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teK_good morning02:59
niklaswegood morning teK_ :)03:29
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niklaswefrinnst: how is it going :P03:37
frinnstits a good morning today since im not puking my guts out :)03:37
frinnstbut once i glance on my right screen I see the lotus horrors that awaits me :(03:38
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0h06:32
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.4p06:32
Romsterman i jsut updated sudo like a few hours ago -_- what a fast moving target.06:33
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joe9romster, would you be interested in this:
joe9Romster: footprint:
Romsterlooks ok other than the --static needs to be -static and what's with the space at the end for?07:13
joe9Romster: no reason, thought I needed it.07:17
joe9Romster: i think CFLAGS it is --static07:17
joe9for LDFLAGS, it is -static, imho.07:17
joe9Romster: would you take into your nano port?07:18
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joe9has anyone installed crux on an existing linux without having to clear the /?
joe9similar to that.07:54
joe9is it hard to do?07:54
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joe9something like this:
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Romsteryou could do it with the chroot guide mkdir.... touch ... cdto core ports on iso, for p in ... pkgadd -r /mnt/ $p and the rest as usual08:28
joe9Romster: cool, thanks.08:29
Romsterbut you will want to use pkg-not later to clean up untracked files you don't want anymore.08:29
Romsterwhich is in sepens tools.08:29
joe9Romster: that is awesome. thanks a lot.08:29
Romsterbut you can't just remove all untracked files some are generated for crux packages08:29
joe9exactly whta I need.08:29
joe9fair enough. will check it out. once I get to that point. I can reinstall all the packages again, just for kicks.08:30
Romsterquestion is i696 x86_64 or multilib choices.08:33
Romsteri'e built nano but i'm not so sure about this -static-libgcc option08:35
joe9oh, ok. will check it when i get to that stage.08:35
joe9Romster: fair enough, it worked the same with just the --static or the -static option.08:36
joe9I read that if the glib is a static build, then that option will help.08:36
joe9if not, it does not.08:36
Romsterit's to do with stdc++ afaik08:40
Romsterno wait that's got it's own option..08:40
Romsterbut i wonder why the busybox site only said static and nothing about this other option.08:45
Romsteri guess it's needed to not need another lib in there for gcc.08:46
joe9i have no idea. I did not research it. I got a warning about a file and I was checking to try to get rid of that warning.08:47
joe9but, I could not.08:47
joe9ldd of nano.static did not show and lib deps08:47
Romsterwarning: Using 'endpwent' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking08:47
joe9and it works. I tested it in an initramfs chroot.08:47
joe9yes. that one.08:47
joe9i think 3 of them.08:47
joe9romster, do you know what I am missing here: for p in `busybox ls -a` ; do pkgadd --force --root / "$p" ; done08:49
joe9is the script08:49
joe9 is the error08:50
Romsteryou don't need force.08:50
Romsteryou may need to use xargs  for your ls?08:50
joe9ok, thanks.08:51
joe9Romster: like this:
joe9i need {}08:54
joe9sorry for the bother.08:54
Romsterfor p in `busybox ls * | busybox xargs`; do08:55
joe9Romster: there is probably some script which compiles these packages in a certain order.08:57
joe9let me check the setup08:57
Romsterthey are compiled from some script in iso.git08:58
joe9 is cool.09:00
Romsterno mater what i do i can't suppress these in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking09:12
joe9that is what I realised.09:12
joe9it works though.09:13
joe9file says it is statically linked09:13
joe9and ldd shows no deps09:13
Romsteryeah i see that but i am still not sure about it...09:13
joe9the iso has this: glibc#2.12.2-2.pkg.tar.xz, but, pkgadd gives this error:
joe9i need to get glibc-2.13 package to that system.09:14
joe9and I have wget on that system.09:14
joe9any place where I can get that package from the net?09:14
Romsterok i just pushed nano to romter repo.09:16
joe9ok, thanks.09:16
Romsterhmm that error looks nasty.09:17
frinnstjoe9: you cant build glibc?09:17
frinnstsomething must be seriously screwed on your system.. would explain your wierd mdadm errors :)09:17
joe9frinnst: I have a linux system that I am trying to convert to crux.09:17
frinnstah, I see09:17
joe9frinnst: this is a working system.09:18
Romsteryou can not jsut change glibc and expect everything to work without rebuilding the entire toolchain afaik.09:18
joe9I figured out the mdadm errors. that was an upstream bug with devname.09:18
Romsterbut i'm currently too tired so i'm heading to bed g'night09:18
joe9romster, ok, thanks.09:18
frinnstwhat didstro are you converting?09:18
joe9from exherbo to crux09:19
joe9i have the cd, but it has the glibc2.12 package09:19
joe9and I get
joe9googling on it suggests that I need glibc-2.1309:19
joe9but, I cannot find the glibc-2.13 pkg anywhere on the net.09:19
joe9do you have one that you could share?09:20
Romsteri don't see why you don't boot off the cd and modify these instructions to install core ports
Romsterok really getting to bed now :D09:21
frinnstjoe9: there is no glibc 2.13 *crux* package09:21
joe9oh, really. there isn't.09:22
joe9frinnst: yes, that is the latest and greatest.09:22
joe9sorry about that.09:22
joe9frinnst: thanks.09:26
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joe9frinnst: now, I need to figure how to make the changes to the binary package to get this to work.09:26
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frinnstyou are using the glibc from crux on that machine, correct?09:35
joe9frinnst: this is where it gets icky. the machine was using glibc2.13 and i installed crux's glibc-2.1209:39
joe9package. which installed fine.09:39
joe9 frinnst.09:39
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joe9mv /lib /lib.old helped.09:49
frinnstI migrated a slackware system to crux back during the 2.1?, 2.2? days09:51
joe9happy days?09:52
frinnsti had to boot with a cd to upgrade glibc09:52
joe9looks like it is all set for me.09:52
joe9got lucky.09:52
joe9in my case, I meant.09:54
frinnstyeah, and you're lucky you didnt use glibc 2.15 :)09:55
frinnstno backsies there09:55
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joe9is there a crux command to download and install all the currently installed packages?10:08
joe9i have the ports system running.10:09
joe9now, I just want to build all the  packages, just to be sure, that everything is fine.10:09
joe9for p in core/* ; do /tmp/pkgadd -u $p; done ?10:10
joe9for p in core/* ; do pkgadd -u $p; done ?10:10
teK_build is not pkgadd but pkgmk10:11
joe9teK_: ok, thanks.10:11
frinnstsomething with "pkginfo -i" and "prt-get -fr update" would probably more useful if you want to rebuild all10:11
frinnsti leave the bashism to you :)10:11
joe9ok, thanks.10:11
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joe9why don't Pkgfile use test(){}?11:03
joe9we use build(){} but not test(){}. curious, on why?11:03
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joe9Romster: did you mean npkg and not pkg-not?11:47
joe9sepen, any thoughts, please? i am trying to find the pkg-not tool11:49
joe9seanw_: are you "sepen"? if so, ^^11:49
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joe9how can I get the prtdir's created ?13:17
joe9ports --update does not want to create the port directories13:17
joe9prt-get update is not able to either.13:18
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thrice`joe9, ls /usr/ports/jue* ?13:18
thrice`oh, nevermind, you pasted that too.  obviously, if you want prt-get to use /usr/ports/jue/, it needs to exist13:19
joe9i thought there was something to create those dirs automatically.13:19
thrice`you need the sync file in /etc/ports/ , and then ports -u  to pull them13:20
joe9haha, got it.13:21
joe9that was it13:21
joe9thrice`: thanks.13:24
thrice`sure :>13:24
joe9romster, you have the most ports in the repo.13:32
joe9romster, cannot believe that you maintain so much stuff.13:33
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Romsterjoe9, $ wgetpaste ~/bin/pkg-not16:44
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterjoe9, since yhafri disappeared i do but i've been pruning a few out too.16:46
Romsteroff to work later16:54
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joe9romster, you do not sleep that long.17:24
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joe9lua is a pita to package21:43
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