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RomsterhorrorStruck, cool knew they would release one soonish01:50
Romsterbut what about the xorg-xf86-input-synaptics issue horrorStruck ?01:51
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Romsterperhaps this will fix your problem horrorStruck xf86-input-synaptics-
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horrorStruckRomster: yeah, saw that release, I'll try it tonight and report here02:09
Romsteri built mtdev for it but it's missing some stuff to compile.02:10
horrorStruckoh now i remember why i patched 1.5 instead of using this release, because of that build issue :P02:14
horrorStruckbut that was with
horrorStruckpleasant morning to you good Sir02:14
pitilloand minimal the same for you horrorStruck :)02:16
Romstermorning pitillo02:18
Romsteri wonder if i need a dev version of mtdev02:18
* horrorStruck , bringing back courtesy in #crux since 201202:21
Romster looks also interesting.02:21
* nogagplz blindsides horrorStruck with a bar stool02:21
pitilloRomster: can you grep those defines (INPUT_PROP_SEMI_MT INPUT_PROP_SEMI_MT) in synaptics source?02:25
Romsteri think it's from the mtdev library i'm bzr branching it atm.02:27
Romsterthen i'll grep it02:27
pitilloI'm checking in vbox in a newer kernel (3.2.9)02:27
Romsteryou know 3.3.0 is out02:27
nogagplzdamn the pf patchset why can't it speed up02:27
pitilloyes, I hadn't put hands on vbox these lasts weeks... too many things between hands...02:28
Romsternope it's not in mtdev source code...02:28
pitilloI think it should be related directly to synaptics or kernel... but may be I'm wrong02:28
pitilloin kernel there is a reference02:29
Romsteryeah i might need a newer kernel02:30
pitillothat's on 3.2.9, may be you need to check your config and look for something related to multitouch (it seems for me that could be related with it)02:31
RomsterhorrorStruck, could you test with a newer kernel?02:31
Romsteri think pitillo is on the right track here.02:31
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horrorStrucki will but i cant just right now sorry02:32
Romsterand there is probably some multitouch option to enable too.02:32
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pitillolet's see if I can build it in vbox02:35
Romsterdon't see any option to disable mtdev.02:35
pitilloRomster: do you have synaptics updated too?02:35
Romsteri'm not using that but i built the latest dev version yes02:35
Romsterwell tried too.02:36
pitillothen the problem began when you build synaptics with mtdev installed?02:36
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Romstersynaptics 1.5.1 is freezing horrorStruck's computer and 1.5.0 with patches works.02:37
Romsteri just tried to build the dev release thinking horrorStruck may have better luck then saw i need mtdev02:37
Romsterthen i ended up at this stage.02:37
pitillocan you wgetpaste the dev Pkgfile?02:38
Romsterit's the same one in xorg only with bumped version and mtdev added.02:39
pitillowhich option to link with mtdev?02:41
Romsternone it finds it itself.02:41
Romsterif it works on your kernel then i'll commit this to xorg02:42
pitilloit build right02:42
pitillo*builds... but I can't test it really02:43
Romsterok so any kernel config settings or it just works?02:43
RomsterhorrorStruck, can ports -u and test it off my xorg ports when he gets home.02:43
pitilloI don't know if it's linking with mtdev really02:44
Romsterah heck i need ot be able to buildit here too hmm i better add the kernel source for it to find...02:44
Romsterguess i'll hold off until i bump my kernel on this box too.02:44
pitillojust before the backends used I can't see the MTDEV check02:44
pitillohow bad are morning xD02:45
pitillobumping synaptics version to the one used by you...
Romsterchecking which optional backends will be build... ps2comm alpscomm eventcomm02:47
Romsterchecking for MTDEV... yes02:47
pitilloit's breaking in other point02:47
pitilloyes sorry Romster, I've built 1.5.1 instead of the right one02:48
Romsteri thought you said you just tested the dev version...02:48
pitillonow it cries about ABS_SLOT_MT02:48
Romsterhm not found unless it's in kernel 3.302:49
Romsterbut that's a different error to what i got.02:50
Romstergoogle does not even show any results for ABS_SLOT_MT02:51
pitilloABS_MT_SLOT sorry...02:53
pitilloall things related to multitouch02:54
Romster./include/mtdev.h:#ifndef ABS_MT_SLOT02:54
Romster./include/mtdev.h:#define ABS_MT_SLOT0x2f/* MT slot being modified */02:54
Romsterit's there so it is including that header file?02:56
pitillolet's see03:05
pitillono, it isn't adding them03:05
pitillolet's see
pitilloummm let's check trimslice's kernel03:26
pitillosorry, wrong window03:26
juegood morning03:41
pitillohello jue, good morning03:45
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frinnstsilly 3.3 kernel, adding .0 in /lib/modules forcing me to hack the Makefile04:25
horrorStruckRomster: just out ot curiosity, why not upgrading mesa3d to 8.0.2 ? works like a charm here04:26
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Romsteri don't think 8... existed or i missed that.04:43
Romsteri know where to find it tnut04:44
tnutyour welcome04:49
Romsteri needed llvm but jue pasted his port and it happend to the one you saw. i assumed it was up to date already.04:50
horrorStruckllvm is only for gallium no? you can disable that at build time. with something like --with-gallium-drivers="" or something, I can confirm later today05:04
horrorStruckwell, some of us may want gallium but well, i dont :P05:05
frinnstrequired for nouveau 3d, no?05:18
frinnstwhy the fuck is there a different garbage-char in my footprint on every rebuild?05:21
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Romsteri have never seen that before frinnst06:18
RomsterhorrorStruck, pushed newer mesa3d06:19
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horrorStruckRomster: tried your mesa3d: configure: error: Package requirements (libdrm_nouveau >= 0.6) were not met:07:51
horrorStruckNo package 'libdrm_nouveau' found07:51
Romsterit built for me in a chroot with out the dependencies  listed in the port installed.07:52
Romsterah with grr07:52
frinnstno go here with mesa3d07:54
horrorStruckRomster: FWIW, the Pkgfile I use specifically for my chipset Your paste can be seen here:
Romsteri've removed all my built packages and doing a prt-get depinst mesa3d07:55
frinnst/usr/bin/ld: glxgears.o: undefined reference to symbol 'sqrtf@@GLIBC_2.2.5'07:56
frinnst/usr/bin/ld: note: 'sqrtf@@GLIBC_2.2.5' is defined in DSO /lib64/ so try adding it to the linker command line07:56
frinnst/lib64/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation07:56
frinnstcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status07:56
horrorStruckI've built mesa-demos separately07:56
frinnstthe port from xorg builds fine btw07:56
Romsterand your on 8.0.1 instead of 8.0.207:56
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Romsterfrinnst, with you i have no idea if your building with stock crux toolchain or some unstable toolchain that's not been tested enough yet.07:58
frinnsthehe, its a fucked up one07:58
frinnstbut glxgears et al. are identical to the old port, no?07:59
frinnststrange that fails07:59
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/mesa3d#8.0.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:59
frinnstbuilds fine without them07:59
horrorStruckmesa-demos: Your paste can be seen here:
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Romsteri never touched the glxgears stuff it's as is from old port.08:06
Romsterbut i like horrorStruck's port of it better.08:06
horrorStruckI've just emailed synaptics maintainer about the build problem08:17
jaegergrrr.... another ubuntu server kernel update08:18
horrorStruckunrelated, bbl grilled chicken08:18
Romsteri had chicken earlier08:21
jaegerthat's awesome :)08:31
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jaeger@seen rotwang10:39
clbjaeger: rotwang was last seen in #crux 3 days, 20 hours, 16 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <Rotwang> cz10:39
frinnsthow does one survive almost 4 days without irc?10:45
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jaeger1.5GCRUX 2.7.1 x86_64-multilib.ova.xz11:59
jaegerDid not compress well11:59
jseWow. It certainly didn't.11:59
jaegerI didn't really expect it to, to be honest... but it would have been nice12:00
frinnstwhat does it contain=12:00
jaeger  100 %     1497.1 MiB / 1542.9 MiB = 0.970   1.9 MiB/s      13:4012:00
jaegerIt's a virtualbox appliance file containing a CRUX 2.7.1 multilib install12:00
frinnstah, nice12:00
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jaegerhrmm... we have a ton of free vmware 1G USB sticks around, I think I'm gonna erase one and use it as a ZFS cache drive for grins :)13:06
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joe9Romster: error in numpy build.14:32
joe9anyone of you having issues with crshd ports?14:33
joe9not sure if he changed his repo url.14:34
jaegerI haven't used any of them, myself14:38
joe9romster, crshd's numpy port seems to be building well.14:43
joe9jaeger: recently, I played around with exherbo and one of the things that came up was why the crux pors do not have tests.14:44
joe9wondering what your thoughts are on that.14:44
jaegerI've not used exherbo, to what kinds of tests are you referring?14:45
jse"ports don't have test". That's pretty vague.14:50
joe9jse: jaeger: i was referring to the "make tests" that the make process normally has14:53
joe9something similar to build () {} , a test (){}14:54
teK_which problems shall this function detect14:55
jseSeems a little bit pointles duplicating those because many applications have something along those lines.14:56
teK_yeah and what are we supposed to test14:57
teK_for maintainers there's prt_verify14:57
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joe9wondering if anyone has a port for python-tk lying around? could not find anything in the crux ports browser.15:43
joe9something with tkinter.15:43
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Romsterjaeger, whats ova.xz? replacment for tar? tried lrzip in romster?19:12
Romsterova some VM image?19:18
jseRomster: yeah, virtualbox related.19:31
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joe9romster, do you know anything of python-tk bindings? I need it, but could not find anything in crux ports regarding it. I need tkinter and that depends on python-tk. wondering if you had heard of anything weird about it on crux.21:22
Romstertkinter is in contrib/tk21:28
joe9oh, it is. i was getting something like this and was thinking that it was not in crux.
joe9thanks, will check it out.21:31
Romsteri'm working on numpy atm21:31
joe9ok, cool. thanks.21:31
Romsterit wants tcl and tk so include tk it'll pull in tcl for you on a  depinst.21:33
joe9"prt-get cat tk .footprint | grep -i tkinter" does not give me anything.
joe9i have both tk and tcl installed21:33
Romsterit should be in there else i have no idea where it could be.21:33
Romsterasking for 8,5 and contrib has 8.5.1121:34
joe9prt-get fsearch tkinter does not return anything.21:34
joe9do you meant that I should go back to tk 8.5?21:34
joe9instead of being at 8.5.11?21:34
Romsterwhere the heck do i find pyhton-tk?21:34
Romster8.5 branch it should work on any 8.5.x x being the minor version21:35
joe9haha, I do not know. I am checking the python website for that.21:35
Romsterwhat port is that that's failing to find tkinker?21:35
joe9i am trying to install emc2 (linuxcnc).21:37
joe9no port for it yet.21:37
joe9it is a complicated install, with a bunch of kernel dependencies and rtai.21:37
joe9doing it manually, in my case.21:38
Romsterhaven't found the project site for that though yet21:38
joe9 i am checking this place.21:41
Romsteralready there21:41
Romsteri'm thinking it may be some debian project.21:44
joe9i am being told in the #python channel to install cpython and that it includes tkinter.21:45
RomsterThis package was debianized by Matthias Klose <> on21:45
RomsterWed,  7 Jun 2006 15:02:31 +0200.21:45
RomsterIt was downloaded from, built by extracting the21:45
RomsterTk and gdbm extensions from the upstream tarballs.21:45
Romsterhmm well cpython is in contrib21:45
Romsteror is it..21:46
joe9oh, it is called cython.21:46
joe9cool, i was not able to find cpython.21:46
Romsteri have too many ports -_-21:48
joe9 i do not think cython == cpython.21:48
joe9I think they are different things. I am still checking though.21:49
RomsterCPython is Guido van Rossum's reference version of the Python computing language. It's most often called simply "Python"; speakers say "CPython" generally to distinguish it explicitly from other implementations.21:49
Romstermakes no sense ask the guy where the project page is.21:50
Romsteri would just go wit the debian file and Pkgfile it.21:50
Romsterdebian and ubuntu use that for python-tk21:50
joe9romster, ok, thanks. will keep you posted when I have a clue.21:51
Romsteri would keep the existing name=python-stdlib-extensions but in the # Decription mention this includes python-tk so those that use prt-get dsearch can find it21:53
Romsterin case someone like you needs it for there Pkgfile21:54
joe9good idea, just replicate the debian package on crux.21:56
joe9ok, will do.21:56
Romsterpushed numpy22:11
Romsterand when it works inform that guy wtf he was on about :D22:13
Romsterhrmm i built lapak but i think it's not quite right yet and atlas is a pain.22:13
joe9romster, both the python-stdlib-extensions 2.7.1 and 2.7.3 have this message about _struct.c
joe9is it some debian thing?22:22
joe9this is what you wanted me to do, correct?22:22
joe9use the debian source package as the source in the Pkgfile.22:22
joe9i can comment out the line about  dpkg-architecture. was just checking to see how it would work.22:23
Romstercan you find _struct.c in the source code?22:23
joe9not in this package.22:24
joe9let me do a grep22:24
Romsteryou would think this would just compile.22:27
Romsteryour in python-stdlib-extensions-2.7.3/2.7/ ?22:28
Romsterwell python-stdlib-extensions-2.7.3/2.7/22:28
Romsterthen python install --root $PKG22:29
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joe9}&arch=i386&ver=2.7.3-1&stamp=1332343610 has nothing about _struct.22:33
joe9yes, that is the same thing that I have.22:36
joe9I checked the and it appears that the _struct is a dummy module to ensure that build_ext is called.22:36
Romsterbut it builds22:36
joe9yes, it does.22:36
Romsterwell _struct isn't a module that makes sense.22:37
Romsterbut question is does your other Pkgfile find python-tk now.22:37
Romstershame we can't find the non-debinized file.22:38
joe9i searched around too. but, there was nothing on how they built that up.22:39
Romstersome of these projects are very messy22:42
joe9romster, this is my pkgfile for python-stdlib..
joe9if you are interested in incorporating it.22:48
joe9romster, you have so many ports, that you are the crux-man. just curious, why the passion to crux?22:51
joe9romster, btw, tinker was good enough for my purposes.
joe9thanks for the help.22:55
joe9 romster, numpy compiled fine.23:05
Romsterlapack is a optional dep to numpy23:14
Romsteratlas as well but i didn't have much luck with that one yet.23:14
Romsteri just enjoy crux i guess23:14
Romsteri can make it do what i want it to do23:15
Romsterwhere would crux be if i didn't contribute? it may survive still but it would surely be smaller number of ports or others would have to take up the slack.23:16
joe9do you want my python-stdlib.. files to host it?23:19
joe9or, do you have the port already?23:20
Romsternah i've already made it but i'm editing it a bit more first.23:20
joe9ok, thanks. i think yours is at 7.1, why not 7.3, as on sid?23:20
joe9or, do you prefer to be on testing?23:20
Romsterjust happend to be the version listed on the page i viewed. i'll bump that to .323:22
joe9 mine.23:22
Romsterhow do i get the Canonical System type in shell?23:56

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