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frinnstnice, firefox 12.0b102:29
niklaswewhen you can use chrome =)02:36
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frinnstchrome is even worse02:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.203:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.1403:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: maradns: update to 1.4.1103:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: prt-utils: update to 0.9.403:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.1503:30
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.1003:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fpm: initial release05:00
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joe9hello, I am not sure if i am missing anything. when I boot using my custom initramfs, I can mount the root partition and "exec switch_root /mnt/root /bin/bash" works. But, "exec /sbin/init" from the bash prompt just hangs.07:47
joe9no output from it.07:47
joe9similarly, "exec switch_root /mnt/root/ /sbin/init" displays the same behaviour.07:47
joe9when init is run, is it started with some parameters, by default? such as the runlevel oslt?07:48
joe9i am wondering if there is something different about crux's init that could be causing this.07:48
joe9the init is an executable, whereas the /etc/rc is a shell script.07:48
joe9and, I can see echo's in the shell script.07:49
joe9similarly, "exec switch_root /mnt/root/ /sbin/init [2]" behaves the same07:55
joe9and so does, "exec switch_root /mnt/root/ /sbin/init 2"07:56
joe9is there something special with crux init that might be causing this behaviour?07:57
jaegerjoe9: have you taken a look at the ISO's initramfs setup yet? it might help08:12
joe9jaeger: once I did "mount -t devtmpfs none /mnt/root/dev" and then executed /sbin/init, everything worked fine.08:12
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joe9it appears that /sbin/init needs the /dev mounted.08:13
joe9let me check the iso's initramfs setup. that is a good idea.08:13
jaegerIt's been a long time since I looked at that stuff08:18
joe9jaeger: do you know why this would not work "mount --bind /dev /mnt/root/dev", message is "mount: mounting /dev on /mnt/root/dev failed: Invalid argument"08:36
joe9same message for "mount --move /dev /mnt/root/dev"08:36
frinnstdoes the mountpoint exist?08:37
frinnstsilly question perhaps :)08:37
joe9jaeger: yes. ls -l show it.08:37
joe9frinnst: yes, it shows both.08:37
joe9jaeger: hope you do not mind me asking these questions.08:37
joe9there is a null file in /mnt/root/dev08:38
joe9and i have the block and character files in /dev08:39
jaegerno idea on that one, sorry... "invalid argument" doesn't give much help08:42
jaegerCan you pastebin your init script somewhere?08:43
frinnst <- cool08:45
jaegerThat's pimp :)08:47
Romsterhaha brings me back to the ascii days08:51
joe9jaeger: the initramfs on crux cd is awesome. cool. good info.08:56
jaegerthanks :)08:56
joe9jaeger: my init:
jaegerlooks pretty straightforward08:59
joe9i learnt so much since I migrated to crux.09:01
jaegerIt's nice that way :)09:03
frinnstyep, it's learn or die :)09:03
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joe9it appears that crux init requires dev to be a rw system, which makes sense. as it writes to /dev/null.09:23
niklaswegaah I really hate our nagios right now..09:24
frinnstzenoss ftw :)09:25
niklaswethe log saying that sms was sent, but I havent got any..09:25
frinnstoh right, they only had issues with their land-based net today09:27
niklaswefrinnst: when I doing an custom notification i got message..09:41
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frinnstwhat hardware do you use to send those sms?10:13
frinnstwe pay something like 10SEK per sms.. though we have only used the service during testing :)10:14
joe9on my new crux system, I do not see an /etc/rc10:17
joe9but, it exists on my old system.10:17
joe9there is no rc.engine on my old system10:18
joe9but, there is one on my new system.10:18
frinnstand it boots?10:18
frinnstah, you use the experimental init thingy10:18
frinnstfrom jue10:18
frinnstand that russian guy10:18
joe9oh, that one.10:18
joe9i did not even know that I had it.10:18
frinnstthe rc.engine thing is the experimental stuff10:19
joe9i do not even know that I installed it.10:20
thrice`scary :p10:20
joe9do not know where that came from. could depinst do something like that?10:20
frinnstwell if you have jues repo added before core/opt/whatever its possible10:20
frinnst(in prt-get.conf)10:21
joe9yes, I do. i use/like/have a lot of his packages.10:21
joe9jue, can you please rename your rc package?10:21
joe9jue: i like a lot of your packages and actually have your repo above the core for that reason.10:22
joe9but, the rc package does not seem to work as smoothly, but the versioning system confuses prt-get/me.10:22
frinnstthats probably not a very dependable setup10:23
frinnstyou should probably cherry-pick specific ports from jue's repo and place only those before core/opt/whatever10:23
frinnstthere are examples in prt-get.conf10:24
joe9frinnst: other than the rc package, the rest *seems* ok.10:24
joe9frinnst: good point, will do that.10:24
frinnstwell, cherrypick core/rc then :)10:24
joe9can you "negate cherrypick"?10:24
joe9other than this package, use the rest of the repo..10:25
frinnstbut as i said: cherrypick rc from core instead10:25
joe9frinnst: oh, that is what you mean.10:26
joe9cool, smart..10:26
joe9i like it.10:26
frinnstor just install core/rc manually and then lock it10:26
frinnstsince its not a port that changes other than between iso releases pretty much10:26
joe9frinnst: i like your idea of cherrypicking core:rc. smart, simple and will be upgraded when needed.10:29
juejoe9: what doesn't work for you with the new rc port?10:29
joe9jue: don't know. cannot see the console. some error with rc.engine before I could see what is going on.10:30
joe9jue: it would be a great help for noob's like if you could please change it to rc-new or something like that.10:31
juedid you run rejmerge after the update?10:31
joe9no, let me check what rejmerge does10:31
frinnstjoe9: allows you to merge "locked" files10:32
juejoe9: /etc/inittab is diferent with new rc and should _not_ rejected, I guess thats causing your problems10:33
joe9jue: yes, I see the packages in /var/lib/pkg/rejected/..10:34
joe9jue, why the new rc, btw?10:35
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juejoe9: see the discussion here ->
joe9is there any place that prt-get remove puts files when removing?10:39
joe9i was stupid enough to do "prt-get remove rc" on a m/c with core:rc and that removed my existing initab (with custom configuration)10:40
joe9thank god for backups.10:40
joe9got it, don't bother.10:40
frinnstweekend bitches!10:59
joe9jue: quick question, the new rc in your repo seems to have different requirements regarding the root fs. Do you know if it works if the root is mounted ro and there is no /dev or /proc or /sys.11:08
joe9jue: i think it is even trying to write to /var/log too.11:08
joe9so, read-only  root mount does not seem to work.11:08
joe9just wanted to check if you knew this off the top of your head.11:09
joe9I can check the scripts, if you don't. no bother.11:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fpm: use default configuration11:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.313:39
frinnstagain? what did they fuck up?13:40
jaegernothing, they're just trying to catch firefox13:41
jseVersion inflation.13:41
jaegerlong way to go :)13:42
jseGotta start somewhere.13:42
frinnstdovecot doesnt like to be upgraded without a restart :/13:42
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v33hello everyone14:28
* nogagplz forces v33 to work in the diamond mines without any hope of ever escaping14:29
v33well shit....14:29
v33can anyone offer a bit of help on this? i cant figure it out. i've built support for my ethernet card, and am able to dhcp but even though i get an IP, i cant ping out15:02
jaegercan you ping the ethernet card's address? the router's address?15:05
v33yes, i can ping the router15:08
v33i can ping my own address as well15:09
Rotwangso the card works \:D/15:09
v33i get the feeling i haven't built support for something...but, my feelings are usually wrong :P15:09
jaegerso you can ping your router, just not anything past it?15:10
v33yea, i tried ping google, but get nothing15:11
v33i can ping myself and my router though15:11
jaegersounds like the card works, then, as Rotwang says15:11
jaegercan you ping by IP instead of DNS? such as
v33host unreachable15:12
v33from icmp_seq=2 Destination host unreachable15:14
Rotwangv33: can you resolve domain names?15:16
Rotwangmaybe your router blocks some icmp thing15:16
v33i just bought down eth0 and brought it back up15:16
v33and it seems to work O.o15:16
v33blahr. now its saying it cant access core opt and xorg in usr ports15:19
jaegerAnyone built pango 1.28.4 successfully?15:22
v33found out why it couldn't access those files. they weren't there -_____- lol15:27
jaegerThat would do it15:28
v33hey, at least i got crux sorta up without your kernel config. i did this lone wolf. im so proud lol15:29
jaegerGood progress15:29
v33thanks :) the only thing i really needed to put into the kernel was the driver/ethernet/sound card it seems15:30
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Romsterv33 probably forgot a default gateway18:51
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v33woot woot. successfully got crux up and running. except, for some odd reason, i have to bring down eth0 then bring it back up for it to work19:43
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joe9jaeger: what do you think of mdmon (ddf)? any experiences?20:44
jaegernever heard of it20:46
joe9ok, thanks.20:55
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Romsterjoe9, if you like once you get your init system done i can include it as a script with busybox.22:19
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