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himynameisphil Is there a way to list all the installed ports from a particular repo?00:57
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Romstermorning all pitillo02:25
pitillohey :)02:32
Romsterhimynameisphil, jaeger said how i saved it some some random named text file and now it is lost in my filesystem02:32
Romsterhimynameisphil,  i just knocked this up just now.02:39
Romsterfor p in $(prt-get listinst|xargs); do echo $p $(prt-get info $p|grep Path:|awk '{print $2}'); done02:39
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rauz_haha could go terribly wrong :)03:11
frinnstatleast they stuck with it!03:14
nogagplzthrow cranes at the problem until it's fixed ;P03:14
niklaswegoood morning =)03:25
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Romstermorning niklaswe06:07
niklaswehey Romster =)06:19
niklaswehow are you mate?06:19
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Romsteri'm good... wrestling with version sort some more.06:29
Romsterand another bug bites the dust. one i was aware of. not listing all ports.06:31
Romsterwell it still does not list all ports but it parses all ports now.06:32
Romsteri see lvm needs a bump jue LVM2.2.02.95.tgz oues is at
niklasweheh okey, I hope you wil fix it :) hmm whats new in lvm2- ? :)06:41
Romsteri haven't looked at the changelog yet.06:42
Romsterhaven't been following it as closely as i would like to currently06:42
Romster not perfect yet but an improvement.06:46
jueRomster: yeah, I know but I don't follow the lvm2 releases too close06:46
jueI don't like their development model, every release is wild mix of fixes and new features06:47
Romsteryeah i have noticed that...06:47
juebut seems that .95 marks a more stable point06:47
Romsteri should talk to agk about that.06:47
jueso I'll do the update later06:48
jueRomster: anyway, thanks for the hint :)06:48
Romsterk i was only pointing out but i haven't looked at the change log of it yet. not seeing much out of date other than the on purpose stuff.06:49
Romsteri'd like to limit the results but currently i need all them lines to pick out the failed regex's06:49
niklaswehmm A question.. when i start my machine it mount my lvm as /dev/dm-0 so I must manually remount it so i got correct /dev/mapper/vg0-storage.. Does it mount my as /dev/dm-0 because I have auto mount in the kernel for lvm?06:51
jueRomster: btw, you can simplify your script above by using awk '/^Path:/ {print $2}'06:52
Romsterjue, i usually find that anything not stable get's removed out of the stuff in releases is every version06:52
Romsterah i should of known that one. i only knocked it up in a minute or two. added improvement to command06:53
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Romsterfor p in $(prt-get listinst|xargs); do echo $p $(prt-get info $p|awk '/^Path:/ {print $2}'); done |sort -k206:56
juewondering if it would be useful to have a wiki page with such small scipts?07:03
Romsterjue, question, should i bump wine to unstable 1.5 or keep it on stable 1.4 until the next stable release is out?07:03
jueoops, do they release stable versions often?07:04
Romstercan't see why not but there is such sites as www.commandlinefu.com07:04
Romsternot very often no.07:04
Romsterthis is there second milestone.07:05
Romsterthere can be regressions between releases though but it moves quite rappidly and if it's got a regression in one version it's most likely fixed in the version after it. unless it's not been reported in awhile07:05
jueRomster: sorry, but I don't use wine myself07:06
Romsteri could keep both and have the moving one as wine-dev ?07:07
Romsteri like to keep on the dev branch.07:07
Romsteryeah i know but this dev/stable thing relates o crux.07:08
juewell, I'd say that we should go with 1.5 in that case07:08
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juewe have other ports that are on the dev branch, e.g. mutt07:09
Romsterwell later dev versions build it's just sometimes some program may break for what ever reason.07:09
Romstermidnight-commander 4.8.2 is out randomly looking though the results07:13
Romsteri guess really some projects dev branches are quite stable.07:14
Romsterwhile others wildly break ABI and other stuff.07:14
juealready running both version here ;)07:16
Romsterhehe i see07:16
Romsteri'm liking this version sort more now that it's actaulyl got cleaner output it was a real mess before.07:17
Romsterit jsut happens to be parsing your ports currently.07:17
jueyou missed sqlite3 and stunnel07:17
Romsteryeah i'm glancing though it07:18
Romsterdunno if that's a dev branch or not.07:18
thrice`it is07:18
Romsterthat's a later feature to filter out dev branches.07:18
jueahh, forgot pure-ftpd07:19
Romsterlol i just parsed that one too.07:19
jueand test-version of python and coreutils ;)07:19
juenot to forget gawk 4.0.0k07:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: taglib: 1.7 -> 1.7.107:21
Romsterthis doesn't like sqlite3 parsing yet.07:22
Romsterhrmm squid has a 3.2 branch07:22
jue3.2.0.16 is beta07:23
Romsterneed to look over there changelogs, yeah something that important you can't go to beta unless it's really necessary07:24
Romsterwhich it isn't in this case.07:24
Romsterfinished going over your ports
teK_no report for me, am I *THAT* current? :>07:27
Romsterit's getting to yours.07:27
Romsterthis isn't really fast currently it needs way more work.07:27
Romsterbut i'm not too fussed on speed atm.07:27
Romsterstarted on teK_07:27
Romsterthis doens't seem to like ftp too much as it is.07:28
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Romsterpostfix has quite a few versions above the current one. does the newer branches break some stuff?07:32
teK_some gnupg stuff is not update (released today)07:32
teK_I'm not quite sure about that but we will have to switch to at least  2.6.x07:32
Romsterstill i'm missing some stuff but i'm not using a config file to get these results.07:34
Romstereverything seems pretty up too date as is jues.07:35
Romsteryeah postfix is really lagging behind needs a good testing.07:36
frinnstwow what a nutcase in toulouse07:36
Romsterhuh what frinnst ?07:36
frinnstthe nutcase in france07:37
Romsterhmm k o haven't followed the news.07:37
teK_that's nice :)07:37
* frinnst hands Romster a newspaper07:37
Romsteri'm too busy to worry about news07:38
Romsterradio when i can listen too it and some web sties when i look them up or i wait for ppl like you to report the news :D07:38
Romsteri turn the tv on less thesedays mostly junk on free to air.07:39
Romstertilman, you got some updates to d when your not too busy
Romsternot to mention review my email of xorg updates i sent you.07:42
Romsteralsa gtk mostly but there is some others.07:44
Romsterpower pole falls on truck and car in gold coast O_O07:50
Romsterthis is also crazy Boulder falls off hill and crushes cars07:50
Romsteri don't see anything there on that french crazy unless i'm blind.07:51
Romster8m-wide boulder fell from a hillside in Ohio.07:51
Romsterman lucky they wern't killed07:52 should have something on it07:54 also leads with it07:54
frinnstnow thats just wrong07:55
frinnsthe should probably recieve a cash reward for his accomplishment07:55
Romsteryeah for effort.07:56
Romsterangry birds in space now....08:00
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Romsterhi sepen08:02
Romsterparsing the Pkgfiles on my version sort and i notice a bunch of yours needs attending too and one of the maintainer lines has a older sourceforge email in it too.08:03
* teK_ awards Danny the chief quality manager serice star08:05
Romsterstill waiting for it to finish mine so i can check them too.08:05
* Romster hugs teK_ thank you08:05
Romsteri'm just hyped up at the output of this even though it's not complete yet.08:05
teK_that's fine08:06
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Romsterhi Jessica_Lily08:14
Romstertime to visit the kitchen i have not really ate much this evening.08:16
Jessica_LilyHey Romster08:17
sepenhi Romster, I was writing a mail to our devel's list08:33
sepenI found the way to depupdate ports08:33
Jessica_Lilyrightttt :P im going to uni08:36
Jessica_Lilycya x08:36
teK_have fun08:38
frinnstnice sepen08:38
sepenteK_: install missing deps on sysup too?08:38
sepenwell I can reconsider that so, sysup/update --install-missing-deps or something similar, right?08:39
teK_should be quite similar/non-intrusive08:39
Romsterlater Jessica_Lily08:40
teK_best would be to make it configurable via prt-get.conf08:40
teK_I'd *always* want new deps pulled in as 1) update will fail anyways 2) CRUX is not full of bullshit requiring you to run X for soe database or so ;)08:40
sepenteK_: basically, the problem is fixed though, just we need to change the behaviour for getting options08:40
teK_yes and it's just suggestion08:41
teK_for nw08:41
sepenjust I wanted to explain and introduce the idea08:41
frinnsti *dont* always want deps pulled in. ghostscript is an example. I build it wihtout cups08:42
teK_+1 if we go the .conf-road08:42
sepenprt-get.conf should be the second stage for this patch :D08:42
teK_frinnst: why is it listed as a dependecy then?08:42
teK_it should go to nice to have08:43
frinnstwell, true08:43
frinnstbut i'd rather have a separate flag for it i think08:43
teK_then change the config setting to no and set the flag if you want the deps pulled in08:43
frinnstrather than the conf option, making it system wide08:44
teK_so there should be a config-Flag and a cmdline switch08:44
frinnstfine :)08:44
sepenteK_: note that now, sysup --> update(port1, port2, port3, ...) so sysup --newoption --> depupdate(port1, port2, port3, ...), how options be passed is not the problem imho08:44
sepenconfig-flag or not is not the thing08:44
Romsterwhy not a prt-get.conf option to control if a sysup should pull in new not seen before deps? and if you remove a dep for some reason it wont reinstall that with this new feature?08:45
Romsteranyways i'm getting tired now so i'm not thinking as clearly, as simple as possible would be to have a comamnd line option to add to sysup to pull in new deps that are nto lsited on --ignore= or locked.08:46
Romsterpersonally i just look at prt-get deptree for the [ ] and [i] lines and manually install whats needed.08:47
frinnstou, gcc 4.708:49
frinnsttime to break my toolchain this evening08:50
teK_you're a hell of a guy frinnst08:51
Romsteryeah i saw gcc 4.7 in version sort08:52
sepenRomster: we should note all ideas in a place, and basically that is for what I started a ML thread08:55
teK_maybe a wiki entry could help, too08:56
teK_after we gathered the first ideas08:56
Romstersomething like that. much prefer irc than a slow ML but then a L can get more people involved too.08:57
Romsterwiki page sounds good.08:58
Romstercan always link the clb log to the ML too for this recent discussion.08:58
sepenRomster: sure09:04
sepensepen: personally I prefer ML due to my (well) problems with english09:04
sepenI don't have the time on irc to think, translate, and try to write in a decent way09:05
frinnstirc feels more natural.. no need to try and look intelligent like on a ML :)09:06
sepenanyways I think that could be fine to have a new casual meeting to discuss things, so we could start a wiki page for that, like to told times09:06
sepenfrinnst: yeah that too09:06
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joe9i want to run one script on startup on my crux system. Is /etc/rc.d a good location for such a script?09:13
joe9The script runs only once at startup, creates a few nodes in /dev09:13
teK_you may consider /etc/rc.local if it's just some commands09:13
joe9good one, thanks. it is an empty file currently. I could just customize and add my stuff there, correct?09:14
Romsteror you could add a udev rule file if that's  better for /dev nodes.09:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: help2man: 1.40.5 -> 1.40.709:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: asciidoc: 8.6.6 -> 8.6.709:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.10 -> 0.10.209:33
joe9tilman, atk failing install:
joe9tilman, just wanted to check if you have seen the error before09:34
frinnstjoe9: works for me (tm)09:34
frinnstim currently building a iso in a clean enviroment09:35
frinnstare you using the standard toolchain?09:36
Romsteratk 1.30.0 ok on i686 and x86_64-multilib here joe909:36
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joe9i am on 386, I think. amd09:37
joe9or, 68609:37
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frinnstno changes to gcc/glibc/binutils/whatever?09:37
Romsterstandard CFLAGS?09:38
jaegerwhat version of glib?09:38
joe9frinnst: no changes that i am aware of.09:40
joe9CFLAGS is empty.09:40
Romsteri'd do a prt-get update -fr glib to be sure09:40
joe9romster, ok. thanks. will that take a long time?09:40
joe9i am thinking of rebuilding all the packages on the system.09:41
Romsternot glib it wont.09:41
frinnstrebuilding glib should go pretty quick09:41
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep` if your gonna do that.09:41
joe9ok, thanks.09:41
Romsterglib is pretty quick it's glibc that's slow.09:41
joe9I am building jue's glib.09:41
joe9 Building '/var/pkgmk/packages/glib#2.30.2-1.pkg.tar.gz'.09:41
Romsterthta's probably the problem...09:41
joe9ok, thanks.09:42
Romsteruse the one in opt09:42
joe9will fall back to the one in opt.09:42
Romsteri think i hit the same issue too.09:42
Romsterthat's what's holding back glib update and libsoup and a bunch of others.09:42
joe9ok, thanks. falling back to the one in core.09:43
Romsteroh right core now it was in opt before.09:44
joe9romster, that is a cool idea. to use udev to build the /dev stuff.09:45
Romsterthat's what it's there for.09:46
joe9i have the package udev installed. should I be doing something to configure it to run for every reboot?09:47
frinnstno, it already does09:47
frinnstjust add custom rules to /etc/udev/rules.d/09:48
joe9 i noticed that the install already added these rules09:49
joe9but, I also was mounting /devtmpfs in my initrd script to /dev09:49
joe9and, i do not see those devices listed in udev/rules.d/99-rtai.rules in /dev09:49
joe9 is my cat /proc/self/mountinfo09:50
joe9no devtmpfs loaded on /dev, which is good.09:51
joe9now, I need to figure out why udev is not creating these rtai devices.09:51
joe9 frinnst: found my resolution. thanks for the advice.09:57
joe9First of all, check that you PAM config for your login method (usually in /etc/pam.d, it could be login, xdm, gdm or some other file - Debian for example keep a common file included by the other ones) contains a10:03
joe9session required pam_limits.so10:03
joe9where would this line be? I am installing linux-pam port10:03
joe9but, the footprint of that port does not have a /etc/pam.d10:04
frinnsti dont use pam, sorry10:04
joe9just curious, if anyone is using pam and where they would be putting something like that.10:04
joe9 is what I am trying to do.10:04
Romsteryou realy sure you want to wade the waters of pam?10:04
joe9romster, i would not want to, if I had a choice.10:05
frinnstlooking at the footprint, it seems its just one config-file (pam.conf)10:05
joe9"The default on a bare system is 32 KB, a little on the low side... you can check the amount available using the limit command (by the way EMC2 usually needs about 1.1MB to work)." -- I want to change this.10:05
joe9"real RAM" for a user.10:05
joe9not sure if I can do that without using pam.10:06
joe9cool, let me read up on it. thanks10:06
Romsteror was it limit or something i forget exactly.10:06
Romsteryeah man limits10:07
joe9Romster: cool, that is very helpful. thanks a lot.10:07
joe9i used to hate the whole pam stuff on debian.10:08
joe9and my heart bled a little when I realized that I had to install it.10:08
Romstershouldn't need it10:08
Romsterutil-linux-ng has tools for limits and stuff too IIRC10:08
joe9Romster: did you mean ulimit? or, limits? I cannot find anything on limits in man or util-linux-ng10:11
Romsterlimits is part of shadow10:12
Romsterbut yeah ulimits is part of util-linux-ng10:12
joe9ok, thanks.10:12
Romsteri'm seriously heading to bed now so tired, g'night.10:12
joe9ok, thanks.10:14
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joe9is it /etc/limits or a different file:
joe9the man says /etc/limits on LIMITS defined in config.h10:38
joe9both /etc/limits and /etc/security/limits do not work.10:39
joe9/etc/security/limits.conf: joe hard memlock 10240 has no effect eith.r10:42
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joe9the shadow package is configured with --without-libpam. and it seems to be creating the file /etc/limts (though rm by the Pkgfile).11:13
joe9I guess that the /etc/limits should work in this case.11:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lvm2: update to 2.02.9511:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: update to 4.8.211:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.5.2211:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.2611:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.1111:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.5311:30
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.7411:31
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bdfyHi All!!12:26
bdfy - I have some trouble with build virtualbox, sorry my English -(12:29
bdfyI was make mrproper make sources of course12:29
frinnstFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at
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jaegerbdfy: don't know what would cause that, unless there's bad memory or something... that "gcc internal error" part looks suspicious12:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 295.3313:42
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frinnsti've been staring at that error for 5minutes now15:59
frinnstfrom the footprint16:00
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joe9bdfy: yes, it did not work for me too. have you tried using the binary download of virtualbox?16:59
joe9jaeger recommended that to me. and it worked.17:00
joe9if you want something to work, then go for it.17:00
bdfyhttpup sync virtualbox-bin17:00
joe9oh, i got it from virtualbox.org17:01
bdfythanks for help!17:03
joe9passing along what I learnt from the master "jaeger"17:03
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bdfyping www.virtualbox.org17:06
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joe9xorg-xrdb fails:  /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-xrdb17:47
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faranI have a question about crux installation in Virtualbox17:59
farananybody has installed CRUX successfully in virtualbox ?18:01
frinnstdoes it fail to boot after install?18:02
faranI build the kernel and then when booting up I got a kernel panic that VFS can not mount root fs18:02
faranKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)18:02
faranthis is the exact message18:03
frinnstyeah, because you built your fs, sata/ide controller and scsi disk as modules18:03
faranI suspect I need to tweak kernle config modules18:03
faranok, would you please let me know where I can change it ?18:04
frinnstand CONFIG_SATA_AHCI=y18:04
frinnstassuming you use ext418:04
frinnstthese drivers default to modules18:05
faranwell I use ext3 so probably I can just adjust that18:05
frinnstand i guess it depends on what version of virtualbox you use but i think newer versions default to ahci sata18:05
faranI'm using 4.0.8. So I guess by making these chnages it should work18:06
faranThank you frinnst! I really appreciate your help18:07
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joe9faran: check out the "understand-linux-kernel" book. it is awesome.18:10
joe9i used to stumble like that. now, I feel more aware of that stuff.18:10
frinnsthe left :)18:10
frinnstcool, glibc-2.15 tarball18:13
frinnsttime to break the toolchain some more18:13
entewhat's cool about that?18:13
jaegerglibc tarball? /gasp18:13
ente2.15 has been out quite long already, I believe18:14
entemy one remaining arch box has had it for at least a month or so :P18:14
jaegerbut tarball!18:14
jaegerglibc tarballs seem kinda rare18:16
ente"The current stable version of GLIBC is 2.14. See the NEWS file in the glibc sources for more information."18:16
entegood to know18:16
entehm, indeed18:18
entetarballs are probably the last thing they make in the release process18:18
entefrinnst: sorry :)18:19
frinnstyeah it was tagget a few months back18:20
frinnstbut glibc development has been kinda screwy lately18:20
frinnstbut seems drepper stepped down or something18:20
enteyeah, he did18:20
entehe's working for goldman sachs now, or so I heard :P18:20
entebut then again, that's good18:21
frinnstthey deserve each other :)18:21
entethe new guy is actually closing bugs in the bug tracker as something else than WONTFIX18:21
enteor so I heard from the musl guy18:22
frinnstyeah, lots of activity18:22
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 295.33.18:58
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Romster and i had relatives live in dunkeld at one time.20:30
joe9romster, thanks.20:35
Romsterjoe9, you testing out the xorg updates i have done?20:37
joe9romster, i have not updated my ports in the last few days. other than that, I normally take your stuff.20:38
joe9looks like xrdb might take some more time to come through.20:39
joe9ports --update is still not picking it up.20:39
Romster i did that recently.20:39
Romsterbe sure it's in the path for source files.20:39
Romsterwhat ever that is set in pkgmk.conf20:39
joe9ok, will try it in the next few days.20:44
horrorStruckRomster: new vesa is out, fix building against 1.1221:32
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