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Romstermorning pitillo02:40
RomsterhorrorStruck, damn :/02:40
pitilloyo Romster :)02:40
frinnstOne is that the plan to incorporate the Journal as the new only logging system in Fedora 18 has been rejected.02:41
frinnstyay, sanity02:41
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teK_have you seen this:
Romsterin the WTF code :P03:06
Romsterit bundles it's own webkit so i don't believe it even looks at the contrib/webkit03:06
teK_that's not the point (wtf may be a valid acronym)03:10
teK_look at the link he pasted03:11
Romsterit's some module codebase that just happens to have a silly acronym03:11
Romsterand i thought Chrome is binary03:12
RomsterFoursome with lots of assplay - DBM Video03:13
Romsterwhat the hell at the url on bug log output03:13
teK_copy and paste fail03:13
Romsteroh gawd03:13
Romsterhow would you feel.03:14
teK_this would not happen to me ;>03:15
Romsterbecause you don't look at porn?03:16
teK_trick question? :P03:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: added support for new chips07:03
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jaeger@seen rotwang07:41
clbjaeger: rotwang was last seen in #crux 1 day, 17 hours, 18 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <Rotwang> cz07:41
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frinnstjaeger: what block-scheduler do you usually use on vmware guests?10:26
jaegerfrinnst: cfq, I haven't run into a situation yet where I needed to change it10:29
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jaegerfrinnst: I've had to change SCSI timeout values occasionally but not the scheduler10:38
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veehi everyone13:21
tilmanfrinnst: is search in epdfview broken? it seems it chooses a crappy color to highlight matches?13:34
teK_it's broken for me, too (text-position-wise)13:34
tilmanteK_: indeed, the position of the marker is borked, too13:36
thrice`i started using the reader jue has in ports, mupdf or so13:39
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tilmanteK_: dammit, i'm trying to *eat*14:21
teK_I have more14:22
teK_you don't have children, don't you?14:22
teK_family guy or children?14:25
tilmanfamily guy14:25
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tilmandick cheney shooting the guy is funny14:27
tilmanand the swabian cowboy14:27
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himynameisphilIs there a way to list all the installed ports from a particular repo?18:31
himynameisphilFor example, all the installed ports from contrib or from crshd's httpup repo?18:32
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joe9extlinux is awesome. worth a shot, given how complex grub2 has become.18:42
jaegerI'm waiting for EFI support to try it :)19:06
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joe9anyone got rtai working on a crux box?20:59
joe9it wants a 2.6 kernel, and, I am curious why it would not work with a 3.x kernel.20:59
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