.05:48
platif i get append="quiet"05:53
platcan i have another append05:53
platfor example05:53
Romsterjsut tack it on the same line with a space.06:01
Romsterin grub06:01
Romsterappend="quiet vga=ask"06:02
Romsteri'm pretty sure that's the right way but i could be wrong.06:02
platRomster, i'm getting a jfs error06:05
platsomething like that cannot mount root06:05
platbut if i enter trought the cd06:05
plati can load the system06:05
plator /dev/sda3/06:06
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platKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)06:09
platdoes anyone know how to solv this errror ?06:10
platsomeone please pastebin a working lilo.conf06:14
platand fstab working as well06:15
platpaying 100euros06:15
platand a dinner06:15
joacimyou probably forgot to build your prefered filesystem into your kernel06:17
plati dont know mate help me06:18
tilmanhe just did06:18
platit says prefered file system in menus ?06:18
platwhat is the name of the menu in kernel06:39
platto select the prefered filesystem06:40
platkernel user space relay suport ?06:42
platim able to boot with cdrom but im not able to boot with the lilo06:45
plati think i got it it was loaded in the kernel as a module06:48
platnot as a *06:48
plati think it will bot this time06:48
Romsterprt-get fsearch menu.lst.sample , /boot/grub/menu.lst.sample , Found in /usr/ports/opt/grub06:50
Romsteri said earlier make sure they are compiled in and not as a module too.06:50
Romsterhmm what happened to cuetools ? did sepen drop that port?06:57
Romsteryeah he did and now i have a use for it.
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platim strugling07:31
platwith grub07:31
platcan make it load07:31
platyou use grub or lilo Romster07:31
platmy grub is allways panic saying please append a correct root=07:32
Romsteri use lilo07:43
platCode maturity level options  --->07:53
plat      [*] Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers07:53
platFile systems  --->07:53
plat   Pseudo filesystems  --->07:53
plat      [*] /dev file system support07:53
plat      [*]   Automatically mount at boot07:53
platcant find07:53
platnone of them07:53
platpseudo filesystem i find it07:53
platautomatically mount at boot i cant find it07:53
Romsterwhat kernel are you configuring?07:55
Romsterif it's 3.x it may not need that option anymore if it can't be found.07:56
Romsterare you certain you compiled in the correct disk driver for your disk controller? using jfs? tjat07:56
Romsteris that compiled in as well07:57
Romsterdid you edit /etc/fstab correctly to07:57
platim using reinsfs07:57
Romsterthen i can't see why your having so much trouble.07:58
platme neitherr07:58
Romsterlspci -k double check you have the correct driver compiled in *07:58
Romsterbe sure it's the sata controller and not pata. provided your using sata.07:59
Romsterand don't just enable all of them and be sure to not select the generic one as i've seen that conflict with the specific model driver in the past.08:01
Romsterin all leave it come back to it later and the issue is usually so obvious that you so missed it.08:01
Romsteranother option is boot a live cd or something and lspci -k on that if you can't coax it out of crux.08:02
plati have a amd08:19
plathp pavillion08:19
platits giving error again08:19
platwhat the path for grub.conf08:36
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platboot = ext2 ?08:44
platyes or no ?08:45
platmke2fs is the same as mkfs.ext2 ?????08:47
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dougmenckenacrux, ping!12:18
dougmenckenwhat happened to acrux? I'm trying to contact him for a week12:18
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dougmenckenno info on google; ; you dropped powerpc, and nobody knows about it12:27
jseOh really? Go to the crux ppc site and look at the first news item.12:33
dougmenckenjse: it is only two lines on crux ppc site12:34
dougmenckenwhere are apologies and an alternative? where to ask? where to complain?12:34
jse/dev/null always listens. :)12:34
dougmenckenit doesn't12:35
dougmenckenjse: better tell me how to reach acrux12:35
dougmenckensome mail list maybe?12:36
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ROKO__how can update ports tree with prt-get14:40
ROKO__in prt-get manual cannot find option for tha14:41
ROKO__in prt-get manual cannot find option for that14:41
jse'ports -u' is the way.14:42
niklaswegood evening :)14:48
niklaswefrinnst: that was cheap ^^14:49
ROKO__and what driver must be loaded for pcnet32 lan ?14:50
ROKO__AMD 79c970 (PCnet32 LANCE)14:50
niklaswelspci -k14:51
niklaswei think it is ne200014:51
ROKO__pcnet32 is driver14:52
ROKO__what are DE in crux14:52
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ROKO__does way upgrade installed packages from binaries not from source ?15:59
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jseThe vast majority of ports are compiled from source.16:08
ROKO__just asking16:11
ROKO__i'm also use source distro (calculate linux)16:12
ROKO__gentoo based16:12
ROKO__in crux i not found something like /etc/make.conf16:12
ROKO__for gcc optimizations16:12
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jseCould swear this characte has been here before.16:14
joacimall sorts of characters come to this channel16:18
jseGoes without saying hehe.16:18
frinnstwell, not everyone speaks english16:19
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* niklaswe yawn16:32
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joacimnight man18:00
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