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niklaswegood morning guys!01:34
niklaswehow are you ROKO__ ?01:36
Romstermorning everyone01:43
niklaswemoning Romster :)01:44
Romsternice icecream on a 30C day01:46
niklasweRomster: oh nice :) but 30C os to warm :P01:48
Romsteryah my ice cream is getting too soft already01:48
niklaswehave you just finish the work or..?01:49
Romsteryeah i've jsut finished for the day01:55
Romsteryeah finish computer fixing then i come home to update some ports on my computer what a life. :P01:59
niklaswehehe =)02:00
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niklasweRomster: then you can come to sweden and wok for me today ^^02:03
Romsteras long as i get paid i'm short on money02:21
Romstertoo many bills :/02:22
Romstermorning pitillo02:22
pitilloyo Romster :)02:24
* nogagplz fines Romster $183,000,000,000 for complaining02:25
Romsterhow original nogagplz02:25
nogagplzit is, I haven't fined you before02:26
Romsterseems australia is now getting NBN after all fibre :D02:26
nogagplzyeah but isn't it like02:26
nogagplzgovernment controlled02:26
Romsterthough the base speed is 12/1 mbps up to 100mbps and the most interesting part is up to 4 different isps/speeds can be made.02:26
Romsterevery house in the map zones gets fibre to the house, and others get wireless but it's not wifi it's got it's own modem type device. then there is satellite too02:27
Romsterfibre one allows 4 independent lan connections and 2 phone lines.02:28
nogagplzlatency on satellite would be horrible though02:28
Romsterbut i have no idea what the plans be like cost wise.02:28
Romsteryeah but out in the sticks they have no other choice.02:28
Romsterthe wireless covers a decent area of populated towns02:29
niklasweRomster: :/02:35
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frinnstwee, firefox 1102:37
niklaswedoes someone know where i can download lvmstat (tarball) I cant find it :P02:38
Romsterroll out in ballerat not here where i live yet damn it -_-02:39
Romsterlvmstat? not aware of that one.02:39
Romstersure you didn't mean vmstat?02:40
niklasweRomster: yes Im sure =)02:40
Romsternever heard of this tool02:41
niklasweokey :/02:42
Romsteri see it over the net but no where does it say where to get it.02:44
Romstervery elusive and i use lvm so i should of known about that command.02:51
niklasweRomster: looks like it only for aix and we must use lvmsadc /lvmsar for linux02:52
niklaswebut it looks like it not implemented yet..02:52
Romster nice article i found.02:52
Romstermore like just in some other named utility set.02:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.15.03:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lua: updated to
tilmanjoe9: updated the ports. let me know if the lua update worked for you. didnt test extensively03:04
Romstercan you bump alsa ports?03:04
Romsterlittle effort required and ccache bug update.03:05
* Romster tests lua in i686 chroot03:05
Romstertilman, works but the footprint is wrong
Romsterwhy would it go to 1?03:06
pitillolua builds right here in vbox... I need to rebuild e17 and vlc to confirm it works right (it should too) Thank you very much for the bump tilman03:10
Romsterpitillo, do you get that footprint mismatch as i get in a chroot?03:11
pitillono Romster, here it build right03:11
Romsterthen why does that happen to me then...03:11
pitillotestiing in a safe-crux too03:11
Romsteri hate computers some days03:11
nogagplzyour friend qt4 called Romster03:12
nogagplzit wants a little chat03:12
* Romster fetches sledge hammer03:14
pitillono problem Romster... do you have funny cflags?03:14
pitillohere I'm using official ones, in vbox and safe03:15
enteRomster: oh yes, me too03:15
Romsternope that's the whole idea of the chroot i use the stock crux ones.03:18
pitillostrange then03:18
pitillocan you wgetpaste lua.log to take a look?03:19
Romsterok it built fine in the 64bit multilib with no footprint mismatch...03:20
Romster$ wgetpaste ~/.safe-build_crux2.7/var/log/pkgbuild/lua-5.2.0-1.log03:21
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterwgetpaste ~/.safe-build_crux_multilib_2.7/var/log/pkgbuild/lua.log03:22
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterfor the 64bit multilib03:22
Romsterbets me.03:22
pitilloquite strange the mkdir command...03:25
pitillodid you have put hands on any of coreutils deps in the chroot?03:27
Romsteroh wait the i686 isn't up to date i'll sysup and try again03:28
pitillothat's the first thing...03:28
Romsterfor reference03:28
Romsterthe multilib chroot is up to date.03:29
pitilloI hadn't those upgraded neither... I just sysup'ed the system and saw lua's log without problems03:29
pitilloseems your mkdir command does an strange parse to get the directories list03:30
pitilloI can test here e17... vlc needs to wait until I arrive home03:32
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Romstersame deal even with updated crux chroot i don't are to debug that.04:27
pitilloI have no idea really Romster, in your log you can see the list of dirs to be created (in the install section) and you'll see those ../lua/1/04:29
Romsteri might just make a new chroot i've had that one for a long time.04:34
pitillosomething is wrong with it...04:35
pitillotilman: ummmm lua.pc doesn't smell good... its libs are defined as -l/usr/lib instead of -L/usr/lib taking a look into it05:18
pitillotilman: patch for the patch05:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to
frinnstpi day \o/06:29
Romsteroh to day was fun some customer decided to forwared there emails to another email address that doesn't exist yet and rang us up asking us where all his emails were lol...06:37
joe9tilman, thanks for the update to lua. it seems to work file with pitillo's patch06:49
joe9pitillo: thanks.06:49
pitillojoe9: np... I need to put hands on it because it breaks edje06:49
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frinnstget ready to upgrade firefox, everyone06:52
enteI love the smell of rebuilding firefox in the morning06:52
frinnstis tagging the git commit with [notify] redundant for firefox? :)06:53
enteit should also be tagged [argh, not again]06:55
joe9pitillo, vim error with new lua library:
pitillojoe9: I'm hitting some problems with this last lua update too07:04
pitillojoe9: both, vim and gvim build right here... which port are you using?07:14
joe9i use my own port for vim and gvim, with more bells and whistles.07:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 11.0. See
pitillojoe9: can you wgetpaste your custom port?07:16
joe9 is the Pkgfile07:16
joe9pitillo: ^^07:16
joe9vim73/src/if_lua.c: lua_rawget(L, LUA_ENVIRONINDEX); is the problem, it appears07:18
pitilloyes, the problem begins when you enable lua interpreter07:18
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pitilloI don't know if it's easier to lock lua at or try to fix all those problems07:19
joe9pitillo, there is a vim patch for it:
pitillothen go ahead :)07:23
thrice`alot of things break with 5.2 :(07:24
Romsterwhy do you think i held back ffmpeg for so long to wait for everything else to catch up. seems lua has that issue too.07:25
pitillowell, this can be a good option to roll it back, I need to verify vlc. Those are the ports I'm using with lua support (edje and vlc), and the first one is broken and it's hard for me to fix (reported to e17 community on 2012-02-29)07:27
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joe9romster, do you mind bumping the nano release to 2, just so that it takes precedence over the version in /opt/nano collection?09:48
thrice`which version in /opt ?09:52
joe9thrice`: 2.2.6, I think. nano is that release.09:55
joe9but, romster's nano is better as it builds nano.static09:55
thrice`nothing from ports will hit /opt  of course :>09:55
thrice`oh, some private port09:55
joe9thrice`: oh, sorry. i did not mean the /opt09:56
joe9i mean the /usr/ports/opt09:56
joe9thrice`: should have been more clearer on that.09:56
joe9when I do "prt-get update nano", this happens, prt-get: updating nano from 2.2.6-2 to 2.2.6-109:58
joe9is that expected?09:58
joe9it goes from release-2 to release-109:58
joe9thrice`: any thoughts, please?09:58
thrice`sure, you probably have opt ordered higher than romster in /etc/prt-get.conf09:59
joe9yes, that I do.10:02
thrice`i wouldn't necessarily order romster higher in prt-get.conf, as core and opt *should* probably be near the top.  but you can maybe create a dummy /usr/ports/mine/ , and copy/symlink from there, and make that a priority in prt-get.conf10:05
joe9thrice`: makes sense. thanks.10:06
joe9will grub-install work from a chroot'ed partition:10:10
joe9my parameters are wrong. sorry for the bother.10:12
joe9vim version that works with lua 5.2, but, it is built from the mercurial repo:
joe9i cannot get prt-get to work with ccache12:00
joe9this is in my prt-get.conf:12:00
joe9makecommand       sudo -H -u pkgmk /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk12:00
joe9echo $CCACHE_DIR12:00
joe9permissions of ccache dir:
joe9i can get pkgmk to work when logged in as joe.12:01
joe9but not prt-get12:01
joe9error when compiling:
joe9i think i need to set the variable CCACHE_DIR in the profile of pkgmk.12:03
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joe9i have that in /etc/pkgmk.conf12:09
joe9needed an "export" before that line.12:10
joe9sorry for the bother.12:10
tilmanpitillo: ah, i missed that12:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lua: fixed Libs in lua.pc.12:29
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pitillotilman: great, thank you :)13:18
tilmanpitillo: thanks for the patch13:22
pitillothank you more for your work... but I think I'll lock it here... both, edje and vlc break with this new update13:23
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joe9romster: for something like this where I am building from local repo, isn't it a good idea to cp the source to work before doing the configure and make?14:40
joe9i got this idea of the repo from you. just wanted to check if you put in any thought to that.14:41
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joe9romster: something is iffy.
joe9with the busybox.static, it is still linked. Let me figure it out.15:41
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waitwuthey jaeger, what was the link to your kernel-config file? cant seem to find it16:10
Romsterjoe9, just do a prtdir /usr/ports/romster:nano above the opt one.16:52
Romsterlook at it later i got work now.16:55
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waitwutso i dhcp , and i get a message saying kernel is not configured to accept ipv6 which shouldn't be an issue, but i cant seem to ping out17:22
waitwutit gives me an ip, probing for e100 goes fine, but, cant ping out17:30
joe9Romster: can you please change your Pkgfile to this:
joe9Romster: having a separate line for LDFLAGS is not passing it onto make.17:36
joe9romster: same fix for nano too:
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joe9any lilo users here? anyone using lilo with initramfs images?20:10
joe9is that possible?20:10
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jaegerjoe9: I was out of town, missed your question about grub until now... I use grub 1.99 release currently, probably just haven't updated it in my personal repo20:37
joe9jaeger, i think the 1.99 release has a bug.20:38
joe9i moved back to 1.98 and it works on one machine but not on the other one.20:38
joe9it is pretty flaky when recognising raid partitions.20:39
jaegerWouldn't shock me too much, grub2 is still very alpha/beta20:39
joe9it works on the raid-1 with 0.90 metadata20:39
joe9but, fails on the device with 1.2 metadata20:39
joe9would you expect it to work with the 1.2 metadata raid-1 device?20:39
joe9i use an initramfs image.20:39
jaegerIs it grub or the kernel? I think you still can't boot 1.2 metadata as /20:39
jaegerAh, with an initramfs I would expect it to work, yes20:40
joe9but, grub cannot even get to the grub menu.20:40
joe9jaeger: what do you think of lilo?20:40
joe9i read that lilo is full of bios interaction and that grub is better.20:40
joe9is that your opinion too?20:40
joe9for an hour, I was thinking of going back to lilo.20:41
jaegerUnless you're using EFI they're both interacting with your BIOS to load20:41
joe9but, grub has so much functionality.20:41
joe9oh, ok.20:41
jaegerEither should work so my suggestion is to use whichever you prefer20:41
joe9no, I am not using EFI.20:41
jaegerI like grub slightly more but both do the job20:41
joe9lilo seems easier to understand.20:41
joe9and i could not find much info about using lilo to load the initramfs image.20:42
joe9is it the same initrd line for the initramfs images too?20:42
jaegeryou probably just use initrd=20:42
jaegerI haven't done it in a long time but I think that's the case20:42
joe9ok, thanks.20:44
jaegernp... don't know why your grub install isn't working off the top, but it should be perfectly doable with grub20:46
joe9 mdadm --detail --scan coredumps with mdadm 3.2.320:47
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks. i will figure it out.20:48
jaegertry stack tracing it, I guess, if you can read those... I can't, heh20:48
joe9jaeger: why have you not bumped the grub release to rc2?20:49
joe9just wanted to check if there was any particular reason for not doing so.20:50
joe9it is 1.99-rc1 currently.20:50
jaegerI never used rc220:51
jaegerI went straight from 1.99-rc1 to 1.99 release20:51
joe9oh, 1.99 release > 1.99-rc1?20:54
joe9your grub2 port has 1.99-rc120:54
joe9jaeger ^^20:54
jaegerreleases are almost always after rc... rc is release candidate, after all20:55
jaegerjoe9: as mentioned above I probably just forgot to update the repo20:55
joe9oh, ok. thanks.20:56
jaegerI'll take a look at it, still getting my stuff unpacked, etc.20:56
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.20:56
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joe9jaeger, btw, whenever you get a chance, there does not seem to be a 1.99, just a 1.98, 1.99-rc1 and 1.99-rc221:01
joe9oh, cool. thanks. was where I was looking.21:04
joe9sorry about that.21:04
joe9jaeger: grub2 port Pkgfile for 1.99:
jaegerI've already got one locally but thank you21:23
jaegerIt might be tomorrow before I update it, haven't been home long21:24
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