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pitilloyo Romster :)02:43
Romsterjoe9, i guess i should of add ed export to them lines.03:11
Romstermost ports don't need that if set before configure03:11
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frinnstENTE ENTE ENTE03:32
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Romsterthat's sad04:12
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Romsterwhat's a gack lol05:41
Romsterwill it be EnTe next :P05:41
enteente is a duck05:41
entegack is the sound a duck makes :p05:42
Romsteri thought that was quack05:42
entedepends on who you ask05:43
enteI'm a duck, so I'm clearly the expert here05:43
entealso, ducks make all kinds of different sounds :P05:44
Romsternever occurred to me nor seen it that way05:44
Romsterused to have ducks so i know that.05:44
enteok, not so much gack :P05:45
enteit sounds more like möp :P05:45
Romsterso cute05:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: deluge: 1.3.3 -> 1.3.405:58
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frinnsthaha, that dog got owned07:29
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joe9what is the recommended PKGDATADIR for crux?07:57
joe9  echo '#define DATAROOTDIR "/usr/share"'; \07:57
joe9  echo '#define DATADIR "/usr/share"'; \07:57
joe9i am mucking around with a package that is using these paths.07:57
joe9wondering what would be a good location for that stuff in crux?07:58
frinnstwhat kind of data is it?07:59
joe9full list of directories used:
joe9frinnst, I think this is a library'ish: /usr/share/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib07:59
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frinnstthe default /usr/share is probably your best bet08:01
joe9ok, thanks.08:01
rmullCan anybody recommend a decent wifi access point?08:22
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sepensomeone who has recently configured postfix auth with cyrus-sasl through saslauthd with /etc/shadow (I mean MECH='shadow')?09:28
jaegerNot I, sorry09:30
sepenjaeger: on others than crux maybe?09:40
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jaegerI have on ubuntu but it was a few years ago, I cannot remember any details of the setup09:42
jaegerMight have been PAM anyway, rather than shadow, I can't remember09:42
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frinnst <- nice mtb-trail09:47
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sepenwell anyways thanks, really the problem is shadow mech09:48
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teK_I guess our server uses /etc/passwd, too09:50
sepenteK_: hmmmm09:50
teK_maybe you could have a peek at our config09:50
sepenI'll take a look09:50
sepenteK_: thanks09:50
teK_just as it's the case with flyspray :)09:50
sepenteK_: well, our postfix is not a valid example, we are not running auth09:52
teK_d'oh ;)09:53
sepenjust we have postfix for one or two aliases09:53
sepenlocal delivery and redirections09:53
sepenwell and for mailman too09:54
sepenbut doesn't require to have smtp auth for that09:54
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sepenteK_: its strange but seems to me that postfix has something09:56
frinnstinstalling fedora and doing a "yum update" is just like installing xp and running windows-update10:12
frinnstsans the reboots, it must be said10:12
frinnst344 packages :(10:12
sepenfrinnst: edit keep-packages-feature to disable it in yum.conf or you'll have a cache dir with tons of them10:13
frinnstheh, or run yum autoclean or whatever the command is as a cron-job10:14
frinnstoh wait, those 344 packages were only delta-rpms.. still 70 full packages to go \o/10:15
sepenkernel too?10:16
frinnstlost track of the scrolling text :)10:19
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jaegerWhat's the preferred non-adobe PDF reader these days? epdfview?13:27
rmulljaeger: mupdf?13:28
rmull(some would say)13:28
thrice`evince can be kinda trimmed down, too13:28
jaegerI like evince but no idea how many deps it has these days13:29
thrice`it's not too terrible, most are build-time13:30
teK_I use epdfview but have color-presentation issues13:32
jaegerepdfview worked in this case, needed to look at a product thing for storage13:35
joe9jaeger: in the initramfs image, I cannot figure out how to create the block devices (or, /dev/sd*) files.13:37
joe9I tried "mdev -s" and also mounting devtmps on /dev13:37
joe9and they both did not help.13:37
joe9i tried "cp -a /dev/sd*"  to the initramfs image when creating the image, but, when anything reads those files "I get superblock not found"13:38
joe9any thoughts, please?13:38
jaegertry creating them with mknod?13:39
joe9 does not mention creating them at all.13:39
joe9jaeger: i can do that. thanks.13:39
jaegerudev/mdev/whatever generally should create those, yes13:39
jaegerin case it doesn't, though, mknod should work13:39
frinnstteK_: tilman pushed a patch for that last week or so13:40
teK_for epdfview or the rendering lib?13:42
thrice`epdfview had the problem, not poppler13:42
joe9jaeger: fundamental question, when I create the sda with mknod, how does the system know that sda refers to the first  hard disk?13:42
jaegerThe first one that's detected gets named sda by the kernel13:43
jaegerunless you specifically tweak it with udev or something13:43
teK_thrice`: will have to rebuild: whtr13:43
joe9jaeger: so "detected" is the key.  for some reason, mine is not "detecting" correct?13:43
teK_joe9: use its uuid13:43
jaegerjoe9: I don't know, honestly, without more info... it could be that the kernel doesn't see the device or the filesystem might somehow be corrupt, or something else13:44
joe9tek_, this is an initramfs image, I do not see anything about the block devices there with "mdev -s".13:44
joe9jaeger: generally, the /sys directory should have everything connected in the system, correct?13:45
joe9i looked in there and it has cpu and stuff like that.13:45
jaegerI believe so, though I don't know all the details of what /sys presents13:45
joe9ok, thanks13:45
jaegerit should at least show up in /sys/block if it's a block dev13:45
joe9there is a sys/block, but that is full of loop* devices13:51
joe9i am trying to understand who/what puts the stuff in the /sys filesystem.13:52
joe9on my working system, I can see /sys/block/sd* stuff.13:52
joe9i can see /proc/devices has stuff in it, but, not /proc/partitions13:55
jaegerThat sounds like the kernel support is missing13:55
jaegereither the appropriate module isn't loaded or built into the kernel13:55
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dziqdoes crux64 support multilib?17:05
nogagplzthere's an experimental  multilib iso floating around17:07
nogagplzit works fine more or less, I'm on it as are a few others17:07
dziqso officially multilib isn't supported?17:08
dziqnogagplz: do you have link for this iso?17:08
nogagplznot offhand no, either jaeger or Romster I think should have it17:09
dziqok thx17:10
nogagplz actually try this, just googled randomly and it popped up17:10
dziqnogagplz: oo nice. installation is similar to pure 64?17:12
nogagplzshould be pretty much identical17:12
nogagplzno worries17:13
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jaegerwoot! back up and running with my FreeBSD ZFS server17:42
jaegertank                 25T     56k     25T     0%    /tank17:54
jaegertime to go home now, later17:56
entemine's called pool18:21
entewhy do they call it tank?18:21
* jaeger shrugs18:37
jaegera tank is a form of container, that's my guess18:37
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entenext one will be bottle :P18:44
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Romsterdziq, multilib iso it's expermental but nogagplz myself jaeger run it fine.20:11
Romsterand we all have 32bit wine and there is a emulator collection that also runs on that multilib
nogagplzbeat you to it20:13
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sepenRomster: I'm waiting for F1 Australian GP :D20:14
nogagplzthose races are too boring20:19
nogagplzcaravan or truck racing is better ;P20:19
Romsteronly if your not a rev head20:20
Romstercaravan derby smashup?20:20
sepennah to see new cars20:23
sepenRomster: wheather for the race?20:27
Romster i can read this one.20:31
Romstergonna be a interesting one with dry and wet wheels and spin outs this weekend20:39
nogagplzbetter be some good pile ups20:41
* nogagplz sabotages the track with mines and wire20:41
Romsterjaeger, hows the ports project going?20:41
Romsteri haven't even looked at the result or know where it's located.20:42
Romsterhehe nogagplz20:42
jaegerI was out of town for 5 days, just came back21:11
jaegerIt's been fine so far, though21:11
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joe9just wanted to check with you on this. I have my own initramfs and I do "mount -t ext4 -o ro /dev/md0 /mnt/root && umoutn /proc && umount /sys". After that, when I do "exec busybox switch_root /mnt/root /sbin/init", it seems to hang.22:08
joe9should I have said "sbin/init 2" or something like that?22:09
joe9i just see a blinking cursor in the last line and that's in.22:09
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waitwutgrr, still cant seem to figure out why i cant ping out22:19
waitwuti've built direct support for the ethernet, it dhcp's fine, but cant ping out22:27
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joe9gateway fine? route?23:16
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