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Romsterpushed mesa3d with jue's changes01:47
Romstercouple of libs to review before pushng those and to check over the other fonts that i've missed.01:48
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frinnstRomster: I do know that, but btrfs is quite awesome still03:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.058 -> 4.05904:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: skipfish: 2.04b -> 2.05b04:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 2.3 -> 2.404:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gimp: fix footprint, closes FS#80205:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnupg: reformat README05:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gegl: fix footprint, closes FS#80305:06
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 3.3.006:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] kmod: initial release06:04
frinnstou, thats brave jue :)06:05
Romsterso we remove module-init-tools and install kmod?06:05
Romsterand all is well or will something asplode.06:05
frinnstbtw, will newer uedv *build* with the old module-init-tools and then just fail to boot/run?06:06
jueshould works without problems ;)06:06
juefrinnst: no, kmod is a requirement for newer udevs06:06
frinnstduring build?06:06
jueudev links against libkmod06:06
frinnstgood, will prevent ppl blindly updating their ports and then get a non-booting system06:07
Romsterso you need to edit newer dev to only depend on kmod than that old port.06:07
jueRomster: yeah06:07
Romsterwe'll get users in here and go udev wont compile.06:07
frinnstbetter than users screaming about system that doesnt boot :)06:08
Romsterhrmm now xorg-xf86-video-vesa wont compile and it did before.06:09
jueas long as we have udev 175 nothing strange can happen06:11
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Romsteri don't quite understand xorg, is the odd numbers a dev release or not?06:31
jueRomster: sorry, no idea06:32
Romstersome of tilman's stuff is on odd numbers but others are not.06:32
Romsteri do know the versions like 6.7.197 are dev release06:33
Romsterbefore they put put 6.8.006:33
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frinnsti think i have loads of announcement mails from xorg, if you want me to forward them romster07:24
frinnstiirc, they dont do "unstable" releases, other than beta and rc's ofcourse07:24
frinnstthough mesa is a bit different07:24
Romsterhmm k i could just go and look at the archive?07:25
Romsterif i need too.07:25
Romsteri'm jsut bumping almost everything that doens't ask for a version that's not 1.2.345 then i'll try a full build and see if anything complains.07:26
frinnstsure, but that would make me seem less important07:26
Romsteri must be up to about 50 commits in xorg now.07:26
Romstersave my email being spammed with everything under the sun.07:27
frinnsttheir annoucement list is pretty low traffic07:27
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Romsteri should subscribe to that.07:30
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niklasweI have a text-file wit user1,user2,user3 etc..07:37
niklasweand I want to add a new user.. with sed.. but this line does newline too sed -i '$a name' text-file07:37
Romster-e 's/^user1,user2,user3/&,user4/g07:39
Romster-e 's/^user1,user2,user3/&,user4/g'07:40
Romstermight do what you want.07:40
Romsteri didn't test it though.07:40
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niklasweRomster: the sed command will be in a script.07:43
niklasweso it will only add the new  on the line.. :)07:44
Romsteri'm sure you can figure it out.07:44
niklasweyeah I must :)07:44
Romster& is a placeholder if oyu gave me more specific details i could help you more.07:45
niklasweRomster: it´s for my sshd.conf (AllowUsers)07:45
niklasweso I have AllowUsers user1,user2 etc07:46
niklasweand then I add a new user with  this script, then i should only add the user on the end of that line.07:46
Romsterhrmm what are you building that needs that?07:46
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Romstersed -i -e "s/^AllowUsers.*^/&,$new_user" /etc/foo07:48
Romsteryou may want too look at how gitolite does it with keys in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys07:49
Romsterit has a neat way to allow access to system when you add config lines to a file and commit and push, you could possibly rip out the bits you need.07:53
Romsteror at least see how it works to implement your own.07:53
niklasweI will learn sed07:53
Romsterwhat i showed you should work ^07:53
niklaswebut it doesn't07:54
niklasweit complain about sed: -e expression #1, char 26: unterminated `s' command07:54
Romsterthen the formatting or something is not correct then.07:54
Romstersed -i -e "s/^AllowUsers.*^/&,$new_user/g" /etc/foo07:55
Romsteri missed a char07:55
Romsterhrmm i need to patch the vesa driver other than that the rest works ok07:59
niklaswehmm Romster  let me see if it works :)08:01
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horrorStruckhi #crux08:39
teK_hi you08:41
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fragrantHi, anyone?08:41
frinnstniklaswe: why not just use a group for allowed ssh users?08:42
fragrantWhat's special about crux? I have used over 6 distro08:42
fragrantWhy would one go for crux?08:42
Romsterhi fragrant it's simplistic.08:42
frinnstgreat minds etc..08:43
fragrantDefine simplistic08:43
Romstermold it to any porupose evenhack on it for some feature you want.08:43
fragrantThey say Arch is simplistic08:43
teK_14:43 < frinnst> great minds etc..08:43
Romsterwell we are simplistic-er08:43
frinnstreadable init-scripts, readable buildscripts08:43
frinnstno crap (hopefully)08:43
horrorStruckthere's AllowUsers option in ssh too (but i missed the beginning of the conversation so ignore me if i'm OT)08:43
frinnsthaha teK_ stfu08:43
Romsterwe don't bury stuff under tons of wrapper scripts08:44
teK_why, you're partially right!08:44
Romsterand our Pkgfiles are so easy to whip up if you can't find the program you want or need to customize it to your liking's.08:45
fragrantWhich other distro is more similar to crux?08:45
fragrantHave you used other distro?08:45
horrorStruckcrux is LFS + ports, crapfree08:46
Romsterlinux from scratch is similer to crux but crux has this neat package manager08:46
teK_arch was (heavily) inspired by CRUX,  _AFAIK_08:46
horrorStrucklol Romster08:46
horrorStruckgreat minds etc...08:46
Romsterhehe yeah08:46
fragrantHow is the base system built for crux?08:47
teK_fragrant: sure we tried; CRUX is probably never the first distro recommended to beginners08:47
RomsterhorrorStruck, i just finished on 74 commits for xorg updates it's on the develop mailing list08:47
Romsterfragrant, it's binary off the iso.08:47
fragrantIt's like freebsd, right?08:47
frinnstfragrant: look at our gitweb08:47
horrorStruckRomster: that is great news! running 1.12 ATM08:47
teK_yeah but between ISOs it's source-based08:48
frinnsthave a look in ports/core08:48
RomsterhorrorStruck, off my commits?
frinnst"Pkgfile" is the buildscript for each package08:48
horrorStruckRomster: nope but i just upgraded only few packages, not the whole thing08:48
RomsterhorrorStruck, well i did the whole thing care to test?08:48
horrorStruckRomster: sure08:48
fragrantAny crux developer here?08:48
Romsterfragrant, yes i guess i am one now i'm in opt.08:49
teK_fragrant: plenty08:49
Romstersure others are lurking here even teK_ too :D08:49
fragrantHow can i build the base system from zero?08:49
fragrantWhat mechanism crux uses?08:49
Romsterlook at iso.git08:49
fragrantIs it like LFS?08:49
Romsterplus the ports off core.git08:49
fragrantLFS is built from zero08:49
fragrantHow is the core.iso built/made?08:50
Romsterwe said it's like LFS but with a package manager, and no it's got everything done for core for you.08:50
fragrantHow is the core made?08:50
Romsterjust go look at;a=summary08:50
horrorStruckRomster: just FTR, README file 404s08:51
Romsteryeah i now about that.08:51
Romsternot required.08:51
horrorStrucksyncing now08:51
Romsterbut i'll fix that when i get un lazy I need a rest after that mass update.08:51
Romsterfew days work.08:51
fragrantCan't understand what to do with it,;a=summary08:52
fragrantWhat would i do with it?;a=summary08:52
fragrantWhere to click?;a=summary08:52
Romsterfragrant, read thugh it look at how it works...08:52
Romstergood gawd if you can't read that then your not ready for crux.08:52
horrorStruckRomster: do you use synaptics? i had to patch it (didnt check your port yet)08:52
Romsternope jsut pkgutils and prt-get08:52
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horrorStruckRomster: synaptics touchpad driver :P08:53
teK_fragrant: you start from the ISOs binary ports and there *may* be updates to core before the next ISO is released08:53
teK_yeah -_-08:53
Romsteroh i bumped that as well.08:53
Romsterhe left already08:53
Romsterwhat do you click on *face palms*08:53
teK_no need to be harsh08:54
Romsterwas hoping he be one of them knowledgeable Linux users I guess not.08:54
Romsterhmm true sorry08:54
jseUbuntu may be a better fit.08:55
horrorStruckRomster: did you build it (synaptics)?08:55
RomsterhorrorStruck, what do you mean by that? synaptics is that another crux tool i'm not aware of what it does but i think i've heard it in the past08:56
horrorStruckRomster: xorf-xf86-input-synaptics (touchpad driver)08:56
horrorStrucki had to patch it to build it against 1.1208:56
horrorStruckbut there's no patch in you rport08:56
horrorStruckjust curious08:57
Romsterah that... no and it's broken so it seems08:57
Romsterfake-symbols.h:11:16: error: conflicting types for 'xf86ReplaceIntOption'08:57
Romstercan you give me the patch?08:57
Romsteri already had to patch vesa08:58
Romstershouldn't have to do that really.08:58
horrorStrucki took them from gentoo but i can upload them somewhere08:58
Romsteryou would think stable xorg-server would also call for modules that can build.08:59
Romsterah ok i can probably grab the patch from gentoo i got there cvs tree here.08:59
horrorStruckoooh the nice sysup i have there :P08:59
Romsteryou applied the 4 patches?09:01
Romsterwhich one did you exclude? or list the ones you included.09:02
horrorStruckabi-lt14 <-excluded09:02
horrorStruckdidnt apply properly IIRC09:02
horrorStruckor something :P09:02
Romsteryeah wont apply ok it builds committing09:06
horrorStrucki dont think the three of them are necessary, not sure other cruxers will like that. i've been too lazy to check which one was _really_ needed09:07
Romsterdone ports -u it09:08
horrorStruckRomster: NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/xcb/xkb.h09:09
Romsterdidn't i commit that footprint?09:09
horrorStruckwell, sync'd ~10 minutes ago09:10
horrorStruckRomster: same for xorg-libxcb09:11
Romsteri just built the entire ting in a chroot.09:11
Romsterand updated all the footprints, must be linking to another lib on your system09:12
horrorStruckdunno where this is coming from, i'm not building in a chroot myself09:12
Romsterfor any of them ports can you do a finddeps xorg-xcb-util and pastebin09:13
Romsteryou should be fine with pkgmk -in in prt-get.conf09:13
Romsteri ignore new files on prt-get depinst09:13
Romsterbut errors out on missing files.09:13
horrorStruckyeah just rebuilt with -if09:14
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk -in09:14
Romsterin my /etc/prt-get.conf09:14
Romsteryou just need the pkgmk -in unless you want to nice the build process too.09:14
horrorStruckok everything is updated now, i did *not* rebuild the ones i updated myself09:15
* horrorStruck is waiting the end of that video to restart X09:16
Romsterbe sure to force rbuild evdev and video driver09:16
Romsterand any other input drivers after xorg-server09:16
Romsteryou probably want to force rebuild xorg-server if you haven't built that after the libs. and libx1109:17
horrorStruckRomster: just FTR, my updates: xorg-server, input-evdev, input-synaptics, video-intel, libpciaccess, inputproto09:17
Romsterthe rest was already updated?09:18
horrorStruckthose are the ones i updated yesterday by myself09:18
Romsteror those you force rebuild09:18
Romsterah k idd you add that repo above the xorg one in prt-get.conf then looked at prt-get diff09:18
Romsteri'm aboutto sysup again since i've missed a few from the first run09:20
Romsteronly 4 to sysup09:20
horrorStruckso far, everything works except rxvt who needs a rebuild but it won't built against the new libxcb, I'll search for a fix09:29
Romsterit'll be missing headers you only need to include the one main header file now.09:32
Romsteri was wondering if i should bump that or not but decided to bump it and see what breaks09:32
Romsterxorg-xcb-util: 0.3.6 -> 0.3.809:32
Romsterintroduced that change.09:33
horrorStruckhmm maybe coming from another port, i'll let revdep finish and work on that09:33
Romsterthat's the only major issue with a major update is later finding what brakes.09:34
Romsterbreaks i should say.09:34
horrorStruckok, fixed :) startup-notification had to be rebuilt as well09:38
Romsteryeah takes a few passes.09:39
horrorStruckother than that, everything seems to work as expected, thanks Romster !09:39
frinnsti think i just soiled myself:
Romsteri can see the lasers packing up then it becomes a readonly hdd ;P09:44
Romstercool horrorStruck keep me posted if you hit any snags.09:44
frinnstbetter than losing your data to bitrot09:44
frinnstseems these drives might be more resilient to that09:44
horrorStruckRomster: will do for sure09:45
Romsteri only expect a few or no broken ports. i'm testing other stuff as i type09:46
thrice`60tb HDs, yours for a low price of 1000 USD? :P09:47
Romsterone of these days i'd like to fix them generic descriptions too.09:47
Romsterjust think of data recovery on one of them suckers -_-09:47
Romsterit's bad enough on 2tb disks09:48
jseYou would need at least twice your storage if that happened heh.09:49 is down?09:49
frinnstseems like it09:50
jseDown here.09:50
rmullJust when I wanted to try out kmod09:50
Romster appears to be Offline!09:50 also says is down.09:50
rmullSo, another thing - trying to update the binary blob nvidia driver with kernel 3.3 - It doesn't want to install, and I think it's because I have /lib/modules/3.3.0 and my uname reports 3.3, not 3.3.009:51
Romsterbookmarked that service09:51
rmullAnyone else with the same issue?09:51
Romsteri haven't moved to that kenel yet09:52
horrorStruckrmull: you need a patch09:52
horrorStruckrmull: gimme one sec, i'll upload it somewhere09:52
teK_% uname -r09:52
Romsteremail it to the maintianer of that port too.09:52
teK_but that's old coreutils09:53
horrorStruckrmull: Your paste can be seen here:
horrorStruckrmull: also,
Romsteroh kernel patch09:56
horrorStruckwell, not a kernel patch, patch for nvidia for kernel 3.309:56
Romsterah ok09:58
horrorStruckshould be fixed in next nvidia beta driver release09:59
Romsteryeah when they get to that.10:00
horrorStruckRomster: 2.00 am, no?10:00
Romsteryep i should be in bed.10:00
Romsterthis is about the only time i get to do anything crux10:01
horrorStruckyou can irc even in bed10:01
Romsteri'm not in bed but i will be shortly10:02
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* horrorStruck is going to steal the kid's cookies10:03
rmullhorrorStruck: Thanks much10:03
horrorStruckrmull: np10:04
Romsterwhile i was doing xorg i was also working on my version sort it's not quite done but it's got most of xorg listed now.10:04
horrorStruckmaintainer's name is a nice idea10:05
Romsteri thought so too.10:05
Romsterfinal form i'll be able to head -n1 it10:06
horrorStruckmuch cleaner output too10:06
Romsterthan my last one yeah10:06
Romsteralot of work10:06
Romsterbut it'll be so worth it10:06
horrorStrucklooks very nice so far, still a lot to do?10:07
Romsteryeah all this top fix up
horrorStruckvery nice!10:11
horrorStruckhuh -> s|[0-9]\{1,\}/||g10:12
Romsteroh that regex is if there is a visioned sub directory10:13
Romsteryeah i see that too10:13
Romsterand what isn't there is the multilib stuff10:14
Romsterjaeger, started the ball rolling i jumped on board.10:16
Romsterno wonder i don't sleep much10:16
rmullhorrorStruck: Patch seems to work, thanks again10:17
horrorStrucki heard about multilib but didnt follow closely. i may go full 64bit+multilib with 2.8, still a hybrid system for now10:17
horrorStruckrmull: no problem, i used it on my htpcrux10:17
rmullSo if I edited the Pkgfile, it will get blown out by the next ports -u when nvidia gets updated, right?10:18
rmullThat's what I want to happen10:18
horrorStruckit will10:18
horrorStruckoh wait10:18
horrorStruckeven if it's not updated10:18
horrorStrucknext time you port -u10:18
rmullAnd locking it won't prevent ports -u from killing it, right?10:19
rmullI'll just be mindful then10:19
rmullI only need to build this once10:19
horrorStruckjust copy it somewhere otherwise10:19
Romstercp -r it to some other location and add it to prt-get.conf10:19
Romsterthen it wont get blown away10:20
rmullI would do it if I wanted it to persist, but I don't think I do10:20
Romstermore effort if you do10:20
horrorStrucki'd prefer to buy a new bike i guess10:27
frinnstbut would you rather walk home in a forest with those snakes in it?10:28
horrorStruckyou're right, i'd pretend to be injured and let the others do the snake removal10:29
frinnstnow you're thinking!10:29
horrorStruckmissed that one
Romsterhmm indeed10:37
frinnstheh, linus ranting is always fun10:37
Romsternever knew linus cold get that fired up10:37
Romsterok i'm heading ot bed now g'night.10:37
frinnstwhut? i *always* does :)10:37
frinnsterr, he10:37
horrorStruckthe conclusion is priceless10:38
horrorStruckg'night Romster10:38
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joe9error while installing contrib dev86:
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joe9anyone using virtualbox on crux?19:55
joe9cannot get the dev86 package to download. wrong url.19:55
joe9and I cannot get to that url from links too.19:56
jaegerI use the binary package, sorry... might ask the maintainer of the dev86 port or check gentoo mirrors, etc.19:56
joe9jaeger: how did you get that? just downloaded from
joe9ok, thanks.19:58
joe9jaeger, which distro's binary do you use?
joe9"All distributions"?19:59
jaegeryeah, I believe so20:01
jaegerit's a shell script with a .run extension or something20:01
joe9ok, thanks. that is what i notice too. downloading it as we speak.20:03
joe9it needs to be run as root.20:04
jaegeronly to install20:04
joe9did you do that? or, did you use a ch-rooted install?20:04
joe9it installs to /opt/VirtualBox20:05
horrorStruckRomster: just FTR, xorg-xf86-input-synaptics 1.5.1 is out, it builds against 1.12 without patches20:40
Romstergo figure they must of just pushed that will update20:42
horrorStruckyeah just released 30 minutes ago20:44
Romsterspeedy service :D20:46
Romsterwhen this version sort is more mature i'll have a cron job to look for new versions20:47
horrorStruckok i'll sync and update, thanks!20:47
Romsterwonder if they bumped vesa yet too20:47
horrorStruckwould be cool to run vs on installed ports too20:47
Romsterwhat would that achieve?20:48
horrorStruckwell if you want to be always up-to-date without waiting the ports to be updated by the maintainer20:49
Romsterother than thinking of the prt-get diff that i see was some other experiential diff algorithm that was incomplete20:49
horrorStruckif i list installed ports and cp them to another dir, would i be able to run vs on that dir ?20:50
Romsterwell a ports -u ; prt-get sysup would do that but it's not advisable to cron that. as it sometimes needs user intervention20:50
horrorStruckhmmm maybe we misunderstand each other on that one :)20:51
Romsterit currently looks at Pkgfiles and the source=20:51
horrorStruckok so that should work20:51
Romsteroh you mean only show ports that you have installed?20:51
Romsterin case there out of date when the maintainer hasn't bumped them yet20:52
Romsteri can do that in future20:52
horrorStrucki did that for xorg for example:  for p in $(prt-get listinst | grep xorg); do cp -r /usr/ports/xorg/$p somedir20:52
horrorStruckwould i be able to run vs on somedir ?20:52
horrorStruckmissing ; done but you get the point20:53
Romsteri'd parse the listinst and match it to the directory xorg as your method would miss mesa3d20:54
Romsterwell i'd use prt-get info foo |grep what repo it's from or something it needs some thought20:55
horrorStruckyou're right20:55
horrorStruckif that's not too much complicated, please consider this as an official feature request :P20:55
Romsteri plan to have a nice html pages of ports and versions20:55
Romsterit's all complicated as it is now but that's doable.20:56
* nogagplz complicates matters for Romster 20:57
horrorStruckit would be awesome for local ports too (i mean no belonging to any repo)20:57
horrorStruckmuch more simple to stay always up-to-date20:58
Romsteryeah it does that now you just list the directory to scan for Pkgfiles20:58
Romsterwith the amount of ports i have i've been giving this tool some serious thought. i've looked everywhere for such a tool, no deceb't ones exist.20:59
Romstermost likely due to the complexity20:59
* Romster deevolves nogagplz 21:00
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Romsterok back to work later21:02
rmullDoes anybody have any workable solutions for installing older versions of programs?21:05
rmullI have the older version built from past installations, so I guess I can just pkgrm the existing one and pkgadd the old one21:06
rmullBut it would be kind of cool if the old Pkgfiles were somehow preserved21:07
horrorStruckthey are with git21:07
rmullcan you elaborate? Do you mean that I should add all my ports dirs to a git repo?21:09
horrorStruckno sorry, if you really need some old Pkgfile, you can clone the git trees from and navigate through changes21:10
rmullOh, that's great21:13
rmullCan I replace ports -u with a git pull for the repos that support it?21:14
horrorStrucki've been thinking about that, never tried, maybe it won't update your ports db, dunno21:15
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horrorStruckRomster: xf86-input-synaptics 1.5.1 freezes X, I'll try to find a fix later21:38
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