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joe9Romster: cool, that would be nice. it is simple enough so should not be a problem to distribute it too.04:10
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: lua: updated to 5.2.004:41
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joe9 opt/tetex port install fails05:07
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nogagplz joe9 try these links05:09
Romsteryeah i'm about to pick that port up i beleave it's unmaintained.05:19
joe9nogagplz: i am in the middle of something and could not dig into the details. sorry about that.05:22
nogagplzbah it does look like it has disappeared05:25
nogagplzI have a copy here though05:25
nogagplz try this link actually05:26
joe9nogagplz: will you updating the Pkgfile build() too?05:40
joe9nogagplz: i think some of the dirs are changing and a simple change of cd is not cutting it:
nogagplzjust updating the links worked here05:41
nogagplzI don't know what would be causing that05:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tetex: picked up orphan port05:54
Romsterjoe9, it should build now after a ports -u06:07
Romsterif your still stuck i'm also uploading it to
joe9Romster: thanks.06:07
* nogagplz orphans Romster 06:07
Romsteri only picked this port up because emulators/vice needs it.06:08
Romstertrust nogagplz to be cold as ice :P06:08
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joe9i want to download the source, make some changes and then install that src. I tried "prt-get --download-only <port>" and then "prt-get install <port>".10:32
joe9but, the install wipes out the src10:33
frinnstadd -kw (keep work dir)10:38
frinnstergo: pkgmk -kw10:38
frinnstdont think prt-get has a flag for it, but i may be wrong10:39
frinnsthmm, what kernel introduced this?: WARNING: at net/ipv4/tcp_input.c:3036 tcp_ack+0x9b8/0x2190()10:40
frinnst3.2.9 perhaps10:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glew: add missing LDFLAGS and LD11:44
Romstercan't sleep so i decided to do some more hacking.11:45
Romsterjoe9, best thing todo is to do pkgmk -eo ; cd to the work dir, cp -r foo foo.orig ; edit files being sure to remove them backup foo~ files if your editor makes those. then do diff pruN foo.orig foo > .../foo/somepatch.patch11:47
Romsterthen apply that patch in source= and patch -p 1 -i $SRC/somepatch.patch11:47
joe9Romster: ok, thanks11:48
Romsterthat's my method though you or someone may have a easier way.11:48
Romsterok i'm gonna and try to sleep at least a couple of hours before the sun comes up.12:12
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joe9Romster: quick question, I am mucking around with lilo and want some setup to test my changes. I am thinking of using qemu. Is it a working solution on crux?13:25
joe9any thoughts, please?13:25
joe9i am currently rebooting for every test. qemu would amke it easier.13:25
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veehey guys, quick question. i tried setting up alsa, and it says no pnp or pci cards found. however, alsamixer does find my audio card, but doesn't have any audio. did i forget to build something, or what?17:31
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veenever mind, i rebuilt it as a module, and all is well19:28
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veei forgot who it was, but someone directed me to an arm based laptop that was roughly 200 dollars. i cant remember the link...anyone know what it was?20:26
Romsterlook back in the chat log?20:30
veethis was quite some time ago...i dont even remember when exactly either :P20:31
Romsterbeats me, i can search my logs but only if i have a decent keyword(s) to look for.20:36
RomsterJan 02 20:16:34 <vee>
Romsterthough page is gone if that what is20:39
Romsterif that was it*20:40
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Romsterjoe9, i haven't used qemu in ages it should work though i know virtualbox works20:53
nogagplzgot a nice frontend for qemu in the emulators repo21:23
Romsternogagplz, could you take a look at gsdx-32 i got glew-32 and nvidia-cg-toolkit-32 installed but it's not finding it.21:32
Romsterah worry i mean wxwidgets not glew it finds glew-32 fine21:33
nogagplzgsdx doesn't need wxwidgets21:33
Romsterfuck my typing is shit21:33
nogagplzdisabling that is to prevent the pcsx2 from that branch building as well21:33
Romster-- check these libraries -> wxWidgets (>=2.8.10), sparsehash (>=1.5)21:34
Romster-- Skip build of pcsx2 core: miss some dependencies21:34
nogagplz-DwxWidgets_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE=/bin/false \ does that21:34
Romsterhmm k21:34
nogagplzthat port is just for building that plugin21:34
Romsterthen i've screwed up on the dependencies on that port then21:34
nogagplzmaybe you meant to put them for pcsx2-3221:34
Romsteri was trying to satisfy the warnings on gsdx-32 before i moved to pcsx2-3221:35
nogagplzmaybe put a note in the pkgfile then to remind you every time you see it21:36
Romsteralso thinking about it that pcsx2-32 could be jsut named pcsx2 having -32 is dumb unless there is a 32 and 64 bit port of it.21:36
nogagplzthought the 32 was for everything 3221:36
Romsterlol good idea, could you review it for me and remove what's not needed.21:37
Romsteryeah though wine hasn't got -32 on the end on it either.21:37
nogagplzyeah should probably change that21:37
nogagplzbut meh, maybe wine is an exception21:37
Romsteri think the deps should keep -32 but the final program should not have -32 or we jsut ignore wine and keep -32 on the program i don't know, i just like to keep everything consistent.21:38
nogagplzactually if you get one of those wine 64bit builds going that tie into the 32bit one you can change the names accordingly21:38
nogagplzjust wine makes more sense to me though for some reason as it is21:38
nogagplzhmm just make gsdx-32 rely on pcsx221:39
Romsteri was thinking of a 64bit wine too but then i also remember the header issues between 32 and 64bit on gstreamer to deal with too.21:39
joe9nogagplz: you prefer qemu over virtualbox?21:39
nogagplznot for x86 stuff in any case21:39
joe9the last time I tried qemu it was slow. never tried virtualbox.21:39
joe9is virtualbox faster than qemu?21:39
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joe9just tried virtualbox. impressed with its' responsiveness. feels a lot better than the qemu of old.22:13
Romsteryeah it's pretty good IMO22:22
joe9can I use an existing hard disk as an image of a virtualbox?22:24
joe9i used to be able to do that with qemu sometime ago. not sure if I can do the same with virtualbox.22:25
jaegeryou can, though it takes a bit of work... they don't want you to do it easily in case you break something22:27
jaegerIt's in the advanced section of the manual22:28
joe9jaeger: thanks. that is helpful, will check it out.22:29
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