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joe9what is the recommended way to build an initramfs image in crux? i cannot see the dracut package.00:14
joe9i am trying to build an initramfs image for grub2, root on raid1 & ext4 filesystem.00:14
joe9boot and root are on the same raid1 & ext4 filesystem.00:15
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ROKO__some of packages failed to update01:11
ROKO__../src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c:22:31: fatal error: netlink/genl/genl.h: No such file or directory01:13
ROKO__compilation terminated.01:13
Romstertesting it in a i686 chroot01:13
ROKO__make: *** [../src/drivers/driver_nl80211.o] Error 101:13
Romsterjoe9, this would be a good start i have busybox in my romster repo.01:15
Romsterbe sure to copy the mdadm.static file to your initramfs as well and the necessary lines to assemble the raid mount it and switch_root01:15
RomsterROKO__, =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/wpa_supplicant#0.7.3-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.01:18
Romsterworks for me.01:18
ROKO__Romster: for me not01:18
Romsteryou sure your system is up to date?01:18
ROKO__and that's why i'm asking01:18
Romsterports -u ; prt-get diff01:18
ROKO__ports are up to date01:18
ROKO__prt-get diff show me only wpa_supplicant01:19
ROKO__installed 0.7.3-1 and available update 0.7.3-201:19
Romsterprt-get update -fr libnl then retry01:19
Romsterprt-get fsearch genl.h01:20
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/libnl:01:20
Romster  /usr/include/netlink/genl/genl.h01:20
ROKO__package libnl is not installed01:20
Romsterthere's your problem :D01:20
Romsterinstall it.01:20
ROKO__or crux problem, i think he must installed is as dependency01:21
ROKO__will install01:21
Romsterprt-get deptree foo is also handy t runwhen you hit them missing files errors sometimes there is a new dependency added.01:21
ROKO__Romster: what desktops are available ?01:22
Romsterit's usually announced on the mailing list when a port gains another dependency too.01:22
Romstersearch on
ROKO__i found only xfce01:22
ROKO__but cannot find meta package01:23
RomsterDE's only xfce4 as far as i know but there is many WM01:23
Romsteryou need to add the xfce repo to /etc/ports/ and a line in /etc/prt-get.conf01:23
Romsterif you want to use xfce01:23
ROKO__i allready have added01:24
ROKO__but there isn't meta package ?!01:24
ROKO__i run prt-get install xfce4 but install only xfce4 package, not all xfce packages01:24
Romsterthere should be.01:25
Romsteryou did it wrong you need to use depinst01:25
Romsterpkgrm xfce4 ; prt-get depinst xfce401:25
Romsterinstall only installs one port depinst installs the entire dependency tree then that port.01:26
Romsterthat's probably where you went wrong with wpa_supplicant too.01:26
ROKO__okay running01:26
ROKO__for wpa_supplicant i don't know01:27
ROKO__just do prt-get sysup01:27
ROKO__and go to bed01:27
ROKO__and again failed ..01:28
ROKO__couldn't download udev-175.tar.bz2 404 Not Found01:28
ROKO__what we make with broken links ?01:29
Romsterif you were sysup you wouldn't be needing udev01:30
ROKO__prt-get sysup01:30
ROKO__System is up to date01:30
Romsterthat file exists
ROKO__download manual ?01:31
Romsterthat's what the path in core/udev should be at.01:31
Romsteryou can but it shouldn't be necessary the path is correct.01:32
ROKO__for me it trying to download from
ROKO__where not found01:33
ROKO__hm problem package is gudev01:35
ROKO__that cannot be installed01:35
Romsteroh you said udev -_- okay let me see01:35
ROKO__need to fix Pkgfile i think01:36
Romsteryeah point it too
Romsterfor now and i'll report it on FS.01:37
ROKO__do i need to do something after making changes in Pkgfile's ?01:38
Romsterusually need to do pkgmk -um01:40
Romsterbut it should be the same file so shouldn't need to do that this time around.01:40
Romsterjust start the prt-get depisnt xfce4 again01:40
Romsterand it'll continue where it left off.01:41
ROKO__gudev installed but01:42
ROKO__another 404 error are there ..01:43
Romsterwhat is it now?01:44
Romstertesting xfce4 build in a chroot but i most likely have most of the distfiles for it now.01:45
ROKO__hm broken i-net connection now work01:46
ROKO__at this moment only gudev is broken01:46
ROKO__that should be fixed by crux team01:46
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ROKO__[CRUX]Linux CRUX-2.7.1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Mar 11 22:46:57 UTC 2012 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux01:49
Romsterthat's not many xfce/ deps for xfce4 hmm01:51
ROKO__Romster: i have some another questions..01:51
Romsteri've submitted a bug report to the maintainer for gudev01:51
ROKO__64bit crux does provide 32bit libs ?01:51
Romstermultilib does.01:51
ROKO__how can set console locales01:52
Romsternot pure 64bit though01:52
ROKO__what gui login manager can use there01:52
ROKO__i tryed with localedef01:53
ROKO__but locale still POSIX01:53
Romsterany one that exists in or make the port to your favourite01:53
Romsterwhat does locale report?01:53
RomsterLANG=en_AU.utf8 for me.01:54
ROKO__i run01:54
ROKO__localedef ru_RU -f UTF-8 ru_RU.utf801:54
ROKO__and then check with "locale"01:54
ROKO__and see01:54
ROKO__only POSIX01:54
ROKO__not ru_RU.utf801:54
Romsterypu probably need to logout and back in or open a new terminal to see the change at a guess01:55
ROKO__i doed that and LANG="POSIX"01:55
Romsteror it may only work after a reboot.01:55
ROKO__and after reboot have not changed01:56
ROKO__i tryed that allready01:56
Romsteradd export LANG=... to /etc/profile01:57
Romsterten it'll select that on next reboot, you can also run that on the term to make it work as that for now.01:58
Romsteror you can add it to ~/.bashrc if you only want yourself using that locale.01:58
Romsterin that later case logging out and back in will do it.01:59
ROKO__there does terminus-fonts ?02:00
Romstertakes a bit of learning on crux but it's worth it02:00
Romsterprt-get search fonts02:00
ROKO__not in list02:00
Romster might be old versions though02:01
Romsterjaeger would be a good one to use he is active02:01
Romsteri'd recomend adding his repo file to /etc/ports and prtdir /usr/ports/jaeger to /etc/prt-get.conf below all the other prtdir lines.02:02
Romsterthen prt-get depinst console-font-terminus02:02
Romsteralternatively start your own collection somewhere in your home directory in some directory and add that to prt-get.conf02:03
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ROKO__Romster: that is good point, but first need to learn some thinks in crux02:04
ROKO__i will going to breakfast02:05
ROKO__then maybe back here02:05
ROKO__and will msg if problem happen02:05
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Romstermorning pitillo rauz02:17
rauzmgn Romster02:20
pitilloyo Romster :)02:22
Romsteryo niklaswe02:45
niklaswewazup Romster ?02:46
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Romsterhacking at qt402:53
Romstermaking a 32bit version for multilib but i've found some issues that should be put in qt4 in opt too. once i'm done with this02:54
niklasweRomster: hehe okey :)03:11
Romsteryeah i dig deep sometimes.03:15
niklaswehaha yeah :P03:16
Romsterqmake build system is really different to the other stuff.03:20
niklaswehmm qmake? is that specific for qt or?03:30
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ROKO__i find about multilib but have only for old crux 2.504:33
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ROKO__and there no xfce for x86_64 ?04:52
Romsterit uses the same xfce repo04:55
Romsteryeah that wiki article is old don't use that one.04:55
ROKO__multilib iso is complete iso right ?04:57
Romsteryou need to add a few additional prtdir to prt-get.conf though.05:10
Romsterother than that it's the same installation routine as the i686 one.05:10
ROKO__and not dangerous when upgrade glibc gcc05:16
ROKO__if they have updates05:16
Romsteryou can add all from core/ on the iso05:21
Romstermight breaks some stuff, but a simple recompile of broken ports will get them working again.05:21
ROKO__in multilib iso have installed glibc 2.12.2-2 and available in ports 2.12.2-105:26
ROKO__does it downgrade when in ports is older than installed ?05:27
Romsterthat's the revision number of the port.05:38
Romsterdon't need to worry about that the revisons of x86_64 and multilib may not match05:38
Romsterit will downgrade when you use pkgadd -u05:38
Romsterto add each port off the iso05:38
ROKO__so with ports will not problem if i understand you right05:40
Romsteryou need to boot off the iso, mount your root FS at /mnt, cd to the core ports, for p in *; do pkgadd -r /mnt/ -u $p; done pkgadd -r /mnt/ glibc-32* use chroot-helper to chroot back in rebuild your kernel enabling 32bit support, recompile reinstall, rejmerge merge stuff that you need or don't need to merge. being careful not to lose your settings. reboot.05:42
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joe9romster, thanks.08:42
joe9is it possible to install crux on a system with amd processor08:48
joe9this is what the manual says: "Packages on the official CRUX ISO image are compiled with optimization for i686 (Pentium-Pro/Celeron/Pentium-II or better) processors. Do not try to install it on an i586 (Pentium, AMD K6/K6-II/K6-III) or lower processor, since it simply will not work. To install CRUX on an i586 system you need to download the i586 version of the CRUX ISO image. "08:49
joe9not sure if there is a different way to install it08:49
joe9i have a system running another linux distro. I want to migrate it to crux. Any suggestions on how I can do that?08:50
joe9romster, would i have to use the iso cd? is there any way to overlay a crux install on a running system?08:51
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joe9when grub2 can read the raid-1 filesystem, what is the need for an initramfs image?10:26
joe9jaeger: just curious on why you are not using grub release :grub-1.99~rc2.tar.gz?10:31
ROKO__hm there is and gnome repo10:32
ROKO__but a bit older gnome 2.24.310:32
pitillojoe9: 1.99-rc2... release candidate which isn't a stable release10:36
joe9oh, ok. did not know about that.10:37
joe9it came out an year ago and I assumed that it was stable.10:37
pitilloROKO__: sure the maintainer will be happy if you can provide patches, if you get a newer one up and running well. You can contact him directly to ask about a newer version (if there is work on progress)10:37
joe9Romster: quick question, why is your busybox compiled dynamically? doesn't static make it easier/simpler?10:44
joe9i could copy the libraries. but, just wanted to check if there was any particular reason that you went the dynamic way.10:45
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: bash: update to 4.2.2411:32
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: grep: update to 2.1111:32
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: vim: update to 4.3.47011:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnuplot: update to 4.6.011:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gvim: update to 7.3.47011:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: new source URL11:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg123: update to 1.13.611:32
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ROKO__pitillo: i can try but11:51
ROKO__no guarant11:51
ROKO__hal wtf11:53
ROKO__there have and hal ?11:53
ROKO__but is broken11:53
frinnstscrubbing btrfs = joy for the whole family12:10
frinnsttotal bytes scrubbed: 2.52TB with 0 errors12:11
*** SiFuh has joined #crux12:15
joe9frinnst: why btrfs and not ext3 or ext4?12:15
frinnstwell, mostly for fun12:16
frinnstbut its very flexible. I had some storage issues when one of my old drives died.. had to migrate data off and btrfs allowed me to grow this volume in a nifty way12:17
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joe9need some advice, please. I am trying to create a simple initramfs image to startup my raid-1 root partition.13:56
joe9I am using busybox.13:56
joe9i notice that the busybox built my romster's package is dynamically linked.13:57
teK_bb has a make menuconfig style configuration which allows for static linking (iirc)13:57
joe9I could copy the executable, but, I think parsing the contents of ldd and copying them might prove to be a pita.13:57
joe9yes, I have built the busybox with --static linkage13:57
joe9but, I am wondering how I can package that into a script.13:58
joe9I want to take romster port and then add the --static flag, build it and use that executable.13:58
teK_sed(1) the config file13:58
joe9so, that I do not have worry about the script getting old and it will follow romster's port.13:58
teK_there should be an option for static building13:58
joe9LDFLAGS="--static" make13:59
joe9for static build13:59
joe9teK_: yes, I can sed it to add the flag.14:00
joe9teK_: i am wondering what would be a better mechanism to do the whole thing in a script: "1. copy romster port, 2. change the Pkgfile, add the --static flag, 3. build it., 4. use that executable."14:01
*** lasso has joined #crux14:01
joe9I could have cd'ed to romster's port and use -eo to just extract the source.14:01
teK_I'd try to source romster's Pkgfile and overwrite the build() function14:01
joe9but, the source directory has a version info in there14:01
joe9teK_: that is smart, thanks.14:02
teK_maybe. You're welcome14:02
joe9teK_: i am trying to visualize how that would work. 1. create a new port directory, 2. in the Pkgfile, source the Pkgfile of romster's port and have a custom build function, with a different executable name14:04
joe9in the new port directory, the .manifest and .footprint would be symlinks to romster's port files.14:05
joe9teK_: is that how you expect it to work?14:05
teK_different executable names will give you footprint mismatches14:06
teK_I'd go for a simple sed(1) first14:06
teK_i.e. sed ... romster/busybox/Pkgfile; cd there; pkgm14:06
joe9ok, thanks.14:07
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joe9 looks like I painted myself to a corner14:37
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:43
pitillojoe9: if you are using other's Pkgfile as templates, try to respect the Packager var, I think that's a polite way of doing things if they are similar... (I haven't seen Romster's Pkgfile and their differences) And verify your Pkgfile at line 11... you are trying to enter an invalid directory14:43
joe9pitillo: i agree and I cannot figure out how to use the custom $PKG14:44
joe9I know that the $name-$version is wrong.14:44
joe9and have no idea how to make it work. i think I backed myself into a corner her.14:44
joe9pitillo: from your experience, wondering what you would recommend for something like this.14:45
joe9i want to piggyback of romster's busybox port.14:45
pitillojoe9: cd busybox-$version...14:45
joe9pitillo: that is simple and smart. feel stupid.14:47
joe9thanks for that.14:47
pitillojoe9: your $name var is busybox.static (which I don't know why you don't use name-static or name_static, which seems more homogeneous with other's ports instead of that way with dots)14:47
joe9pitillo: ignorance.14:47
joe9pitillo: will change it to busybox-static14:48
joe9and mdadm builds a exe called mdadm.static14:48
pitillojoe9: just take a look to other's ports to take ideas, and official repositories to see how things are better done14:48
joe9pitillo: i felt it would be a good idea to keep the port name and the port executable to be the same.14:48
pitillojoe9: it's your port, feel free to use the name you like, and do things as you want :)14:49
joe9pitillo: i want to do the right thing. i just saw the mdadm and used the dot. will change to -.14:50
Rotwangjoe9: you want probably: CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS"14:51
Rotwangor CFLAGS="$CFLAGS"14:51
pitillojoe9: check mdadm port and it's name var, and you'll see that it builds a static binary and its name is mdadm without the "dot.static", btw, there are no mdadm shared linked alternatives to make the difference in the name14:52
joe9pitillo: just trying to understand, file /sbin/mdadm says that it is dynamically linked.14:53
pitillojoe9: and what about mdadm.static?14:53
joe9Rotwang: file /sbin/mdadm.static14:54
joe9/sbin/mdadm.static: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, for GNU/Linux 2.6.27, stripped14:54
joe9sorry, for pitillo.14:54
joe9Rotwang: mdadm is jaeger's port14:54
pitillocheck the footprint and you'll see that mdadm port builds both versions14:55
pitillojoe9: mdadm seems an opt port maintained by jue14:55
joe9jue: re: mdadm port, rotwang noticed that it should be CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS"  or CFLAGS="$CFLAGS"14:56
joe9pitillo: so, it should be busybox-static=name and busybox.static = executable?14:56
joe9do you recommend that?14:56
pitilloshould, could, ... I would use busybox-static for the port name, as I said I think I've never seen a port with a dot in the name (or I don't remember one atm)14:57
pitilloand if it builds the executable as busybox.static, it's fine in that way14:58
joe9ok, cool. i am doing that.14:58
pitillobut you can do whatever you want... it's a private port and this is CRUX :)14:58
pitillonp. It's time to cook and take dinner here, have fun :)15:01
enteand alu3and deisinfectional alcohol15:01
entewrong channel15:03
joe9this is my Pkgfile:
joe9error :
joe9pitillo: any thoughts, please?15:16
joe9i think prt-get greps the file for version info unlike how pkgdd or pkgmk use the Pkgfile15:29
joe9 verbose log of prt-get15:32
niklaswegood evening15:33
joe9niklaswe: can you help me with a prt-get issue?15:37
joe9 verbose log of prt-get15:37
joe9this is my Pkgfile:
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niklaswejoe9: have you try to build it with fakeroot pkgmk -d and and see if you can build it at all?15:41
joe9niklaswe: it builds fine.15:41
joe9it just fails when installing.15:41
*** y3llow has quit IRC15:42
joe9i think when prt-get searches for the version in the Pkgfile, it greps the file15:42
*** y3llow has joined #crux15:42
joe9and does not source the file for info.15:42
niklaswejoe9: you dont have version variable in your Pkgfile15:43
joe9i know. I am sourcing it from busybox Pkgfile.15:43
joe9I want to piggyback romster's busybox port15:43
joe9niklaswe: does that make sense?15:43
niklasweand you can add the package with pkgadd ?15:44
niklasweif I was you I should build it from scratch with own version..15:44
*** y3llow has quit IRC15:44
niklaswejoe9: and  try to add it with pkgadd first and see if you can install it with that..15:45
*** y3llow has joined #crux15:45
joe9 yes, I can.15:45
joe9I can add the package with pkgadd.15:45
joe9niklaswe: i just do not want to keep changing the version whenever romster changes his version.15:46
joe9does that make sense?15:46
niklaswesudo pkgadd /var/pkgmk/packages/busybox-static\#1.19.4-1.pkg.tar.gz15:46
niklaswelpkgadd: package busybox-static already installed (use -u to upgrade)15:46
joe9yes, because i installed in the line above that.15:46
*** y3llow has quit IRC15:47
joe9this is with -u15:47
joe9works fine.15:47
*** y3llow has joined #crux15:47
joe9it is just that when I run it with prt-get, it does not see the version info.15:47
niklaswejoe9: have you try something like this..15:50
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:50
niklaswegrep ^'version' path/to/romster/busybox/Pkgfile|cut -d'=' -f215:50
niklasweI dont thinks thats correct way..15:51
joe9can I put that into the Pkgfile?15:52
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:52
Rotwangit is so terrible15:52
joe9something like version=`grep ^'version' path/to/romster/busybox/Pkgfile|cut -d'=' -f2`15:52
joe9Rotwang: any ideas, please?15:53
Rotwangcan't you make just your own port? without those kind of hacks?15:53
RotwangI mean without sourcing another pkgfile15:53
joe9Rotwang: i can. but, i will be bumping the version numbers for each of these ports. and for my initramfs, I would need busybox, nano and any other exe's that I add in there.15:54
niklaswejoe9: you can do "that"  then prt-get will see version, but I´t not a fine workaround15:54
joe9niklaswe: oh, really?15:54
teK_sed -n 's/^version=//p' Pkgfile15:54
teK_btw :)15:54
Rotwangit is terribru15:54
niklasweRotwang: yupp :)15:54
joe9Rotwang: if it works, then it makes it easier.15:55
Rotwangon production software I'd agree15:55
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joe9teK_: niklaswe: that does not work
joe9prt-get: updating busybox-static from 1.19.4-1 to `sed -n 's/^version=//p' /usr/ports/*/busybox/Pkgfile`-16:01
joe9is the line.16:01
*** ROKO__ has joined #crux16:01
*** ROKO__ has joined #crux16:01
niklaswejoe9: I just try it with prt-get info my packages..16:03
niklasweabout my package*16:04
joe9did you put the quotes around it?16:04
joe9what did you try? can you please post the Pkgfile?16:05
joe9niklaswe: no luck even without the ticks surrounding it.16:06
niklasweversion=$(sed -n 's/^version=//p')16:06
teK_+ the file to sed ;)16:06
niklasweyeah :)16:06
niklasweI used my so ^^16:07
niklaswewith grep :p16:07
niklaswenow time for tv16:09
joe9niklaswe: did it work?16:10
joe9 niklaswe16:10
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hcaulfield57If I wanted to do a minimal install of CRUX + Xorg, could I install just the base packages and then install xorg with prt-get?17:38
jseThe installation iso already has xorg packages.17:40
hcaulfield57I know it does, but I don't want more than I need (would kind of like to build up), I'm asking should I expect prt-gets dependency handling to work well enough, or is it more trouble than its worth?17:42
jseAlthough there is nothing stopping you from installing xorg via prt-get.17:42
hcaulfield57jse: Great that's what I wanted to know! Thank you.17:43
jseNo problem.17:44
jseIt is more convenient to install what you can through the iso because they are binary packages.17:45
jseOtherwise if you install / upgrade via prt-get, everything gets compiled from source.17:45
hcaulfield57jse: Yea I figured as much, but compiling doesn't take too long on my computer, so I'm not too worried. xorg on Gentoo took like 30 minutes17:46
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joe9 /ws 2318:05
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Romsterjoe9, i made busybox static20:10
nogagplz...explains why it had poor reception!20:11
joe9romster, thanks.20:45
joe9romster, is there any smart way to get the version from another Pkgfile?20:45
Romsteri just bumped it again to include static and shared20:46
joe9 something like this?20:46
joe9Romster:  i know you did it for busybox.20:46
joe9but, I am also trying to get a static build of nano20:46
Romsternot if you want prt-get to work correctly other than to generate the Pkgfile with some other script.20:46
joe9Romster: do you have anything where you generate the Pkgfile?20:47
Romsternot really though i have thought about that.20:47
Romsteri just have some tools to track the versions.20:47
Romsterand edit it manually.20:47
joe9Romster: oh, ok. why not just automate them?20:48
joe9like a meta-package?20:48
Romsterwhy not just clone nano into your repo and make a static version of it?20:48
Romsterthough i could possibly do that too.20:48
joe9no, I can do that. it is just that I think tracking the nano version and changing it manually20:49
joe9should be automated rather than done by us, - imho.20:49
Romsteri have some projects in the works to automate stuff but there not done yet.20:49
Romsterit's a very big task20:49
joe9Romster: could be made into a big task.20:51
Romster$ wgetpaste ~/bin/verchk20:51
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
joe9or, something as simple reading a file with "package =20:52
Romsterthat will at lest show you duplicate ports and each of there versions. jaeger made that i jsut modifyed it so it can read them version=... $(date ... type strings.20:52
joe9and then when any dependsonPackage changes version, regenerate the Pkgfile20:52
Romsteri'm working on a curent version listing program and when it's ready it will be able to sed the version= lines.20:53
joe9Romster: can I see it?20:53
Romsteryou can see the current output of it, i regenerate that every few days or so. doens't look like much but the code behind it is complex.20:54
Romsterfinal form will be able to filter out dev versions for the stable versions and giv ea simple foo: 1.2.3 -> 1.2.4, also able to download the new source sed the Pkgfile version= string and i'll buildbot it in a chroot.20:57
Romsterof course testing and other changes to make it compile if needed will be left to the user.20:58
Romsterjust save some work.20:58
Romsteranyways i'm off back to work alter.20:59
joe9Romster: i am testing out the busybox.static.21:11
joe9how do you update the footprint file from prt-get:
joe9=======> ERROR: File '.footprint' is not writable.22:04
joe9is the message.22:04
joe9I tried with sudo, but that does not help either.22:04
joe9any suggestions on how I can compile a statically linked nano:
joe9i see some warnings, though "file src/nano" says that it is statically linked.22:21
joe9romster, patch for nano.static:
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joe9romster, updated patch for nano.static:

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