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prologicany idea how I set a res of 1920x1080?00:14
prologicexplicitly setting this in xorg.conf doesn't seem to do the trick00:14
jaegerCheck the logfile, see what it says when it tries to set that res00:19
prologicI'm not really sure00:22
prologichang on00:22
prologicyeah just as I thought00:23
prologicit isn't even trying to set 1920x108000:23
jaegerthere's also this:00:24
jaeger[   797.448] (EE) module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (3)00:24
jaegermight need to recompile some stuff00:24
prologictbh my Xorg config is a bit screwed00:24
prologicI'll fix what I can I think00:24
prologicI plan on replacing this desktop with a TrimSlice00:24
prologicI had to replace my monitor today - the old 22" BenQ LCD died on me today00:25
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prologicwe're in the recommended res now00:31
prologicaccording to xrandr00:31
prologicbut not the recommended refresh rate of 60Hz00:31
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jaegerThat TrimSlice looks pretty slick00:45
jaegerthough for the price the lack of gpu acceleration and flash support kinda sucks00:47
prologicgpu/flash support?00:58
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prologicit would be good enough for a non-gaming desktop :)00:58
jaegerIt can't play HD video or flash games/videos yet00:58
jaegeryeah, mostly00:58
jaegerIt's still pretty cool and the form factor is great00:59
prologicstill haven't managed to get X into 1920x1080 @ 60Hz00:59
prologicgot it in 1920x1080 @ 50Hz okay00:59
prologicare you sure the TrimSlice Pro doesn't support HD Video (1080p)?01:02
jaegerBy the wording that might be as old as July 201101:03
prologicso the drivers aren't quite ready yet?01:05
jaegerI guess not... don't know the details01:05
prologicobviously if I get one, I'm putting crux on it :)01:06
jaegerI'm planning to do the same with a raspberry pi at some point01:06
prologicoh yeah me too :)01:07
jaegerWhen they're more accessible01:07
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veehi everyone01:42
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Romstergreat when vee does that -_-04:05
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entetada :P05:27
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frinnstyay, managed to get some life into my sheevaplug13:27
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tilmanfrinnst: level 3 necromancy?13:36
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Ovim-Obscurum1Hi everyone14:25
Ovim-Obscurum1Do you have issues while compiling HAL, too?14:25
Ovim-Obscurum1Oh, there's already an open bug for it - sorry. ;)14:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.0.1714:33
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frinnsttilman: no, level 415:07
frinnsttough i probably just bricked it with a fail-kernel :D15:10
tilmanfrinnst: boot from tftp first15:10
tilmanfrinnst: (noob)15:10
tilmanbefore flashing it i mean15:10
frinnstno, flash went fine15:11
frinnstthough i probably screwed up the config somehwre15:11
tilmanthat's what i'm saying15:11
tilmanboot the new kernel via tftp first15:11
tilmanbefore overwriting the good one in flash15:11
tilmans/good/good and old/15:11
frinnstbut whats the sport in that?15:11
frinnstthen it would just work15:11
frinnstthats no fun15:12
frinnstoh well, enough arm for tonight15:12
tilmani remember my adrenalin level when i flashed uboot ;)15:12
nogagplzyou overturned a car and saved a pinned baby while it was flashing15:13
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